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Build 60 – Faster than a Speeding Bullet!

We just pushed a new release (Build 60, r22564) to all users! We have gone through several alpha releases since our last major update so there are are quite a few changes. This release includes all the features, bug fixes and enhancements in ALPHA Builds 53 – 60 on our Change Log.  Notable changes include:

  • Performance: We’ve optimized performance from the ground up, reducing overall CPU usage by about 50%
  • Buddy List Search: Press Ctrl+F to easily search your buddy list or the web
  • Emoticons: Added four new emoticon packs to choose from
  • File Transfers: Improved the reliability of AIM, ICQ, and MSN file transfers
  • Conversations: Added an option for new IM windows to start hidden and blink the tray icon instead of popping up a window
  • New Infobox: The infobox now uses the same user interface control as the IM window (WebKit), making it much faster and more versatile
  • Twitter: Added Retweet support
  • MySpace: Added support for setting status on MySpace
  • Google Talk: Added support for the Invisible status on Gtalk
  • And More: Over 100 other bug fixes and enhancements!

So, what’s next?  Digsby has come a long way over the past year in terms of both stability and performance.  This release was a blend of fixes and new features.  We will continue to focus on rounding out the feature set in the near term so let us know what you’d like to see!

This update is pretty large so the auto-update may take some time to download or it may take a few restarts for it to kick in.  We are going to change how the auto-update system works in the future so Digsby logs in and then downloads updates unless there are critical protocol fixes.  It will then apply the update next time you run Digsby.  This way logging in is never delayed.

We will keep pushing to make Digsby even better and want to thank all of you for your continued feedback and support.  If you want to tell the world about the Digsby, here are some ways you can help:

  • Post the news to sites like Digg, Facebook, Reddit, or Mixx
  • Invite your friends to try Digsby via Facebook
  • Write a review of Digsby on your blog
  • Use the “ShareThis” and “Buzz” widgets below to share the news

If you experience any bugs in this release, please use “Help > Send Bug Report” in the main menu to submit a diagnostic log or email us.

  • Please help....My digsby stops working after a few minutes in Windows7. I'm using RC. Thank you. Waiting for your reply

  • Kain

    I swear by this thing for updates on social sites and email. Ironically don't use for chat too much. Three things should be done I think though... if my wifi drops I hate the dropped connection status messages that spam the screen, should be a way to disable the popup for that and just grey the icon... Usually I love these for status updates though. How long before fade out would be nice, but not critical. I would definitely also put in a vote for having it autostart minimized. I loved that about YahooIM and since I use this for status I like the idea of having it start down in my systray at login, autologin to all the networks and be done with it. Nice and streamlined. That way if I have work to do I can just glance in the bottom corner and it stays out of the way. Thanks for the great prog other than that. I love it.

  • bruno

    Yep. One more vote for Linux.

  • Hi there. This is cool. I really really like it. One question though; Can you IM people from the website where Digsby is html-ed ?
    I need that. I have a school web site and I need to know if the students can di that or not !

    Thank you Though !

  • new beee

    what about computer to computer voice calling like in Yahoo? I need it... other than that it's a OK IM client.

  • fallofrome

    Now, if it could plug into my youmail.com account to let me know when I get voice messages, I'd have it monitoring everything for me!

    (There's supposed to be a very simple RESTful API for this)

  • please add orkut.bcoz we Indians mostly use only one website for social networking which is ORKUT.

  • Lost in translation

    Any chance you guys can add a plugin that allows you translate any highlighted text? that would be awesome!

  • WaywardCat

    Commenting again to say AIM file transfer still works like it did last build: I can send to AIM, but AIM can't send to me. I also totally agree with Kerya. I'd LOVE to see Livejournal support.

    Also reiterating what I said in my other comment about the in-line text thing.

    I notice Paul said something about search in the chat history. I don't know exactly what he's talking about.... since there IS a search, BUT! But, the search only searching in one day. it'd be nice if I could search a past month or everything in the history of a chat with one person. Maybe some choices?

  • dimitris

    congrats for everything. Thsi applications is the best ever made.

    The only thing we would like in the future is skype support voice and normal typing chat.

