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Build 65 – New Installer Experience!

New Features! New Installer! New Digsby!  We just pushed out a new release (Build 65, r24143 r24208 r24214) to all users!  We’ve made some big changes to Digsby making it better than ever!  The release includes all changes from Builds 64 and 65 on our Change Log.  Notable changes include:

New Installer

In a recent blog post we asked for your feedback about our installer and revenue models.  You let your voices be heard!  Over 9,500 of you voted in our poll and left 650+ comments.  We read every comment and went over each argument very carefully.  Although the majority of you voted to keep things the same, several of you spelled out very convincing arguments for alternative revenue methods.

So, today we are changing things.  We have switched to a new user-friendly installer that no longer shows ads for five bundled products.  Instead, it will show one ad for the Digsby Ask Toolbar, which brings news, weather, sports, maps, and more right to you fingertips! We will work to improve the toolbar over time, adding some of the social network functionality you already love in Digsby.

The new installer also asks users explicitly during installation if they’d like to contribute their unused CPU power to sponsored grid computing projects.  We also added a new tab to the preferences window with fine-grained options for the Research Module.  Blasting ads all over our product is the last thing we want to do so we will keep experimenting with unique, non-intrusive models like these.

You can download the new installer here:

New Facebook Newsfeed

We are very excited to introduce a completely redesigned Facebook Newsfeed in Digsby.  It now shows the exact same stream that you see on Facebook.com including comments, likes, and photos.  It’s also completely interactive so you can post your status, comment on stories, ‘like’ items and even browse through entire photo albums right from the Facebook Infobox.

MySpaceIM Support

We are adding MySpaceIM to the arsenal of protocols we support in Digsby.  Fitting nicely with our recently redesigned MySpace Activity Stream, you can now chat with all your MySpace friends right from Digsby. Just add it as an IM account in Preferences > Accounts.

Digsby Achievements

We are introducing a new feature that lets you share the milestones you hit in Digsby with your friends.  In the future we may award points for these that you can redeem for prizes but for now the milestone are just shared with your friends via the Facebook newsfeed just like achievements in other Facebook apps you use.  You will be asked if you would like to enable or disable this functionality and you can turn it on/off by editing your Facebook account in Preferences.  There is more info about this feature on our FAQ.


We will be at the DEMO Conference next week launching a brand new Twitter implementation in Digsby that will blow you away!  Digsby will become the world’s first full-featured Twitter client that is designed for the average user.  Our core competency has always been usability and we take it to the next level with this highly-intuitive and functional release! (how many buzz words can you squeeze into one paragraph)

There are a lot of new features and enhancements in this release which means we’re one step closer to Mac/Linux.  We will keep pushing to make Digsby even better and greatly appreciate all your support!  We made a massive mistake by not being more dilligent in making sure that all users are aware of how Digsby is monetized.  We are truly sorry and this will never happen again.  We realize it wasn’t the best first impression of Digsby for your friends.  From now on, we will prominently show you all the ways you can support Digsby.

Let us know what you think of the New Installer and new features.  Leave a comment below, mention us on Twitter, or become a fan on Facebook and mention @Digsby in your status update.  We hope you enjoy the new Digsby!

Update 1 (9/18/2009 2:30pm EST): A big thank you to everyone who submitted bug reports related to this release.  We just pushed out a patch release fixing the issues reported.  The new release number is r24208 and fixes include:

  • Fixed a bug that caused Hotmail actions such as Delete and Mark as Read to not work
  • Fixed a bug that caused Yahoo to process incoming unicode IMs incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug that caused Facebook to get stuck in “Connecting” state when it should have gone to “Failed to Connect” due to network error
  • If you don’t give Digsby Facebook permissions, a popup will now show when the account disables
  • Fixed unicode status messages in MySpaceIM
  • MySpaceIM now obeys server and port options
  • Facebook wall-to-wall items now include both names in the popup notification
  • Fixed a bug that prevented clicking links in Facebook comments

Update 2 (9/18/2009 3:55pm EST): The last update had a case where MySpace IM could not connect. That issue is now fixed. The new release number is now r24214.

  • Fixed an issue causing MySpace IM accounts to be stuck in connecting.
  • H8ads

    I didn't know that Digsby is ad based. I have never seen any with previous versions. If it is going to be adware, I'll just go back to Trillian/Astra. I didn't download the new version yet. I want to be sure it is not ad based. Anyone know?

