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Build 28 – Facebook Chat In Digsby!

You asked for it, you got it! Build 28 (r14688) introduces Facebook Chat support! This is our first implementation so you can expect many improvements over the coming weeks. Please let us know if you run into any bugs so we can fix those too. There are several other important updates in this release. As always, you can read the entire list of new features, bug fixes, and enhancements on our Change Log. Notably:

  • Facebook Chat: You can now chat with all your Facebook friends right from Digsby! This initial release includes all the basics – messaging, buddy icons, status, and status messages. We will add the ability to sync your IM status with your Facebook status and the ability to move Facebook buddies into other groups shortly! Facebook Chat is completely separate from the social network support we currently provide for Facebook so you need to add your Facebook account to the IM accounts list.
  • Yahoo Mail: This build introduces an improved implementation of Yahoo Mail. Those who had trouble accessing their mail should now be able to get to it. If you use the New Yahoo Mail instead of Yahoo Mail Classic, the “Inbox”, “Compose”, and “Open” links will take you to the right interface. Lastly, international accounts now show the correct email address such as @yahoo.co.uk or @yahoo.es instead of @yahoo.com. Please let us know if the new implementation has any bugs.
  • Proxy Support: All known bugs with proxy support are now resolved! We also have a suite of proxy tests now to simulate various environments before pushing new builds so it doesn’t break in the future. If you are behind a proxy you may not be able to get this auto-update but that will be a thing of the past after you download and run the latest installer from the website.

We are working diligently on finishing up the RAM optimizations, fixing the CPU spikes, and improving GUI responsiveness. We have a few highly reported bugs that we will tackle for the next build along with any that get reported about the new features. Thank you for all the feedback and enjoy the new build. If you experience any bugs please email us at bugs@digsby.com and send requests to features@digsby.com.

  • alright i see the big picture.

  • 143

    y i cant download this site

  • 143


  • Your Web Site is really wonderful and I bookmarked it. Thank your for the hard work you must have put in to create this wonderful facility. Keep up the excellent work!

  • David

    i keep getting "Facebook Chat Error Authentication Error" when i try to connect to the facebook chat. can you assist me with letting me know if there is a problem with this section.
    i'm using
    Digsby - Build 18219

  • Pretty nice site, wants to see much more on it! :)

  • Shanika

    HI Steve,
    Cud you please give me an idea for this. At work they have blocked facebbok servers. So i can not connect to facebook chat using digsby. Is there any way i can use a proxy thing and get conected to facebook servers using digsby?

  • I found this blog on a google search and boy am I glad I did. I thought I heard someone mention it in a free chat room.
    Awesome read!

  • rajeesh vijayan


  • yassin Hassen


  • yassin Hassen

    i have agreat interest in face book

  • Senyorcito Ninja

    Im having a problem with the Facebook chat.
    I click connect and it tries to connect for 5 seconds and then it says "connection failed". I checked the Firewall and it's not that.

    In the others IM's, Digsby rules. :)

  • Agodi Okechukwu

    It just wonderful...beautiful...i love it

  • herisson


  • hey, I'm loving this program! I run everything, myspace, facebook, aim, google, yahoo, msn, the only thing i can ask for is MyspaceIM, is there any hope for this soon? I don't like running myspace im next to digsby, but some people just don't want to switch to aim or something! Awesome program though, I love it!

  • djnutz

    Can't FLIPPIN wait until they get some proxy support so I can use this full time @ work. Until then I'm stuck with Pidgin...rawr.

    Good job though on the development though. Keep it up!!! And if you guys want, give me an ETA on the proxy lol so I can make it a corporate holiday from here on out.

  • sshdgihd

    Please repair you RSS-Feed!


    Thunderbird says it's not valid... if opening this url with FireFox not RSS appear but only this site here .-(

  • Goff256

    I don't think they'll make a browser, and I really don't think they should. We have enough choices out there (and we only need one GOOD browser anyway). Anyway, just wanted to say it's an awesome app. ^_^ Sure, it uses 63MB of ram, but I use a browser that can spike to over 300MB, so I'm used to having things take a portion of it. :P

  • Jonathan

    you guys rock. you should allow us to add rss feeds to it. or consider making a digsby browser

  • Just started using Digsby.. love at first sight.
    this app is totally amazing!

  • mark

    hey steve,

    will there be a version where you can log on to networks without using the digsby server? i don't want to register here, but i would like to use digsby. i know it's save and everything... but will it be possible one day for users like me to use digsby?

