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Build 67 – Twitter! Twitter! Twitter!

When we first launched Digsby, Twitter was not nearly as dynamic as it is today.  It has grown to become more than just a place for you to say what you’re doing.  When you reply to a tweet, you aren’t just commenting on an isolated newsfeed item – you’re participating in an ongoing global conversation.  We feel that most other Twitter clients don’t reflect this in their design.

Today, we are embracing this shift with a completely redesigned Twitter implementation in Digsby that is unlike any Twitter client you’ve seen.  Our goal is to make Twitter feel less like a timeline and more like a conversation.  Highlights include:

  • Single column user interface that doesn’t take up your whole screen
  • Tweets are shown in chronological order so you read the conversation as it happens instead of seeing the tail end first and reading it backwards
  • Digsby keeps track of unread counts but you never have to mark tweets as read. Digsby does it for you automatically
  • Whenever you open the Twitter window, Digsby brings you right where you left off so you can continue reading the conversation without missing a tweet
  • Conquer information overload by filtering groups of users out of the main timeline so it is the most useful view and not the most cluttered
  • Snapshot view of recent tweets is still available in the Infobox along with the added ability to reply and retweet right inline
  • Reply and Retweet right from popup notifications so you can stay on task and stay in the loop
  • Automatic URL shortening when you paste links and automatic photo uploading when you paste pictures or screenshots

We will be showing off the new functionality at DEMOfall09 later today.  You can watch the live demo at 9:50AM PST / 12:50PM EST – http://demo.com/

The rules of DEMO state that we need to make our public debut at the conference.  That means we couldn’t alpha test the Twitter implementation as much as we usually test releases so expect a few bugs. We’ll work diligently over the next couple weeks to iron out all the bumps and make it into the solid product you’ve come to expect!

If you run into any trouble, use Help > Send Bug Report to submit a diagnostic log and include steps on how to consistently reproduce the bug whenever possible.

Let us know what you think in the comments and spread the word!

Update 1 (9/22/2009 9:30pm PST): We are working on fixing a crash that happens on older AMD and Pentium 3 processors.  We’ll push out an auto-update as soon as it is fixed.  Also,  thank you all for the wonderful feedback about usability.  We want to make Digsby the best Twitter client in the world and we’ll start making iterations to tweak the things we got wrong and build on the things we got right!  Keep the feedback coming and please let us know how it feels after using it for a day or so.

Update 2 (9/23/2009 8:30am PST): We are working fixing two login issues.  First, if you are trying to log in with your email address instead of your username that will fail.  If you change it to log in with your username this will bypass the issue.  Second, if you have special characters in your password, it will fail.  Changing your password temporarily while we fix this will bypass the issue.

Update 3 (9/23/2009 2:55pm PST): Thank you to everyone for the wonderful feedback.  We just push the first update to the new Twitter implementation with the following changes:

  • Fixed an issue that caused Digsby to crash for people running old AMD and Pentium 3 processors
  • Fixed a bug that caused users to get “Failed to Connect” when logging in with their email address in stead of their username
  • Fixed a bug that caused users to get “Failed to Connect” if they had special characters in their passwords
  • Brought back some old functionality to the infobox like seeing your most recent tweet and the ability to tweet from it
  • Added ability to hide unread counts in infobox and tray icon so if you don’t use the full featured “IM Window Style” interface, they don’t get in your way (Click “Hide” in the infobox next to the Alerts section)
  • As you scroll down in the infobox it will add more tweets to the end so you can see your entire timeline instead of just 20 items
  • Added “Mark All As Read” and “New Tweet” menu items to the right click menu
  • “Ctrl + C” now works in the “IM Window Style” view
  • Added some contrast to the bottom of the “IM Window Style” interface so the input area where you tweet from becomes more prominent
  • Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

  • Mathew

    I quite like the new implementation.. however when replying to a tweet - the moment your mouse pointer leaves the box it closes the window.. this is annoying behaviour as I am a tablet user and the pointer is not static..

  • all good things

  • XbTcig I want to say - thank you for this!

  • and don't listen to those Twitter is not for IMing ppl. TONS, thousands, of ppl use it for IMing, as well as keeping track of new links, what's hot, etc. You are doing a good job Digsby. Listen to the majority :P

  • i'm so glad i found you guys. i love what you are doing and now that twitter (app) looks like fb (app), it's much easier to use. great work, hope you are getting a lot of money :D

  • aTInHA I want to say - thank you for this!

