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Build 61 – Become a Social Butterfly!

We just pushed a new release (Build 61, r23447) to all users! This release introduces some exciting new features! As always, you can read the entire list of enhancements on our Change Log. Notable changes include:

  • Brand New Look: We released a sleek new default skin called “Windows 7″ (by @Derek Erdmann). If your skin is set to anything besides the default, this will not override your preference.  If you prefer the old look, go to Preferences > Skins and choose the “QuickSilver” skin.
  • MySpace Newsfeed: In Build 60, we switched the Infobox over to a full blown web browser (WebKit).  We said that the change would make the Infobox much more versatile and this is the first example of that.  We are introducing a completely redesigned MySpace newsfeed which now includes a full Activities Stream, status updates, and the ability to browse through photos.
  • Global Status: A new Global Status dialog makes it easy to set your status across social networks and IM accounts. You can access it from the status dropdown on the buddy list or by double clicking any social network.  The Global Status dialog also has spell checking built in and makes it easy to share links (via digs.by) and pictures (via pic.im).
  • URL Shortener: We are launching a URL shortener just for Digsby users under the domain http://digs.by. In the future you will be able to access a history of links you shared and statistics about how many times they were clicked.
  • OneRiot: We partnered with OneRiot to make it easy for you to search the real-time web. Just hit “Ctrl + F” on the buddy list to search.

So what’s next?  We are going to be making similar upgrades to Facebook and Twitter while also working on per-character formatting and group chat (which are both long overdue).  After that, will work work on getting the Mac/Linux releases out the door.  Unfortunately, we don’t have an estimate on when they will launch but you know where they are on our priority list.

We will keep pushing to make Digsby even better and want to thank all of you for your continued feedback and support.  We greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word about Digsby.

If you experience any bugs in this release, please use “Help > Send Bug Report” in the main menu to submit a diagnostic log or email us.

  • Asher


    pls ignore the above post. was offline for sometime so didint see you had already posted a explanation as such.


    explanation : http://blog.digsby.com/archive...

  • Kurt

    Love the new skin! Keep up the good work!

  • Asher

    "Why it's time to ditch Digsby-CNET Headlines" - august 13,2009


    Hi all,

    just wanted to know if you had any comments on this. we love Digsby but we want to know why this issue was not clearly addressed or made it clearer to your users untill CNET reported it and subsequently downgraded Digsby.


  • burntcookie

    Idk if anyone has said this yet...but wmp support? pretty please?

  • c00ller

    @ Jon-Ace

    Wow. Wow. What am I supposed to believe in now? :(

  • Adam

    Glad someone posted that. Hopefully people take the time to read the whole article so they learn how to disable that ToS crap.

    Great program, but that's a bad way to treat your supporters.

  • Rev

    @Jon-Ace: I don't have a problem with the crapware during the install (it's not like you have to install Digsby everyday) and public service announcement popups, but the CPU power leeching ticked me off. I know the devs have already responded by posting a comment to the article, but I think Digsby needs to address the leeching issue to everyone. I don't like opting out for something I never opted-in for, nor was I never notified that it was on by default. Something like this should not be sneakily slipped into the TOS when it is costing people money, even if it is just pennies.

  • SJK

    Nice work on hiding spyware-esque software that uses people's CPU cycles without notifying them for your own monetary gain.

    Maybe your next release can be making that little "feature" opt-in?

  • Jon-Ace
  • Phayke

    Wasn't expecting the update push, but I really like the new skin- I've been looking for one slick but simple like this for a long time! Thanks

  • Varun

    @ Mike: Please advise how yr IM accounts only show the icons in the screenshot u provided for the W7 skin. Mine shows the icons, email address and email count.Thank u

  • Varun

    I would vote for Voip(hopefully, skype!) integration. that would eliminate the need for skype to run along with Digsby.

    @ Mike and the Digsby team: Great move to have someone monitoring the comments. and obviously, great app!

