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Build 29 – Dude, You’re Getting a Digsby!

We just pushed an update (Build 29, r14878 r14905 r14938) which is focused on general bug fixes, enhancements, and a few important MSN fixes. As always, you can read the entire list of new features, bug fixes, and enhancements on our Change Log. Notable changes include:

  • Major overhaul for MSN Conversations to fix bugs that caused messages to not be delivered sometimes
  • Fixed a bug that caused the CPU to spike to 100% if an MSN file transfer fails
  • Added a backup auto-update system in case Amazon S3 has issues again like it did last time
  • Added support for unicode and extended ascii passwords

We are getting very excited about the RAM and performance optimizations we are working on. These should be ready within a few weeks. We are also working on the last of the CPU spins and HTTP login for MSN Messenger for the upcoming builds. As always, thank you for all the feedback and enjoy the new build. If you experience any bugs please email us at bugs@digsby.com.

Update 1: If Digsby crashes on auto-update, we found the cause for this… it is a bug with Windows XP SP2 and Microsoft has a fix for it so if you run windows update and get all the hotfixes it will not happen (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/921337). We are working on a fix that will avoid this windows bug regardless of whether you have the hotfix or not and we will push an update shortly! You will need to reinstall after the fix is pushed but it will not happen again.

Update 2: We just pushed a fix (now r14905) for the crash on auto-update. It was a bug introduced into Windows in SP2 and fixed via an optional hotfix or by installing SP3. We now completely avoid the issue so if you download and run the latest installer it will not happen next time you update whether you have the Windows fix or not. Additionally, we fixed a bug that caused Digsby to not dock on startup if it was docked when you exited and a bug that made it impossible to close the IM window in certain cases after sending an offline message to someone.

Update 3: We just pushed a fix for the Facebook Chat protocol change in r14938. Thanks for letting us know it stopped working.  Also, if a Twitter update fails, it will retry 3 times before telling you that it failed.  Their servers seem flaky at times so we shouldn’t annoy you with a popup without retrying under the hood at first.

  • Jax

    Great work, team!

    Thanks for making clickable URL's!

  • Hello, nice site look this:

    End ^) See you
    Nice site!

  • Is Digsby missing the concept of "Soon"? At least give some alpha versions to test with Linux and Mac! Even pre-alpha versions.

    We really just want to see that Digsby is listening the the users and is actually working to get the messenger running in Linux and Mac. Wine really doesn't count, because I've had nothing but trouble trying to get Digsby running through Wine (now Wine 1.0 RC2) and I think we all want to see a native Digsby client now!

  • Sulli

    Linux build please, or at the very least a version that works in wine.

  • chris

    Love the new update, but there are a couple things that I have run into that I would love to see done in digsby

    1. Option to allow digsby to auto-adjust the height of buddy list to fit all the users in the list .. up to 75% of the screen height

    2. Google Talk file transfers ... i hate having to open google talk just to allow someone to transfer me a file.

  • David

    Oh hey it looks like addresses get linkified in the Buddy Info window now too. Don't know how long this has been in, but thanks!

  • @Jason - There have been enough requests for this enhancement that we decided to add it and there is a ticket in the system to do it. However, we try to prioritize the most requested items first, which is why it hasn't been done yet. But, it will bubble up to the top of the to-do list after the RAM usage issue is resolved, remaining connectivity bugs are fixed, and group chat is added. In the meantime, you do have the option to make new conversations not take focus so they at least start minimized instead of popping up. I know it is not a solution to your issue but it is less intrusive than having the IM window pop up. We are pushing hard to fix bugs and make the requested enhancements as quickly as possible.

  • Nina

    After trying to install the update, the following error occurred.

    Error Code 2
    Critical error in restoring digsby.exe
    Try renaming digsby.cloe to digsby.exe. A reinstall might be needed.

    The system cannot find the file specified.

    I then changed the digsby.clone to digsby.exe and the program appeared to work correctly.

    Just a note to anyone who has ran into this problem.

    OS: Windows Vista Business with UAC activated.

  • Jason

    Hi there, first let preface this by saying that I am also a programmer of software. I also want to apologize for being really forward with this, but it seems like you respond to everyone on here except for me, so this is the only way to get your attention. With that being said:

    I suggested this a while back, while the program was still beta. You said you were going to add the feature, and the fact that the program is still without the feature is still the ONLY reason I use Trillian.