  • Ariady

    digsby achievement = sucks

  • NINkittie

    HOOORAY! the only thing i had been mentally complaining about was the lack of myspace IM integration. Now, digsby really gives me access to everything i need and want! i love it, always have, but now it's perfect! I came from being a trillian user, but now will never leave digsby! well, almost perfect. TINY little things i'd like are to be able to change colors of IM window background (like in trillian :/) and more variety of intermittent font colors. but these are obviously tiny things with all the great things you have been and are intergrating to it :) i know my friend and fellow digsby user would like to be able to customize sounds...
    thank you digsby people for being so awesome!! :D

  • FYI...Plaxico Burress Begins Prison Sentence Today!
    Not that I have anything against the guy but finally these athletes might start to get it....You CAN'T just do anything you want an get away with it. If I get caught with a gun, I would have to do time too.

    Just my 2 cents.....

  • TJ

    new release (Build 65, r24143 r24208 r24214) to all users!

    3 updates, 1 release. point made?

  • TJ

    Oh and since this update Digsby has dramatically increased it's share of system resources and on occasion hangs my system. This happens on ALL of the computers in my network, which of which have different specs to each other.

  • Steven

    Scratch last comment. I just noticed I could turn off this popup feature =)

  • Steven

    I read a few comments about this, but just want to chime in. I have been using digsby for about 1 1/2 years now. I love using digsby because it is simple and clean. Previously I had my fb settings to only show an announcement when receiving an email, friend request or comment. However, currently this seems no longer possible. When signing into digsby, the fb window pops up for me to login. Afterward, it seems that it is required to let digsby have access to my wall feeds, which it then gives a popup announcement. This is quite annoying to have everytime someone updates their status....

    If trying to disable it in the fb settings, the next time I log into digsby, the fb window AGAIN pops up, in which it prompts me to login and AGAIN let it access my wall feed.

    Why must I almost be required to accept this feature?? Why can it not just be the settings that are plain and simple? And if choosing to opt out of the accessing wall feed, I must be prompted with the login screen to re-enable this feature?!?

  • I welcome these changes. Thank you for listening enough and being user-focused enough to consider and implement changes that affect all of us. The new, much more transparent installer is a welcome change that places you in a much better light.

    Additionally, the inclusion of a choice regarding background processing is also welcome. I believe it makes users feel the software and company are much more transparent.

    I hope that going forward you will keep this attitude and keep your ears open toward listeners that have significant arguments and reasons for complaints. This would be much better than doing something only to revert it later, and would let you focus on significant upgrades rather then having to re-code or re-design to cover up your initial mistakes.

    Being someone who currently works in customer service, changes and thorough release notes are highly appreciated.

  • affordable guy

    Why do I have to sign in before downloading updates and after that I have to type username and password again to sign in? Wouldn't it be more convenient if updates were checked, downloaded and installed on application launch before signing in?

  • I tried restarting over 10 times to no avail. I also tried re-installing using the download from the link on your home page (which takes you to the file hosted at download.com), and I also tried running an old installer that I had saved from March 09 -- both times, after I signed in, it updated to build 24208.
    I just tried the install link (http://install.digsby.com which forwards to http://update.digsby.com/insta... and I'm still on build 24208....

  • Digsby

    @TJ: If you take a look at the blog, you'll see that between every release there are a few "alpha releases." We have over 3,000 alpha testers that get the updates first so we can iron out as many bugs as possible before a release goes out to all users. However, every computer is different so there are some edge case bugs that we can't catch until all users get the product. Digsby is still a BETA product so we try to focus a bit more on development speed while releasing a 98% solid product rather than slowing down to make sure every release is 100% solid. We always make sure to patch any newly introduced bugs as quickly as possible though.

    Also, if Digsby is getting updates every time you launch it instead of once every month or two that means you either switched to alpha releases or something is wrong with auto-update. Log in and then use Help > Send Bug Report to submit a diagnostic log mentioning that auto-update may be broken for you.

  • TJ

    Hi, just a quick little request. Almost everytime I log into digsby it does it's little check for updates thing and finds an update. Now, that is rather annoying. What is more annoying is that you release an update, find bugs, then release a fix for the bugs, then find more bugs then release another fix for those bugs and so on and so forth until you release a new update and the whole cycle repeats itself.

