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We’ve Been Tagged!

We’re thrilled to announce that Tagged has acquired Digsby!

The Digsby team will be migrating from the frozen tundras of Rochester to the sunny hills of San Francisco later this month to join our new teammates!

We will continue our mission of making online communication easy and efficient as part of the Tagged team and we’re excited about the opportunity to bring many of our innovations to Tagged’s 100 million users across the world.

What will happen to Digsby?

We will continue to support Digsby as a standalone product while also leveraging our expertise in real time communication to develop exciting new products at Tagged.  We’re still working with the Tagged team to figure out the long-term plans for Digsby.

Is anything going to change?

We are removing all bundled offers shown during installation of Digsby. We hope this will make Digsby a better experience for you and your friends. :)

What about my account information?

All your account information is safe. We have established very strong safeguards to ensure that your account passwords are encrypted in a way which prevents them from being retrieved by anyone including all Digsby (and Tagged) employees. More info on our security page.

Stay tuned as we provide more details on future plans and check out the official press release here.

Thank you for all the support you’ve given us!

  • Piperlee

    i love digsby best i have seen yet, but i would like to  see it alittle better with skype account and more emails

  • is good for digsby still progress on linux and mac and non beta apps.
    my only suggestion is the app. is available on Android too maybe in the future. Coz it definitely great app.

  • Matt

    Digsby's is kinda getting dated now. I hope the change will offer a much needed facelift. You know like better third-party skin support like Trillian has. The current Digsby skins are just so boring. Then again I used Digsby back in like February 2009 and have pretty much seen no change to the appearance of the IM and very little noticeable feature changes.

    And yes I don't get why some bitch about companies wanting to make a profit. I had no problem with Digsby offering optional software but I had an issue with them adding a bunch of it.

    Can anyone honestly say they wouldn't do the same? Well your offered a pay increase of say 100k a year but to do so you need to move to a different location and possibly make changes to your product. Not many would turn down the pay increase solely because some people who want everything free would be upset. After all the ones complaining don't ever buy anything. They want full versions of products for free without any ads or optional software. Yet if in the same situation they'd load the product up with ads and crap to make themselves money. Basically everyone is supposed to give them everything for free but their supposed to be allowed to make money.

  • Cest La Vie

    How do you delete your Digsby account? There seems to be no option, and I could have sworn I'd seen it before. Of course, now that I want to use it... nada. Sorry Digsby, love you but don't trust Tagged one bit.

  • Pudgieluv

    Awesome !!! Add Buddy Pounce Already !!!! It's getting old and it keeps me from using digsby !!! Just saying !!!.

  • Concerned

    Excuse me if this has already been addressed, but I'm really concerned about the security of my email and IM accounts that Digsby has the information to.
    I don't really care about the questionable past of Tagged. My concern is anyone but Digsby getting ahold of my information for any reason.
    Should I be worried that Digsby may be passing along my usernames and passwords to Tagged?

  • Digsby

    Your account information is stored in such a way that even we can't access it, let alone Tagged. More info here: http://security.digsby.com

  • John Reinert Nash

    But what will you do for ground rounds, white hots, and garbage plates? :-)

  • Digsby

    I guess we'll have to replace them with In&Out Burger + Sushi :)

  • Try The Habit Burger too. I'm sure you'll love it. :)

  • JGallaway81

    been using digsby for several years after changing over from Trillian.

    I already stopped using digsby about a year ago when I switched from Windows to Linux... newsflash, digsby doesn't work on LinuxMint over WINE.

    IF digsby FINALLY releases the LONG PROMISED linux release, I'll look back into it. Infact, would appreciate being able to use it now. The only reason I ever heard about the sale was because I needed to log into my WinV partition for work today.

  • Lastwraith

    I first found Digsby while evaluating different multi-protocol clients years ago (just after the release in March 2008). Digsby has always balanced ease of use with ability to customize. Besides this, the Digsby team has been fairly responsive to our complaints and suggestions (even though some of us have some stupid complaints). I'm glad you guys were able to finally partner up and get some deserved $$, and I hope you are able to keep up the good work. Congrats on getting out of Rochester though, I've been there plenty of times to visit friends at RIT and SUNY and it's damn cold! As a LI resident, Rochester makes our weather seem like Miami heat.

    PS - Am I being daft, or is there even now still no way to post a word in an IM and associate a link with it? I've not ever been able to do this in Digsby but I've admittedly not used it in a long while. Having to post the whole ugly link in a conversation is a little silly (and a little 1999).

