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Build 86 – Private Alpha Release

We just pushed out Build 86 (r29190 r29264 r29276) to ALPHA testers which includes lots of bug fixes, and enhancements. As always, you can read the entire list of enhancements on our Change Log. Notable changes include:

Advertisements (optional)

We have always worked hard to make Digsby the best IM client on the market while keeping Digsby free for all users. Part of that effort includes finding ways to accelerate our development process so we can continue making Digsby even better. Introducing advertisements as a revenue model can potentially help us expand our team so we can continue improving Digsby while also dedicating more resources to finally launching Digsby on other platforms like Mac, Linux, and mobile devices.

We’re testing the waters with advertising as a revenue model today by introducing a single display ad at the bottom of the IM window (example below). We feel strongly about keeping the buddy list ad-free. In debating how this implementation should work, we quickly decided that there needs to be a way to disable ads since some users really dislike them and are adamant about maintaining a minimalist user interface. The first idea was to do a “freemium” model under which there was a paid “Pro Version” of Digsby which comes without the ads. However, we have always strived to keep Digsby free for all users so we instead decided to try something unique. The ads in the IM window are completely optional for all users and they can be enabled/disabled via the top option in Preferences > Conversations. Essentially, every user gets the “Pro Version” for free if they find the ads too intrusive or annoying and wish to turn them off. Power to the users!

Since we are launching this to only ALPHA testers right now, we would greatly appreciate it if you leave the ads turned on at least until the release goes live to all users so we have as many people as possible testing out the implementation.

Twitter Fixes

There was a protocol change with Twitter which caused several adverse effects including repeating popups, tweets out of order, and missing tweets – all of which should now be fixed in this release.

We’d like to get this build stabilized as quickly as possible so we can get it released to all users so if you run into any bugs please use “Help > Send Bug Report” in the main menu to submit a diagnostic log or email us at bugs@digsby.com. We’ll keep pushing to make Digsby even better and greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word!

If you would like to become an alpha tester and get new releases before everyone else, download this file and place it in the main program folder. Keep in mind that as an alpha tester you may get a release with a few bugs every now and then. We are looking for people who are proactive in reporting these issues so we can fix them before builds go out to all users.

Update 1 (12/8/2010 3:30pm EST): We just pushed out a patch to ALPHA testers fixing all the issues that have been reported so far. Let us know if you run into more bugs or low quality (ie: flashy/shaky/audio) ads so we can get this release wrapped up and pushed out to all users. The new release number is 29264 and changes include:

  • Fixed a few crash causing bug related to the new ads
  • Fixed a bug that caused IM windows to freeze in Windows Vista with Glass off
  • Fixed a bug that caused auto-update popups to ignore the preference to disable popups when running full screen apps
  • Fixed a bug that caused Digsby to die if it can’t launch the auto-updater due to a windows permissions error
  • Fixed a bug that caused AIM accounts to fail to log in if you add them with @aim.com or @aol.com at the end
  • Fixed a bug with wrapping in the “Smooth Separate Lines” conversation theme
  • Fixed a couple small bugs with ad refresh timers and triggers
  • Fixed a bug that made IM window tab creation to go into a spin in rare cases
  • Made a few small changes to LinkedIn in preparation to an upcoming API change
  • Added “Show Friendship” links to the wall posts on the Facebook newsfeed

Update 2 (12/9/2010 5:00pm EST): A couple more fixes in preparation for a full release. Let us know if you run into any final issues. The new release number is 29276 and the changes include:

  • Fixed a bug that caused ads to open twice in your web browser on click
  • Fixed a wrapping bug with the “Smooth Separate Lines” conversation theme
  • Swanee

    Well it's been awhile and I would like to report the adds are completely un bothersome for me and will remain on.One minor thing
    I would really like that others have said is the ability to chose to have them above the chat box instead of under.

    Thanks for such a great program and hopefully you guys can get enough opt ins to make some good revenue.Maybe you should also go ahead and release a paid version now for those who wouldn't mind paying for no ads even though they could turn them off.If it was only 10 or $15 I would gladly pay it.

  • Ad options for placement and type should be out in the next release! Thanks for the feedback and support!