  • Yonah

    Karolis Pocius, since the Digsby developers are too polite to say it, let me be the first to tell you to go screw yourself. Linux is not now, nor is it likely to be a priority in the future for any developer of desktop software, period. Yes, the Digsby developers are a little guilty for buying into the Linux hype as some others have, but that's no excuse for you.

    Quite frankly, if you were naive enough to switch to Linux in the first place then you are getting your comeuppance. Making software for Linux is a God damn nightmare, which is why the majority of Linux programs are written by the narcissistic followers devoted to using it. Digsby is for the greater whole, which thankfully doesn't include the likes of you. Good riddance.

  • Leah

    @Ariady: Oh so it's not just me!
    @EdZ: Yea it's the same for me too.

  • drno

    has the connectivity issues been fixed? I was getting constant logging on and off with msn, aim and yahoo.

  • @drno we're working on those issues, be sure to submit bug reports (help menu -> submit bug report) when you have problems. the diagnostic logs will assist us in fixing it =)

  • Anyone else getting the square-block icon instead of the music-note when using the Listening To... plugin and the new skin?

  • 3ddy

    the new update looks GREAT!!!!!

  • You guys are great! I' very impressed with the degree of innovation that digsby is showing, day-by-day!
    Under MY point of view, the built-in URL shortener is the most valuable feature, you have added to the software! The own domain is an extra guarantee of uptime.
    Thanks for making my web-socializing easier. Thank you, Digsby!


    I've been displayed in my website/blog, Digsby's advantages in comparison to other applets. Could you please spread the word?

    p.s. the blog's mother-language is portuguese, but it has a useful Google Tradutor bar. Translate it to almost every language! ;)


  • ryan

    Maybe rss?
    and after those irc

  • MRJ

    Nice theme, but the new version seems to crash every few minutes

  • @Michael Johnson
    we're looking at the submitted crash reports and trying to figure out what's up. make sure to keep submitting them whenever it happens! sorry for the inconvenience =(

  • TedW

    Awesome! Love the new Windows 7 skin. Very clean and tidy. Your team does great work and as a result, you spoil us all with a near perfect product. I promote Digsy every way I can and will continue to do so. Thanks for making our lives more efficient!

  • jose

    estuplendido genial gracias gracias

  • Kougar

    Looks a little MSN-ish here, but it's definitely a nice improvement with Aero Glass running, thanks!

  • Cuando haran la traduccion para usar el programa en español?

    Estoy muy contenta con el programa, he tenido muy pocos problemas pero si deseo utilizarlo en español. Gracias por tomar en cuenta mi comentario

  • Parallax Abstraction

    Has the MSN bug been addressed yet?

  • EdZ

    This proxy usage issue now prevents Digsby from logging into MySpace at all. If I click on any of the links (home, inbox,etc), they open in Firefox, where I can log in, but Digsby remains logged out with (authentication error) because it isn't using the proxy specified.

  • Leah

    Oh and I mean the URLs that my friends post to their status'es, not their profile URLs.
    The profile URLs still appear linky & clickable, but the URLs they post just show as plain text.

    And thank you so much again for the hard work, I really love the new theme. Digsby is definitely my favorite forever ♥

  • Moo

    Whatever happened to priority being given to the Mac/Linux release? Somehow, I think it will garner you a larger influx of users than just adding group chat.

  • EdZ

    I have Digsby set to use proxy server A
    I have firefox set to use proxy server A
    I have firefox set as my default browser

    I have windows/IE set to use proxy server B (which has a ton of filters and other issues)

    Digsby keeps popping up windows to log in to a web-based facebook session, using proxy B. And now with this latest update, its popping up a window to MySpace using proxy B. Why does digsby open these windows using IE/windows setting, instead 1) the "default" browser settings 2) the explicit settings in Digsby itself.