  • Adelgharbi1

    c'est fantastique

  • guru

    Will you provide skype account integrated with digsby?
    It will be very good if you provide it

  • JuneBleeds

    Time to switch back to pidgin.

  • Digsby

    Why is that?

  • Senexx

    The concept behind Tagged does not win me over to its acquisition of Digsby

    I'm not remotely interested in meeting new people or social discovery and if I was I'd do it via facebook website - facebook service in Digsby I don't use beyond the rare chat and am unlikely ever to.

    From my perspective this is about three or four giant steps backwards.

    I only have to wonder whether I should shift clients today to say trillian or whatever they renamed gaim (pidgin?) or whether to wait for Tagged to stuff it all up.

    Shame you didn't sell to SmallRivers then I would have had plenty of faith.

  • Tagged is? Or Digsby? There's been nothing but positive changes in Digsby.

  • Senexx

     Those questions are poorly phrased for me to understand them.  After looking at the Tagged website and the overview of the company I do not see anything worthwhile in the company.  I am gravely concerned about it acquiring Digsby.  I don't have any faith in Tagged.  I had faith in Digsby and the prior owners.  I don't believe Tagged is capable of improving Digsby

  • Asdas

    I think we all need to be patient and see how things unfold. I still trust digsby and hope they do everything they can to continue to support and develop digsby the same way it was done earlier. Its been great using digsby from the beginning, and I hope steve will make things only better from here

  • I cannot wait to see what will happen..

  • We'll keep you updated!

  • ooe

    Have the bundled software toolbars etc been removed from Digsby already?

  • Yes, this happened Monday night. :) You can install Digsby directly from http://install.digsby.com

  • Ionreflex

    Didn't know Tagged, created an account today and didn't like it : my mailbox got clogged by a thing called "Pets", but then again I didn't checked all settings behind the thing, so I guess some part of the blame I can take!

    Loved Digsby since I discovered it, have a great respect the way you gave the user a choice to participate or not in the promoting and money harvesting addons and I hope your views in that manner will stick in the future...

    There is hope, by what I've read above : I'll stay around' I don't want to miss what's to come! ;o)

  • Midnight Snowleopard

    I have mixed feelings about this news. I don't know anything at all about tagged and will avoid the hysteria floating around about it. Being part of a larger organization allows for more resources and the benefits that brings but the question is what Tagged wants out of it. There needs to be a way to get a return on their investment. Will it remain a separate product? Will it have mandatory advertising rather than optional?

    For the immediate future, I'd like to know whether or not Digsby account information will still be protected under the current privacy policy that prevents sharing with third parties except with explicit user consent as that seems to directly conflict with the one that Tagged uses.

    Beyond that, I hope that all of you get some sun, more support, and more information to release to us. I've used Digsby for quite a while now and hope not to have to switch.

  • Any idea on a Web App/Chrome OS Version of Digsby? I have a CR-48 Chrome OS Laptop and I have been missing Digsby so much!!

  • Therealkidsmoke

    Do I have to worry now about the safety of my accounts and email? Yes, according to the NY Times:


  • This was only over the period of just one or two days while testing new products. Tagged responds as fast as they can to user complaints. This was immediately closed after Tagged received user complaints. There's a bit more info here - http://www.inc.com/magazine/20...

  • GlenoUnderhill

    This concerns me. I've yet to see a software product yet that didn't get screwed up after being acquired by another software company. Don't get milked, guys.

  • Congratulation and Good Luck. Digsby is a great product.

  • Thank you!

  • Sebastian Linnemann

    great job!!! congratulations on your work! i wont ever stop using digsby i guess...

  • Thanks!

  • Support this!

    google +1, google buzz, disquss and (or) intense debate comments stream, for mobile phone (java), for mac, for android, what else..??

  • LittleRed

    This is LittleRed ...I have been using quite happily for aprox 2 years...And i am curious...? With this new thing that is going on with Tagged acquiring Digsby, Does anyone have an idea how long digsby will last before it gets sold to another company and becomes harder to use and possibly even be free for use...?

  • could you add a -yahoo messenger "BUZZ"- in chat toolbar? i think all other part was great! keep rockin' with d'new dude's! :)

  • NotTagged

    Good luck with that. My credit card was fraudulently charged by Tagged a few months ago. I will no longer be using Digsby. Goodbye.

  • Jackysingh

    digsby is the best and i love it its awesome and good one love to see all im in one tool tnx

  • Dmaebert

    I've been with Digsby since it's inception, and I lovewith pidgen, tillillon, aol and always have issues, not with Digsby very reliable program. Enjoy SF beautiful city!