  • Darrensansom

    I'm totally cool with the advertising, all for it. You guys do an amazing job with digsby and the team all deserve the communities support in keeping digsby in existence and funded. I don't see what some of these peoples problem is with having some advertising to keep it going. Keep up your hard work, hope you had a good christmas and have a good new year! :)

  • Zenwarrior

    The ads are causing text entry lag when typing messages. I do not mind the ads, but when they interfere with typing and using Digsby, they need either to be better implemented or entirely removed. But if they cannot be made to not interfere and removal is not a viable option for Digsby's continuance, I'd rather pay.

  • dfhfgj

    I'd rather pay for a premium version.

  • Jen

    I'd rather pay for a premium version.

  • AB

    I would like to see perhaps a paybutton, such as a link to send you $ through Paypal, and a suggested amount. I would pay it in a heartbeat right now. I'm glad the ads are optional, and I like that, but I'll happily pay. I don't know what' would be a reasonable price, and it might be nice if the amount were a suggestion rather than a set price, but I guess something like $10 would come to my mind.

    I went to the Digsby homepage to try to find a payment option, even after finding I could turn off the ads. I go into offices, and they may let me install something that is free, but if someone has to pay, the office will sometimes not let you install it because they don't want to run afoul of licensing issues. I like the free option but will pay you to help support Digsby.

    For me the ads were intrusive and annoying, especially since clients may let me use Digsby but may not be happy to see ads up on my screen. Still, TANSTAAFL. :-)

  • I immediately turned off the ads on the chat window. To me, it just seems a bit intrusive. Why don't you place the ads in the Buddy list window. I wouldn't be bothered by that at all. I just dont like to see ads on the message itself. I understand the need for revenue but it is a bit much to have it display in the message window. In all honesty, an ad in the chat window is more annoying than convincing me to buy a product.

  • Digsby

    Unfortunately, ads in the buddy list wouldn't yield any meaningful revenue because it is a non-standard ad unit so finding quality advertisers would be tough.

  • Rick

    I don't really understand the decision to keep them out of the Buddy List. I feel this is a less obtrusive area for them to be. It bothers me being in the IM window but I would be ok with it in the Buddy List.

    Sorry guys, because I love the work you're doing and all but I cannot leave it enabled in the IM window.

  • Digsby

    Buddy list ads wouldn't yield any meaningful revenue because it is a non-standard ad unit so finding quality advertisers would be tough.

  • Alex

    Guys you just fucked up big time. Digsby "was" the coolest thing ever until you put those "freaking so not cool" advertisements there... sorry... I'm moving to Pidgin.

  • Digsby

    Did you read the blog post? They are optional...

  • Del

    Good that the ads can still be turned off. If they were permanent, I'd jump ship right away. Just sayin.

  • I did not bother to read through all the comments to see if other share my sentiment, but I want to say: I would pay for a premium version of Digsby. This of course depends on the pricing model, but I would love to continue this software. Keep up the great work.

  • Digsby

    Thanks for the support!

  • If it goes paid I leave... sorry. I've never paid for an IM client and not going to start. I wouldn't mind having a small ad, if I had the option to turn it off when I needed to. Sorry... just too many other options to pay for an IM client.

  • Janet

    I love Digsby, as I use it for work and am able to communicate with tons of people on different IM servers all at once, but I hate, hate, HATE this new in-IM window ad thing. Every time I go to click the text box to add a new IM, I click on the damn ad, which interrupts my work flow. I wouldn't mind seeing ads on my buddy list, but the IM window is annoying to the extreme. Please remove it, or I will quit using Digsby.

  • Digsby

    You know they are optional right?

  • William

    Every time I log on to Digsby it pops-up Facebook login page, for facebook chat I suppose, though I have disabled that in the options. It then tells me that connecting to facebook failed and doesn't show the feed either, but after few minutes the feed is fine. Please fix this annoying popup.

  • Digsby

    After this happens, use Help > Send Bug Report to submit a diagnostic log.

  • Howard

    A few suggestions:

    - I keep accidentally clicking the advert instead of the text box to type. I feel like this advertisement should be at the top of the window instead of the bottom, to minimize accidental clicking. Layout wise, this might be a little bit tricky, but I have faith in you!

    - I feel these adverts would be better served in the buddy list, not per conversation.