  • Brad Ball

    Actually I take that back ... the blog feed works fine in a browser. I get an "unknown error" though when I try to pull it up in my RSS reader application.

  • Brad Ball

    RSS seems to be working fine for me. No need to spend any more time on this ... back to adding multi person conferences in Yahoo and MSN (and Aim) ... :)

  • @Gygaxis - if you mouse over it that will stop it from going away

    @ed - Seems to work fine. Anyone else have this issue?

  • tariq

    my issues list
    1. i cannot see full URLs in buddy info, nor can i click on them
    2. msn file transfer doesnt work (at least i cannot receive files)
    3. 62 MB of ram without being signed on.

  • ed

    http://blog.digsby.com/?feed=r... doesn't work! produces no rss-feed

  • Tried to send this in with Suggest a Feature in client but it didn't do anything when I selected the option. Anyway, I couldn't find a place in the settings to set this, but it would be really nice, especially for twitter, if the time a popup notification remained could be adjusted, I find myself just missing the last 5-10 words of posts constantly with current duration, and I imagine there are speed reading people that wish it would just bugger off since they're done with it already.

  • Davide

    when is the new update coming?

  • Showman29

    I just sow a clip no cnet.com ebout the program and looks greate but if cud someone adapt to Polish most popular Mi Gadu-Gadu it will by sweet good luck to you all admire your work.

  • Umer Khan

    Wow. The Yahoo mail buttons are SO much faster now. Thank you!

  • @Brad Ball - in the pipeline :)

  • Brad Ball

    Amen to that ... Digsby is clearly the best ever. Too bad I can't use it cause it doesn't support group chats for yahoo or msn.

    Please oh please oh please add this soon!

  • Pill

    My bad, you are right. Thank you for the clarification:)

  • @Pill: Not at all. Click "Inbox" in Gmail to refresh it. The message should be gone.

  • Pill

    When I delete messages from Digsby, they still appear on my inbox in Gmail.. is that normal?

    And yes, to have IRC would be great.

  • Mike


    I got it working!

    Thank you so much for such an awesome product :)

  • Mike


    Are you 100% sure it's r14688 that's available on the download site? I connect to the Internet via 3G, no proxy anywhere that I am aware of. I had a friend in London download it and the filesize was identical to mine.

    Is there anyway other way I could get a copy of r14688 - Rapidshare / e-mail / mirror? Or can you at least let me know what the size of the r14688 installer is?


  • @osprint87: Yes - we will add group chat in the near future.

  • Could we PLEASE have AIM chatrooms?

  • Roshelle

    @ Robert, sorry that I got back so late. Thank you very much for the suggestion. I'll check out Foobar.

  • Will

    Is it just me or is this latest build REALLY bad on resources? Freezing, slowing down Windows, all kinds of things...

    I had to uninstall it and revert back to Pidgin...sorry, guys :(.

    I'll reinstall once you get the memory issues fixed as I really hate Pidgin.


  • @Audrey

    If you haven't submitted a bug report yet (via Help -> Submit Bug Report), please do so. We'll get it figured out =)

  • Audrey

    So my facebook has said "connecting..." for a couple of days now...

  • @Jason law: Make sure you don't have more than one twitter client running or you will hit rate limits in both. If that is not the issue then it is most likely server-related issues on their end that will clear themselves up.

  • after this update i'm seeing that twitter updates are not showing up

  • @Kyanges + Charles: We will likely make it optional after we leave beta but for now it really helps us get bugs solved more quickly and prevents reporting of bugs that were already fixed.

    @Shai Manor: This should be fixed with the next update. We were in the middle of fixing all the docking-related bugs with the last release.

    @Woody56292: Email bugs@digsby.com and we will figure out what went wrong.

  • Matthew

    Wow, just wow.
    Digsby is simply the best IM I have ever used. Hands down. I bow to digsby.

  • Kyanges

    I agree with what "Charles" mentioned. There really should be an option to opt out of automatic updates.

  • Shai Manor

    Steve, when I return from standby, digsby, which is docked on the right hand side of the screen appears and disappears continuously when i put my mouse on the contact list. I then have to close digsby and restart it in order for it to dock properly.

  • Shan A

    I must say I'm very impressed by this program. I've tried just about every IM there was out there, was stuck on pidgin for a while but looks like I'm a Digsby convert now.

  • getreignedon

    It doesnt tell me when i have a new email And it still wont work for hotmail =/

  • Woody56292

    I got the update, and everything was working fine, but once I restarted my computer, digsby no longer signs in. it gets stuck on "loading skin". Any idea how to fix this? I have tried rebooting, reinstalled multiple times, even tried deleting all the other skin files.

