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Build 53 – Private Alpha Release

We just pushed an update to alpha testers (Build 53, r21752 r21804) which introduces many new features and enhancements. As always, you can read the entire list of enhancements on our Change Log. Notable changes include:

  • Lowered Digsby’s CPU usage by about 30% (tech jargon: switched from Python 2.5 to 2.6 and moved to the Intel compiler)
  • Improved the reliability and speed of file transfers for both AIM and MSN protocols
  • Added an option for new IM windows to start hidden and blink the tray icon instead of popping up a window
  • Added support for setting status on your MySpace account
  • Added new emoticon packs and changed the default emoticon pack
  • The infobox now uses the same user interface control as the IM window. This will make it much faster and more versatile
  • Added support for Google Talk shared-status so Gtalk accounts now support the “Invisible” status

This release is packed full of new features so we are expecting some new bugs to pop up. If you experience any issues please use “Help > Send Bug Report” in the main menu to submit a diagnostic log or email us at bugs@digsby.com.

This update is pretty large (13.2 MB) so the auto-update may take some time.  We are going to change how the auto-update system works in the future so Digsby logs in and then downloads updates unless there are critical protocol fixes.  It will then apply the update next time you run Digsby.  This way logging in is never delayed.

If you would like to become an alpha tester and get new releases before everyone else, download this file and place it in the main program folder. Keep in mind that as an alpha tester you may get a release with a few bugs every now and then.  We are looking for people who are proactive in reporting these issues so we can fix them before builds go out to all users.

Update (4/30/09 2:00pm): Thank you all for helping test this new alpha release.  We just pushed out a patch fixing most of the issues reported and are working on fixing the remaining bugs now.  The new release number is r21804 and includes the following fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused some services to fail to connect when connecting through a proxy
  • Fixed a bug that caused Google Talk to fail to connect if your firewall blocks the default port it tries
  • Fixed a bug that caused your MySpace status to clear when you click “Cancel” instead of just leaving the status untouched
  • Fixed a bug that caused conversation log files to load as gibberish into the IM window when the conversation was in a language other than English
  • Fixed a bug that caused AIM status messages and profiles to show without the background color in the infobox
  • Fixed a bug that caused your font selection in Preferences > Conversations to not save when you changed it
  • Fixed a bug that caused the bottom of the infobox to not show a border
  • Fixed a few bugs with AIM file transfers
  • Fixed a bug with the new hidden conversations feature that caused incoming IMs to show twice in the IM window when you click the tray icon
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  • copjon

    Still no Linux support?

  • brandi

    Love Digsby! The issue I'm having is not related to this topic but even after the update, it's still there.

    I have Digsby docked and on top of applications but for some reason, it won't unless I undock and redock it every startup. After that, it's all OK but it's a bit annoying. Is anybody else having the same issue?

  • Virgil

    Guys, you're doing a great work here, many thanks!
    Just one "little" demand: can you create or integrate a plugin for SIP voip communication? That will make a lot of people happy and will save a lot of memory and CPU for people around the world.
    Again, many thanks!

  • you can also find some extra features on the labs version of other Google products which allows you to make yourself invisible but it does not always override the gtalk client software if you have that installed

  • You also just made it onto the BBC Click (digital news). If you are in the UK (or VPN into UK) then you can watch it here:

  • I keep getting an error message when I try I initiate a message with a Facebook user.

    "You are not permitted to do that."

    Is this new? If not, then how do I fix it?

  • mpffffhhhh

    i am running digsby on 3 machines (2 x xp/1x vista) and only on one xp-maschine i can't start digsby anymore. but the 2 others are working wonderful (yes, reports are sent).
    just wanting to say thanks for all your hard work :-)
    now i am working here at work again with trillian astra.

  • birthday gift

  • Ribos Radagast

    ...on second thought, what happened to the winking and angry emoticons? I'm lost without my ;) and >:(

    What happened to them?