    - A roll up button would be nice, so i could leave it enabled, see the advert when I start the conversation, then roll it up so I don't have to stare at it anymore. It could go down to text only or something small ala google adwords. This way your advertisers still get "everyone sees my flashy ad" at least once + the small text, but we don't have to stare at it all the time (plus I can leave it enabled to buff your metrics!!)

    I love Digsby, and I, for one, will leave the ads enabled because you guys rock so damn hard. Hopefully we can find a gentle medium to solve all these problems.

  • Junk

    I love my digsby, buy the ad window is a pain in the butt! takes up a 3rd of my narrow window, will have to disable, however if this goes non-optional mu self and many will probably bounce.

  • Light1up

    Unlike a lot of people who are complaining, I realize you have bills and employees to pay. I could deal with the ads, my gripe and what will cause me to have to disable the ads soon is that they now force a minimum size window that I never use. Especially while at work, I keep my Digsby window about 25-30% narrower than the ads are allowing. Fix that and I'll keep em. Thanks.

  • Digsby

    We're trying to come up with ways to allow this but the ads become illegible if you shrink them further so we're not sure how to resolve this yet.

  • J-Dub

    Ugh. Do not like the ads. Our work let's us use whatever IM client we prefer and most of us like Digsby. Speaking for myself I'd rather go to something else than look at ads in my IM window. We have the option of using Office Communicator and I'm thinking about going to that for my project teams. Please get rid of the ads.

  • Digsby

    They are optional...

  • J-Dub

    Didn't see that. But found the setting now. I have to turn them off, if I can make a donation I'd do that. But as someone says below, if this goes non-optional I'll have to "bounce".

  • gary_boy

    i have been prompted with this "Could not connect because you are signing on too often. Please wait 20 minutes before trying to log in again" and waited for more than 20 minutes and still i wasn't able to connect on my yahoo accounts.... how am i going to get rid of this message and make me able to connect to my account... please advise... thanks much

  • Digsby

    This looks like a temporary issue with their servers - we've had multiple reports like this. Let us know if it does not resolve itself.

  • I haven't encountered any trouble with this release. Works very well (even before the update).

  • Digsby

    Going live!

  • Adiprenne

    no problem! voice calling voice calling voice calling voice calling voice calling voice calling voice calling voice calling voice calling voice calling voice calling voice calling voice calling voice calling voice calling voice calling voice calling voice calling voice calling voice calling voice calling voice calling voice calling voice calling

  • Somebody

    Just upgraded to the most recent build which switched the ads back on (like many others I'm desperate to give something back, just not like this).

    The ads remain atrocious low quality and the ones I've seen this morning are all for user tracking adware rubbish such as MyWebSearch, or for well known mail harvesters and super spammers thePlanet49 GmbH.

    No thanks.

    Long story short, nobody sane is going to click on rotten ads and having them inside Digsby makes it look like you're in cahoots with them.

  • inpheaux

    I've been saying this since I first heard of Digsby in March 2008: Please just give me a way to give you money.

    The lengths to which you guys have gone to try and keep the application free are getting somewhat ludicrous, and the fact that the methods keep changing and piling on seems to be a sign that it isn't working as well as you could have hoped. It's admirable that you've tried to keep the application free, but how far is this going to go? You've already added the research component, bundled stuff in the installer, added "sponsored links" to social networking feeds, and now added straight up banner ads in the conversation window. What's next?

    Please just cut to the chase and let us give you money directly.

  • I would personally prefer the ads to be on the contact list. I don't use tab chats so having all those IM windows with ads can get a bit annoying. Also the animated ads that sit there flashing bright color and such are VERY distracting.

  • xpect

    I think Digsby is single handedly the greatest IM/social program there is.

    What I've done for you guys is that I converted all my family to Digsby and a great deal of co-workers and friends (about 20ish in total), so mouth-to-mouth publicity was the best way to 'promote' the program.

    As alpha tester i'm keeping the ads on for now to help you in any issue that occurs, but for me personally ads, is a no go. That's the main reason I turned to Trillian many eons ago, then Pidgin and since 2008 Disgby.

    I really don't mind to pay for great software and without any shadow of a doubt Disgby is it. It's my main program to check email, Facebook and Twitter, so I'm more than glad to put my money on you.

  • Digsby

    Thank you for the feedback! If we ever remove the option to disable the ads we will definitely add a pro version that you can purchase to support Digsby development.