  • It will be great to see a LiveJournal support!

  • Paul

    I agree with the following:

    - Text formatting: Bold/Italic/Underline/Colors
    - Searching chat history
    - Status/Icons per protocol

    The dev team has been making serious headway, and I'm happy for the efforts on a free application. I'd say these things very much qualify as "feature enhancement."

    I realize everyone has different needs but I'm pretty sure we can ALL appreciate being able to bold a single word, before we add "webcam support" or some other very unique functionality like that.

    The chat history without a search is borderline useless, it might as well not be there because I can't find anything. The bold/italic is such basic functionality I can't believe we're on Build 60 and this doesn't exist. It literally should have been in Build 1. The icon/status for different protocols in my opinion is just a tick down the "importance" pole, but it seems pretty basic.

    Maybe it's just my perception but it seems like the Facebook and Twitter functionality are constantly breaking or not working in some way or the other (I use neither) and that ends up sucking up a lot of development resources; as I notice a LOT of builds mentioning repairs of this, that and the other, for those two things.

    Please please, fix the basics first.

  • Ali

    I just started using digsby a week ago.. and I can't wait to replace my linux IM program to digsby too. It's really great

  • digsby_fan

    Please add orkut to your social netoworks too....

    IMO, group chat and orkut are the only things digsby is missing..


  • Riza

    Please make it so we can bold one word without having to bold the entire sentence. Also, group chat would be fantastic. I appreciate your hard work getting this release out to us, both alpha testers and dev team. ^_^

  • Paul

    Skype support needed... stop... Digg/Delicious/Reddit/Mixx support wanted as well

  • BigBrain

    Yep, works with wine. Not sure whether you have to use a native ole32 dll for that though... FWIW, Digsby doesn't look that nice under Wine as a native Linux one would :/

  • Emre

    Agree digsby still has file transfer problems, this sucks.

    I have to open up live messenger just to send or get files.

    I hate WLM so this sucks.

  • Andrew

    It would be really nice to have linux support. I have a desktop that i primarily use Linux Mint on and i always have to reboot into windows to use digsby. Does anybody know if this works with WINE? I read lots of the comments it sounds like lots of people want linux support.

  • Prasino

    On my laptop, it seems to be hard disk IO that limits the speed of Digsby rather than the CPU ... Perhaps an improvement in that would be more useful.

    However, the improvement I'd appreciate most would be a simple official (Digsby-maintained) theme. Digsby is so busy, not at all easy on the eyes. That big Digsby logo in the background is so distracting, I'm almost starting to hate the logo itself.

  • Skeeve

    When are you going to add Skype Chat? I sooooo want to use just one client.

  • BigBrain

    Has anyone asked for Linux support, yet? ;P
    Anyways, +1 for Digsby on Linux!

  • Martijn

    What I miss is the option to set a different status on IM accounts. I would like to be able to set my work MSN to 'invisible' while being available on my private account.

  • c00ller

    It would be great if we could have a Where to Show: contact list, icon in tray, or both setting for each individual email and social network account, because I care more about certain accounts more than others.

  • Much more improved and faster Digsby! I love it very much! Superb! Thanks!

  • Dark`Wolf

    Can you PLEASE improve the search function of the "Past chats" log viewer.

    I use this for business and it bites hard that it can not search through the entire chat log for a selected person and is limited to being able to search just one date.

    For me, it's a huge issue and something that baffles the mind that it is not able to do what I need.

    Or am I missing something.

  • c48

    Great update guys! Thanks a lot!

  • Here check this. This is for you

  • John Chan

    Is anyone having a problem connecting to ICQ now?

    I'm getting "Authentication Error" now :-/

  • Molly

    I NEEEEEEEED Digsby for Mac. PLEASE! I'm begging you, please!!!

  • Mac :)

  • Gui

    No support for GMail labels, nor Orkut? This lack for GMail labels is what prevents me from migrating to Digsby as one only solution.

  • Obaida

    Digsby is great. Thanks for all the amazing work.

    The 2 most important features I'd love to see:

    1. Improved chat history with universal search, etc.
    2. Group chat.

    Sometime mentioned a Windows Mobile port and that would also be pretty badass as well. Is porting from Windows to Windows Mobile easy?