  • kh_kh7112

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

  • Graham Scragg

    I like the new interface a lot.
    Good work!

  • Proximo


    I don't like the new direction for your Twitter Implementation.

    Before, Digsby was a IM Client that gave us the ability to quickly check other social network updates and interact in most basic way.

    Now Digsby is trying to be a Twitter Client. It's confusing. Are you an IM Client or are you trying to be a Twitter Client.

    If you could at least give us the option to turn off the Chronological order into the way Tweets are supposed to work.

    Twitter is not for having conversations if you understand what Twitter is. This is why all the best Twitter Clients never changed this. Now when checking tweets, I have to scroll down to the bottom somewhere.

    Please add the option to turn this useless feature off. At least for those who understand what Tweets are and how they are used.

    It's amazing to me that a company who makes an IM Client for having conversations, would actually think that Twitter is similar. Twitter is Micro Blogging and Digsby is IM. There is a difference.

    Digsby is the best IM Client I have ever used. It did what it needed easily quickly without adding too much to the Client. Please don't become a bloated software that trying to do too much.

    Do what you do best.

    So for what it's worth. I think Digsby is great, but please give us at least the option to make the Twitter Client function properly and allow me to turn off the Chronological order feature.


  • Can u please tell me, how to find the related comments in your twitter client. Normally in Twitter, below the twit, you would see, in reply to, and if you click on it , it would take you to the related twit. how is it done in your client.

  • said

    thank u

  • Pablo

    Great, Great!
    I have to try it, Twitter is so important in my comunications, and this new is excellent to me!

  • Damian Castillo

    So many people just don't understand what Twitter is.

    Twitter is not about having or tracking conversations. So the whole idea that Chronological order is a better way is in concept incorrect. You should not be tracking conversations in Twitter. Twitter is for micro blogging. Not SMS, IM or Email.

    The ability to quickly pop up twitter, see what the latest tweets are and the ability to quickly update my status in the same window is what made the Digsby Twitter interface so great.

    Now with this new pop up, it's annoying. If I wanted a new window, I will use a dedicated twitter client. I like using my IM as a quick way to look at tweets and send updates. I don't need Digsby to try and be another twitter client.

    Digsby, you are loosing your focus. You are starting to try and be more than a great IM Client and it's not looking good at all.

    I would not expect a good Twitter Client to add IM features, so why would you think Digsby needs to become a twitter client. I have a great Twitter client already.

    I like the quick check and update method from the past.

    It's also too bad to hear Digsby themselves not understand what Twitter is. When you mention having conversations on Twitter, it makes my hair stand up. That is NOT what Twitter is for.

    Too bad so many people are just as confused and think this is a good idea. Just look at all the great Twitter clients out there. There is a reason why they work the way they do. Because THEY understand what Twitter is and what it's not.

    Stick with what you do best. IM

    If you want to give us quick tools to update our Twitter and Facebook accounts, leaving simple as it was before. Don't try to be something you are not.

  • hallo, are there any problem on facebook chat? i can't login .. connection always failed. why? but i can login it's social network. only that chat, always failed.

    regards, thanks

  • xarolx


  • Zez

    Thanks, I suppose, for this non-critical update (in this case useless for those who don't use digsby for twitter). But how about ASKING if we want to install, rather than making us wait several minutes when we just want to check to see if someone's online, or update our status quickly? If it's a critical update, force-feed it; but otherwise, ask. It seems like there's a new update every other day, and it's rarely anything important, so why make us wait for it?

    Also, if the software has been updated in the last 24 hours, it shouldn't even try to connect to the software update service again. Currently, as soon as it's done updating, digsby loads and wastes time checking for updates again.


  • Ed Lynn


    Yesterday I would have said there were three things I didn't like about this new upgrade. But you fixed two of them by today, so nice work! It's clear you're following these remarks and fixing the problems which get pointed out.

    So here's my last remaining gripe... In the new twitter interface, when I click a link my browser steals the focus. I'd like to be able to open several links, then minimize or close the twitter interface - instead of being forced to go back and forth which is a bit dizzying. For the user of a tabbed browser this makes the most sense. So can you give the twitter window the option to stay on top until minimized or closed?