    A good portion of the people using Digsby use IM clients at work and school. Whenever you get a new instant message in Digsby, the IM pops up in the taskbar. Sometimes professors and bosses walk around and can see what's on your screen. This is why you need an option for new IMs to appear in the system trey, rather than the taskbar.

    While I'll agree that Digsby is hands down better than Trillian, it's attention to details that make for a good program. You can keep pushing updates with all the server tweaks, bug fixes, and optimization code you want -- but what people really want is NEW options.

    I've seen close to 15 updates since I've downloaded Digsby months ago, and for the most part your "preferences" menu has remained the same.

    There's probably a couple of thousand people who use Trillian over Digsby just because of the fact that you wont take 5 minutes our of your time to include the option of a simple checkbox that reads "Hide new IM conversations in the system trey".

    I'm sure you know how to.. so why NOT do it, man?

  • lastwraith

    I really need to start reading better ;) I see update 2 covers exactly what I did.

    Ah well, my hyperlink query still stands....haha.

  • lastwraith

    Hmmm....the digsby update BSOD'ed my comp as well (old A3200+, XP SP2 etc) Not fun. I just downloaded the newest full package and installed right over my old version....worked fine. Much faster than grabbing a hotfix from MS too.

    Unrelated question: Am I retarded or is there still no easy way to attach a hyperlink to words in IM convos? Why do we not yet have a button for this?

  • Kana

    - Skype
    - LinkedIn
    - ability to change individual word styles
    - group chat

    those are DEFINITE WANTS

    You guys are doing awesome so far, though. Keep up the good work!!!

  • David Z

    I'd just like to say that I switched to Digsby after getting increasingly frustrated with other multi-protocol instant messenger clients. I tried Trillian, Pidgin, and a few others. I found reasons to dislike them all.

    Finally, I tried Digsby. Naturally, I have a few complaints: lack of group chat, abnormally high system resources devoted to the program...

    But overall, I am impressed at the functionality of this program, especially given its only recent release. It works, and that's really the highest compliment I can give to a program such as Digsby.

    I've noticed that you guys release a new build very often and that you've already stated you're working on optimizing the program and trying to minimize the memory footprint. Great job on keeping us informed and having the decency to address the important issues. Hopefully we should see those improvements in the near future. As other people are saying, I hope that group chat appears soon as well.

  • MSN buddy list servers are down. The official client caches the list on your hard drive so it still connects you. Keep an eye on the blog and we will let you know when it comes back online.

  • Matt

    I have the same problem as above. Fails yet, the stand-alone WLM works.

  • Ging

    I'm having issues connecting to MSN - it authenticates, starts getting the contact list and then the connection fails. This has only started happening since the facebook update, I can login fine to MSN normally.

  • Pill

    Please fix the auto-show (on hover) function of Digsby. I have to set it up again all the time I start my computer.

    I would like to have it to auto-show (on hover) and auto-hide always. And those are my settings but every time I start my PC, WAM! it doesn't work that way again.

    Thank you.

  • John Folley

    First of all, I love Digsby!

    Just a thing with moving Facebook contacts to groups... they don't seem to remain in the groups unless they've been combined with other contacts.
    Hope it hasn't mentioned before hand and i'm just repeating...

  • @Will - Most of the CPU spins were fixed in the last release. We saw reports drop by around 80% but are working on the last issues now. Memory optimization is coming along very well and all will be pushed within a few builds.

  • Will

    Any word on when we'll see drastic improvements to memory/cpu holes/spikes?

    It's unbearable to use Digsby anymore almost...


    Digsby PreUpdater.exe problem,then crash.Im using sp3 nad latest digsby build.

  • Kenny

    Excellent program. Once I saw the quality and level of integration with social networks and instant messaging networks, I was hooked. However, I do have two problems. I have noticed that both MSN and Google Talk will not automatically reconnect after I resume from hibernate. I can manually click connect and it's fine, but it won't do it on it's on.

    I'm sure the team has many things on their minds, but I wanted to pass this little bug on. Thanks again for the great program.

  • brwyatt

    Thanx for the fix!

  • Mike

    Facebook chat working again so quickly - very thankful and very impressed :)

  • Thanks for the VERY quick updates! Used to use Trillian Pro, but after renewing that in late 2006 when they put up a page announcing "Trillian Astra Coming January 2007!", then waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and still to this day, just a private testing version available, glad to see an IM client where the developers actually spend time on the program... not their extracurricular activities like the Cerulean Studios people!

  • tariq

    thanks for adding clickable urls!

  • Rescuer

    I'd like customer alerts on specific contacts :)
    like when my SO logs on I can set a popup+sound for just her.

