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Build 32 – Better than Ever!

The new Digsby is here!  We just released Build 32 (r17926) which is the culmination of a massive effort to improve performance, improve connectivity, fix most of the remaining bugs, and add some new functionality to boot. Major changes in this release include:

  • RAM Usage: We optimized from the ground up and fixed memory leaks to lower RAM usage by almost 75%.  This has been the number one complaint since our launch and we are proud to introduce this massive improvement.
  • Performance: User interface elements draw twice as fast for better performance. We have made changes to the architecture that will improve GUI responsiveness and CPU utilization across the board.
  • Connectivity: Every IM protocol automatically tries multiple connection methods and ports to improve the odds of getting through restrictive firewalls and proxy servers.
  • LinkedIn: Digsby now supports LinkedIn in addition to the other social networks.  Functionality includes a full newsfeed, alerts when new messages arrive, and the ability to set status right from Digsby.
  • Bug Fixes: We have fixed hundreds of bugs, making Digsby more stable than ever.  There have been almost 3,000 revisions in our codebase since the last release so there are too many fixes to list in our changelog.

We will keep pushing to make Digsby even better and want to thank all of you for your continued feedback and support.  If you want to tell the world about the new Digsby, here are some ways you can help:

  • Post the news to sites like Digg, Reddit, Mixx, or Facebook
  • Invite your friends to try Digsby
  • Write a review of Digsby on your blog
  • Use the “ShareThis” and “Buzz” widgets below to share the news
  • I used pidgin at first. Then my friend told me bout this digsby thing. Wow amazing, it's lightning fast, easy to setup, yet still beautiful and fashionable.

    I wonder when digsby can connect with friendster. Friendster is very popular in Asia. Almost 50% of my friends use friendster, the rest use facebook, linkedin, or combination among those three.

  • Anthony

    Hi! I was thinking a bit how to improve some things by checking the features of another IM programs (names of programs are in brackets), and some my ideas :).

    Can you add visibility to contact, authorization options and option to remove myself from another user contact list (probably possible only for icq) to right-click on contact? (qip)

    I was writing this before, but anyway, can contact list automaticaly resize by number of contacts? (qip)

    Also for auhtorization state can be shown in contact list, next to contact name (qip).

    It will be nice to see which client is another user using

    Very good feature is icq invisibility detection, with a choice to use anonymous detection for some clients or not anonymous, but for all clients (miranda).

    When contact is highlited, last message can be shown (miranda).

    Also, can there be some compact contact list mode? Contact list gets full easily and I cant see so many contacts without scrolling that I can in other IM clients. Thats why most people cant use mode with buddy picture or status displayed.

    Service icons can be shown next to each contact, but can there be option to automatic group contacts by services? For example locked ICQ group, locked MSN group, locked Facebook group ...

    Can there be more custom smiles groups to choose from? You can add some basic types, like Logan, Kolobok, Nova, Msn... Also, it would be nice to have option to use different set of smiles for different services.

    And last but not least, when there will be last.fm support, skype support, iconized icq xstatuses and support for some popular online chat sites or a template with some features where anybody can add his/hers favourite?

    Thanx :).

  • Ganaesh D.

    All these so-called bug fixes, and I still get stuck at "Loading skin..." when trying to log in. This problem came into notice in February (according to the support forum), and almost 8 months later, it's still there?

    ...I'm going back to Yahoo Messenger.

  • I just downloaded your software and started using it this evening. Very cool. Just wish there was a place that I could see other Digsby users.

  • Finwe

    Well Ill say this, its much better now than it was last build. Its still very good, the cpu ram usage was fixed and now uses less, how I notice one more thing which needs to be fixed. Infterface issues, like mine will get laggy and freeze when it types, when Im using just digsby even on 2Gb of ram with a good working computer. Interface issues and responsiveness needs to be fixed more.

    Things that need to be fixed for this to be the best Multi-protocol Im program:

    1) Interface Responsiveness
    2) All IM compatibility ( webcams for msn and yahoo, group chat etc....)
    3)Lower CPU Usage
    4) Display Containers for pictures if desired in chat window
    5) Fix CPU spiking, been spiking on both of my computers and friends accounts, fix the spiking and Interface responsiveness and it should be perfect.
    6)People with MSN, YAHOO, AIM, ICQ... etc and not digsby should be able to send you files and you should be able to accept them from you, not just digsby users sending files to others!

    Overall Goodjob!

  • It would be nice to have digsby keep track of which updates you have looked at from sites like twitter and fb.

    This feature is very similar to twitterfox the twitter add on for firefox. It remembers which updates you've seen and has a little number indicating the most recent unseen posts.