    And now here's a suggestion... How about scheduled tweets and retweets? I'd like to be given the option to "update now" or "update later" when I type in a new tweet, or even when I just click retweet on someone elses, and also when I want to do a status update on Myspace, linked in, or facebook, etc. If there was an "update now" and an "update later" button, and clicking the "update now" button operated just like the current "update status" button does, but clicking the "update later" button brought up something to let me enter a time and date, or just choose in ___ minutes or ___ hours, that would be awesome. If it had a clock and calendar interface would be even better. Something to think about...

    All in all, I love Digsby.

    One last thing, folks... Please contact me about the affiliate program. Neverblue sucks, you can do better. Go to Commission Junction. But in the meantime, please email me about it, because I want to promote Digsby.

    -Ed Lynn

  • [deXter]


    I still can't see profile pics in the facebook feed popups! However, Twitter feeds work just fine. Here's a snapshot:


  • I'll be damned. Did this latest update just add my latest request, pulling additional stories into the Twitter pop-out as I scroll? I believe it did. Everything I ask for, Digsby does.

    I would like Megan Fox to appear in my lap whenever I start up Digsby.

    ... waiting ...

  • disgruntled

    Sorry, I shouldn've have put across my thoughts in such a way. Well you know you get angry only when you love something so much that you hate leaving it. Keep adding features, you guys rock :)

  • Prasino

    Why doesn't Digsby update automatically on startup? It is quite unpleasant to have to type one's password (which is not even checked!) just to wait for the update to download and be applied, for Digsby to restart, and to type the password again.

    It would be a much better user experience if Digsby updated on startup instead of updating after typing the password (but before verifying that password and logging in).

    This has been bothering me forever.

  • moataz


  • moataz

    just like that

  • I guess you should always follow the golden rule "Don't fix something that ain't broken"

  • David Ruzicka

    on win7 32

    with the last update:
    second time it is crashing while I was not here... It just freezes.

  • phydeaux

    Thank you for being open and responsive to the opinions of your user base. The recent updates have gone a long way to having the best of both worlds for those who like the timeline in a separate window and those of us who preferred the more classic Twitter interface.

    As others have said, one reason I use Digsby is because it sits unobtrusively out of view and, like a wonderful pet, comes when called. I value my screen real estate too much to clutter it up with more & more windows.

    So I truly thank you for giving us back a way to tweet from the popout window. Now if we can only make the unread counts an option that can be turned off altogether, it'd be terrific.

  • Bradleycorn

    Switched to Astra awhile ago. Just stopped by to check on Disgbsy's progress. So glad I switched. I heard for over a year that core IM features like group chat were "at the top of the todo list", yet every time a new release comes out, it includes other bells and whistles. Great, twitter is more fun now in digsby. Too bad I still would have to run multiple IM clients so that I can do group chat for work. I'm sure there will likely be a response to the post saying "group chat is at/near the top of the to do list", but as I said, I've been hearing that for well over a year now, so I'll believe it when I see it.

  • proxemics

    love the new update. anyone else experiencing some facebook issues (not staying logged in) and/or issues with emails not marking as read?

  • Chris


    Facebook seems to be having issues right now. Both their API and developer blog seem to be down right now.

  • Chris

    and as I said that, things look like they're coming back up again.

  • Bruce

    Nice work with the fixes to the Twitter interface. Remedied most of my complaints about the update.

    It would still be nice if you could open the new twitter window in a tab with your IM conversations. I might actually use it then.

  • Props to the Digsby developers. The comments on this thread have been overwhelmingly negative. As a developer, I know how disheartening that can be. But instead of crying in your Red Bull, you bucked up and released an immediate fix to remedy many of the most pervasive complaints. Nice work.

    My complaints:

    - Removed my status message from top of pop-out window. FIXED
    - Mark all read for Twitter. FIXED
    - Hide unread Twitter counts. FIXED
    - CTRL-S and CTRL-L not working in Windows XP. Still broken. I actually don't care, just thought you should know.

    One other thing ... not a complaint, just a suggestion. I just recently noticed that the Facebook window and scroll forever, fetching additional posts when the scroll bar gets close to the bottom.

    That would be a really nice feature to have for Twitter too. Not sure if that's possible given the throttling on API requests. Then again, you fetch all the tweets for the pop-out window, so you must have them stored locally somewhere, right? Maybe you could fetch more from the local store as we scroll ...? Just a thought.