  • Julian

    love digsby, the only thing which is missing is one for symbian phones, like my nokia N73, don't like Nimbuzz :)

    are u planning on making one for phones?
    please e-mail me :)

    bye, love u & i recommended u already to 4 friends who're now actively using digsby!

  • annon1

    BBC's Click gave a nice review of Digsby. :)


  • Ryan M

    The auto-update finally decided to work on my pc. Thanks for all of the help to the support staff! The new build flies on my pc thus far - congrats on a great step!

  • Felippe

    Here, after the update "r21804" the digsby want to start...

  • Ribos Radagast

    Digsby is the best, I love this build and the new emoticons.

    Great job getting to adding new features, and I can't wait for more!

  • rain

    Great, but why didn't support friendster?

  • David Ruzicka

    I had problems with long tweets, for ex long urls breaking the Twitter layout with a horizontal scrollbar. Seems to be gone. Thanks. Now where is the paypal button? ;-)

  • mcored


    I just noticed something. If I have The About Digsby window open, I won't be able to type in any of the Chat Windows. :)

    This is because About Digsby fires as ShowDialog();

  • Matthew Raymer

    Hello! digsby is still failing to start! Its been really a pain as I use digsby as an efficiency tool balancing several different social networking, email, and chat accounts.

  • mynameisbill

    To the people who can't find the "Added an option for new IM windows to start hidden and blink the tray icon instead of popping up a window" setting, go to the Conversations tab and change new conversation windows to start hidden (tray icon blinks).

  • Tim

    Seriously, where are the enhancements? CPU usage was never a problem for me in the first place, it's the RAM usage if anything. It's using 108MB of RAM for just 2 active conversations. That's way more than any IM program should ever use.

  • Mike

    I'm in the same boat as Nickie D with the totally failed upgrade and: "Appname: digsby-app.exe Appver: Modname: python26.dll ModBer: Offset: 0003fcdd"

    From the Digsby post above we're in a small minority, but at least for me I'm happy I'm not alone. I submitted a filedump to Steve last night and hopefully it will be corrected next. A nice list of patches for those of you who successfully upgraded but had issues. This is what the alpha is all about.

    Kudos to Digsby for the update and the subsequent patches. Great job as always. Thank you.

  • Vou testar!

  • Dave Stumme

    Much better since the 4/30 patch. Everything except Yahoo works for me again, and that is the state I was in before this week's alphas.

  • noque

    Short update after last release r21804: all working fine except for aim.

  • "We are looking for people who are proactive in reporting these issues so we can fix them before builds go out to all users."

    Well, I would love to report something but there wasn't any bug at all over the last months for me. So I might just report a "Thank You!" to the developers from here. ;)

  • Gerry

    Does this version work on Ubuntu? If not I can't use it.

  • Daniel_Gray

    Great update gang. Other than a couple "hick-ups" as mentioned by others on here (start/restart --- but that worked out) this is a good release. I'm still hoping for a Skype conduit (REALLY hoping! --- hint, hint) ;-) and a MySpace IM interface, not just a page link. Maybe even a sign-in conduit for YouTube & Typepad --- THESE WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!! Keep up the great work!

  • Benjamin Perdomo

    Weird, I can connect to everything except Google Talk

  • Brandon

    i'm with steve, carbonize and ray b!

  • Jeromy

    Update went smooth. Love the new features...
    * Gmail - Works
    * hotmail - Works
    * yahoo mail - Works
    * POP Email via GoDaddy opening in URL - Works, but still prompted to enter username/password (would love it if this was done automaitcally like the others).
    * Twitter - Works
    * Facebook - Works
    * LinkedIn - Works.

    It's nice the new emotion icons were added. Not sure if they will display automatically unless they are the default, but it would be nice if your default smiles didn't have an image available it would pull from one of the others... just a thought.

    Digsby is awesome! Keep up the excellent work!