  • I can't believe hardly anybody said Pownce in that survey!
    Pownce is BETTER then Twitter guys, give me a break! hehe :)
    I am glad facebook IM made its way into digsby, I use nothing but facebook anymoore, and pownce :)

  • Charles

    While I am enjoy Digsby, I only use it every so often -- and it seems like every time I open it, there's a new update being pushed out to me without me requesting it. Perhaps I missed it, but is there a way to turn this auto-update auto-download feature off?

    Personally I'm not a big fan of things happening on my computer without my permission. Perhaps in a future build you could have an option to turn off auto-updates (if it isn't already built in)?

    Having a program automatically check for updates and alerting me to their presence doesn't really bother me (although I would much rather check for updates myself), but downloading them without me authorizing it doesn't make me particularly happy. Seems like a big security breach if you ask me...

    Other than that I am really enjoying the program. :)

  • Sinestro

    Besides still waiting on the ability to selectively italicize/underline/bold words, it'd be nice to have a hyperlink button in IMs.

  • Chris

    I love this IM! It's like Facebook of the IM world, constantly adding new functionality. I am wondering if there are any plans to be able to auto-respond to a particular contact in the future. I notice that when you right-click on a contact you have the "Alert me when..." option, but it brings you to the notifications section of preferences for all users. I think it would be great if you could truly set those alerts that you currently have in that section on an individual basis - per contact. Anyway, thats my two cents worth...I love the application and will continue to use it either way. Great job!!

  • Pill


    I am finding myself emailing people from Digsby quite a bit and I think it will be nice if you guys could expand the features and functionality for email.

    Attaching files, email anyone not in our buddy list, display images on the email preview if wanted, cc, bcc, etc

    Thank you for Digsby!

  • johnchan


    Thanks for continuing to support Windows 2000 Pro. A lot of corporate environments still run the older Windows 2000 and did not go to consumer orientated XP or Vista (ugh).

    Thing is, I run XP at home on my own computers, and Win2000 at the office (I can't just upgrade, work is work). I would love to be able to continue using Digsby unified across 2000-Vista, as it's a real bonus!!! And a boon for Digsby in both the home and pro environment!

  • Jay

    Just wanted to stop by and say that you guys are doing an amazing job!! This is one of the best desktop application that has come out in a very long time.

  • @diego - we are adding the ability to drag them to other groups in the next update. As for the win key + D issue email bugs@digsby.com and we will help you out.

  • diego

    hey there

    i really appreciate your work and i really love digsby.
    however i found something that annoyed me a little bit:

    facebook contacts are shown in the standard "contacts" group in the main window and i cant move them to a custom group, either cant i add facebook contacts to a individual group. since i like to sort all my contacts i would love if you add that feature in a future update.

    another thing i noticed: if i go to the desktop over the shortcut (windows key+D) the main digsby window wont fade in from the border of the screen anymore. until now i only could fix that with a restart of digsby, maybe there is another way?!

    thanks for your great support and the nice facebook features.

    greets from switzerland

  • v01

    Great update.

    Thanks for the awesome work.

  • Steven G

    Great release, please focus on cutting down on hdd activity when client is active also.

    Nice Job with Facebook

  • @Jay - we will add DC support and we just haven't gotten to the file transfer bugs yet. We will very soon though

  • Jay

    I gotta say. I used to use Trillian and I don't want to go back. I've enjoyed my experience with Digsby to the fullest. I have two questions, though.

    Will AIM be getting Direct Connect support?

    Sometimes I can't send files to people (AIM) but I can with the standalone AIM. Is there a setting I need to change?

  • @Kev - ye, that is strange. If it continues to happen email bugs@digsby.com

    @Jakob - Agreed. Unfortunately, that data isn't available via Facebook... it only provides a list of those online.

  • Kev


    Appreciate the response! Thank you! However, you might have a bug then - I had one window open, no tabs, was chatting with a friend and as he sent me messages each time it would pop the notification in the corner even though the window was right in front of me and not in the background or minimized.

    In other words I was getting double messages even though the message window was open and the current window that I was typing in.

    Does that make sense?

  • Jacob Parker

    You should make it so you can view offline contacts.

  • Gil

    So I have to know: did you guys reverse-engineer the Facebook chat? Or is there actually an API?

  • @Lewis - email us at bugs@digsby.com and we will try to figure out what's wrong. Make sure your firewall isn't blocking the facebook.com servers.