  • Hugo

    I'm having problemas connecting to Twitter.

  • Tony


    » "Any app with the publish_stream permission does."

    But can that be revoked? In other words, making the updates appear without the vendor's logo.

  • Chris


    You can revoke (or not grant in the first place) that permission and digsby will still be able to show your feed. We do not currently have an option available to direct the updates through the older API.

  • Tony

    One issue that concerns me is the point some users have made already about the Digsby icon appearing in Facebook updates.

    If this is happening, it shouldn't be. You may as well say other clients should have equal rights to add their icon, but they don't.

  • Chris


    "You may as well say other clients should have equal rights to add their icon, but they don’t."

    Any app with the publish_stream permission does.

  • Scott

    @Mike - I appreciate the forward momentum on the feedback thanks, and hope that you will be able to implement more based on common feedback as time permits.

  • Anon

    Digsby....you guys rock! You came out with some new features and some people didn't like it and you fixed that! That is awesome. But now you took trends away from the timeline....Oh well I guess we cant have it all. It is nice though that you listen to your users. I personally liked twitter the way it was in the first place. But you have brought most of that back. I especially like being able to mark all as read from the timeline. It would just be nice if you could throw trends back in the timeline somewhere..... Maybe at the very top???

  • Ahhh! Thats cool! I don't know how do i live without it =)

  • ken

    By the way I'm using ESET NOD 32 3.0. I've turned off all firewall but still no use.

  • ken

    I'm using AMD Sempron 3000+ and i could never get Digsby to work. It remains "connecting" after update, and i could not find a solution to this even after reinstall it a bunch of times. Downloading the newest build did't help either. Is this a problem of Digsby with AMD? Anyone have the same problem? Please help me!

  • Thanks for listening to the user feedback and adjusting some of the features.

    The only thing I am still wondering is why it has to take me several clicks to come to my mentions and DMs if alerts are hidden... Why? I mean, don't you want me to be able to use Twitter/Digsby as smoothly and efficiently as possible?

    I tried serveral other Twitter clients yesterday and still Digsby gives me most value. Otherwise, I wouldn't even care to comment here, rather just switch to another client.

  • Ben

    Ok, so I just need to restart Digsby and it's an automatic update.

    Very nice, but since I probably only restart Digsby, what, once a month?? a notification letting me know to restart whenever there is a new up would be a great idea.

  • Ben

    So *how* do I actually upgrade?? Is it an automated in the background? Do I have to download something? I've been searching for 15 minutes, can't find any info.

  • Guest

    I loved Digsby. And it was the reason I really started to use twitter. But now - sinse the twitter update - I have tried other apps to see if I can get the ease of use back that was in the pre-67 build.

    I must agree with CNYRadio.com:
    "How many more negative comments is it gonna take for you people to change things back to the way they were?"

  • Good to see the old features back in the infobox. Now only if you could get the mentions & directs in the infobox as well. The browser window is the most useless thing that could ever be thought of & I don't plan to use the launchable browser window even one bit.

  • Aaaa!!! Guys! I really love you for adding groups support for Twitter! Awesome! :)

  • aronin

    NOT ABLE TO CONNECT USING USERID... it just says 'Connecting...'

    I am not sure why this was not addressed in the latest update... so many people have complained that they have not been able to connect to Twitter using their 'UserId' including me. So now, after the latest update, while I am able to connect using my email id, I am still not able to connect using my userid.

  • Really great implementation! There's one thing I would really like to see: notifications specifically for @replies. Right now you can enable/disable notifications only for all tweets or just Direct Messages, and it would be great to be able to enable/disable notification for replies as well.

    Hope to see this is a future release, thanks!

  • disgruntled

    You're running after useless social fads like twitter and facebook, and not caring about real work that gets done only using im. Well honestly, the twitter client is good. Earlier I had switched off my grid-computing module out of frustration with you for not adding buddy pounce, despite it being so high on feature request list. Now I'm dropping you altogether.
    Goodbye! Lemme know when you add buddy pounce and last seen. Till then, Its pidgin for me.

  • 4Feezy

    Thanx for the new implementations in twitter, they're awesome!
    I will definately agree to the time management for popup windows, the directs and mentions added to the infobox, the old auto-close feature after updating, and also options for the 'reply/retweet' and 'mark read/mark all read' inclusion in the popups.
    Other than that, keep up the good work!