  • michel_2040

    Please make a Digsby for the mac

  • Iwanttodelete


    I hope this means we might be seeing MSN Group support in the future, and better file transferring! :) Then it'd be perfect!

  • Reazuddin26

    what about your video n voice call support

  • $8965136

    i am sure linux and osx will be supported sometime in the future. i have been with digsby for a long time now. some updates good, some bad. but i feel this new acquisition will mean a brighter future. Good luck!

  • Nik

    Does this mean better Jabber support?

  • Djcrewe1

    What about OSX support? I've been itching to get rid of adium forever!

  • my heart just skipped a beat when I read that announcement.
    thou shalt be missed, dotSyntax, LLC! :'(

  • Congratulations!

    My opinion is as it always has been: As long as you're making an awesome product, I don't care who you are or who you're with.

  • Linux and Android version.. Will it ever happen?

  • vvMINOvv

    this marks the end of the digsby era, and the beginning of another. Don't get me wrong, I'm proud that you guys made it, but realistically speaking...This basically is the end of digsby. Cheers guys.

  • Nabeeliqbal1989

    What about Digsby On mobile ,???

  • Chommer

    I hate to break it to you, but being in SF doesn't mean you'll be in the sun. You need to come down to So.Cal for that. Congrats though! Enjoy the mostly overcast and drizzly weather! (It's still a step up from snow)

  • haha, thanks!

  • This will start the Digsby decline. Unless the digsby team is able to hold on to much much much of the power they have right now, the visionary dream will be lost. Digsby will become bloatware, and those of us who seek a slim, fast communications experience will have to migrate to greener pastures.

  • tg

    Congrats, Digsby team!

  • Tagged STALKER

    Are they going to buy Pidgon too? PS it works on Linux

  • Tagged Stalker

    ????? HOW MUCH $$$$$$$ DID YOU GET?????

  • Congrats you guys - well deserved... that's what happens when you build awesome products. Please don't let this acquisition ruin Digsby!!!

  • Jim

    Thank goodness! Those bundled offers were overwhelming!

  • Business is business.. Digsby is a success and I enjoy using the product. Its great to hear the company got acquired. Congrats to you guys and your hard work is appreciated.

  • You guys really need to think introduce 'Orkut' by gmail on Digsby. Millions of brazillians users will get it. I use it since the beginning and i have to thank u for the great job till now. Digsby is the best free app ever!

  • Gitarkopong

    Yey... Congrats dude!
    You know what, you guys need good Marketing persons... still lack people know about digsby

  • Reverend Jay

    I'm excited to see what will happen. Been using digsby for years and I've never been dissatisfied for more than the week or so it takes you guys to roll out a patch. Now that you've got a parent company to help fund you I'm sure that'll mean quicker patches and more better features. Keep up the great work guys and I'll be sure to stick around and upvote you on everything you ask (just don't expect me to join tagged, got enough social networks to try and not keep up with as it is :P)!
    And to the naysayers, why not give it a chance, digsby's never let me down before, I see no reason to think they will starting now.

  • John Galt

    Hey Digsby, pay no attention to the socialists here. Congratulations on your excellent work being recognized by financial reward.

  • Duncan

    Congrats on being bought-out, Tagged need to do something about their public image though - I've read through those links and I'm about as impressed as anyone who's ever read them. Perhaps if there's more to it, editing the Wikipedia would be a start (albeit as you/they know, care must be taken to adhere to Wikipedia's rules to the letter).

  • Shmoe

    "Is anything going to change?

    We are removing all bundled offers shown during installation of Digsby. We hope this will make Digsby a better experience for you and your friends. :) "

    Best thing you could have done, Now I'll finally recommend it to average computer users as well.

  • Segofam

    When we go to the Digsby website we keep reading that there will be Digsby for Linux!
    My email was entered some time ago for notification of when it was to be ready, and like many, I have been waiting...patiently... :-/
    Wine is a program that Digsby interfaces through, and works somewhat in Linux, but not well enough!
    What do you require/need to be able to build a Digsby program for Linux?

  • Sandy negi

    very gud news,,,digsby rocks

  • Michael Knopf

    Digsby is a great product. In my experience, when a company aquires another, it's usually in an attempt to elliminate the aquired firm as a competitor, the end result being the death of the aquired products; I really hope this doesn't happen to digsby.

  • Pike

    Congrats guys. While I'm not a fan of Tagged, I still respect and support your decision. Good luck and I hope we see an iPhone version soon!

  • way to go!

    but why TAGGED....i m sure a lot of money.....maybe TAGGED is into social networking.....and that way....i dont know.....to me DIGSBY will always remain DIGSBY and only DIGSBY!