  • PushDustIn

    Help! I keep getting an authentication error! I just unistalled Digsby, and re-installed it but the error still remains! I use a Windows Vista SP 1, HP laptop. Any suggestions?

  • Lawrence Wirth

    Also getting "fail to connect". Re-installed - same thing.

  • David

    Hm I can get into my account using Yahoo's page though. It's just Digsby that's not working.

  • I'm seeing Yahoo connection errors with some of our test accounts and when visiting the website it says that Yahoo Mail will be back as soon as possible. It looks like server-side glitches on Yahoo's part and I'm sure it will be back to normal shortly.

  • David

    Hm I'm suddenly getting "Failed to Connect" on Yahoo Mail after the Facebook update.

  • Err.. After my update, Yahoo Messenger stopped working...

  • Jay

    I love Digsby! Runs smooth and fast, unlike MSN.

    However, I have a friend on MSN (refuses to switch) who has trouble receiving and sending messages to me. Trying to figure out if this is a bug on his end or mine. We don't have problems sending messages to other people on our lists.

  • @DavidIQ - It minimizes as long as it is not docked.

  • WOOHOO! I just noticed that docking works correctly on restoring of the app. I was wanting this for a while. Thanks guys! I could care less if double-clicking on the systray icon would minimize the app. As long as it restores it that's fine with me. That's how Trillian works as well. Haven't really heard of an IM program that minimizes on double-clicking of the systray icon (directed at "Susan").

  • martin

    Yay digsby is updated facebook chat working


    Thanks for the quick reply!

  • @Es - just start typing a person's name or any part of the name. You can press "tab" to go to the next matching result.

  • JNudda


    Maybe this has something to do with the chat change?

  • Es

    Is there already a feature to 'search' for a contact from my list?

    If it is, it isn't too obvious..I'd assume it should scroll down the list if I type the appropriate letters! But it doesn't.

    How do I do this?

  • This error is still occurring.... I even downloaded the hotfix...

  • Thanks for URL "link-ification"! This was something a long time coming!

  • The Dave

    Thanks guys,
    Digsby is by far the best thing ever. It is absolutely amazing!!! Keep up the good work.

  • mihai

    After auto-installing the last update 13 may. Digsby keeps restarting over and over, “checking for update” is displayed and then “digsby needs to restart” I let it do it about 10 times, but never saw the buddy list again, and right now I came back to YM.
    I wait for a solution because I like digsby. I’m running a XP professional on a sony vaio, 1GB ram, 1,7Mhz.Thnx to alll

  • axyjo

    Could you guys add https support for twitter please (it'd be really easy i guess).

  • Monroe

    I agree with m0deth who said, "group chat yet? one needed feature stopping many adopters I speak with".

    Count me in that group. I use msn and yahoo for work, and can't make the switch to digsby until group chat is supported.

  • @All with Faceboook bug - It looks like a change in the Facebook protocol but it may also be a temporary bug with their servers. We are taking a closer look right now and if we need to push a quick update to fix the issue we will have it out shortly.

  • Mike

    After the update my Facebook chat now hangs at “Loading Contact List…”. Did another deep clean where I removed all cache, registry settings, and files and a fresh reinstall with no success. Submitted a bug report for this and the file transfered failed problem.

  • ewebber

    My facebook chat shows 'loading contact list' but never loads, anyone had the same problem?

  • Nighthound

    I'm not sure what I'm doing wrongly, but for me Digsby never auto-updates. I started from the 14361, and when 14688 was released it didn't auto-update despite restarting Digsby several times. Fine, I thought maybe it was just that build, and manually redownloaded the entire package.

    Now, with 14905, it's still not auto-updating! I don't want to have to redownload the entire thing again.

    I'm running WinXP SP2, in user account. There's no error message, nothing at all, Digsby just starts normally. At the splash screen, it says checking for updates, then goes right on to signing in and authenticating.

    Anyone can help?

  • Nate

    Digsby is a wonderful client. I love it tons.

    However, the newest update doesn't want to load any of my Facebook chat contacts. It gets past the authentication process, but refuses to load any of my chat buddies.

    Before the update, everything ran smoothly. Help?


  • Erik

    After the update Facebook chat hangs at "Loading Contact List".

  • Pill

    I have had problems with auto hide as well, since the Digsby update. Now it seems better but it breaks at times.