  • Nicole

    Thank you for listening and acting so quickly! I love digsby again!

  • dave

    PLEASE allow configuration of the behaviour of a double-click on a sys-tray icon. I am really sick of it changing every time you guys update.

    I want to select a behavior which I want, and have it stick. For me - i do NOT want a double-click on twitter to open up a time-line. Maybe I want to go to the web page (that used to be the behavior) or maybe I want to have the status update box appear (that too was a behavior recently).

    I am really close to trying to block the autoupdate because this thing changes all the time. New features are one thing - changing the UI behavior is just annoying.

  • JohnJake

    Any suggestions for a new twitter/social media client that is like the old Digsby?

    First they did the we will steal your CPU for "research". (And did a good job apologizing.)

    Now they hijack my facebook updates and turn them into Digsby ads.

    They just make me feel dirty all over.

  • Mike

    YES! THANK YOU! SO much better, I love it. I use the infobox constantly in an effort to keep my open windows to a minimum, and these changes are a fantastic improvement. You guys did a great job, thanks so much for listening to your users. There aren't a lot of places out there that will make immediate changes based on user feedback. You guys rock! I'm still not completely sold on the timeline/replies popout window, but now I'm not completely reliant on it to send tweets etc.

    Thanks again! Two thumbs up! :)

  • Doug

    Thanks for the latest update, it's all much better. Now the only things on my wish list are having mentions and directs in the info box and turning off the in-line reply/retweet

  • How many more negative comments is it gonna take for you people to change things back to the way they were?

  • Adrian

    I like the changes, but I would like it if the PgUp PgDn buttons scrolled everything in the TimeLine window instead of just 1 message at a time.

  • proxemics

    wow. you folks really are the best. keep up the great work.

  • RJ

    Overall nice job on the twitter, I look forward to see how it grows. To me though there should just be one twitter view option, either keep the infobox or the full featured window, with all the options.

    It seems like when i do get a tweet, and a number shows up on the twitter icon, only way to remove it is by viewing the full featured window and not the infobox one. Id rather single click then double click to the fully featured window.

  • chrisjames1971

    My hotmail account keeps saying authenticating. Removed it and re-added it. Whats up with that? Anyone have any thoughts?

  • Tyler

    I would really like to see a "Mark as read" on the twitter bubble so I dont have to open the twitter window every time a tweet comes in to mark them as read.

    Like it was said previously, I would also really like it if we had the option to not count filtered groups toward the number on the twitter icon in the system tray.

  • "Reply and Retweet right from popup notifications so you can stay on task and stay in the loop"

    One of the things I like about Digsby's popup notification is that it's neat and elegantly implemented. However, with the introduction of Reply and RT right in the popup, the whole thing has turned UGLY. How about including an option for users who simply want a clean popup? Besides, I find the popup appearance too short and often not enough time to read the whole message let alone time to grab the mouse pointer and hit either one of the Reply / RT buttons.

    An option to disable that would be welcome and also maybe also an option to specify how long the popup bubble remains on screen.

  • rimmon

    Ahhhh, amazing. I mean, still the forced URL shortening but the rest just got way better. I would suggest that you separate the new tweet input window from the timeline by a thick black line, though. The way it is now is still very...subtle.

    Thanks a lot for the fast reaction. :)

  • yay! you're listening :) glad things are getting back to normal.

    Still not a fan of that second floating window and the fact I can't see mentions/directs in the default popup (infobox I think you're calling it)

    Uninstall is on hold pending the next build :)

  • nedloh77

    Just wondering, is there a way, that if I log into digsby on different computers that it won't show tweets that I've viewed on one computer as unread on a different computer.

    I read my tweets on my desktop in the morning and when I logged on later on my laptop all of the ones I read in the morning were unread.

  • Lori

    Still having to log in to facebook,myspace,twitter every time my browser is shut down.

  • This all sounds awesome!
    I'm hoping that the URL shortener won't be a Digsby shortener and will allow for bit.ly to be implemented by user API. That would really be awesome!
    Otherwise I'll just stick with seesmic since that functionality is already available.
    I'm just sayin'...

  • Andrew Crowell

    I retract the "double-click-to-tweet" statement, but the tweet area needs to be much more visible.