  • Prince Biswaranjan

    I can not connect to google talk
    rest other services work just fine

  • I can't get Digsby to update. I have the file in my digsby dir, and used to get updates, but I can't get it to update to the latest build. I get build announcements, but no updates =(

    Is there somewhere I can download the build manually, as the update doesn't seem to be working?



  • Steve

    Excellent work!! Working perfectly so far! :)

    Now that you added new emoticon packs, it would be REALLY nice if Digsby automatically switched to the correct one depending on what chat service the other party is using (MSN pack for msn users, Yahoo pack for yahoo users, etc...).

  • Hidden

    After restarting digsby the new chat logs are also bad: egyébként

  • Hidden

    The log files are messed up, the "old" message logs got funny characters, tho the new logs (chat after this alpha update) are good.
    Snap from old log: satöbbi cà mű filmet néztük
    I think its utf8 vs latin2/5 thingy. Btw, i'm hungarian, so i'm using hungarian special characters (őúűöüóéáí).

  • I updated this morning and am having problems connecting to gtalk, msn chat, facebook chat, yahoo mail, gmail, and linked in. I can connect fine to acbook and AOL instant messenger.

    I'm at work behind a proxy.

  • Dan

    I downloaded the update yesterday and had no problems, now this morning, digsby wont even load after i gave the windows permission...

  • Joggs

    I can’t connect to MSN, ICQ or Facebook since the new update.
    I'm going through a socks5 proxy.

  • New smileys are welcome and I can't wait until you make it use different smileys for each service so that with MSN users I get MSN smileys and with Yahoo users I get Yahoo smileys.

    I did write a smiley pack for Pidgin a ong time ago with all the relevant smileys for each protocol. Can't see why you can't use that or similar to make sure you have all smileys for each protocol including the hidden MSN ones and all 80+ Yahoo ones.

  • Dmitry

    Some troubles with encoding for russian language :( Had to move to official release...

  • Niko

    GTalk doesn't connect with this update! Any known issue with that?

  • Frank

    Good job, thanks guys. The best IM ever, I love it.

  • sesnut

    when i reply in the popup, shouldnt the taskbar/system tray icon stop flashing since ive seen the msg already due to the fact that i replied to it?
    or does that not make any sense. :<

  • Digsby

    @All: Thank you for all the feedback. We fixed a number of bugs reported throughout the day and a new release will go out tomorrow morning. It also seems that switching to python 2.6 is causing Digsby to crash for a very small number of users. We got some very useful diagnostic logs and are working on fixing this ASAP.

  • Thomas Q Owens

    The alpha worked fine when it finally finished downloading, but after rebooting my computer it simply crashes every time before it can load, so I can't even submit a bug report or anything.

  • Andrew

    Hey when are we going to see a mac version of Digsby any updates?

  • Ray B

    Thanks for the update guys.

    I was hoping to see a fix to twitter to make it display new posts or get it to display the number of new unread tweets.

    Is that still be worked on?

  • selwonk

    File transfers on AIM still isn't working and I thought it was fixed in this new update?

  • indigo

    I'm confused with the new emoticon setup. How do I change which emoticon pack I'm using? Thanks, the new update is awesome :)

  • nitro

    Man this multi client is awesome :D keep on and bye bye msn live xD

  • Manoj

    With the new updates I am not able to loginto Gtalk.

  • valeria

    hola valeria te digo k me gustas mucho y k no te voy a olvidar nunca y kisiera verta una vez mas x favor si tu kisieras yo iria a tu casa pero no puedo ir x k tu no kieres

  • valeria

    ola valeria kiero k sepas k me gustas muchisimo ps o no tevoy a olvidar nunca te apuesto

  • Ryan M

    Sorry for the double post. I have added the tag file to the Digsby folder (using Vista) and have restarted the program several times w/o receiving the new alpha update. Is there something I'm missing?

  • Ryan M

    Can't wait to see MySpace IM added!!!

  • Matthew Raymer

    I just allowed Digsby ALPHA to update and it does not boot. I get a "unhandled win32 exception in digsby-app.exe". If I debug, it says that its exception 0x1e03fcdd in disgby-app.exe: 0xC000001D: Illegal Instruction"

    I am not able to send a bug report as the app does not boot.

