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Digsby Twitter Background Contest Winners!

With over 200 submissions and hundreds of fan votes, the Digsby Twitter Background contest has ended and we are excited to announce the winners!  Before we do though, we just want to say how amazed we are by the talent of our fans.  It was a very difficult decision.  There were some incredible submissions so we’re highlighting the top 10 on our Spread the Word page along with buttons and banners that you can place on your blog or website to promote Digsby.

Without further ado, here are the winners of the Digsby Twitter Background Contest:

1st place (by @letusdare2think)


2nd place (by @wemps)


3rd place (by @Jerlyn)


The winners will receive Amazon Gift Cards, Digsby T-Shirts and Digsby USB Drives!  We can’t thank you enough for your participation and hard work.  Be sure to keep a look out for more fantastic contests and check out all 10 top picks on the Digsby Spread the Word page!


Build 75 – Holiday Hoopla!

We just pushed a new release (Build 75, r25261) to all users!  We’ve made some big changes to Digsby making it faster and better than ever!  This release includes all the features, bug fixes and enhancements in Builds 71,  72, and 75 on our Change Log.  Notable changes include:

  • Crash Fixes: Thanks to the help of our dedicated testers who have been running the DEBUG version, we fixed the most common crash causing bugs in Digsby.  Based on the volume of crash reports, we expect Digsby to crash for less than 0.1% of users on any given day.  Now that’s solid!
  • Memory Leaks: We took some time to hunt down and fix the most serious memory leaks in Digsby, many of which were introduced in the new Twitter implementation.  This will improve performance significantly when running Digsby for an extended period of time or on older machines.
  • Twitter: We fixed numerous issues with Twitter including tweets being show out of order, incorrect unread counts, connection issues, etc.  It is still a work in progress and we’ll continue to improve our Twitter implementation.
  • Block Indicator: Blocked buddies now show a “blocked” icon where their status icon would normally appear on the buddy list.
  • Win 7: We added support for aero snapping and fixed several windows 7 specific bugs.  We will release more Win 7 enhancements in the next build including jump lists and badges on the taskbar icon.
  • And More: Over 100 other bug fixes and enhancements!

We will keep pushing to make Digsby even better and want to thank all of you for your continued feedback and support.  If you want to tell the world about the Digsby, here are some ways you can help:

If you experience any bugs in this release, please use “Help > Send Bug Report” in the main menu to submit a diagnostic log or email us.

Update (12/9/2009 2:45pm EST): Facebook is having issues with their API servers, which is causing the newsfeed to fail to connect for some users.  This will fix itself when they resolve the problem on their end.


Advice for College Students

RIT recently opened its brand new Center for Student Innovation, a 24/7 facility where students can come together to turn ideas into innovative products and solutions.

Digsby started as a class project at RIT.  It was taken from idea to reality by a team of RIT grads so our CEO was asked to give the keynote address at the grand opening.

The video below offers some good advice for college students:


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