    Also I see there is a "Mark all as read" but it's under a right-click context menu. Why isn't it also listed in the Alert window itself? Redundant, sure. But redundancy is very important when it comes to friendly interface design, and having to right click on the tray was not intuitive.

  • Andrew Crowell

    I dislike how the new Twitter alert window is BACKWARDS. Digsby desperately needs to add custom ordering settings. I *like* seeing new posts first. This option is so trivial you have no excuse for not having it.

    Also, your alert window needs a "mark all as read" button, as there are times I don't care if 150 tweets are made, and would just like to clear this count. It is especially necessary since scrolling in the Twitter alert window will occasionally not pick up that every message was "read" if you scroll too fast.

    Also, removing double-click-to-tweet was a big mistake.

    Please remedy this, as this is actually a large downgrade in what was otherwise excellent software quality.

  • Chris

    @Andrew "mark all as read" can now be found in the right click menu on the account in the buddy list or tray icon.

  • Arangarx

    Thanks! I guess I wasn't the only one who wanted to not have to open the IM style window. Keep up the good work Digsby.

  • Nick

    You are doing better. I'd suggest prepopulating the text input field in the twitter window with "Type here to tweet" which then disappears when the user puts focus in the window.

  • mrsbaer

    @Chris - Thank you so much! I saw "hide" but it was on the "alerts" line so I wasnt sure that was it! Thanks again!

  • mrsbaer

    *Silly question* where do you find -Added ability to hide unread counts in infobox and tray icon ?

  • Chris


    There's a "Hide" link next to the alerts section in the infobox. on the right.

  • j0k

    btw, we still need the count down on the notification box when you reply/retweet :-)

  • j0k

    Great new release guys !
    I come back to twitter on digbsy :-)

    One other killer feature you should add, is sth that show if you read the tweet or not !

  • mrsbaer

    Thank you for this latest update with so many little things we asked for!

  • mrsbaer

    Is there someway that updates arent forced on reloading digsby? Id rather be asked if I want to update first. This way I can wait and let the second set of beta testers do their job :)

  • Sunflower

    My 1st complaint ever. One of my email accounts keeps failing to connected no matter what I do.

  • mathiepe

    I don't get some of the comments here. Really, if you used Digsby to read tweets before, than you can only be happy they changed it now, no? I mean, I used Digsby to tweet because I have it docked on my screen and it was quick for tweeting, but I never did any reading with Digsby. It's so unhandy reading and scrolling through tweets via that pop-out screen. So I think it's way better now to actually use Digsby as a real Twitter-application. Ok, it's still not ideal (see my posts before) but it sure is an improvement and I really hope they don't go back to the old version, but just update what needs work and make some slight changes. But this is a good start. As for tweeting a tweet, that is just about the same (same number of clicks, same speed), only the view you get is different. So that is ok too. By the way, they've done a great thing by shortening the URL automatically, really cool!

    The chronological order...well, I had to get used to that. But I'm already used to it now after using it for one day. I follow over 900 people and I don't miss out on many tweets when I have the time to read them. But I can understand that is a problem for most people, in contrary to my first paragraph, because I don't understand these comments very well. An option to choose the order might be nice, but I'll have to think if I'd switch to the 'normal' view or to the chronological order. I think this all depends on how you use Twitter.

    So yes, there is still some work. But yes, this is a good start also. More customizable (like everything else is in Digsby) would be nice (chronological order vs standard view, icons edit and rearrange for everything,...).

    I never used Digsby as Twitter-client before. Now I do. :)

  • rimmon

    I'm pretty sure this was the last major update you sent out without any decent alpha testing. ;)
    Should have skipped this DEMO thing and cared more about your users.

  • I would also like to see the new Twitter posts on top rather than on the bottom. It's just a more standard convention for chronologically ordered information. Also having it one way (newest on top) in the mouse over fly-out and a different way in the new window (newest on bottom) is poor UI consistency.

  • Aha! Just noticed your auto-shortener. Pretty nice! Also I have just read several comments above. This new Twitter functionality seems to be very disputable. But I'd like to agree with the most of comments from Travis Illig from September 23, 2009 @ 10:51 am. And to encourage you guys - imho you're on the right way ;) Thanks for all the efforts you do!

  • I like your new Twitter approach. Though some time to use to it is needed :) I "miss" for only 2 features for now:
    1. embedded ability to short the URLs;
    2. ability to view my own previous tweets without visiting the site.