    The number is reset whenever the feed panel is opened. With this feature I find it easier to pick up where I left off with the different networks.

    I do have a windows laptop and a mac laptop. It'd be nice to use digsby on both. Maybe a flex app? Any date at all yet for the mac version?

  • Joseph

    Vaporware. That's how I'm referring to Digsby from here on out -- until versions for both Mac and Linux have been released. You don't get to say "coming soon" forever.


  • Ron

    Fairly new user, defected from Trillian Astra which in my experience was really unstable. had to start runnning Microsoft Communicator for work again, though as Astra had support but Digsby does not. Adding LCS would be a great upgrade for me!

  • James

    I definitely agree with Anthony -- while I've never actually seen this feature implemented, I've always thought it'd be really neat!

  • Anthony

    qip and qip infium have feature that contact list is resising automaticaly by number of contacts. can you add this to digsby?

  • Robert

    Huzzah! I'm on a slow laptop and had to switch back to Gtalk because it took up too much memory. I'm back on the train.

  • you should try to integrate Friendster.com, because we in Asia use friendster. Thats another 30 million potential users if you manage to implement friendster to your app. I personally tried and ditch digsby in the past because it has no friendster support and i don't use facebook. Now i use facebook and i'm back to digsby. But all of my friends who only use friendster, is left behind and won't touch digsby.

  • Fernando

    Great work so far, right now I'm having trouble when I try to modify my profile it crashes

  • jeii

    Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in...

  • @Shai - email bugs@digsby.com

    @Davu - we are working on lowering CPU usage now and group chat is high up on the priority list

    @Kaipa - we will add search to the buddy list :)

  • jeanny

    I really like Digsby, its great.
    But...I'm still waiting for support more german chat sites.
    For example www.studivz.net or www.wer-kennt-wen.de

  • Ian

    Hey guys, when is digsby for the Mac coming?

  • Shai

    digsby takes minutes to connect, not cool...

  • Davu!

    Few Things are still missing for me:

    (1)Compatibility with Msn Emoticons
    (2)Group Chat
    (3)Lower CPU use

  • Harry

    Guys, great work, could u include ORKUT (Social Network) on later updates? How about offline Messaging on the IM? Great work, u u build a portable or U3 Version would be awesome indeed too!

    Tks a lot! keep the great work!

  • Troy

    Slight issue with the new updater code, it doesn't time out! We've got a 'web washer' system where we can't get to the digsby web site, so the updater won't work. But it just sits there on checking. Which means I never get to sign in. Yes, slight issue :D

  • Matt

    It would be nice to get notified of "Comment Approvals" for MySpace.

  • Mike


    Still waiting for support more protocols like IRC and GG which have been requested for a while. Hope it would come some day.
    Do you have any schedules or todo`s what`s next?

    But truly... gratz and keep on going fine work.

  • I fully understand that you do not want to clutter the GUI but the search box will help in filtering users based on a particular tag. I can find all johns together so I think it would be a really neat feature to add a search box that works as a filter.

  • Hi,
    I am impressed by what you have come up with digsby. Its a really cool product. One feature that you should push for is adding a search box like they have in Google Talk. That would digsby super convenient.

  • Trevor

    I *want* to like Digsby. I've been using it for a while and to run just one program instead of the two or three IM clients I used to run seems like an attractive idea. The problem is that the e-mail checking connections are kind of flaky and seem to drop sporadically throughout the day. When ever I log in, Hotmail can't connect, and then if that comes back up, Yahoo mail goes down. Or Gmail. The experience just isn't consistent enough. Looks like it's back to Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk for now...

  • Joe Schmoseph

    Mac support still "coming soon". Feels like Duke Nukem Forever. I'm not sure what Digsby's definition of "soon" is, but I do know what it is not....

  • Francisc Dragan

    Great job!!! The best multi-protocol chat program ever. I was Trillian user until last week. I discover Digsby and I am really fascinated of it. If you put the support for Skype also, I will never use something else. Congratulations and I hope you to continue the same good job in the future.

  • Brant K

    Small update - After returning from hibernate, it takes forever to reconnect and routinely just sit there, say Connecting and then switch to connection failed. If I close and reopen Digsby alltogether, it connects fine.

    I've also noticed that Digsby will cause a CPU spike to 100% upon opening any IM window or doing anything Digsby related (moving a contact from online to idle, etc).

    I don't suppose you have an archive where I could get an earlier build for the time being? Love the program - not the cpu spikes. Thanks.