  • Ariady

    cool update... but, status contains link no longer clickable :(

  • Amber

    I love the update! Keep up the great work.

  • Leah

    Thank you so much for replying! I tried it but unfortunately it didn't work. The URLs still appear plain text to me, not linky anymore, so I still can't click them. I have no idea if it's just me? Help please! ;)

  • steve0

    OMG, I can't wait for the updates to be made to the Facebook feeds! Give me the ability to hide stupid people's feeds!!!

  • Erika

    Thoughts on Digsby for iPhone?

  • Amazin work in this update... now just one more thing to dgsby become the most perfect... 'Mobile Digsby',, would be perfect to cell phones...

  • JFeisty

    Do you guys have any plans to beef up the chat history searching? That's the one thing, for me, that's sorely lacking in Digsby. Thanks!

  • Digsby

    @Ben: We do hope to add Skype at some point in the future.

    @Leah: Make sure your default browser is set correctly. If you use something other than IE, set IE as the default and then set your other browser back to being the default.

    @James: We will make blocked contacts more clear in a future release. You can view block lists in Preferences > Privacy.

    @Ruthi: You can disable chat logs in Preferences > Conversations.

    @Adam: Custom skins need to be placed in your windows user folder and not the Digsby program folder, which will synchronize on auto-update.

    @seth: We switched MySpace over completely to the MySpaceID API, which unfortunately does not support auto-login. If you tell your browser to keep you logged in to MySpace, links will take you directly to where you need to go.

    @Caricature King: Please submit a bug report if you are still having this issue.

    @Mark: We will definitely add support for other music software in the future for the "listening to" feature

  • Ben

    Love the new look, any chance of implementing Skype IM soon?

  • Marat

    This is a really good update! Thank you, guys!

  • Love the new features! Thanks for all your hard work. Sure will be helpful in managing my networks.

  • Umiss

    The new skin is pretty nice,
    but how about some transparency on the notifications windwos and the hoovering info-windows in the buddy list.
    And maybe a color selector for the new skin? :)

  • Leah

    Sorry if someone has posted before, but I noticed the links on my friends status are no longer clickable. I remember I could click the links before, I think it's convenient that way.

  • Very nice.. group chat please :)

  • James

    Am i the only one having problem with the

    " Block" function ?

    Seem like i can't "Unblock " a contact even if i wanted to.

    Also no clear sign of "Blocked" contact so a block contact look the same as a regular contact.

    Please take note of this.

  • Way to go ! The basic skin's ugliness was making me think of leaving Digsby despite its great usefulness ... I agree with @Frans
    (If you can “save” the conversation session accross several page loads of digsby widget that would be wonderful…)

  • Save

    truly Unik

  • Ruthi

    Its great! but i don't like how it saves the chats conversations, there is no privacy whatsoever.

  • Features I'd love to see added:
    1. Hyperlinks for the IM services whose official clients support it.
    2. DirectIM for AIM (and any other service that allows you to insert images into the conversation)
    3. Ability to set different display options (i.e. font settings, buddy icon, etc.) for each connection.

    Maybe it's just me, but I'm confused by what others are talking about asking for Group Chat... I've spoken with multiple MSN users in the same chat window in Digsby... is there something I'm missing?

    Good work as usual, Digsby team.

  • Love it!!

  • Mr. Farrukh

    Just want to say, that Digsby eazi to use for every one.............this is better then other so,
    really i love Digsby...thx rgds,
    +92 321 4824749

  • DIGSBY* sorry

  • wohooo DISBY ROCK!!!

  • JC

    I'm back on Digsby after the previous build started crashing on my Win7 system every time I moved my cursor over the docked panel. I had to install pidgin for a while. This build working just fine, but I really did get very used to be able to use Skype in my multi-im too. I hope you'll be incorporating it, even if it's in the same way as Trillian and Pidgin do it by loading the main Skype app too. I completely understand that it's probably a lot of work, but it would make a big difference for some people thinking about switching to Digsby. I'm tired of answering no when people ask "but can it do Skype?".