    I'm aware that you guys do this for little real money, but would it be to much to ask to hold back update releases until the code was good, ready and fully mature and then make it go live as an automated update. Then when we log in we wouldn't have to update so often. After all the system works so there is no rush to get updates out

  • Digsby

    @WaywardCat: It only posts milestones. There are more details here:


    @Nathan: Try restarting a few times. If it doesn't work, download and run the installer here:


  • I'm stuck on build 24208 -- it won't update to the new build so I can't sign in to MySpaceIM and it seems that Facebook IM stopped working also...

  • WaywardCat

    I've read as much of the discussion about the new facebook feed as I could. The last thing I read was that you guys were thinking about options to make the icons smaller and hide quizzes, yes? I think that's a great idea.

    I'm also wishing you luck on the text thing. Glad to know you're working on it, though. It's become a joke between a friend and I that as many updates and new features there are, we never get this basic feature. :P

    Either way, thanks for all the effort. I just wanted to add in a few thoughts, since I know you guys need our feedback! I'm going to play with the publishing stories part of digsby a little later. I denied it at first for fear of flooding my facebook with twitter updates or something. Believe it or not, I don't want everyone on facebook to see my twitter feed or AIM status. I'll find out if that's how it works when I play with it.

  • Dennis Hinz

    Astra vrs Digsby hmmm, prob with Astra, no chat on Facebook, otherwise does have some cool and useful features. Any chance Digsby plans to innovate?

  • Makoto

    I'm still looking forward to the day when I can add users to a conversation in MSN Messenger.

    We at work use MSN Messenger, and it is a very handy feature to be able to have multiple people in one chat.

    Digsby will allow me to be added to a conversation by someone else, but I can't add people.

    It'd also be nice to see a list of people currently in the conversation.

  • Almost forgot to mention, you have this filed under Alpha Release =)

  • @Digsby -- Thanks for the response. I understand you not wanting to disable updating, but I want to make sure you understand why people want to be able to do it. Personally, I want updates to involve things like improving stability and security, and adding useful features that improve my experience. I can't tell you how many times or how many products I've found "upgrades' that degraded stability, security or usability to add some "feature" that I didn't want, don't like, and can't disable. Perhaps every other user wants that feature (although I doubt it), but I would prefer to be able to turn the feature off and produce the previous behavior that worked fine for me. One of the things I like in the Firefox philosophy is to maintain a solid basic product, and then allow others to create extensions that add new features that some, but not all, will want. I like developers to not guess about what I'm going to want, because they guess wrong sometimes.

    It seems that you heard that point, and I commend you for that. I appreciate that as much as I appreciate the work that has gone into making this product the most useful chat client I've ever used.

    A small thought on the Skype thing -- I'm not a Skype guy, but I'm thinking it might be a good thing to add the API-based support as an interim step while you work on the full implementation. It sounds like there's strong demand for that capability, and taking it in incremental steps, even if it slows down the full implementation you want, might be a good idea.

    Thanks again for listening. That rocks.

  • Dylan

    Love the new build guys. I've been using Digsby since last June and even then I thought it was the best IM client I'd ever used.

    I'm an IT guy and all around tech/internet junkie and frequently asked for cool new programs people should use. When the first "new installer" came out bundled with MyFreeze and the other crapware I was sadly unable to recommend Digsby to my less tech savvy friends, I couldn't have them installing that stuff with a product I recommended. Even once the alternate link was provided to the crapware free installer I was hesitant to give it out, because if the need to re-install for some reason they're not going to use my link, they'll click on the gigantic download button. People can live with a tool bar, extra search engines, and a new home page if they're too stupid to read the check box descriptions.

    This new policy of openness is a great step in the right direction and the new installer is an even better one. My trust has been restored in Digsby and I will defiantly start recommending it again.

    Can't thank you enough guys,


  • the UTF-8 encoding problem still exists....

    10:14 h& #244;m nay ch& #7883; qua ng ã 4 & #273;& #243;
    10:14 PM m& #224; ko th ấy
    10:14 PM 4 ph& #237;a l& #224; th& #432;& #417;ng x& #225;

    i can't read any UTF-8 incoming chat now after the update last night.