  • Serhiy

    cannot connect to twitter after update :)
    when the issue with non-alphanumeric symbols in passwords is going to get fixed?

  • really.
    what were you thinking?!
    I've turned off the twitter integration because it was annoying me so much.
    Luckily Trillian also does a poor job of Twitter integration but ... if I need to look for a new Twitter client then I've no need for Digsby.
    Can I have Build 66 back PLEASE

  • Greg

    If I ignore the minor bugs (which I know you guys will resolve) I still can't say I'm too happy about the major changes without options to keep things the way they were.

    Requiring us to open a separate window to fully interact with Twitter goes entirely against what I feel Digsby has always been about. Simple interaction with multiple sources of data. The new addition is clunky and to me a waste of time. I might as well have a quick link shortcut in my browser as it takes less time to use.

  • Nathan

    This is a REALLY disappointing release. The numbers over the T is distracting, and I hate not being able to tweet from the Twitter icon. What the heck is that?

    People use Twitter for more than just tweeting and following. I use it to update my Remember The Milk task lists, and not having easy access really stinks.

    I'm looking for an alternative to Digsby now.

  • ps

    I don't know if anyone else noticed this, but now when you update your Facebook status from Digsby, it's no longer a true status update. It's a post from Digsby, complete with an icon and everything. I understand your need to advertise, but Facebook now thinks the updates are "posts" not true updates, and I wish your identification of yourselves was as unobtrusive as before. I just uninstalled Digsby, as I don't like this latest update. Maybe it'll get better with feedback -- I'll check back, but I'm not hopeful.

  • This update was not only very disappointing, it actually made me look for a new desktop Twitter app.

    The usability of the new Digsby Twitter integration is just horrible. A few examples:

    - Why did you remove the "Tweet" function from the main Twitter window? I had to search for minutes to find out that I can send a tweet by clicking on one of the alerts. But what if there is no new alert?
    - Same thing: Why did you remove the possiblity to send a new tweet from the Twitter logo in the tray by right clicking and choosing this option?
    - The chronological view is a disaster. What's the point in opening the alert view and seeing 7 hours old tweets or a few weeks old direct messages first?

    For myself, it is clear: If you will keep this version, I will abandon Digsby in favour of another desktop app. Or better said, I already made this step.

    Seriously, if you don't want to scare away all of your users, switch back to the old version.

  • Trompeta

    How come the "can't connect to twitter" comments re being ignored? Let me try this one more time... After the update I (some of us) can't connect to Twitter.

  • JohnJake

    What happened to my Favorites?!
    I follow Guy Kawasaki's suggestion and use the favorites as a way to mark tweets with my mobile client that I want to follow up on later. Completely removing the option to just view your favorites removes my ability to use Digsby for twitter.
    Why was it removed? It isn't like there is no room for a simple link in title bar.

  • copac

    I've already commented once, but re-reading your blog post, something stuck out at me.

    "It has grown to become more than just a place for you to say what you’re doing. When you reply to a tweet, you aren’t just commenting on an isolated newsfeed item – you’re participating in an ongoing global conversation. We feel that most other Twitter clients don’t reflect this in their design."

    When did this become universal? I don't use Twitter that way. There's nothing inherent in Twitter that makes me use it that way. Why are you forcing functionality on me that doesn't connect with how I use Twitter? You guys took some serious liberties on that one. I think that's what irks me the most about this. You changed the "rules" of how Twitter is supposed to be used, and you did it across the board and didn't offer alternatives for those of us who don't "communicate globally" with it.

    And I still can't get over the fact that you hid functionality behind double-clicking areas of the UI that in my years of using Digsby I've never double-clicked before, without any kind of notice or "Hey, to get to our new Twitter functionality double-click this area that you never used to double-click before!"

  • Linux

    twitter is down for my digsby WTF?

  • Tim

    Twitter is for fags.

    Stop wasting time implementing retarded features.

  • Oh wonderful! Digsby just went from being a really useful social app, to being a useless bit of crap taking up hard drive space. What's with this TERRIBLE URL shortening? I won't want my sites in your frame, I want people to see MY domain! And THEY want to see my domain too! You could at least have an option to enable/disable or heaven forbid, use the shortener of your CHOICE!

    Have a word Digsby!

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