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LifeHacker Hive Five!

After launching Digsby into public beta on March 20th of last year, one of the first great pieces of publicity we got came from Lifehacker.  They did an article on the Five Best Instant Messengers (“Hive Five”) less than two weeks after we launched and Digsby made the list!

We were very excited to be featured and even more excited when the article made the front page of Digg the next day!  It created a tremendous amount of awareness and gave us our first big push into the spotlight.  We went from 40,000 users to 70,000 users in just 4 days!


Even though we didn’t win the poll, it was a very impressive showing for a two-week old product with just 40,000 users.  Now that we have over 1 million, let’s show them what we’re made of!

Lifehacker is holding another “Hive Five” competition and you can show your support for Digsby by voting here:



1,000,000 Strong + Affiliate Program Launch

We’re excited to announce that Digsby has passed a major milestone. Over 1 million people now use Digsby to manage over 3 million IM, email, and social network accounts!  We’ve seen tremendous growth since our launch and Digsby has quickly become a leader in the IM market.

It’s all thanks to you, our passionate users! We could not have passed this milestone without you. You’ve been our marketing team from day one and you continue to spread the word about Digsby. To thank you for all your effort and to encourage you to keep spreading the word, we are announcing the Digsby Affiliate Program.

A first in the IM industry, the program will pay you up to $1.00 for every new Digsby user you bring. Affiliates can promote Digsby by placing banners or buttons on their blog or website, or by simply inviting their friends with their affiliate link. Thank you again for all your support. We’ll keep pushing to make Digsby even better and greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word.

To learn learn more about the affiliate program and to sign up, visit:



Database Issues

We are having database issues that are causing some people to get an “Authentication Error” on login.  We’re working to fix the problem right now.

While we are working on the issue, Digsby may start in “Local Mode” and load your preferences from the hard drive. We will post an update here when the issue is resolved.

Update (7/7/09 9:45am): Everything is back to normal. Sorry for the temporary inconvenience.


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