  • guenthecat

    Can't Wait until the Mac/Linux version arrives!!! I love using Digsby on my work PC, but miss it dearly at home where I am Mac only.

  • Digsby

    @Peter van Westen: It is definitely something we want to tackle in the future but we don't want to just use the API like others have done because it requires Skype to still run in the background, which defeats the purpose. We want a real implementation.

    @Qvix: Unfortunately QIP does not send encoding information so Digsby needs to guess the language. If they upgrade to the newest QIP it will work fine or any other client.

    @Gatim: Use Help > Send Bug Report to send a diagnostic log.

  • Gatim

    Yahoo id, takes minimum of 1 hr to get logged, why is this so?

  • Matt

    This rocks. Nice work, guys.

  • Qvix

    Great job, Digsby team!

    But there is still a problem that bothers me..(=if someone send me a message from QIP with special czech charackters (ř,š,č,ť,...), it shows me something like this šишž... It is pretty annoying and a lot of my friend don't use Digsby because of this bug!




  • Guest

    @Digsby: Can you give us all a status on the SKYPE integration?
    Discussion about this has gone on from start of 2008 (and maybe earlier?).

    Everybody wants Skype to be added. And other chat clients even advertise with being 'Digsby but then with Skype' (like VoxOx).

    So it must be clear that it is a big feature request for a lot of people. Are you ever going to implement it? Or is this not going to happen?

  • Paul

    Skype has apparently become the most popular IM medium.


    Skype integration would be nice.

  • Digsby

    @Greg: Skins seem to be working fine here and we are not getting other reports like this. We don't officially support adding your own skins yet so it is not really an area of focus but it should work fine.

    @Iain: The auto-update does not turn it back on. It sets it to whatever preference you previously had set.

    @Sean Wood: We only do releases every 1-2 months. It sounds like auto-update may not be working for you. After login, use Help > Send Bug Report to submit a diagnostic log and mention that auto-update is not working in the description.

  • Guy's, love the app I really do. Appreciate all the effort put into the features. It works really well. You have a great attention to security fixes and bug fixes etc.
    BUT...it feel that almost every time i open the app recently I have to download a new version before i can start using it. Sometimes, you just want to use the software.
    Can you hold all those version .00001 updates until you've collected enough to make one large update?

  • Joshua K.

    Thanks for such a wonderful application! I too am looking foward to selective formatting. And I am also very pleased with the new Facebook feed. Applying filters like they have on the home page sounds like a very good compromise for those who don't like the Facebook application posts.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Iain

    I don't want to start a revenue discussion here, but I'm a bit annoyed that with the Research Module Off, the auto upgrade switches it back on silently. It's certainly easier to locate the setting in the new build - but I'd have expected the upgrade to honour the existing settings.

  • Jonathan

    Nevermind....I fixed it with a simple restart. =)

  • Jonathan

    My facebook isn't working...It keeps unchecking the box after I log in with the pop-up box. It also says something about running scripts on this page...but I don't think that has anything to do with it.

  • Harshay

    First of all good job at the IM!
    I truly like simple and really useful stuff!

    But, I had a request\suggestion, in Windows Live messenger\MSN we can add yahoo contacts, but when I added my live account to digsby only the real MSN contacts are working. The yahoo ones don't. I cannot use my yahoo account through digsby cause there is a proxy restriction at work. Is there any way you guys can make those yahoo contacts functional which we add in windows messenger?
    This is the only problem that makes me sometimes use other IM's over Digsby at work. At home its simply and one and only Digsby!

  • Greg

    Forgive me if I sound as if I'm nagging, but I REALLY wanna resolve this Skin problem I'm having. Normally downloaded skins/themes appear, but they aren't with this update and I just want to have it fixed.

  • Rivetgeek

    Please please PLEASE revamp the log search. It's currently totally useless to only be able to search a single day at a time (who the hell thought THAT would be a good idea anyway? I'm a programmer and I'm well aware it took EXTRA code to make it function that way)

  • Digsby

    @Andrew: You can skip the invite screen so that is unrelated. Get it to fail and then use Help > Send Bug Report to submit a diagnostic log. Describe the steps you took and what the end result was.

  • Andrew

    @ myself never mind I got it working after rebooting.