  • mihai

    After auto-installing the last update 13 may. Digsby keeps restarting over and over, "checking for update" is displayed and then "digsby needs to restart" I let it do it about 10 times, but never saw the buddy list again, and right now I came back to YM.
    I wait for a solution because I like digsby. I'm running a XP professional on a sony vaio, 1GB ram, 1,7Mhz.Thnx to all

  • Only just converted from Pidgin yesterday - update loaded just fine. Only problem is my Facebook connection fails - originally wouldn't connect at all, now seems to stall attempting to load my contacts. Am really enjoying the look and functionality of the program though. Thanks.

  • Like others, before I full transfer over to Digsby, I'm looking for IRC and ram/cpu optimizations. I'll keep on eye on the site though, looking forward to the day I see it.

  • Facebook is stuck at "Loading Contact List..."

  • joggs

    I'm getting authentication error for my facebook chat account after the digsby update.

  • joggs

    BSOD crash during autoupdate of digsby
    XP SP2 on a 2.4ghz intel pentium 4, 2gig ram

  • Chien

    Ever since the new update, I keep getting Facebook connection errors. Anyone else get the same thing and fixed it somehow?

  • Jon

    I'm having the same issues as Shawn, facebook won't connect I haven't changed anything since the last update.

  • James Matthews

    Facebook chat stopped working. As well as Facebook social networking. Please fix this.

    Thank You

  • Lee

    After the new update, I've been having troubles connecting to the facebook server. Does anyone have this problem? (never had this problem till after update)

    It's both facebook chat and the social network part

  • @Shawn - I'm having problems with Facebook, too. Chat/Facebook is forever "loading contact list" and social network/Facebook is "failed to connect." Worked fine until I exited Digsby and restarted to grab the new update.

  • Brian

    After latest update, build 14905, Facebook is stucvk at loading contact list.

    I Still can't connect to our local Jabber server, tho it used to work once upon a time. :(

  • bah, newest update didn't give me my beloved digsby back (wine/kubuntu). different problem now tho. Module not found: LoadLibrary(pythondll) failed - and then it lists the path for python25.dll.

    i'll go cry in my milk now. :(

    (please make linux version soon)

  • Jules

    I agree with what ^don said. :D
    Oh and I'm here to read about why my machine is rebooting itself. Now I know why.

    I am now in the process of installing SP3 since I've been meaning to do it anyway.

  • don

    I just would like to say you guys are putting together an excellent all in one chat client. There are two things that I would liked to see changed, one in chat windows I would like the ability of using bold, italics, underline, and other text changes to only words/letters of my choosing, and a way to stop having my text smilies automatically changed to graphical ones. Great work though, digsby is now my default client.

  • johnchan

    Problem with the auto-update again...

    After downloading the updates after restarting, it popups up a window (and i get this window every time i open Digsby now):-

    Digsby PreUpdater.exe - Entry Point Not Found

    The procedure entry point CredpConvertTargetInfo could not be located in the dynamic link library ADVAPI32.dll


    click OK, and nothing happens, Digsby's window says "Digsby needs to restart"... but restart, and the same as above, in a loop.

  • Sure hope the next push lets me open it via wine on kubuntu again. You've gotten me hooked, and now you've taken it away from me. I need my digsby fix! Give it back...puhleeze!

  • Austen

    Exactly! Lets hurry it up with that Linux build! I used digsby religiously on Vista and now that I'm using ubuntu, I've been checking your site everyday to see if its done!

  • Love it, now if only I could get it running in Linux..

  • getreignedon

    THis thing just crashed my computer. Everytime i restart it crashes,

  • Marc

    Great Update!
    Are there plans to stop truncating links in status messages? Currently, the program replaces a long link with an ellipses making links impossible to post or to follow.

    Also I would like the ability to "go off the record" during a conversation. Any chance?

    Finally - can the status area display what my current "buddy icon" or gtalk picture is, with a drop down for changing back to recent pictures ala gtalk client?

  • @AJ - Absolutely!

  • Brandon

    i have a question that's a bit off topic, but what do blue status symbols represent? what's the difference between those and the grey ones?

  • A.J.

    Hello Digsby Team,
    Flawless update, always has been and I hope that continues. Just wanted to say keep up the good work.
    Also, I saw you guys at the RIT Innovation Festival and forgot to ask about something rather minor. I was wondering if there's any plan to allow for different text fonts, styles and colors to be used simultaneously? I'm talking about in the profiles and while chatting. Again, not a big deal, I know you have bigger fish to fry, just throwing it out there. Thanks!

  • Octane

    Amazing! Love this client!!!!