    Note: I'm using Windows 2003 Enterprise on an Athlon 999MHz.

  • didnt notice any change in aim file transfers :(
    tried receiving both a folder, which was automatically cancelled, and a .docx file, which i eventually had to cancel because it wasnt doing anything.
    this is the main thing keeping me from using digsby at the moment.

  • Nickie D

    Sadly I got a bad responce from the update, exited out of my working version to restart to get the update, it did indeed update but now crashes all the time and cant get anything running.

    The error signature given by XP is:

    Appname: digsby-app.exe Appver: Modname: python26.dll ModBer: Offset: 0003fcdd

    Dunno if that means anything to anyone in the dev department.

  • Brandon

    Dylan Said,

    April 29, 2009 @ 5:58 pm

    Oh my! The right click to close pop-up notifications is something I have been waiting for forever. Thank you!

    this has been a feature from the very start i do believe, i've been using it for as long as i can remember. the only thing new is the help box letting you know you CAN do it.

  • bytemybits

    Are you getting sick of "xmpp group chat please" yet? This is a deal breaker for many of us who use it at work.

  • Doug V

    Word is there is a fix that will be pushed out soon. Yea!

  • Pszakaly

    Hate to be a nag, but how about instead of constantly updating a already good windows client, making that mac/linux client beta or something. Taking way too long to integrate the system. Its like the chinese democracy of apps or something.

  • Dylan

    Oh my! The right click to close pop-up notifications is something I have been waiting for forever. Thank you!

  • Dylan

    I am so excited about these features.
    Thanks! I am testing it right now.

  • noque

    Just a small add (since I cannot submit bug) - I can still connect to Jabber and Twitter. But not the rest: aim, gmail, linkedin and hotmail.

  • "Added an option for new IM windows to start hidden and blink the tray icon instead of popping up a window"

    That may be enough for me to switch to alpha

  • Leox91

    Very good.
    I've installed the new update, but I can't see any new Emoticons o.o

  • Will

    I was able to fix my Google Talk connection problem by changing the port it uses from 5222 to 80.

  • Yanick

    Works great,

    Had no problems at all,
    Thanks a lot, i like the tray icon status

  • I am definitely glad that at least I can kill the popups whenever I want and don't have the new conversation grabbing my focus while I was typing to someone else. Good job, guys!
    However, could you please add 1 very little nice option to SUPPRESS popups right after I sign on? My contact list usually have >100 online buddies around the world no matter the time, and whenever I sign in, it wastes a lot of time and computer resources just to show a hundred popups.

  • Doug V

    Downloaded the installer and installed over my existing installation. Still had the "alpha" file so it performed the update immediately and is still failing.

    Not sure if it's worth trying anything else at this point. Critical IM services (work-related) are working so I'll wait to hear anything.

  • eDRoaCH

    Oh god, finally I can click on twitter links without having to re-scroll back to where I was. So very nice, but I still dream of better twittering- a RT button, a line for where you left off the last time you checked it, an option to break it into a separate window...

  • baschinger

    After the update I'm unable to connect to facebook, my gmail-account (gtalk works) or hotmail.

  • Jeremy Bronson

    Awesome. I was looking forward to many of these minor changes, especially regarding twitter, the popup notifications, and clicking behavior from within each.

    While I'm glad the twitter popups now display the twitter name instead of "twitter update," I suggest giving users a choice whether to display the twitter username or the person's name associated with that account. Many standalone twitter apps offer this and I know people who like it both ways. Not a big deal though. Keep up the great work!

  • fulltext

    Thanks, love being able to dismiss status messages by right-clicking!

    Now if only you would support my audio players - vlc and songbird! hehe

  • Joel

    Ugh, ignore previous comment. Had to restart twice.

  • Joel

    # Added an option for new IM windows to start hidden and blink the tray icon instead of popping up a window

    Where's this? And I'm running now, all's well. Where are the emoticon packs?