  • Andrew

    glad to see the new Facebook features problem is I can't connect to my account. Facebook chat works fine but the social network part never connects. It pops up the digsby facebook connect things and i log in and go through the process but it never connects. the only thing i can think is digsby wants me to send invites to friends which I won't do.

  • joegrind

    Love the new update. Thanks for the fbook integration. How about Skype next?

    Possible bug which I will be reporting...whenever I delete email via the taskbar widget/icons (for MSN/ Hotmail so far), they keep coming back in the inbox/ taskbar.

  • Digsby

    @Facebook People: One of the main reasons we don't allow disabling of auto-updates is because protocols change and often times the updates include protocol fixes. We would get a massive influx of bug reports for issues that are already fixed. As for rolling it back, we obviously don't want to maintain two separate implementations. At the end of the day, a vast majority of people love the new implementation and it was a move for the better so it won't get rolled back. However, we can work to add preferences like hiding people's icons so more stories fit or hiding all stories from apps, etc. Perhaps adding "views" so you can see just status updates or just photo uploads is another option. We'll keep collecting feedback and improving the product.

    @Makoto: Use Help > Send Bug Report and include a screenshot.

  • Makoto

    Hey, I think the Buddy Info display broke after updating to the new program. Anyone else getting this?

  • Yakarin

    I just started using Digsby a few days ago and I'm already inlove with it, and trust me I tried EVERY messenger out there! I congratulate you for the attention you give to us and the personal approach you use to communicate and interact, I certainly support you 100%, call it intuition ;)

    By the way, I'd love to participate on a beta test for linux if you make one!

    Keep the good work! =D

  • I want to join the voices of those who would like a little more control over their updating. The reason for this is quite simple -- what the developers see as "improvement" isn't always improvement for the users. A clear example is "fixing" the FB feed and people are complaining about it and want the old behavior. Aside from allowing us to hold off updating or roll back to versions that give us the behavior we want, another possible solution is to give us more ability to configure things so we can more closely customize our experiences.

    Particularly, when the ability to change fonts and text colors comes along, I really want the option to force those to display in my chosen color and fonts -- I don't want to have to deal with unreadable text if the person I'm chatting with happens to think flyspeck in green on red is a cool combination.

    That said, I do want to thank you for making this excellent client available to me. If we can find a way to bring you an income stream that's not infuriating, then that's cool with me.

  • new facebook feed sounds awful

    Just from reading the comments here I am dreading the time when I close digbsy and am -forced- to use this new update.

    I hate the crap that litters my newsfeed on the facebook website. I don't want to see it on digsby. I haven't even upgraded to the new digsby yet (and with this info, will be holding off as long as possible) - and I'm going to join the people saying 'give us an option to go BACK to the old feed'

    I shouldn't have to log into facebook just to clean up a feed on digsby that was perfect before the so-called update.

  • Hari

    Sucks Pcmag.com yanked the editors choice handed out to you guys earlier this year, but who cares! You have uber-cool product thats both fun and functional, its beautiful! I am sticking with Digsby, I uninstalled Astra in 5 minutes after trying it. You guys have set the bar pretty high, keep kicking ass guys!

  • Navesh

    I love Digsby, best multiprotocol messenger. Keep up the excellent work being done on it.

  • what about adding friendfeed support??

  • Valerio

    Been using Digsby at work everyday for a long time now, and LOVE IT.

    But since today's update my Facebook feed does not update anymore. I am behind my work intranet and so I guess that could be a problem, but it only started today.

    Hope you can get a fix for that, as all the people in my company won't be able to get updates (and we're a lot of people using it).

    Keep up the excellent work!

  • OMG! Digsby is getting better and better everyday!

    Kudos guys! Can I join your team? hehe...

    From Philippines.. I will surely recommend this masterpiece to all my friends......

  • Greg

    My downloaded skins aren't showing :/
    I don't know if this is just for me, but they've worked on all other updates. I don't know why this one is bugged. >.>

  • Pedro

    Having an issue with Hotmail, 'Mark as Read' is not functioning. It will remove the emails from the list, but they will just propagate again in a few minutes. Have not tested other web mail services

  • Jason

    I also agree on at least giving the option of returning to the clean Facebook feed. It was so much more usable and friendly than the normal Facebook page. I liked having the option of going to the actual Facebook page when I had time to look at every update or link from every friend or fan page (which is why I chose not to hide them), but the Digsby link was perfect for getting the barebones info about my actual friends without having to constantly hide or unhide. Now, for me at least, the Digsby Facebook feed is useless. Otherwise, still a big fan.

