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Server Migration

We are migrating the Digsby service to our west coast data center today in preparation for the big move. New account registration will be disabled for part of the day and Digsby may log in as “local mode” during portions of the day as we flip over to the new set of servers.  We’ll keep you posted here and let you know once the migration is complete.

Update 1 (4/25/2011 3:00pm EST): All west coast servers are online and we just flipped all online users over to them. Registration is back online for some people and it will be available to everyone shortly as the DNS changes propagate. We’re working to bring widget creation, password resets, and a couple other small support items online now.

  • Cody Henschel

    It's encouraging to know the bundled software is gone... I tried digsby a while back and quickly uninstalled when i noticed you changed my status without my permission.

    Have you also changed this bit?  I would really like to use only one messenger program instead of having msn, gtalk, facebook all being separate, and I am wanting to try something besides pidgin.  I was hopeful for digsby but REALLY turned off when that happened.

  • digsby is really the best and i am happy with its performance.

  • Thank you!

  • Josh

    Just wanted to say THNAKS for a AWSOME IM client! 

  • Fly_b23

    i think its fine now but i cant make it work on wordpress latest version,

  • Andrew Savini

    Hi guys, is there any update on when the widgets are coming back?

  • Just want to say that I LOVE using Digsby. Super handy, and the screen options are great too.

  • Just want to say that I absolutely LOVE Digsby!

  • KrilionGD

    When is the widget coming back.. they said on the 25th they were working on it.. but it still does not work.

  • ^THIS. Because I'm really tired of "Missing Plug-In"

  • arvin baniel

    ok to ah.....thanks

  • Fanthomasse

    Hey, it's by far the best IM app since you can have in the same list multiple account, multiple email notifications and facebook. But please fix the yahoo protocol that isn't displaying when people change their avatars. I can't see when my contacts change their avatars i only see the old ones.

  • CookieDumass

    give it a rest guys ? geez....

  • Gerald Origenes

    Very very USEFUL... I love it so much... :D

  • Keith

    It is awesome. Allows you to organize everything in one place. Totally worth the wait.

  • Aansyafna

    hahah ikut komeng ah... sukses deh

  • Ne iş yapıyonuz la siz.

  • Ronilson Marques

    como se usa isso ?

  • Niyaz Ahammed

    waiting..... no problem...

  • Denissemendoza21

    very useful,easy acess

  • Denissemendoza21

    very useful,great..

  • @Tagza: It will be worth the waiting! I would not want to use anything else ever again.

  • crap, the same here .... dying for use it .. and can not be because the server migration .. damn ..

  • Thanks guys..this just show that you're growing in numbers..

    "Black Seo Guy "Signing Off"

  • Tagza

    hahah i just found this program, after seeing the vid for it, dying to use it and cant haha the irony

  • Patexample C

    Best Program for this kinda thing even though mac,windows, and linux

  • Vicious

    Same here xD

  • Hahahaha, same here :P

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