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Build 76 – Private Alpha Release

It’s been almost two months since our last release so this one is jam packed with lots of goodness!  We just pushed an update to alpha testers (Build 76, r26081 r26136 r26183 r26272 r26307 r26321) which includes a large number of features, bug fixes and enhancements.  As always, you can read the entire list of enhancements on our Change Log. Notable changes include:

  • New Skins: The “Windows 7″ skin now has 8 new variants by @derekerdmann.  Access them via Preferences > Skins.
  • Windows 7 Support: Digsby takes advantage of jump lists for easy access to common tasks and top buddies (by log size).  We also use taskbar grouping to let you jump to conversations, see typing notifications and unread conversation counts.
  • Better Popups: Social networks will no longer show a separate popup for Alerts and the titles will no longer say “Facebook Newsfeed” with a generic Facebook icon.  Instead, you will see the friend’s picture and name with a small badge in the top right for each network. You can also comment/like Facebook items right from popups.
  • Trending News: We’ve partnered with the folks at OneRiot to bring the latest trending news stories to your social feeds.  You can enable/disable via Preferences > General & Profile.
  • Facebook Dislike: We’re amazed by how many people wanted to “Dislike” Facebook posts.  The Dislike Button Facebook page has over 3.2 million fans!  You asked for it, you got it.
  • MySpace Newsfeed: We’ve revamped the MySpace newsfeed to support their new APIs so it looks a lot more like the Facebook/Twitter feeds including the ability to comment on statuses.
  • MySpace Achievements: Back in September we introduced achievements for Facebook and the functionality is being ported over to MySpace.  You will be asked if you would like to enable or disable this functionality and you can turn it on/off by editing your MySpace account in Preferences.
  • Yahoo HTTP Support: Restrictive firewalls and proxies should no longer be an issue for Yahoo Messenger users.  Edit the account in preferences and set it to “Always use HTTP”

We’re excited to get this release solidified and pushed out to all users so if you experience any issues please use “Help > Send Bug Report” in the main menu to submit a diagnostic log or email us at bugs@digsby.com.

If you would like to become an alpha tester and get new releases before everyone else, download this file and place it in the main program folder. Keep in mind that as an alpha tester you may get a release with a few bugs every now and then.  We are looking for people who are proactive in reporting these issues so we can fix them before builds go out to all users.

Update 1 (2/1/2010 5:00pm EST): We just pushed out a patch fixing many of the issues you’ve been reporting.  The new release number is r26136.  We are still working to fix issues with the taskbar like it not obeying the don’t show preference and the phantom Digsby window.  We’ll push these out ASAP.  For now, here is what the new patch fixes.  Let us know if you run into new issues or continue to see these bugs:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the CPU to spike for some users
  • Fixed a bug that caused some Hotmail accounts to fail to connect
  • Fixed a bug that caused email actions to break for some Hotmail accounts
  • Fixed a bug that caused MySpace to show the login window instead of failing to connect when there are network issues
  • Fixed a bug that caused ICQ incoming messages to get cut off or lost in some cases
  • Fixed a few bugs that caused docking and auto-hide to break after double clicking the tray icon
  • Fixed a bug that caused MSN authentication request popups to show on login
  • Fixed a bug that caused IM unread counts to stick around if closing an IM window using the taskbar preview panels
  • Fixed a bug that caused Twitter to show an unread count even if all tweets were read
  • Ensure that at least the four main Facebook filters make it into the dropdown
  • Disabled the “top buddies” portion of the jump list for now while we optimize its performance

Update 2 (2/4/2010 12:00pm EST): We pushed out another build fixing most of the remaining issues in this alpha release.  The new release number is r26183.  MySpace login will still fail for some users and we’re working on that now along with final polish.  List of changes:

  • Fixed a bug that added a fake Digsby window to the taskbar previews
  • Fixed the “show in taskbar” preference on Windows 7
  • Fixed a bug that caused MSN authorization popups to show every time you log in
  • Brought back the top buddies position of the jump list
  • Improved performance for calculating log sizes so the jump list doesn’t slow Digsby down
  • Removed status icons from the jump list because once you pin a buddy we can no longer update the icon unfortunately
  • Fixed a bug that caused taskbar previews to show as black icons for some AIM buddies without a buddy icon
  • Fixed a bug that caused buddies to open in an IM window without a tab if you previously closed that tab using the taskbar previews
  • Fixed a bug that caused buddies to not show in the taskbar previews if you drag them out into their own window and then drag them back in
  • The folks at MySpace fixed a bug which prevented their set status API from working properly
  • The tab key now finishes a Twitter autocomplete (in addition to Enter)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Digsby to freeze when there’s an invalid JID on your Jabber buddy list

Update 3 (2/8/2010 6:30pm EST): This build patches up the rest of the known issues with this alpha release and introduces support for commenting on MySpace statuses.  MySpace login will still fail for some users but they should have this fixed by tomorrow.  Please let us know if any new issues were introduced or if any bugs remain which were new in this series of alphas.  List of changes:

  • Added support for commenting on MySpace statuses!
  • Fixed a bug with the new Yahoo HTTP support that caused it to disconnect regularly
  • Fixed a bug that caused buddies with underscores in their username to be ignored when making jump lists
  • Fixed a bug that caused Facebook Chat buddies to be ignored when making jump lists
  • Fixed a bug that caused Facebook popup notifications to break when clicking “Like” in some cases
  • Another attempt to fix a bug that caused MSN to get stuck in “loading contact list”
  • Fixed a bug that caused the “typing” badge to show on the wrong taskbar icon in Windows 7 if your tabs are not combined
  • Fixed a bug that caused taskbar previews to show out of order if you drag a tab out into its own window and then dragged it back in
  • Fixed a bug that caused status to get set incorrectly when returning from invisible
  • Optimized diagnostic logging to improve overall Digsby performance
  • Twitter popups will show your timeline tweets before search results
  • When clicking the taskbar icon if the buddy list is hidden, slide it back into view

Update 4 (2/10/2010 11:15am EST): This build fixes a few more issues, and includes the fix for Facebook that was applied to the public beta earlier today. Other fixes include:

  • Several problems related to the infobox for Facebook and MySpace accounts are now fixed
  • A bug which caused AIM self-status messages to display as HTML

Update 5 (2/11/2010 12:00pm EST): One last patch as we get ready to release this to all users later today.  Final release number will be r26321.

* Fixed a bug that caused some Hotmail accounts to fail to connect
* Fixed a bug that caused email actions to break for some Hotmail accounts


Better Commenting with Disqus

We moved the blog commenting system over to Disqus to provide a richer user experience.   Major differences you will see are:

  • You can now reply to comments and the replies are threaded making them more like a conversation
  • You can ‘like’ comments
  • You can comment with your Facebook, Twitter, OpenID, Yahoo, or Disqus account to tie them to your real identity
  • All the comments you make on blogs that use Disqus are available in one central place
  • Easily post your comment back to Facebook or Twitter to share it with friends


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