  • doriangray84

    Thanks for the new release, but after the automatic upgrade my FB newsfeed is stuck on "Authenticating...". I tried with a new installation: no way.
    I read you solved this bug with the today release, but I still have the problem.
    Any suggestion? Thanks a lot and... great job, wonderful app!

  • Lisa

    I'm giving Digsby another chance, as the transparency on the part of the developers seems to have improved. The new installer is much, much better, as everything is upfront and the user can opt out of the adware and research project easily and immediately. Its good to see that you've been taking your users' comments, concerns, and ideas quite seriously.

    Thanks for the new release. It looks great!

  • John

    Any news on Skype?

  • Brian

    I love Digsby. I found out about a couple months in a magazine. I have many yahoo accounts for different reasons and on top of that i have myspace/facebook account also and aol.
    So instead of having so many applications up..i only need one. Digsby!!! Love you guys

  • Congrats on your new release! And thanks for the new installer without the line of offers. I can now fully recommend others to use Digsby. Thanks again.

  • I would love to see a new digsby.com. You guys have added so many new features to digsby that aren't mentioned on the website. Hopefully well see the relaunch of digsby.com sometime soon!

  • Roisin

    I love Digsby, but I do wish updates didn't override the sound files. I'm not a fan of the booping sounds that are the default. I've installed an alternate set of sounds, but Digsby reverts to the booping, I'm guessing when it auto-updates.

  • soso

    Great work guys!

    I submitted a bug report eariler regarding the sort by name of YM buddies, the buddies are sorted BEFORE applying their alias (if any) and so after apllying the aliases the order is not right anymore. Is there a way to see if someone is looking into a bug?


  • CyricPL

    @John Doe

    Actually, if you click on the hide button on FB on any update that came from an app -- a quiz or otherwise -- you will see that you have two options presented to you: the top option will be to hide the user, the second option will be to hide the app. I know from plenty of personal experience ...

    The usability downside here, which is really FB's problem, is that since quizzes are all generally separate apps, you have to block each quiz separately.

  • melissa

    THANKS guys! Love it!

  • Another n00b question.

    Is it faster to download the new version and install it or let DIgsby update itself?

    Thank you for the amazing piece of code. You guys are the true heroes.

  • Julia

    I'm just waiting and waiting for digsby for mac

  • Digsby

    @JerryWithaJ: It will auto-update. We posted the link so existing users can run through the installer to compare the experience and take the toolbar for a test drive.

    @Carbonize: Indeed! And new screenshots after next week's Twitter launch.

  • Now you need to update your screenshots to show the new Facebook newsfeed since http://img.digsby.com/screensh... is still the old style.

  • Jeff

    Good work guys and gals on this and all past releases. The one thing I'd like to see which would make my life (and others probably too) more easier would be a Digsby app for the Blackberry.

  • JerryWithaJ

    It's nice that there's a new installer, I guess, but is it necessary to run it to get the new update? I'm new to Digsby. How do updates get installed? Does it offer to update itself automatically?


  • Love the new Facebook interface.

    Although Tweetdeck is a better standalone Twitter client, I use Digsby because it handles everything else. If Digsby gets their Twitter interface right, just tell me where to send my donation.

  • Minifig

    I wish there was a Digsby client for the Android G1. :(

  • bruno

    Congrats! Good to know that we users are helping the development of this amazing SW and you are hearing us. Hope to hear from you soon about Mac/Linux versions and hopefully Skype as well.

  • Thks, this program is fine.
    where for versi handphone?

  • Jaereg


    If you make a new group and move facebook contacts to it while they are online the grouping sticks even after the contacts sign off. Don't know if this is the type of thing you're looking for.

  • phydeaux

    Can we get autocopy sometime? Please oh please oh please? :-)

  • Jesse

    I just wanted to drop in and say THANK YOU for not having ads all over the client!

    I absolutely HATE windows live and aim because of that.
    Digsby is absolutely the best. And your lack of ads is only one of the many fantastic aspects of your messenger. <3

  • keklar


    Ugh, no ads in the window please. Don't need to take up any more space with junk. I didn't try the new installer, but I'm sure it's great. As long as it's the only time you have to deal with ads and such, sounds good to me!