  • Lewis

    The facebook feature works, but the facebook CHAT feature doesn't....

    It keeps saying 'connection failed'. And I'm providing the correct login details... and have authorised the digsby thingy on facebook, done all that. But 'connection failed'.

    What should I do?

  • this is soo awesome... it was just researching this yesterday, and today it's a feature - thanks guys!

  • Nat

    There are good IM clients, there are the best IM clients, and then there is Digsby. You guys rock. You should make some standard "I use Digsby. You should too" 125x125 banners. I would gladly display them on my websites. The fixes are flawless and the changes are extraordinary. Be blessed in all that you do.

    -One satisfied customer

  • What about getting Myspace IM too?

  • @Mike - It sounds like you are on a campus or corporate environment that has the file which tells Digsby what the latest version is cached so it reverts back after you install the latest build. The cache should clear and Digsby will update. We also have a good ideas on how to avoid that and will put it in the next build.

    @Gil - It is on the to-do list :)

    @Sven - We fixed a few bugs in the updater that will prevent this from happening in German XP (I'm assuming that is what you are running). After the next update goes out email us at bugs@digsby.com and let us know if it went smoothly. A reinstall will fix the issue this time around.

    @johnchan - We don't officially support windows 2000 even though Digsby runs on it. The popups had to be turned off completely to prevent crashing and the auto-updater is not windows 2000 compatible but we will try to fix that.

    @Kev - the option is in the "Notifications" part of preferences. By default, the popups only show when the conversation is out of focus so if you have multiple tabs open and get an IM from a tab that is not in focus it will fire the popup. You can turn them off, however,

  • Mike

    I can't get it to update to r14688. I uninstalled, cleared the cache, registry, and all settings I could find, rebooted and did a proper download. The install file I got from the website is 18,356,264 bytes big. Running it installs Digby which goes into automatic update downloading another ~1.5mb but there is no Facebook option under Add IM Account. Even after multiple Digsby restart and reboots Help -> About Digsby reports the version to be r14361.

    I am in South Africa and not behind a proxy server.

    Anybody run into something similar?

  • Gil

    Re: getting facebook chat working so quickly: amazing. I'm impressed.

    Something that I assume you're aware of: the Past Chat browser shows Facebook user's IDs instead of their names. Not a big deal, honestly.

  • Sven

    Hi Steve,

    with today's update I found my Digsby back again in the infinite loop of starting and displaying the message “Digsby needs to restart” after 15 seconds. I downloaded the latest installation package from the Website and this solved the problem as restarting several times (as suggested above) did not.

    Downloading more than 18 MB each time is really not what I want to do after each update to get the software working again (as you know I ran into the same problem the last 3-4 updates) as the update itself is much smaller.

    Therefore I'd like to know if there is any way to
    a) download the update files manually (e.g. with the browser, or let Digsby download the files but do no installation)
    b) do a manual installation by copying the files to the right places by hand?

    Can you give us a little help here?


  • I'm still waiting for IRC before I switch from Pidgin.. :(

  • Joe

    NEVERMIND! everything is all good now... just waited a while longer and started it up again.. you gotta make sure it has the splash screen that says "Update Successful".. almost forgot about that part... if you dont remember it doing that then its not complete... little bit of patience and it will work.. great job digsby

  • Joe

    i love digsby... but it has not been cooperating the past 2 days... i log on and my aim contact list doesnt show up... but msn does... maybe an aim thing? and the facebook chat is not showing for me and ive restarted 5 times.. looking forward to the next build :) .. i love digsby

  • johnchan

    Just thought I'd also let you guys know... the "popup notifications" do not work on my system with 2 monitors. I've never been able to get the popups to go on monitor 1... or any monitor properly. I was hoping this update might fix that, but no go yet.

    Anyway, its not a deal breaker. I hear the notifications, but would be nice to get a visual as well. I know it does work on a single monitor (laptop) XP and Vista though, so single monitor certainly works.

  • johnchan

    Just so you guys know, I had to re-downoload the whole setup file from Digsby.com and re-install Digsby (I did not have to re-do the settings, they were the same, what I mean is I had to re-install it only).

    After that, it is working again.

    Hope that helps with debugging the auto-updater. Obviously the auto-updater misses some files... either they did not get updated and they were older incompatible versions that do not work with the new version Digsby, OR (more likely) the auto-updater forgot to download certain DLL files and other important files, but the full installer has those files included.

    Hope that helps you guys with debugging the auto-updater.