  • *quietly campaigns for AIM chat* Still lovin' Digsby!

  • armitage

    Im behind a proxy at work, could connect to protocols before upgrade, but not after.

  • Social networks are working great for me here. No issues on that front. I love the right-click to close the growl-style notifications as well. Little things make a big difference. I'll hit up the new features harder in a bit. Thanks, Digs.

  • Doug V

    Same problem - MSN, Yahoo, Facebook chat won't connect; Gmail, Linked-in, Twitter aren't connecting either.

    I cannot submit bug reports from the app whereas previously I was able to.

  • squiel

    After installing the update (alpha) in Windows 7 (buil 7057) Digsby is not executed.


  • For me, all works great, but no gtalk connection :(

  • cinchel

    thanks..filed a bug report too!

  • cinchel

    i also agree with scott c and dave s. i can connect to gtalk but not aim. no gmail at all. and twitter doesnt update.

    i also use digsby through a proxy if that helps at all.

    this all worked fine before the update


  • This login issue seems only temporary. My facebook failed as well after the update suggesting that credentials were invalid. I edited, re-input my credentials and it connected right back up and all is well again.

  • Chris

    Skype? Pllllllleeeeeeeese :)

  • noque

    Great and long waited features! Thanks.
    Unfortunately I can't connect to aim, gmail, linkedin and hotmail, right after upgrade completed (successfuly) and restarted digsby.

  • Brandon

    i was just cursing at you guys no more than 5 minutes prior to this after checking the bog and seeing no update, then i got your twitter message (over digsby of course) which put you guys back in my good graces.

    like the new emotes, maybe someday we can get service specific emotes? so my yahoo buddies send me yahoo emotes and msn buddies msn emotes?

    still waiting for a sound pack that i can hear over my laptop or netbook speakers, i love the current sounds, it's just they're so quiet without a decent set of external speakers.

    now i'm really just anticipating irc and skype support!

    really liking this new feature list though in the mean time!

  • Digsby

    @All: If you are having connectivity issues try to submit a bug report and if that does not work email bugs@digsby.com with details.

  • Will

    I am unable to connect to GTalk since this update. It was working just moments ago on the previous version.

  • Scott C

    Agree with Dave S. GTalk is the only thing that works for me. LinkedIn, Hotmail, Facebook and AIM fail to connect. Was connected to all of these services right before I upgraded.

  • Isaiah Machiz

    Cool update, but it still seems like you're just patching, some completely new features would be nice.

    Thanks Digsby

  • Thanks Steve! Keep up the good work! You have definitely been on top of Digsby...

    I got my Never Blue T-Shirt up at @ Ad Tech too ! :-)

  • Justin

    Awesome, these are some great updates! I'm extremely happy that the tray icon shows my status now.

    I love using digsby on my windows computer at work, now I'm just hoping for a linux version so I can use it all the time!

  • Dave Stumme

    I can't connect to MSN, Gtalk, or Facebook since this alpha rolled out, and I could just seconds earlier with the previous release.

  • freibooter

    While I really love Digsby otherwise, there are two missing option that always puzzled me:
    1. Unless I simply missed it, it still appears to be impossible to make Digbsy start with its contact list minimized like it is the standard for just about every other IM client. It's already not easy to understand why this isn't Digsby's default behavior, it's almost incomprehensible why this feature hasn't been added in the months that people have constantly been begging for it. What's the reason for Disgby's slightly obnoxious behavior here?
    2. Why is there no "restart digsby" or "check for updates" button? Every single time there is a notification about a great new update that tells me that all I have to do is restart Digsby I'm wondering "Why can't you do that for me?"
    I know it's not a big deal but while i search for my otherwise rarely needed shortcut to start Digsby in the start menu I'm wondering every single time why there just isn't a "restart" or "install update" button on that notification window or at least somewhere else in the application.

  • Nevermind, I take that last part back.


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