  • om4eccv

    This isn't a problem with the latest build per se, but something I've noticed within the last couple of builds.

    The setup:
    I'll travel with my laptop tethered to my phone via wifi. I get to a hotel, check in, get to my room, and connect to the hotel's wifi.

    *AS SOON* as I do this, Digsby freaks out.

    Of course, that's because you've got to agree to their rules to be let out to the internet. I understand.

    Any browser request gets redirected to their captive portal page, where you must agree to their terms. This includes the Webkit Facebook Login page.

    I can understand why it's popping up - I've been disconnected from the internet, and it's trying to connect to Facebook, and of course the login authentication fails, with an attempt to have the user (me) re-authenticate.

    Instead of seeing the Facebook authentication, I'm seeing the hotel Wifi login page, which isn't very navigable due to the size constraints.

    I realize that this is a scenario out of your control, but perhaps the Facebook News Stream plugin could silently fail once, wait 10 seconds, silently fail, wait 20 seconds, silently fail, wait 30 seconds, and on the 4th fail, it would prompt for re-authentication with the user.

    Other than that, well done!

  • Digsby

    It's a unique situation indeed. We wait a bit after resuming from hibernate so you can reconnect to the network but we don't handle connecting to a wifi connection that may block Internet access temporarily. I think anything we do to fix this will just reduce usability for other, more common, use cases. For example, if it waits silently multiple times then people on regular wifi networks wouldn't be able to reconnect to Facebook for over a minute. It's tough to handle all cases elegantly. You can close the browser login window go log into the hotel wifi and tell Digsby to retry.

  • om4eccv

    I completely agree with your assessment of situation. Thanks for the reply.

  • Ran

    I haven't encountered any trouble with this release. Works very well (even before the update).

  • Digsby

    Thanks for letting us know!

  • Eekks... from time of my latest comment in the discussion the ads behave but today at my laptop I was forced to turn them off because it displayed several times advertisement for a "Gay club" ... Hey I mean i'm not showing offence against gay people but it gives me a strange feeling others colleagues seeing Gay adverts on my screen if they pass by ;)

    So that`s the reason I don't like ads. Please add a filter with at least T rating. :p

    Other point is why not push out a "supporter version" without special features but everybody who donates get a ad free version or similar.

  • Digsby

    Marco - can you re-enable the ads and submit a bug report with screenshot of the offending ad next time it comes up via Help > Send Bug Report?

  • Contact

    I have a net book (1024x 600) and therefore I keep my IM windows as small as possible. With the ads, they are much, MUCH bigger. This might be something to work on. I'll keep the ads for as long as possible, but I don't see this as something I'll be able to help you with.

  • Digsby

    That's understandable. We are trying to come with a solution that will work for these cases.

  • Taveanator

    I understand the need for ads but I'll also throw my hat into the "I'd pay for it if asked" ring.

    1. Ads are actually well done and are for reputable products. None of that 'erase your mortgage' crap you see on typical sites. I do also like the interaction. E.G - the eBay ads where you can interface with the ad itself without getting dumped out to your browser.

    1. Ads are too wide - I understand the readable text issue but maybe a vertical instead of horizontal option?
    2. Hate the ad animations. It's totally distracting as I open and close new chat windows all the time. Yes they only animate once but it's still annoying.

    I'm turning the ads off basically because of the width issue. Like other users I have a dedicated (third) monitor for IM's and other gadgets. Being able to selectively size each window is a big plus for managing screen real estate.

    1. To solve the size issue what about fly-out windows when a user mouses over or clicks on an advertisement?

    Keep up the good work.


  • Digsby

    Thanks for the thorough feedback!

  • Marius

    I have a small question on the Digsby Facebook application.
    Is there a way to turn on/off the counter of the IM sent (has sent x IMs using Digsby!). I want to see / show it from time to time, but not as frequently as it is by default. My count has to be really high :).

  • Digsby

    Absolutely. Edit the account in Preferences and uncheck the "Digsby Achievements" option.

  • What about Facebook Group chat support ? I just realized today that I am in a Facebook Group that has "Group Chat" - it threw me off because I heard the Facebook chat sound but nothing was getting to Digsby. I actually had to use the Facebook website for that chat - and I had missed so many messages!