  • doc

    I'm a newbie, just wanna ask. Where's the access for the Microphone & Web Cam? Can I use them with Digsby? How? Thanx...

  • Knight999

    how about the following features:

    1. Nudge/Buzz
    2. Group Chat
    3. IRC Support

  • Gerry

    Linux and Mac have been mentioned in so many of the comments here but yet the it's not being addressed by the admin who is replying to comments. Why not!????

  • Shaxxx

    Turned Digsby on
    Tried to update, got msgbox "Error code 0 - Incorect parameters"
    Same as previous version, NOT WORKING.
    Any smart advices?

  • i really happy to use digsby i m very glade to give the comments that i could archive gmail, yahoo, hotmail, emails *after* live opened them via digsby, without going into gmail, yahoo, hotmail.

    thanks to digsby

  • Raquel

    its great,...makes my lyf easier:))

    awesome and almost perfect^_^


  • The one and only thing that Digsby doesn't have is Linux version :(
    I know that it "will be released soon", but I think one year has passed and with no results :( Does anyone think about Linux users ? I am really disapointed :(

  • doubleujayen

    I agree with Noir Raven and all of the people asking for Skype support. I like the avatars on Yahoo and AIM.

  • i really wish i could archive gmail emails *after* ive opened them via digbsy, without going into gmail itself

  • Monique

    I love Digsby and appreciate all the time and effort that goes into creating it. I am sold for life on it! The features are amazing, especially for a freeware client. What kills me the most is how I see a lot of people are never satisfied and are constantly asking for more features, or questioning why you can't do this or that. Ungratefulness will never cease.

  • Sai

    Hai, all are best but better had voice chat in gtalk,
    if already there pls inform me

  • gary

    beautufulll beautifulll

  • gary


  • Irma

    I am new to digsby and I truly like it, I don't know how I did without it. I am a heavy user of skype, since I have alot of family overseas and make a lot of international calls. I would like to see you add skype. Are you looking at adding skype?

  • Chris Wyatt

    Aw, spent ages on that :(

  • Chris Wyatt

    L I NN N U U X X
    L I N N N U U X
    L I N NN U U X X

  • Kitty

    Will we ever see support for AIM group chat? It's really the ONLY think Digsby seriously lacks. It sucks that I have to download AIM as a secondary program JUST for that feature. D:

    New updates are terrific btw! Thank you!

  • Mac

  • djs

    Digsby for iPhone, RSS Feed, Skype

  • James


    Tabbing for using mutiple accounts all at once on msn, gtalk etc etc.

  • Tim

    Why'd you change it so when you double click the myspace/facebook icons in your tray it goes to editing the mood/status. I liked it way better when it opened facebook/myspace.

    Oh well I'll get used to it :(

  • John

    Group Chat!! I need this so very much! It's the only thing missing before I can use Digsby as my primary IM client. I frequently use jabber in my work setting and we use chat often. Thanks

  • Jacob

    sweet! Please please please do some kind of buddy pounce similar to pidgin. I keep hoping the next release or the next release or the next release has it, but here we are now at build 22564 and still no buddy pounce! That and get a linux version already! Keep up the sweetness.

  • Scott Wells

    I love Digsby, but there are two features still missing that I'd love to see added (and that I had in Trillian Pro for years):

    1) Group chat/meeting rooms. You can actually join one in Digsby as long as someone else sets it up, so that's a reasonable workaround, but I'd really like to see this supported first class.

    2) Significantly better chat history search. Right now you can search a particular user on a particular day, but there's really no good way in Digsby to find an old conversation when you don't know which user, account, date, etc.

    Overall, though, Digsby is still my IM client of choice, and I'm recommending it highly to friends and co-workers who are using Trillian and Pidgin still.

  • natalia

    por favorrrrrrrr,quieo leer en español

  • Bryce

    The Mac and Linux versions have been "Coming Soon" for well over a year now. Don't you think it's time to take down that part of your web site if you're not going to deliver on your promise?

    My ONLY disappointment from switching from Windows to Mac was no Digsby. But if you're not ever going to deliver on your promises, stop getting my hopes up.