  • James

    New skin - do not like. Popups were massively huge and there's not enough separation between items. For what it's worth, I didn't think I had the default, but it did change me to the new one. Was very easy to change back, fortunately.

  • Great updates, keep up the food work!

  • Anthony

    "...a new sleek deafult(sic!)skin..." :-)

  • Bercovitz

    Why oh why has another big update come and gone and I STILL cannot give my own icons to my contacts?

  • Adam

    Thanks for deleting all my custom skins digsby, i guess i'll go and download/ customize them all again. good one guys.

  • If you can "save" the conversation session accross several page loads of digsby widget that would be wonderfull...

  • Marc

    Please Please PLEASE get the Mac/Linux out the door, even if it's a beta. I hate having different IM clients on my OS's. Thank you.

  • Timothy

    Take all the time you need with the Linux/Mac clients. It would be painful for them to be release and have them only as half-featured as the Windows client or to be buggy/unstable.

  • Gaurav

    hey the new look is cool .. and easy to use .. just one log in ..
    u guys r doing a great job ...

  • am

    awesome program, few ideas :

    1) silent login (at the startup, it could be awesome if i could choose to login invisable)

    2) real video chat, just like trillians.

  • Hey Great job guys!!
    I have noticed that you guys have the win7 theme but there is no support for win7 jumplists !!
    Can this be done soon?

  • seth

    and i cant do outbook exspress

  • seth

    i dont know if u saw my comment b4 but im trying c if u guys changed the way u loggin myspace b4 u click on the home and it brought u 2 ur home page and now it brings u 2 the loggin page i dont know if i got a bug or u guys changed it

  • Andrew

    Absolutely love you guys. By far the best chat client available. Are there any plans to implement transparency options for both chat windows and buddy list? Keep up the fantastic work.

  • since the update the digsby on my website shows offline, even when I set it to online and also in global.

    This problem means Digsby is 100% useless to me at the moment.

    Oh, also the Yahoo login - this has been an issue for a couple of days

  • Great job! Digsby is, for me, the best program of this kind.

  • Leah

    Awesome! I love it! The new look is so much better! I like how the popups are no longer black hehe :] Thank you so much for the hard work! x

  • Wow Digsby,

    You are quickly becoming one of the most versatile desktop applications on the net (freeware or paid for). I hope that in the next releases they will have Chat Functionality and an integrated Webcam and Voice interface. Thanks Digsby team!!

  • keklar

    Still hoping for compatibility with the Zune software for "Listening to" status! :)

  • Dale Jacobs

    So happy to hear that Mac is actually on the road map... hers hoping its not another year...

    Adium is fine and all, but cant touch Digsby, please oh please may it not be to long!

  • this so rocks, and I had just setup a ping.fm account to update all my networks!!, lol..blah well at least ping can be used by my cell :P. Now if only we can get digsby on the other platforms?

  • Jeff

    Please add notifictions on a per-user basis. And please, please add an option where the buddy list can hide email accounts with no new emails.


  • I see this upgrade did not give us the ability to use AIM chat rooms. And -- oh, what's this? -- that's fallen off the list of things the developers will be working on.

    Is a new skin more important than giving users the functionality of an ACTUAL IM CLIENT? I guess it depends on who you ask.

  • thevandal421

    I really wish you could incorporate a my space im feature.I have all my im contacts on it and cant really talk to any of them using this great application.I do love the google mail abilities though!

  • Filed under Alpha, when it is a Release

    Also I like how Group Chat and Per-character formatting are listed on the priority list and yet users are commenting to add those in still.

  • Simkinsver

    great job guys! keep up the good work!

    although, as a suggestion.... I would work a little on resource management. Digsby likes your RAM a little TOO much.