    Is this even possible, or would it require an over-haul to the facebook chat implementation?

  • Digsby

    Unfortunately, support for that isn't part of the Facebook API yet so we can't access it. As soon as they add the capability to their API we will definitely implement it.

  • could you not implement it similar to how fb chat use to be as that was not API for a fair while or is it not worth the time and/or impractical?

    edit to respond to digsbys response: in that case best just stick to the current implementation. FB may update the API oneday

  • Digsby

    It is not possible without reverting the whole FB chat implementation back to the unauthorized one we used to have, which was much less stable.

  • Magnus

    I'm fine with ads, only thing that Digsby is missing in my world is MPOP support for Windows Live. Upgrade that protocol already ;)

    much love

  • Ran


    Well, personally i don't really like ads. I really have no problem with the research module, and i leave it running usually on two comps at once, because it never bothers me, but i guess it's not generating as much revenue as you would like.

    I, like many others here have stated, would pay for Digsby, I think, but only if it was a sensible price (i.e. 15-20$ USD), and the most important thing is that you don't go on asking money for every new version, because that would just suck.

    Also, i don't think a whole lot of people would be THAT pissed off about the ads.. I mean, we are all ALPHA testers, which means we are a lot techier than the average Internet Joe...

    Anyway, i think i would prefer the research module or something similar over ads any day, and i would also pay a fair amount for an ad free version, that would help you guys on making Digsby better, as it is one of the better pieces of software i have ever used.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Digsby

    Thanks for the thorough feedback. I think you are right about alpha testers being techier than the average Joe so the perspective about "ads = evil" is definitely different.

  • thatguy7

    I would recommend putting them in the Buddy List over the chat window any day of the week.

  • Hardtarget24

    The Smooth Separate Lines skin with a No Time variant is completely broken. It's splitting chats up into multiple lines and it looks totally messed up :(

  • Digsby

    Good catch - this is now fixed and will go out in the next update.

  • Dhunter_12

    Here are my 2 cents, these may have been said in the comments (I just read through half of them):

    1. What if (just what if), instead of ads in conversations, ads in the digsmby contacts bar? I can live with that, and thast the way microsoft messenger has them...

    2. Yeah, ads take too much space... :( Not width, but height is intrusive.

    3. I have been accidentally clicking on ads (teh require just a single click to open), and they open a browser everytime. Can we have "double click to open ad" ? The single click is really annoying!

    Thank you for such a great IM client!

  • Nick

    I hate ads in general, so thank you for having an option to turn them off. My favorite thing about Digsby is that I have options of how I'd like to support you guys, however I still haven't figured out how I can just GIVE YOU MONEY. I've searched the site for a donate button to no avail. It's great that you want to keep the program free, but I'd much rather pay for a quality product and not both with ads. If I'm missing it, great... if not, please at least think about adding it as an option.

  • Digsby

    There seems to be a common theme with these comments :)

  • ::marcus

    dear digsby:

    i am all about supporting digsby and don't mind ads. however, i think you should be more selective about your ad agency. so far, i've been a girl smoking a cigarette to an epileptic "YOU HAVE WON!" banner. the latter drove me to turning off ad support as i do not need to have a seizure with my morning coffee.


  • Digsby

    We've gotten a few reports of the seizure inducing "you have won" ad - that definitely should not have been in the rotation as we specifically set up the ad networks to block flashing ads. We're working to figure out how it got past the filter, remove it, and make sure this does not happen in the future.,

  • ::marcus

    digsby dudes, i'm all about supporting you and don't mind the ads to generate revenue. however, my suggestion is to be a little more selective about your ad agency. so far, i've seen a girl smoking a cigarette and an epileptic "YOU HAVE WON" flashing ad. the latter was what finally drove me to turning the thing off. i don't need to have a seizure at my desk... :)

  • Digsby

    Please submit a bug report with screenshot. Those ads DEFINITELY should be blocked so it sounds like something is wrong with the "ad quality" screening filters.

  • Somebody

    I keep coming back looking for the "BUY NOW" button - which of course isn't here. I would have bought Digsby months back without being driven to do so by adverts. As other messages show I'm not alone in feeling this way.

