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Build 90 – Spring Cleaning!

We just pushed out a small update (Build 90, r30044) which includes fixes for a few recent bugs. As always, you can read the entire list of enhancements on our Change Log.

If you run into any bugs please use “Help > Send Bug Report” in the main menu to submit a diagnostic log or email us at bugs@digsby.com. We’ll keep pushing to make Digsby even better and greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word!

  • Elisaulflorez

    bueno la verdad yo no se hablar ingles , pero de lo que si estoy seguro es que este software es el mejor que he conocido de 50.000 programas que he instalado en toda mi carrera de ing de sistemas

  • guys, i can't open voice/video chat. why?

  • On which IM protocol? Can you submit a bug report with more info? Click Help > Submit Bug Report

  • guys, i can't open video/voice chat, why?

  • gmjhfj

  • Senti_trombi

    Id be happy to donate if a Linux version was available

  • Alexander_lv

    i would like to connect to skype

  • Mahyar Sabery

    زبان پارسی را هم بیفزایید

  • izzy

    Hey guys, I would like to thank you for the AMAZING software but I have one request. It is more like a please-do-me-a-favor. When people nudge/buzz me on MSN or Yahoo ... it doesn't really make a sound or vibrate and come to front like in other messenger such as msn messenger or yahoo messenger ...

    Also, I can't nudge/buzz people while chatting. if u add a tool/feature like that ... I think all users will be happier ... please tell if I can enable it or try to add it soon. Thanks so much for the great efforts :D

  • izzy

    I just want to say that this is probably the BEST multi messenger software in the market. Even better than the paid ones. But please keep it free =) I try to enable anything that might help you guys with money. I promise to donate money when I get my credit card and so should every one who uses this software to keep this amazing piece of work going. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH =)

  • ecch

    Is there a nightly build for linux that we can use already? I really can't stand any of the common messengers for Ubuntu. Pidgin, amsn, kopete, they are all the same.

  • Bernmeister

    If creating an installer is an issue, perhaps look at using Ubuntu's PPA system. I'm happy to be a beta tester!

  • Thanks for great application and work...
    Please, introduce Native ReTweets not just RT at the start of the tweet.
    Please, fix web-site widget problem - where can't input Baltic characters (Windows-1257 encoding).
    Thanks again...

  • Oktar

    I can't send files to anyone in MSN. when the other side accepts the request, digsby just disconnects me from MSN and then reconnects.

  • We're working on upgrading our MSN protocol. From my understanding, we'll be releasing an update sometime in the next few days.

  • TK

    Works great. Seriously people, stop complaining, its free software and you are treating the developers like total shit. This is now my main IM app, its works flawlessly and I love the features - haven't had a hitch. So stop complaining about this and that, if you got nothing nice to say, don't say it at all! Hard work has gone into this - if you don't like it, go download something else.

  • BogdanelDesign

    Very nice.. I keep wondering when skype chat will be added :D

  • Unfortunately the Skype API requires Skype to be open and running in the background in order to access it, defeating the purpose of Digsby. :(

  • BogdanelDesign

    shame on skype :)

  • Michaelmc78

    Skype chat integration would seal the deal for me.

  • Marius

    Nice work, after more than a year when the bug was send is finally fixed:

    Fixed a bug that caused Digsby to hold a lock on the file if a Yahoo file transfer failed
    Fixed a bug that caused Yahoo file transfers to get stuck in a “Connecting” state if they fail

    But there are still some problems with the YMSG file transfer, some time is working some time is not.

    Also it will be nice to have an option to hide unused accounts from the connection tab.

    I wish you all the best.

  • soontobeexuser

    where the hell is MSN support already? ::sigh:: now i have to switch BACK to pidgin. from reading comments a few months back, i see you've been promising the fix for a while. you may be prioritizing internationalization and a mac client, but meanwhile you're losing a huge chunk of your user base because basic functionality for MSN is non existing in the existing clients. you should reprioritize...

  • Alexmills1976

    Facebook feed is working, but no facebook chat, win 7 basic

  • This may be a temporary issue with Facebook's servers. Submit a bug report the next time this happens. Click Help > Submit Bug Report

  • Mukunth97

    When i Connect to Facebook in Digsby it automatically disconnect within half an hour Please Fix it

  • Doe this happen consistently? Can you submit a bug report the next time this happens?

  • Joe_nitro

    yeah this seems like a solid platform. i just with i could figure out how to get the SMS sevise to work :(

  • Akej23

    Digsby перевели бы на русский цены бы ей не было пользуюсь год уже))))))

  • Digsby is the best of all multi-IM's I've ever come across in the recent time. I've got no problem with it since 2009 that I discovered it. Wish it could adapt to skype as well. Kep it up you guys.

