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More Server Issues :(

It seems that this weeks server upgrade hasn’t fully solved the login issue we ran in to last week and login is failing for some users right now.  We are working to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Update (7/29/2010 11:40am EST): We are still working to fix this.  Some people are able to log in or launch in local mode while others are getting stuck so it may take a few restarts.  We apologize for the temporary inconvenience.  We’ll be up and running again as soon as possible.

Update 2 (729/2010 5:00pm EST): The good news is that the server cluster is online and everything is working fine.  During this down time most existing users have been connecting in “local mode” and Digsby will now resynchronize your preferences as it reconnects to our servers.  The bad news it that we aren’t sure why the entire cluster would crash every time we brought it online.  We’ve narrowed the cause down quite a bit but we are still working to figure out the exact cause so we can fix it before this happens again.  Thank you all for your support and we apologize for the temporary inconvenience.

Update 3 (7/30/2010 8:50am EST): We are, unfortunately, having server issues again this morning.  We’re working to fix the problem now and also investigating the underlying cause so we can put a permanent solution in place.  For existing users, Digsby will take about 15-20 seconds to try to log in and then it will launch in local mode (bringing up locally cached account and preference info).  We’ll keep you posted!

Update 4 (7/30/2010 6:30pm EST): Everything has been stable for several hours, which is a good sign! There are some stop gap measures in place which we hope will curtail the issue until a more permanent solution is implemented.


Build 80 – Hotmail Hotness

We just pushed out a small update (Build 80, r27822) which compensates for a protocol change in Hotmail (Windows Live Mail) which caused login to get stuck in the “Authenticating” state. As always, you can read the entire list of enhancements on our Change Log.

If you run into any bugs please use “Help > Send Bug Report” in the main menu to submit a diagnostic log or email us at bugs@digsby.com.  We’ll keep pushing to make Digsby even better and greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word!

PS: Facebook Chat servers are having issues so login is broken until they fix the problem on their end.

Update 1 (7/28/2010 1:45pm EST): Facebook Chat servers seem to be back to normal now so login should work fine.  We are also looking into a possible LinkedIn protocol change.


Scheduled Server Upgrades

We will be doing scheduled server upgrades this Tuesday from 12:00am EST through 6:00am EST. There may be sporadic periods during which account registration will be unavailable and there may very brief periods where login is unavailable. We will keep updating this blog post as we run through the procedure tomorrow night.

Update 1 (7/27/2010 1:40am EST): The coffee is flowing and we are going! The upgrade is in progress right now. User registration and account password resetting is currently disabled.

Update 2 (7/27/2010 5:45am EST): We finished upgrading the database servers. We are now migrating all the login servers to the new database. User registration and account password resetting is still disabled. Login is currently unaffected.

Update 3 (7/27/2010 6:15am EST): We are starting the final phase of the upgrade. Login may be slow or unavailable for the next 20-ish minutes.

Update 4 (7/27/2010 6:50am EST): Everything is coming back online now. Login may be a bit slow for the next few minutes as everyone reconnects but we should be all set unless unexpected issues arise. User registration and password resetting are also back to normal. Thanks for your patience!


Server Issues

We’re having server issues that are preventing some people from logging in.  We are working on resolving the problems now and will update you as soon as things are back to normal.

Update (1:30pm EST): Everything is back to normal.


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