  • @dub - see the comment above. It is a windows XP bug that was introduced in SP2 and fixed in SP3. We are making a workaround now and will push it shortly.

  • dub

    while I wasn't paying attention the auto-update crashed my computer twice. however the third time it ran, it seemed to be fine. figured you'd want to know about the weird behavior, unless you released the fix sometime between crash two and attempt three

  • Chet

    Restarted Digsby - let it automatically update - Got the Blue Screen!
    Restarted my computer - Ran Digsby again - Blue Screen once more.

    Going to uninstall Digsby and re-install and see what happens

    NOTE: I am in the middle of a client deliverable and final presentation...I am either stupid of gutsy or both :)

  • Andrew

    I am so happy with this product but i don't like having to boot up VMWare fusion to run this program, i was wondering if you had a estimated time for the mac version of this awesome product to launch.

  • Best IM Client I have ever used. Love it!
    Keep up the good work!
    BTW thanks

  • For the auto-update I received 2 messages and had to restart Digsby, I suppose that's the behavior you want ? Personnaly I would like to have a dialog box or a link that'll do the application restart for me (ok, ok, that's pretty lazy, I know).

    As for features, IRC is still the missing thing for me in that awesome IM client. Since you're working on "group chat" maybe this can be the first step for IRC! :) haha! Awhh I'm dreaming.. Sorry!

  • Steven G

    Props to Digsby Team, Best IM Client Ever.

  • dYoCYo

    i think you guys should get myspaceIM

  • Roshelle

    Thanks Digsby Team. I've converted many of my friends who were unhappy with just about all the other IM clients. You guys rock.

  • Trypho

    I was hoping the "MSN offline account"-bug would get fixed today, but I`m still having the same symptoms. Additional information can be found here: http://forum.digsby.com/viewto...

  • Marcus

    The updated crashed my computer...twice!

    I also had to uninstall it.

  • Lance

    RE: my previous comment that auto-hide was broken

    It actually isn't broken now that I look at things more closely. After the update, somehow the buddy list became undocked even though its location indicated it to be. I just dragged the buddy window out and back to the right side of my screen to re-dock and now auto-hide is fine again. Perhaps this is a side effect of whatever docking bug fixes were pushed.

  • @Craig - see the above comment. It is a Windows XP SP2 bug and we are working on a workaround now. It will be pushed shortly.

  • Craig

    Gotta say, I love the program but have become quite annoyed with the auto-updates. Two updates now have been pushed out before their time and have quietly updated my system only to result in BSODs. XP SP2, Lenovo T61, blah blah blah... Neither an old computer or a newbie at they keyboard. Also don't have the time or interest in helping get to the root cause or debug the issue.

    It took me a little bit today to realize it was Digsby that was causing my crashes. Once I isolated it as the culprit and stopped it from auto-starting (after my fourth crash/reboot) I confirmed from the blog that an "update" had indeed pushed out -- another poorly tested version apparently.

    Two strikes and you're out in my world. Sorry, it's uninstalled and back to Pidgin. Once I either get over my current frustration or the Digsby team gets more comprehensive with their testing process I might venture back. It really *is* a nice chat program apart from occasionally thrusting system instability issues onto you.

  • Manuel

    This still doesn't fix the protocol related MSN issue I have been experiencing. Let's see if others on the forums can confirm.

    Either way, thanks for the constant updates.

  • Digsby is the best multi IM client EVER! period.

  • jrossh21

    Awesome program. I switched from miranda a couple weeks ago. I'm /really/ looking forward to the memory optimization. Compared to miranda (16mb), digsby (100mb) is a beast :)

    I still use miranda for IRC, but that's the only thing holding me back from completely using digsby only.

  • Very sad now. Had it running "mostly ok" using Wine on Kubuntu, but now this update makes it so it won't even load. I wish I could un-update.

  • Susan

    Update went great. I read the changelog, and I'm glad to see that docking issues were addressed. However, when I tried docking, I found that double clicking on the Digsby icon in the system tray while the Buddy List is open does NOT close the Buddy List, it does nothing but flash the window title. For me, the expected result is for double clicking the tray icon to open/close the Buddy List. I hope to see this implemented in the future.

    That and being able to use Alt+s to send a message would make Digsby PERFECT.

  • Law

    I've been looking for Digsby for about 10 years!! :) Awesome client guys, well done.

    Auto-update worked perfectly here - and I'm looking forward to the ram/cpu improvements - I've only noticed the cpu spikes yesterday while trying to debug my own code.

  • Jeremy

    Fantastic. Keep up the great work!

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