  • David

    Thank you for such a wonderful release. I have noticed my RAM usage literally become half in size. But most importantly, it is still the same old bug-less Digsby I've come to know :) If only every software developer put this much effort into their software...


  • it is very good program but I have one question. why when other person messeging me by Arabic language I can not see what he write? what is problem?

  • @Steve - I can't really do that as I offer support for the users of my script. Surely a challenge/answer system wouldn't be to hard to set up?

  • I'm loving the new release... it's working wonders for me...

    down from 150MB ram usage to about 70... but I do have 6 IM accounts, 5 Email, and 3 Social Networking sites linked... so... it works wonders... and no more worries about it crashing while I sleep... or the laptop sleeps and wakes

  • Mike

    very nice work guys! it rocks, thats for sure.. cant wait for the *nix version.. when is this due? - also is it possible to password protect the directory where chats are saved? i.e C:\Documents and Settings\Mike\My Documents\Digsby Logs\*.*

    But still its awesome work and I love it. thanx guys

  • Anna!

    hallelujah, the day has come!

  • Mr.FLIP

    I Luv digsby its nice program the best multi-protocol chat program out by far but its missing one thing.........support for MyspaceIM yes it has support for alerts on myspace but it would be the next best thing since slice bread if it had MyspaceIM

  • Thank you all for the wonderful comments and the warm reception of the new release. We are hard at work getting the next release ready, which will be a small set of bug fixes and performance optimizations. We also fixed a few crashes thanks to the new crash reporter we introduced.

  • asklbeba

    it is great program really i like it thanks
    but the problem I think that the program do not support Arabic language while chatting thee is no thing the program cant show Arabic characters

  • Antonio Montana

    hi, i'm toni montana! you probably know me from the movie SCARFACE. whatever, i tested this digsby stuff, this is great sh*t! i love it! i'm gonna tell all my homies that digsby rocks the internet.
    thank you, and call me when you're in miami.

  • David C

    Roshelle: I'm having trouble with Google Chat too. I got disconnected, and by the time I looked at the Digsby window, it said "Connecting in -5s" and the time kept incrementing negatively. Also, when I right-clicked on the tray icon to close Digsby, I got a menu with just "Add Group."

  • medj

    This new build is definitely the best one yet in terms of performance.

    I have 2 features request:

    1. To be able to start Digsby when Windows starts minimized in the system tray.

    2. One problem I have with Digsby starting with Windows is that it tends to load up before my wireless adapter does and every time I get a "Failed to connect" error because I haven't even connected to the internet yet. Maybe there could be an option to delay trying to connect Digsby for 10 seconds or so.

    Lastly, the only thing to me that could make Digsby the ultimate software is to include IRC support. That way, I wouldn't even have to use MIRC anymore. Thanks again!

  • Gahgah

    still takes to much ram for a chat application...trillian is much more ressource friendly!

  • suezy1969

    I really like Digsby and hope some of these features will be added soon; being able to have our own picture to display, a enter button in chat box, fix the smilies(can hardly make out what they r) a link to friends profiles, web cam usage. i love the spell checker!!

  • Brand Eks

    I absolutely LOVE Digsby... but one question: when will you add Windows Media Player support for the "Listening to music" status message?

    Even if you never do I'll always cherish the day I dropped Trillian like a hot potato for Digsby!

  • Silver

    Wow.... this is just amazing. I remember when I first used it. The ram was extremely high but now.. amazing. Thanks for the awesome work!!

  • Ryan N.

    Just wanted to congratulate you guys on this new version. Ive been holding off recommending it to friends and family members purely due to the poor resource handling and memory leaks. This new version seems to be greatly improved and I have now been telling everyone to give your software a try. Thank you again for providing ad-free and cost free IM software!!

  • Daniel Henriquez

    MAC version!!!!!!!! :-)

  • wexbikokwa

    digsby rocks for sure. I am a big fan from africa and i have atleast 20+ people to my credit whom i've introduced to the application and the've not complained one bit. just makes my life so easy..... (i also featured you on my blog for free.... send that check ... lol.) but honestly, great work!

  • afnan


  • pankaj

    Mac support please.

  • Everything works great so far! I have just one feature request (beside - as always - Skype and gadu-gadu supoort). Could you please add status settings for facebook - all of my friends see me online, but when they try to chat with me, it blocks them and informs them that I am offline. When I write to them first, I suddenly appear as online and they are able to chat.

  • I tried this a while back and it just ran slowly and poorly for me. I could tell it was what I was hoping for (namely something that reminded me of Adium X on Windows), but I wound up uninstalling it.