    I would love to know your revenue split this time next year because I don't think the de facto tech startup business model (make it free, get everyone on board, hit them all with advertising) is as neat as you think it is.

    Most of us reached "ad saturation" point long ago...

  • Digsby

    Thanks for taking the time to voice your opinion. As you mention, a lot of people share it and it is something we will definitely consider shifting to.

  • Hi,

    rather than accepting a Ad on my Screen I would prefer a anual donation for the project. Good point that it is optional. As soon as it would be a forced ad this would be a absolutely nogo. To the Ad itself: It`s to big compared to the messenger window. I used a really sized down msg window because most time I only send short messages. So the ad is 40% of the Screen.

    Another thing wich is really terrible is the kind of Ads, I noticed a advertisement for several porn or dating sites. Please keep in mind that also kids can use digsby!

    In general the ad delivery seems to work but time to time I only got a blank white area, if the ad couldn`t be delivered or loaded it would be good if the area collapse instead leaving the white space open.

    just my 2 cents :)

  • Digsby

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • cupcake

    Stop doing more and more add features what could be turned off but you need to look carefully at every step of the installing and every preference option: it becomes really annoying. Just make it payware, get your money and let us install and use it simple way, please. Thanks.

  • gladlypay

    When are you guys going to wake up to the fact that there are those of us who would GLADLY pay for a version of Digsby without all the advertising and other crap that you're so focused on trying to generate a 'revenue' model from.

  • Digsby

    Thanks for the feedback! We are seeing a lot of comments like this :)

  • Marcus Matos

    My biggest concern is how you're going to ensure that malicious ads do not infect users. Even huge sites (such as reddit, cnn, etc) have had issues where someone slipped a malicious ad in to the rotation, infecting users.

  • CMB

    Maybe you can add in a way for us to report offensive ads as well? That would help us easily identify offensive ads and hopefully make your revenue stream more user friendly going forward.

  • Digsby

    Good idea! We'll look into that this week.

  • Boris K

    What about Research Module "Help Digsby stay free and ad-free"? I allow 85% CPU and 85% bandwitdh usage. You can rent this grid to get income. It is my pleasure to support you in this way. But if you launch a paid version without ads, I'll come back to Pidgin (which can be used to chat on Skype).

    Sorry, but I think there are enough ways to get income without having to spoil an excellent product.

    There are enough excellent free products, the evidence is even Digsby, and certainly the version with ads, will make many users to orient themselves towards another great free product, possibly open source. I will be one of them.

  • I didn't read all of the above, so if this has already been addressed, just disregard it.

    Please remove the minimal msg window size restriction. If the user resize the window to be smaller than the minimal ad size, just left align the ad and let it flow out of sight to the right. No need for scroll bars, if the user finds the ad interesting, he can just resize the window and make it wide enough to view the full ad. Or simply click it.

    If I resize the windows to be wider than the maximum ad size, the ad is center aligned, and the area on both sides of the ad get the color of the theme. I have no good idea on how to solve it, but it sure is ugly.

    I get ads in Swedish, although my user interface and all is in English. Is that from Geo IP, country setting in my IM profiles or something else?

  • Digsby

    Thanks for the idea! We'll play around with it to see how well it works. The Swedish ads are likely just a geo ip lookup as you suggested. We don't pull IM profile settings or anything else like that for the targetting.

  • Matt

    Part of the reason I didn't use AIM, YAHOO or MSN was because the multiple IM messengers didn't include ads. I will not stick with Meebo if their gonna keep ads in their app. I will switch back to Trillian or go wth Pidgin.

    Digsby is becoming far too greedy. First with the wanting us to use their own home screen, then adding optional software during installation, then adding a feature to collect data while idle and now the want to add ads? You also notice they haven't removed any of these options when coming up with another way to make money, they just add more ways.

    Sorry if Digsby is gonna use ads, I'm done with them. If I wanted ads, I'd just use AIM, MSN or YAHOO. I guarantee you a lot will leave if the ads stay, as they feel the same as me.

    Wanting to make money is one thing, only thinking about money is another. Reminds me of all these sites that keep trying to add ways to make money, they end up going bankrupt.

  • I don't know what you do for a living, Matt, but if you ever work for me, can I rest assured that you will do it for free?