  • Vitor

    Linux version, please? kthxbai

  • I would also like to see a way to add notes about each contact. I have so many contacts I forget who some people are.

  • Jonathan

    awesome update.
    - 1 complaint, my listening to music status still won't work.
    - 1 suggestion, Last.fm would be awesome!

  • Matt

    Linux please!!!!

  • Kana

    lookin' good so far!

    Group Chat
    RSS feeds
    per character modification

    ...possible blackberry app?

  • JinpengW

    Great update~~~, if digsby can voice-enabled chat with yahoo or msn, It will be perfect..

  • darkblader81

    I love the new updates!!! I've noticed that we can do video chat. It'd be even cooler if we could also be able to SCREEN SHARE.

  • Zakkriel

    God save the Disgby!!
    this is by far. the best IM!!
    If i can ask, the only think i have to say is if there is a way to improve Proxy connections.
    i'm ruled by a Proxy in the office and i can go trough with skype and MSN, but Disgby dies in the run... :(

    but the rest is completly Awesome!

  • terence

    can you add the yahoo emoticons..

  • Tony

    Another update and yet STILL no Sametime support?

    Come on guys, it has been over a year. Sametime protocol is easy to implement, it's extremely popular in corporate environments.

    There was a large thread on Reddit about Digsby's bloat and how the Digsby devs continually choose eye candy over protocol support:


  • Yourname

    Many of you guys keep saying Trillian is better. Does it have weather and RSS in there? And can it dock to the corner like Digsby? Cuz I'd like to try it if it does have that.

  • Yourname


    I have two twitter accounts. One of them has the centered logo on the feed with the update link on it. The other doesn't.

  • EllisGL

    Things I would like to see:
    1. http(s)://proxy.digsby.com - Get around funky firewalls and have it encrypted.
    2. Twitter part to have features like tweetdeck
    3. Skpe
    4. Group chat
    5. IRC (sure why not)
    6. DZone
    7. File sharing? I would love to be able to browse my computer from another location.
    8. Away on locked

  • Michael

    Man, I would just love to see some better Vista/7 aero integration, either through added skins or "skin-ability" to make the contact list and the IM box include more aero glass.

  • Ray

    group chat

  • One thing that I think is awesome, is the feedback from the staff most of the multi-client messengars dont talk about to the community but I see a nice amount of feedback from Digsby, that's what is awesome.

    Our whole office uses Digsby, we think you guys are awesome :).

  • Keisha

    great update........loving it......

  • ross

    LES-> The buddy list can start as minimized with a little tweaking. Create a prefs.yaml in your user folder and add the following to it

    show_on_startup: no

    I have had success doing this. When I start Digsby it does not display the buddy list

    Instructions on creating the prefs.yaml found on this post

  • JpsCrazy

    Great update, the speed definately kept me from deleting it. [I was actually planning on it today. :P]

    Only two suggestions:
    1. Ability to delete one screenname from a contact with multiple screennames without splitting them

    2. Having a cache of the past few IMs instead of having to save a log of EVERY IM I have.


  • JG

    Yeah, I reverted back to GAIM for a while because of the solid performance that it had compared to Digsby -- BEFORE *this* release, but now that the performance is back, I'm back!

    I think someone mentioned this above, but GAIM has a feature called 'Buddy Pounce' which can notify you in one or many ways that a user has come back from a certain state, signed on/off, went idle, etc.... And it can even automatically fire them off a message, pop up a text box on your screen, play a sound.. With lots of work contacts and friends over different time zones, it would be cool to catch them coming online, automatically shooting them a message, and having a reply waiting for you when you're available. Oh yeah, it can be a one time deal or recurring, PER contact.

    Other than that, its working well so far... I'm going to keep an eye on the CPU over time since I have it open all day. Thanks for the hard work!

  • One thing I would love is the ability to add notes to specific people on your buddy list (much like Trillian Pro does).

  • m

    I must read more carefully, lol.

  • I rarely leave comments for stuff like this - but I gotta say, your groovy tool here makes such a huge difference in the office when I have 5 teams all on different IM platforms - keep up the awesome works guys!!