    I have to say this is a HUGE improvement. It runs better, it's faster and it doesn't really hog RAM at all. I get about 12 MBs according to WTM and that's with a few conversations going.

    Nice job.

  • Brant K

    Love the work your team has done with the program. One problem though. I've noticed that while my memory usage is now around 52MB, I get random cpu spikes when trying to open a new chat window or switch to a different tab within a single chat windows.

    Just wanted to let you know. If you need any more information, please let me know. Thanks.

  • Francesco Esposito

    This application is awsome. I have started pimping it out to all of my friends, several people have switched just in the last couple hours and they all LOVE IT! As a Microsoft employee, I just wish we had put this together :-)

    I also posted the app to one of our Internal employee "Cool Stuff" links. I've started to see a positive response already!

    Just one ask - a feature request: Have one "Status Update" field in the Buddy List window that updates your status automaticaly across all IM clients and Social Networks you are logged in to (A batch process that would update your status across all apps and post a tweet). That would seal the deal for me, for sure.

  • @Doug:
    "3 The ability to hide the list of offline buddies. This would shorten up the buddy list for those of us with huge buddy lists."

    You can do that. Click the View menu item and you should see it there with a few other options.

    Good update!
    However, after Digsby updated (over the previous version) it started up fine. But then after I closed it, and tried to reopen it later it wouldn't open at all. I saw no process for it running. I uninstalled Digsby and reinstalled it and it works on first run now. I'll post again if it fails to start again.

  • Basheer Kadir

    Nice job. Keep it up. Expecting more in future. Thanks & Regards.

  • I was the memory uses issue for some times which was really annoying. But, this release fixed that issue completely. Thanks all of you of Digsby's Developer Team.
    Thanks Again,

  • eia

    There is a poll on digsbies.org (the community website) asking how much RAM digsby is using for you now:


  • g0dFather


    1. I installed it over my old version and it took just fine.
    2. All your settings are stored on Digsby including skins, position, etc.

    Thanks Digsby crew for a great release.

  • men

    when i used x@yahoo.com, there is a bug that my status is never displayed well to my friend, i can change it to 'busy', 'listen to music',etc... , but only shown in myself and it won't show like that to my buddy (always show 'available'), but when i used y@yahoo.com the status is well..(i can change it to busy, listen to music, etc.. and show well to my buddy) i don't know what's wrong...

    is it because wrong digsby setting or my email setting?

    but if i use yahoo messenger, both of them is ok..

    anyone know about this problem..?
    (i used the newest digsby version, build 17926)

  • The day I am going to use Digsby will come when messaging with diacritics will work correctly with all the other clients. Currently massages containing diacritics sent by QIP users I get as Cyrillic. When I send a massage containing diacritics to ICQ 2001 users, they get something indescribable...
    Oh man, how I wish to change from Miranda to some better client which Digsby just could be.

  • Aaron

    I'm at about 60MB with AIM, MSN, Yahoo, GChat, and Facebook Chat as my chatting networks. I have my Gmail account on there and have no social networks.

    Does 60MB for that seem right?? Seems high to me...

  • trung

    You should add a function same as yahoo messenger which alows send a message to multi buddies. thats is a very useful function.

  • Excellent!
    Next stops (on my whishlist):
    - Linux version
    - Mac version (for SWMBO)
    - Sametime support (We can help here)

    :-) stw

  • hey do I have to set up Digsby all over again after downloading the new version ?

  • GoodThings2Life

    Just heard about this program today, and I'm trying it out now. I've been using Trillian for a while, but Digsby is much better already.

    Just one question-- any plans for MySpace Messenger and Skype support?

  • calvin6

    i'm still having trouble with incoming file transfers. i just get connecting to "screenname" but it never actually connects. it works when I send them files but not the other way around. any idea how to fix this or know what's wrong?

  • Daniel

    Hey, I know this isn't the proper forum for this, but I have a feature suggestion: Send Message to All. It's a great trilly thing I used to send out my Hello's and Goodbyes, after all, they don't really vary from person to person.

  • Awesome updates So far =) Ram usage is down considerably now if Firefox would not memory leak so damn much =/

    one bug/glitch i seem to have run across in the new version was MSN well still connected glitch when making a Conversation connect and then wouldnt let me disconnect from MSN untill i closed and restarted Digsby other than that its been Amazing =)

    i am finally joining sites that i have been asked to join but havnt till digsby supports them =)

  • Roshelle

    Is there a problem with Google Chat or is it just me?

  • Deed

    Before it was using just over 8MB, plus Facebook without any conversation windows. I had to make sure it was even showing in Task Manager.