    I think OPTIONAL ads is a great revenue model. So are the OPTIONAL installation settings for home page / search page / other software / etc. That way, I can choose in what way (if any) I'd like to support the development of software I use, without having to actually pay for it.

  • Digsby

    Unlike all the other products you mentioned, our ads are optional so you can turn them off if you don't like them. So, instead of leaving, you can just disable the ads.

    We explain clearly why we are trying to increase revenues - it allows us to reinvest the additional revenue back into the company to make Digsby even better for our users. It has nothing to do with greed and that's a really unfair accusation. No one here drives a Ferrari.

  • Abottjen

    I keep turning the ads off, but they keep returning.

  • Digsby

    That is strange. The preference behaves like all other preferences in Digsby so I don't see why it would have trouble saving. Does the checkbox remember its state in Preferences? How about after you restart? Email us at bugs@digsby.com if you continue to have trouble.

  • the adds are way to big in both directions, The flashing also puts me off. As does the moving picturnes with lots of colour.
    That and i can not resize the window down to a useful level for my working environment. the horizontal is way too big and i can not resize it to a useful size with adds disabled

    Could you also standadise the system and have an option to turn adds off under 'support digsby' as this is a way to support digsby.
    I am all for you guys making money and i would leave the adds there if they where like msn's from a few years back but in there current format as soon as the updates goes beta ill be disableing.

    Kaspersky also blocks them by default so many other computer security programs may as well

  • Digsby

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • Leo

    Next time you push out something like those ads turned on by default, I'll switch IM client, I really like Digsby, but seriously? Even Windows Messenger has smaller and less intrusive ads... Why not just a small ad in the contact list?

  • Digsby user

    I support ads in Digsby but the placement in the message window where you type is very disturbing!! Please put it somewhere else, like in the buddy list, as yahoo IM do. Thank you.

  • 4bigbro

    Digsby without ads was my favorite messenger, but not now with ads.

  • Digsby

    They are optional :)

  • instcode

    The first reaction when I saw the ads was about a Digsby replacement. It's really obstructive & annoying to have a very big ads in front of you all the time. Look at the Yahoo Messenger, it has a long history but it never shows such huge ads banner in the conversation windows. The ads is in the main window and people are okay with that.

    We are using Digsby because it supports both chatting and monitoring social networks and it's great. However, if we just want an app for chatting only or for monitoring social networks only, Digsby wouldn't be the one. So, if Digsby throws a huge banner right in front of our eyes in the conversation windows, I think it will lose a lots of chatting-centric users (they can easily find social network monitoring tools such as Flock or RockMeIt...)

    I saw Digsby already showed ads in the social network popup Windows and I suggest that you guys just go ahead and put more ads in those Windows instead. In this way, context ads will work in a pleasant way and won't disturb anyone when chatting.

  • Ads are just too large... I think the implementation in the way Yahoo Messenger does for their advertising wouldnt be too much of a problem.

  • ssm

    How about a text only ad like whats in Gmail that would be way better than whats there now

  • I'd rather pay than have the option to turn these ads on or off. Most of the ads I have seen look like the type that comes out of ad networks that often end up having some sort of infected ad that takes advantage of a security hole to install malware. I always have Digsby windows up and I'm not going to open up any of my machines to that risk.

    If you took ads in and translated it to a format for Digsby, that would be fine. Just streaming them in from the ad network with these types of ads makes me feel extremely uncomfortable and I'm going to keep them off and hope you give me an option to purchase Digsby instead.

  • Digsby

    Thanks for the feedback.

  • brianm

    hey guys, I have said it before, $10 in your direction if you rip out all the bundled stuff, and don't show ads.

    I have been using you for I think a year and a half now, and I have wanted to pay you guys all the time! Do you at least have a wishlist on amazon that I can buy you something (the concealed mini machine gun I can't afford, but a book?)

    let me know, love your app, it is the second thing I install after chrome. (I need chrome to download digsby)

  • NateB2

    I'd love to support Digsby, but I had to disable the ads due to the requirement of the chat window to be twice the size as before. I need all the screen real estate I can get, and having an ad that forces a window to take up a third of my screen is a no-go for me.
    :( Surely there is a way to have narrower ads...

  • Digsby

    That's understandable. We're brainstorming ways to make this work with smaller window sizes but continuing to zoom them down past that window size makes them illegible in most cases.

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