  • m

    Aw, I came to this page for more info and all I got was the same summary. Um, I suppose there's a change long somewhere. I'll go check. Thanks for your hard work! Keep it up! Thanks for the great application :)

  • Lancasoy

    where is the iphone version? when you finally decide to do it please ensure it syncs with the windows and mac version.

    i wish there are more customizations for the digsby skin. i would love a better green color :) I just love windows live messenger's color combination.

    congrats for the new release. this is the 2nd day i'm using it and i was surprised by the update.

  • Bezier

    IRC, IMO...

    I've really enjoyed using digsby, but the only thing it seems t o be missing compared to other multi-service IM clients is IRC support. Considering all the ot her additions, it seems an odd omission.

  • jeff

    Please DON'T have Digsby log in BEFORE downloading & applying an update, or at least give us the choice. Most updates have been fast enough that it would simply log me in and back out and back in again in quick succession (I *hate* that when others do it).

    Would REALLY LIKE Skype and group chat functionality!!

    Other than that, kudos for a wonderful build.

  • Hi guys - I look forward to the new Digsby, but I didn't see anywhere to increase the font of the INCOMING messages.

    Is there something I am missing?

  • ross

    Love Digsby! The only thing missing for me is the ability to set the status to Away when the computer is locked. It looks like the basics are there already since the default.yaml has "auto_away" already

  • spleendamage

    +1 for Skype and group.
    Even without though, I love this app.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  • idnworks

    File Transfers. Digsby still has trouble with file transfers through firewalled systems where WLM does not. This I would like to see improved. Maybe ultimately a collaborative work environment idea-- something similar to Adobe Connect but better/faster might be nice.

  • Mark

    I found this application about 6 months ago and am totally impressed by the functionality and your (what appears so for to be) aggressive development. Specifically, I'm excited about the performance increase in this release.

    I use this to communicate with my wife while away from home, and to monitor my email acconuts. However, she takes advantage of the my space and face book functionality, and we're thankful that one application can accomplish this.

    Thank you for continued support of an excellent product.

  • JoeM

    All great - but GROUP CHAT seems to be the top request, and I heartily agree. It's the only thing that stops my mates using Digsby... get that sorted and you will RULE THE WORLD! FACT!

  • Milk.

    I use digsby all off the time, and I am very impressed with it.
    And I really love that you added the contact search feature.

    Things I would love to see, and I am curious to see if/when they'll be released:

    Group Chat.
    Screenshot Paste.
    Google Voice support.
    And The ability to bold or italicize single words or segments of an entry, instead of the whole thing.

  • Digsby rocks. I'll have to pay attention to the 50% reduction is CPU because that will really make a difference when I'm also running CS4 and a few web browsers.

    Plus, I've blogged about Digsby a few times and just love it. See http://www.mattmauldin.com/tag.... Thanks guys.

  • onipanda

    One thing I'm still bothered by, bold/italics still does the entire field instead of what I highlight. Why does it still do this?

  • no gadu-gadu support, sorry :/

  • Remember the milk would be a great addition as well!

    Just started using this and I'm loving it! Great job!

  • Jeff S.

    I would love to see a fully portable, self-contained version made available that does NOT need to be installed and where a folder can just be copied to a USB drive with everything needed inside that folder.

    Then, one can take the USB drive to a library, friend's house, etc and have everything just like on their primary PC... except maybe message history. Maybe even message history could be synced to the cloud (your servers) to eliminate that problem, or that could be an option, but that would definitely need to be AES 256bit encrypted, etc for privacy, security, and peace of mind.

  • Jeff S.

    I do agree with what some others have posted or hinted at... it seems like the last year has been largely bug fixing, dealing with memory leaks, and CPU usage issues. It seems like big features, like support for Skype, IRC, or other networks/protocols has been on hold.

    Hopefully now that you've done some much ground work to deal with memory and CPU issues, you can going forward work on some big features and maintain the memory/CPU/etc work as you go.

  • My wish list (I know, I know, it duplicates others): Skype support, group chat, the ability to start up invisibly. Work associates tried T but found it is still too resource-intensive. Digsby is much "lighter".

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