    Currently using 17.6MB, which is already a noticeably vast improvement. Still hikes while skinning it, but still, this feels so much better to use already.

  • Guest

    Bye, I meant Bye ;-)

  • Guest

    LOL Martin, I'd say you're lucky... look at what's happened to me LOL

  • Guest

    Hi again, uninstalled, redownloaded, reinstalled... same as before.
    I'm flabbergasted :-O
    A thing like this has NEVER, EVER happened to me before, with any program I used. Usually either you have error messages or just cannot install, or the program freezes... but a program that just sits there sleeping and doesn't allow you to do anything, not even closing it, in no way, ehr, well... a bit shocking, isn't it ;-)
    Now I'm VERY curious to see if this happened to someone else, or if you manage to understand what happened :-)
    By for now :-)

  • Martin

    Am I the only one with a problem with the new build????
    Digsby didn't show my ICQ contacts!

  • Cai Dingyan

    is offline messaging supported for the MSN Protocol?

  • Neil

    Wow LENGENDARY! This is like.... firefox >>>> GOOGLE CHROME!!!!! I would leave Digsby on all day long and it'd hike up to about 100mb's! Now that i leave it on all day it's reduced to about 32mb! Now i can play world of warcraft in ultimate peace! Thanks Digsby you guys are awesome!

  • raj

    nice update, thanx. Looking fwd for orkut support

  • @Carbonize: Preferences > Privacy. Set it to allow messages from those on your buddy list only. That is actually the new default starting this release.

    @San Franciso Hypnotherpy: "Ctrl + Shift + Esc" and choose processes.

  • Any chance of adding an anti spam bot challenge now? Spam on the MSN network is increasing.

  • How do you I see how much RAM is it using? It like to see before I install the new version.

  • Doug

    Looks good. A few things for the next version;

    1 Skype IM integration(Voice and Video if possible)
    2 Search across history of chats with a friend, better yet, search across history of a filterable list of friends. Sometimes friends have more than one IM account.
    3 The ability to hide the list of offline buddies. This would shorten up the buddy list for those of us with huge buddy lists.

    Great job with the new stuff.


  • Smubeht

    Now all that is needed is IRC support and I'm 100% sold. Any updates on when we can expect IRC?

    Keep up the good work.

  • Shlomi Bazel

    I've been using Disgby for a few month's, waited for this upgrade.
    Thanks alot! good job!

  • Carlo

    Any thoughts on using the invisibility feature that "Pidgin" has?

  • You guys rock! This is by far the best app I've ever used!



  • Peter

    Great job dev team! My mem usage went from almost 80k yesterday to about 17k after the install today!

    Thanks for the great program.

  • Ninju

    Songbird 0.7 does not work with the 'Listening to Music' feature. 0.6 did work. Could we get a quick fix?

  • Great job. I must, though, again press for the ability to vary the formatting of a profile or away message. That is, it remains that either the whole thing is, for example, bold or none of it is. I would hope this would be fairly easy to add.


  • Chris

    This is great! But I'm still missing some funcions: a webcam-feature, and "automatically accept file requests"

  • Adam

    Now all we need is to be able to alphabetize the away message list and we will be golden.

  • Hector

    Where is the Sametime support folks? Been asking for this for months now! :(

  • ~SAI~

    This is a good release but I still have a small request. There's still no option to sign on as invisible. That is one of the only reasons I use Pidgin (that and Pidgin is portable but idc about portability as much)...
    Other than that, great release for a great program :)

  • Agreed Misty...

    Hopefully by "group chat are pretty close to the top of the priority list", steve meant that it IS at the top of the list, and will come in the next build.

    Hey Steve, with this new build released, can we expect things to return to a quicker build cycle, with new releases every week or so?

  • Prasanna

    Thanks for the beautiful software :-)

  • Nice! Uses about 8MB of RAM with no chat windows open, and goes higher when I have a few open, and then once I close them, the RAM usage goes back down!

    Wonderful update!

  • Girrlkitty

    YAY! I've been waiting for the new update, and I LOVE that you included LinkedIn with this one. You guys are well on your way to pretty much being the one console I can run my entire life from. Now all I need is OTR support and Google Calendars, and I'll be all set. WHOO HOO! Great job!

  • Gregor

    Dear Digsby developers!

    My memmory usage from Digsby dropped from 59k to 26k! Oh my god! I love you even more!

    Really, keep up the good work!

  • Great update! I still have to have two clients open however since I use chat rooms - I'd love to see this feature next!

  • Dave

    Awesome.. Love updates.. BTW..did you guys know that Felcia Day uses Digsby??


    Neato.. :)

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