  • gbda

    C'mon people, ever heard of David and Golliath? Maybe Digsby will improve Tagged.

    Congrats Digsby!

  • I think their right, you’ve bring a good innovations before

  • hamshotfirst

    I'd love the ability to turn off Buddy Requests with Yahoo! I only use it for work contacts and I don't want ANYONE to be able to request because it's always spam and if I needed to to add someone I'd turn the ability on again. I'm constantly being asked to add fake people and it's insanely annoying.

  • Ucrowerg

    Congratulations on the acquisition. I, however, am extremely skeptical and have serious misgivings about Tagged.com. I wonder if this merger might be more beneficial to Tagged than Digsby, but I trust you guys have given this some serious thought. I love Digsby and use it daily at work and at home. I truly hope the negative past of Tagged.com is really in its past (I'm not yet convinced). Hopefully they will allow you to continue to operate Digsby relatively autonomously and keep rolling with a great product.

  • Definitely in the past. I think that was a misstep. Inc Mag had a good write-up of what happened - http://www.inc.com/magazine/20...

  • Way to go digsby! :)

  • Congrats on your acquisition! Looking forward to an Ad free version again.

  • Steven R.

    So does this mean you will incorporating Digsby IM into the Tagged site?

  • Digsby

    We haven't figured out the long term plans yet but adding new real time communication features to Tagged is certainly not outside the realm of possibilities.

  • Wolfrecon

    The lack of a long term plan is also very concerning. This probably should have been hammered out before a deal was made.

  • CDuprey

    I, too, am somewhat distressed by this news. Being from Rochester, I've been quite proud of Digsby being a local company and not one of those monster-big companies on the west coast. Now you'll be just another faceless company doing business as usual -- and far away.

    I wish you well in your endeavors, but I am disappointed.

  • Digsby

    We're sad to leave Rochester too. It's provided a great foundation for us to start Digsby. We don't think that passion disappears when you move cities. Some of the most passionate companies are located out there and San Fran truly has a culture of innovation.

  • Pheermee

    I have been a long time faithful user of Digsby, and I had recommended it to everyone. However I do not agree with the Tagged acquisition. If I was interested in connecting with new people I would be using Tagged.

    I use Digsby to chat with the people I already know, not to go on the prowl. And I hate it when I am contacted by a handle I don't recognize since I immediately think its a bot. But now Digsby users have the chance to be harassed with new friend invites and chat suggestions? No thank you.

    I feel what has happened here is actually a splitting of interests. IM clients (that you currently have) are all based around speaking with people who are on your contact list. Tagged has no interest in that. Tagged is focused on meeting new people. And now that Tagged has acquired an IM program I can already tell that users will be bombarded with suggestions for friends. "We see you have an AIM account! And by scanning for key words in your previous conversations, as well as examining your demographic information, we believe you should now talk to this person"

    Soon the Digsby name and quality will be replaced. Soon it will be the Tagged Messenger (or of the like) and the wonderful level of support we have all become used to will fall to the wayside, as the Digsby team will be reintegrated into a corporate environment and re-purposed to do other tasks. And the people who helped to make the confusing interface on Tagged that caused so many issues will be assigned to work on the Digsby project.

    And not even to speak of the Phishing/Scams issues people keep talking about. I have read the article in full that was linked in response to others concerns, and I hope I wont get the same copy paste response. Sure, the blasting of e-mails may have been user error, and people just clicking their way through. Honestly who has ever read a EULA? But I cant believe that that kind of partially confusing and possibly obfuscated option was entirely missed during the 3 months of testing. That no one thought "Hey this might be confusing" or "someone may not see this option".

    What is the life blood of Tagged? Tagged NEEDS new users. Without suggestions for new people to connect with, what is the point of Tagged? So far they do nothing better than anyone else. But it appears they corner the market on meeting new people, if you dont count dating sites. I believe Tagged really wanted users to blast out e-mails and to all of their contacts. "Hey I have a friend on Tagged! I am going to sign up now too!" And Tagged has a new user and goes on another day. Otherwise why even include the option? And everyone knows that is just a shady thing to do anyway. nobody EVER wants to have a program automatically blast something out in their name. And Tagged should know that not everyone on your contacts list is deemed as a friend or someone you want to share pictures with. Take those Lawyers who took legal action against Tagged. I am sure they are in Tseng's contact list, but does he really want to send notifications to them that he has a person account on some other website?

    Also the business model of tagged is a tad flawed. Of course it doesn't matter in the short run, and it actually works very well , but it is not a long term sustainable model. It requires NEW users to be successful, where as other social networking sites only require that the existing users return.