  • QQ

    Ditto John Doe. I installed the new facebook interface and dislike it. I liked the clean status updates only. How can I uninstall the "update"? If I want all the features of facebook, I'll log into facebook.

  • Jeff

    You said that your primary focus was to get links working in AIM buddy info. Will that be in the next update?

  • Joe Attardi

    As always, great release guys. I was especially happy to see the installer be more upfront about the grid computing thing. More honest and open. Thanks for taking our concerns into account!

  • Mark

    My download isn't working. It is just hanging.

  • Dawz

    @Digsby: I understand that rationale, and agree it's a good way to do things on something that's still developing so rapidly. Sadly, that means I will have to turn of my FB feed because it's just so... well, I've said it on another blog post - it's just a tiny browser window, and thus redundant.

  • sebmal

    Is there any way to make it so you can set if notifications pop up on a user-specific basis? For instance, I'm in an AIM blast chat and I don't want to see popup notifications for that constantly but I do want to see them for everyone else. That would be great.

  • Digsby

    @Joey: Toolbar off for silent install

    @Dawz: Unfortunately, there is not. We may change that after beta but for now we do it so that people don't report bugs that are already fixed and so we can keep getting feedback on the latest product as it evolves. It's no different than a website. Every time you visit, you see the newest version.

    @MrsBaer: It may be a temporary issue with their website. Submit a bug report if it does not resolve itself.

    @bubazoo: They get added to the default "Contacts" group which is actually a fake group for people who are not grouped. If you put your MSN contacts on groups the Facebook buddies will be the only ones there. You can also have the buddy list show service icons so you can tell buddies apart.

  • facebook friends keep being added to the MSN group,
    instead of a separate group for facebook friends

  • I LOOOOVE Digsby! I have been waiting for you guys to add Myspace IM forever. I am downloading the new version as we speak!

  • why are facebook IM friends STILL being added to MSN contacts instead of having their own group? I've complained about this for the last year now......

    I can't tell the difference between MSN hotmail and facebook contacts when digsby does that. grr.. lol

  • MrsBaer

    I have been unable to connect to facebook via digsy since this update, it keeps giving me script errors etc. Any advice?

  • wkwork

    Initial experience: Didn't get an auto-upgrade so I downloaded the installer. Made me kill the Digsby process in Task Manager to get it installed. Very good to see no known spyware in the installer, but the checkboxes on the last screen are still kinda sneaky if you ask me. I'd still rather do away with all this nonsense and just put a little ad at the bottom of the window like Live Messenger. My 2 cents.

  • John Doe


    Using Hide will hide all posts on the wall from one person, be it from an annoying application or if the user changed his/hers status or added some photos ... That is not the solution. Maybe you could do some filtering like http://bit.ly/fbpure, or just simply give us back the old fb feed...

  • Nico

    Great news. I am really excited about the new Twitter implementation right now :).

    Good to see that you learned from your mistakes. That is definitely a step into the right direction.

    Keep it up, guys!

  • Mark

    Anyone else hanging at 'Connecting...'?

  • Dawz

    Is there any way to set Digsby to not automatically update? I appreciate the work you've put in, but I want to keep my existing Facebook interface as it is, especially on my netbook. Hopefully the answer is not "don't log out".

  • Joey

    Installer was nice. I haven't tried it yet on the new installer, but I have always appreciated a silent/unattended install switch on apps for scripting. again, I haven't tried it, but I hope you have kept it (and hope that it doesn't install the ask toolbar by default or at least gives a switch argument as such). Also, Digsby took an uncommonly long time connecting the first time around (2-3 minutes). There was an issue with a certificate of some kind, and it prompted me to create a new account even though I was signed in only moments before.

    I'm hoping that at some point in the near future I can get more information about what the research module is doing (what project, how far along, etc.), and possibly an IRC client.

    Otherwise, Digsby is still sheer awesomeness! Cerulean Studios should be taking notes...

  • Digsby

    @SacredCultivator + Mark: That is very high up on the priority list.

  • jen

    Will support for Windows 7 jumplists be coming soon?

  • keklar

    Wow, didn't realize until now that Digsby doesn't support group chat. How could this possibly have been left out?

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