  • johnchan

    This is terrible... I download the DLL it was missing (the credui.dll file) from:

    and now the popup says:

    Digsby PreUpdater.exe - Entry Point Not Found

    The procedure entry point CredpConvertTargetInfo could not be located in the dynamic link library ADVAPI32.dll


    Now what... :-/

  • johnchan

    I'm having a problem after the update.

    I get a popup window saying:

    Digsby PreUpdater.exe - Unable To Locate DLL

    The dynamic link library credui.dll could not be found in the specified path c:\docu.....application data\digsby; c:\winnt\system32;blahblahblah;c:\program files\digsby\lib


    I'm on Windows 2000 Pro.

    It seems the updater has forgotten to download the new DLL into the c:\program files\digsby\lib?

    You would imagine the important libraries that Digsby requires would be shipped with it?

  • @Roshelle

    You still use winamp? Wow. I haven't used it much myself (I use Zune Pass, so I'm tied to it), but I hear foobar2000 (with the correct plugins) is quite nice, and much more stable.

  • Kev


    Just did a bunch of chats with facebook friends over the last few hours - works great! I didn't notice anything buggy or anything.

    I have noticed something since I've used Digsby that you could put an option to turn on and off maybe? When you have your chat window open and are chatting with someone it seems to still put the notification bubble in whatever corner you have selected - any way to turn that off if the window is active and not minimized?

    Does that make sense?

  • @kyle - good catch. We will fix that one in the morning so it can go out in the next build.

  • Kyle

    This is awesome! Thanks for releasing facebook chat so quickly. Just to let you know--for facebook chat only, in the header in my conversation window it says 'chatting with' and then my name instead of theirs. It isn't exactly a big deal, I just thought I would let you know.

    Other than that everything else seems to be working fine. Great work!!

  • Roshelle

    Is it just me, or has this build reverted back to crashing Winamp? I find that after a while Winamp goes crazy and crashes, while Digsby becomes unresponsive.

  • @Anna - disable all your accounts and restart Digsby. After that enable just the FB Chat account (not facebook in the social network account list) and after it is stuck for a few minutes use Help > Send Bug Report to submit a diagnostic log.

  • Michael

    Thanks Steve. I understand and thanks for taking the time to write back and explain. Good luck with development. I wasn't so much complaining as I was jealous that Windows users have this and I don't :-)

  • Anna

    Steve - I can't seem to get fb chat to work. It keeps trying to authenticate but it will never connect. Can you help me? Everything else works fine including facebook.

  • Manuel

    Great job, love the entire program and Facebook Chat put it over the top. Once RAM goes down and they adopt updated MSN protocols to fix a weird bug that occurs in all multi-IMs then I will have no more need for any other program but Digsby.

  • @kyleabaker + Michael: The reason we are getting the bugs knocked out so quickly is because we are able to focus on the Windows build. If we released all three then we would have three half finished products and our resources would be split three ways. We want to concentrate on getting the Windows build solidified and getting the RAM usage way down. After that we will release the mac and linux builds. Some of our hours are already dedicated to getting them ready for release but we don't want to sacrifice the speed at which we can respond to issues of current users in order to acquire new ones.

    Once the bug reports on Windows begin to die down we will release for Mac + Linux. I hope the above explanation makes sense and you understand our priorities.

  • Michael

    I just heard about Digsby today and downloaded it at work for the PC and loved it. I saw there was a link to download for Mac and it was the first thing I tried to do when I got home...

    Only to find out there is no OSX version! :-(

    Any idea when it'll be out? I'd love to switch to it over adium. I really think its the best IM client out there.

  • Amber S

    You guys are awesome! This works so great, I can't wait to get to work tomorrow and see how it does with the proxy. Thanks for all the hard work!

  • ross

    ok, it's great...great feature set, everything is nice. it's just /incredibly/ slow on my laptop w/ 2 gigs of ram and a 2.4 ghz core 2 duo, and it takes up over 100 mb of ram--pidgin, running the same services (except facebook) takes up around 15 mb.

  • Paul

    When I start the digsby my screen flashes black then back to normal.

    Also, have problems connecting, but I think thats just me! :P

  • Wow, so I guessed the surprise last week! What did I win. :D
    I hope the optimizations are as impressive as the rate you all are adding services to this messenger and new features!

    Thanks guys, but a surprise linux build (even packaged for Ubuntu) would be like the best build ever! When are you guys going to start the linux builds? "Soon" is wearing thin.

    Why don't you let some of use linux users beta test or alpha test the linux builds? I'd volunteer and keep quiet about it!

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