    I have nothing but praise for Digsby and it remains my all time favorite IM client/aggregator. But it appears that it is time for me to move on. I wish the Digsby team and product the best of luck and I sincerely hope my concerns dont come to fruition. I wish you the best of luck.

  • Digsby

    Thanks for the thorough feedback. Digsby will remain a standalone product so while Tagged is focus on helping you meet new people and Digsby is focused on helping you stay in touch with your existing contacts, both products are focused on making communication. We haven't figured out the long term plans yet so I wouldn't jump to any conclusions quite yet. :)

  • Wolfrecon19

    I think the concern here is what does Tagged get out of this? What do they gain by acquiring Digsby? The ramifications of this are alarming from an end-user perspective. Perhaps they get your client list. Perhaps access to millions of email addresses. Perhaps they get total control of the Digsby application with the ability to crush it while creating their own application.

    I, like many others, am very happy for all of you who made money (probably A LOT of money) and got new jobs with more job security. That's capitalism, but as an end user I too am concerned about accidentally spamming friends and/or a severe decline in the quality of service I have become accustomed to from Digsby. Now I am willing to see what happens, but I am concerned. Despite your repeated assurances, Tagged does not have a great reputation amongst Digsby users. Perhaps that should have been considered before agreeing to a merger (or was it?)

    Please DO NOT reply with yet another link to that same article. Take a moment to give a fresh and intellectual response.

    Thank you for the very personal service you all have given Digsby users over the years.

  • Mac

    I don't think he's at all interested in meeting new people, actually.

  • way to go!

    but why TAGGED....i m sure a lot of money.....maybe TAGGED is into social networking.....and that way....i dont know.....to me DIGSBY will always remain DIGSBY and only DIGSBY!

  • Diablo

    Yes..Still waiting on a UNIX/LINUX Version..Plus a way to mass message everyone in your buddy list instead of one at a time...Thanks Digsby for the Awesome messenger...Sooo glad to get away from having to install Yahoo on my system...

  • I'm not gonna be Tagged!!!

    So Digsby is going to be in amateur po*n industry now eh? Not to mention spam, phishing and inappropriate content... I'm very sorry to hear that. Even mentioning the word Ta**ed leaves bad taste in my mouth. I'm sorry you guys decided to make such a move, and from what I read here I see many users share my opinion. :( I'm not worried about ads so much as for our own personal security... I know you'll post a reply now with a link about how safe your security is but seriously... Sadly we know what's Tagged... :'(

  • Please consider fixing gtalk file transfer...

  • Jeff

    Tagged is a horrible horrible horrible spam company.
    I'm glad you guys got paid for your work but this will be the end digsby for me, i want nothing to do with them and I DONT want them having access to my information and IM accounts. please offer a way to fully delete digsby accounts and all information attached.

  • Great news! I hope the changes coming up will be good for the users. As ppl have already requested for a Linux version, I'd like to re-iterate that. I've been on ubuntu for quite some time and haven't had a client with the awesomeness of Digsby. And i'd appreciate a smaller ad space in the IM windows. Digsby is a brilliant application. And I'd love to see more additions and enhancements and lesser ads :)
    Keep up the awesomeness..Cheers!

  • AmericanDream

    "The Digsby team will be migrating from the frozen tundras of Rochester to the sunny hills of San Francisco ..."

    I wonder how many jobs will be lost? Also San Fran probably is far more expensive to live in!

  • Congratulations!! Love the tool so I'm pleased things are growing and Digsby won't disappear, woooop!

  • Majeem

    Congrats and best wishes for Future

  • Sleeping Dragon

    I can't believe some of the negative comments from you - the loyal users. Digsby has always been free have always worked to improve the technology and did I mention that it is still FREE? The ads are optional and now gone and all you do is complain about all the things that aren't 100%, as if Digsby are working for you - personally.

    I've been using Digsby for years (it's FREE you know) and apart from it falling over ocassionally (but quickly fixed) due to the likes of one of the IMs moving the goal-posts, I've almost never had so little aggravation from a FREE product.

    It's a true saying that you can't please all of the people all of the time but Digsby have done a damn good job of sorting things for as many people as possible.

    Guys (and Gals?) of Digsby - way to go and glad you finally managed to get a buck or three in your pocket, having resisted all these years.

    The problem with many of Digsby's users is that they know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

  • Mike

    Well done guys !! keep it up !!

  • BogdanelDesign

    Congrats for your migration with tagged team & a big thank you for delivering this great tool for chat.


  • Tagged? Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.... I've personally found anything connected with Tagged to be awful.

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