  • Colin J Richardson

    The idea about the VOIP integration is one that I've been wanting for ages. And are you considering a "mobile" version" I've just taken possession of a Nokia N97 and although their facebook app is great, it would be great if I could have all my Social Networking programs on the one "Ovi App".
    Keep up the great work.

  • Good updates, I like the search feature.

    One of my biggest problems with all the chat clients is that the chat window is WAY too big. My personal suggestion is like the pop-up chat dialogs in the corner of the screen; except a little bigger. You use border-less forms there, why not in the regular chat window too? It would make it much more stylish in my opinion.

    Also, why isn't my webcam working for Digsby -> MSN/AIM/YAHOO ?? It works fine for Digsby -> Digsby.

    Also, is audio chat on the list of TODO?

    Digsby is THEE best IM client out there -- keep up the great work!

  • Eddie

    Right on brother.

  • Milo

    Thanks! Keep Up the Good Work!

  • Great I'll download right now!
    Oh, well... still unavailable for Mac, but "is coming
    soon"... whatever

  • superici

    nice skins good job

  • bruno

    Congrats for this build! Waiting for the linux version too.

  • Dylan

    Thank you!

  • imsojer

    k i did.

  • Digsby is #1! Great job. Thank you

  • thomas

    Loving the new look. I love using this app. As of yesterday, I stopped using googletalk client and am solely using digsby. I'm not a big myspace user, but the updates look awesome. Can't wait for the same for facebook and twitter.

    THANK YOU!!!

    I'm doing my best to promote this app

  • Riza

    Nice job with this update, guys. ^_^ I'm loving the new skin.

  • Digsby

    @imsojer: Use Help > Send Bug Report to submit a diagnostic log after it fails.

  • romskii

    I love the new Skin, great work and much thanks :)
    I noticed, that Digsby is running much better on x64 Windows 7 System than x86 :)
    Is it possible to introduce a studi-/meinvz protocol?
    and maybe more language packs? :)

    For me Digsby is the bett IM

  • imsojer

    am i the only one having problems with myspace since the new digsby, i dont get the updates now it just says failed no matter wat. =(

  • Hani

    decent built. best im ever! good job guys. this program has a very promising future.

  • DuyKhoa

    Thanks all for the great works! I really love Digsby! With your application, I don't need to use Trillian anymore!

    If you can, please add the notification pop up for each account when they're online or offline! Really dream about that!

  • James

    Would love MIRC to be update.

    OneRiot = Fail

    If i wanna search something, i would google it. Please keep the excessive features out.

    And more critically, i think the basic core usage is Still not STABLE. Why ?

    I am experiencing MAJOR problems when using multiple accounts.

    1) Sometime a contact from another contact is msged by me on account 2 even though he is ONLY added to account 1. I even had the experience of msging the same person from 2 different account in the same chat box!

    2) When i click a user name. Digsby cannot decide which account it is from and give me a random account user. Example, i have 5 msn on and i msged a user from account 1, digsby will actually pop up a msg box sending from account 2 , 3 ,4 or 5 even instead of the actual 1. This is very hit and miss.

    3) If i have the same user on 2 msn account, how does Digsby decide from which account to msg the user when i send the user name?

    Account 1 and Account 2 contacts lumped together


    A better DEFAULT organisation of each account instead of lumping all contacts on 5 accounts on the same list would be great.

    Account 1 contact


    Account 2 contact


    4) Webcam, Digsby still have problems recognizing certain Webcam that worked fine in MSN,

    These are my feedback on a great app. Please take them seriously for consideration. Wasted 5 minutes on typing that.

    Thank you

  • Digsby

    @quanta Can you submit a bug report? Help > Submit Bug Report

    @Timothy Metcalfe Thanks, we'll be adding more functionality into Digsby

    @James Thank you for your feedback. We never overlook what any of our users have to say. You can see which account a message is sent from in the drop down at the top of the window, but that may be hidden. We'll try to make the process a little more straighforward

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