  • digsby is the best of multi-IM's I ever come across in the recent time. I've got no problem using it ever since I got to know it in 2009. Just wish it could also connect skype.

  • Finalplayer

    Ну когда же будет перевод на русский?!?!??!?!?

  • Can we set a default browser for links in digsby chats?

  • Digsby

    Yup - just set your default browser in Windows and Digsby tells the operating system to launch the default browser with whatever URL you click.

  • Thanks for the update. This is a great free software.

  • Thanks for the support!

  • Shankar

    Can someone please fwd me the link to download Debian/ubuntu beta or alpha version of the installer => callshank_78@yahoo.com

  • murtadha

    thanks digsby!

  • Dhamania192

    digsby is a powerfull & usefull for me.thanks

  • Monsterplow

    Still says I have signed in from another location for Messenger. This is simply unacceptable and renders Digsby useless as I have to have Messenger running as well.

    Please fix this as a matter of urgency.

  • Digsby

    Working on fixing this now.

  • I love digsby

  • Thanks!

  • dcrystalj

    instead of fixing these add support for skype and you'll win ;)

  • Their API requires Skype to be open in the background in order to access it which, unfortunately, kind of defeats the purpose. Definitely haven't put it off the table though!

  • Jeroen

    the msn messenger 'signed in from other location' error is back with the latest update.

  • Are you effin serious. I have been tweetin @Digsby on Twitter bout the Aim login issue. Still isnt fixed. Even send a bug report 3 weeks back...

  • Isslam

    I had problems with MSN messenger because it keeps updating and asking me to download GBs of files to get the new one. I found your software after days of searching for a decent multimessenger program. I have to say. This is THE best one I have tried so far. I have been a loyal user for about 6 months now. it is AMAZING. Thanks for the effort.

    I have a request, why don't you have a nudge/buzz button in your conversations such as the ones in MSN/Yahoo/Gtalk ???? I think this will be a great feature to add ... is there a way for me to activate it or do you simply don't have it yet?

  • Rjewelur

    I want to ask if it supports Voice Call to other peoples By Yahoo / gmail ...?

  • I can not accept or send files through my jabber client. It just hangs on trying to connect.

  • Robert Cosac

    A year ago i tried, and i stayed with him because it deserves.thanks digsby

  • Freya Vanir

    I want to ask if it supports seing other peoples webcameras when they invite you to view them via a webcam...?

  • Digsby

    You can video chat - just click the "Video" button at the top of the IM window

  • Ianm60

    Where the heck is a Linux version?

  • Joy4u_all_life

    Id like that Linux version too :D

  • pako

    im a new user to digsby, and all i can say is that this program its simply AWESOME, have everything i need to stay in contact in my multiple accounts, 2 days using it and 100% happy of using it, way better than Windows Live Messenger or any other client.

    thanks digsby team.

  • Lila29pr

    i must agree.. it's awesome!!.. just needs video chat and it would be PERFECT.

  • Digsby

    Thanks for the kind words! We'll keep pushing to make Digsby even better and greatly appreciate any help in spreading the word!

  • Andres - Bogotá

    Been using this software for a while, and I just want to say THANKS.

  • Ovi76

    i have the same problem. can not connect to gtalk. but this is happening through firewall. with direct connection, I see no problem

  • Digsby

    Your firewall may be blocking the connection to the Gtalk servers.

  • Latn4lif

    Also, before when all users from a group where logged off, group would go away. Now it just displays there with 0/0

  • Digsby

    There is an option to hide empty groups but it does not apply to groups with 0/0 since those are newly created with no buddies in them. If it did not behave this way every time you create a new group it would disappear right away. If it says 0/0 then there are no buddies in it and you can just delete it. Groups with buddies that are all offline will have a number other than 0 for the second number (ie: 0/15)

  • Latn4lif

    I can't see the email panel anymore. Under settings I can move it, but i never actually displays anymore. Haven't seen any FB updates as well.

  • Digsby

    Make sure the accounts are enabled in Preferences > Accounts

  • Devesh Chilwal

    Using all the services or account types in My Accounts section is not useful it bugs very bad.

  • Papayrus123

    I think these people have viruses it works great for me so far hopefully no more issue with facebook rarelt not connecting properly.

  • Skeah

    It's obviously a protocol issue with the connection between the MSN servers and the Digsby client, as stated above. Read things before you hit the reply button...

    Also, your problems with facebook connecting are obviously a virus so you should go into System32 and delete any files with weird names. Better yet, delete them all. I hear that works wonders.

  • Sourav

    Hi, there seems to be a problem with MSN chat.
    Some of my friends try to add me, but I'm appearing offline to them, even though I am online.

    Kindly have a look.
    Thanks! :D

  • Digsby

    The MSN servers we connect to have been really flaky for the past couple weeks. We are working on upgrading the version of the MSN protocol we use to connect to a new set of servers they have, which should be MUCH more stable. We'll have this launched within the next 1 or 2 releases.

  • Sourav

    Thanks mate, appreciate it. <3

  • hipstercaller

    "...within the next 1 of 2 releases."

    As a former Digsby user who stopped using Digsby because of the "version of the MSN protocol" Digsby is using, I keep checking back for this. As others have pointed out, you keep promising this support. It's amazing to me that you STILL do not support this. My IM+ client on my iPhone can do this. Pidgin (for Win/Linux/Mac) can do this. Why not Digsby?
    What I would like to ask is if you can give an actual realistic timeframe. While Disby is free, you do still make money on the demographic data you collect and the optional opt-in addons. You owe it to your users to answer this and stop giving politician-like answers. This is not a hard problem to solve.

  • Foo

    clearly it IS a hard problem to solve. I'm as frustrated as anyone here about the MSN problems BTW.

  • Pauljennion

    I'm having this problem connecting to MSN now, too.

  • yeah been promising for 2 (or 3??) month and many "small" releases earlier....this is really a big bother for me as i love digsby but as soon as I need to use a vpn i have no choice but to change software...many times in the morning already..so that means no digsby :/

  • Just a heads' up, Digsby has been promising an MSN fix in the next "1 or 2 releases" for the past several releases. Digsby is simply unreliable on MSN. I use MSN chat for work, and now have to have another chat program running because they've low-prioritized fixing this. In addition to your issue of appearing offline, sometimes you'll never be notified that someone has sent you chat messages. It is unusable. Because this new patch still brings no resolution, my patience is tiring - I now have to have Pidgin running just for MSN, which defeats the purpose of a multi-protocol chat.

  • TTCO

    I have to agree on this... I've been using digsby for about half a year, and have no "major" complains other than bad MSN protocol support. I was excited about a month ago when you announced the fix "within the next 1 or 2 releases", but sadly it's still not here... I'd really like to use digsby as my IM program, but if this isn't fixed soon I'm going to have to switch...

  • Guest

    I guess you could actually complain about this if you paid for Digsby...but you didn't, so you can't.

  • Hardtarget24

    Ever since the update I'm not longer able to connect to GTalk, tries to connect, tries to authenticate, fails, starts over and just loops forever

  • Phil123

    I had that problem,I uninstalled ,then re-installed .It found all my original settings and works great now

  • Hardtarget24

    whoops, sorry for double post, wasn't sure the first one went through

  • Hardtarget24

    uhh I can not longer connect to google talk, it just tries to authenticate, fails, tries to authenticate, fails, loops forever

  • Nothappening

    Broke privacy settings. Half of my buddies appear offline, and the privacy tab is nonfunctional.

  • What do you mean by broke privacy settings?

  • IWontUseDigsby

    I miss the days when freeware was truely free and not full of toolbars, BHOs and ads!!! Not recommendable (which is a polite word for what I think)

  • Abc

    You can put off advertisements in Digsby through Tools>Preferences>Conversations>Ad Options. However, remember that advertisements are to support further development of Digsby.

  • Rystian

    Well, I don't mind about the ads as long as it keeps digsby free. It's just too good I would pay for it...

  • All the toolbars are customizable and can be removed if wished. Just search them in preferences and uncheck them.

    I use to be as mad as you for this, but as always, Digsby holds the record in the 'customizable' departament. However you want it to look you can do it! :)

  • Digsby

    We offer optional products in the installer to help keep Digsby free. They are basically just ads for products and you can decline them during installation.

  • Nick

    Digsby can't see the group update on facebook.

  • MU¿D!CK

    Will there ever be a paid version of Digsby that has additional features, and removes the ads completely?

  • Are those "toolbars, BHOs and ads" non-removable, can you not opt-out? Press a few buttons here and there and stop being a pathetic whiner.

  • 770621

    Gas Digsby gone soft & boring? I miss the days when I was excited about upcoming releases...

  • Kunjal

    digsby just doesnt launch ... not even as administrator. i just got my computer cleaned up from a virus and all the ims except digsby work.. any suggestions?

  • Try re-installing directly from http://install.digsby.com . If that doesn't work, can you email us at bugs[at]digsby.com ?

  • Awesome!!

  • Awesome!!

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