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Build 85 – Turkey Shmurkey!

We’re excited to release Build 85 (r29036 r29086) to all users which includes lots of major usability improvements, new features, bug fixes, and enhancements.  As always, you can read the entire list of enhancements on our Change Log. Notable changes include:

  • Auto-Update System: We have a brand new auto-update system in Digsby. Updates are now downloaded *after* you log in rather than before. They are then applied next time you restart Digsby so downloading updates never gets in your way. You can also choose whether to automatically download new updates in “Preferences > General & Profile”. Lastly, clicking “Help > About” will check to see if your Digsby is up to date or if new updates are available for download.
  • Accounts Section: We redesigned the Accounts section in Preferences from the ground up to reflect Services you use with features that you can enable and disable for each service. This is much more intuitive than having three separate lists of IM, email, and social network accounts. For example, you don’t need to add your Gtalk and Gmail accounts or your Facebook Chat and Facebook Newsfeed accounts separately any more.
  • Email/Social Panels: The email and social network panels on the buddy list got a makeover. They now say the service name instead of the login username when you only have one of each service. If you have more than one of any service, they fall back to the login username as before. You can also rename them manually via the right click menu. Lastly, they can now be rearrange via drag and drop (although you can’t intermix email and social accounts as each one is a separate list).
  • Sorting/Grouping: We changed how grouping and sorting options work in “Preferences > Buddy List”. The new set of options is more intuitive by letting you choose the grouping mechanism first and then choosing how to sort those groups. It also allows for an extra level of sorting as a result.
  • RTL Support: We added RTL support to all of the IM window conversation themes. They determine how to align the messages based on the first character of each IM. The input box in newly created IM windows also automatically sets the RTL option based on your current keyboard setting.
  • ICQ Spam Blocker: We added an option in the Privacy settings for ICQ accounts to automatically block friend requests with URLs in them. This option is ON by default and should help cut down on ICQ spam significantly.
  • Stability: We fixed several memory leaks related to account disconnects along with several of the most common crash causing bugs to improve Digsby stability and performance.

If you run into any bugs please use “Help > Send Bug Report” in the main menu to submit a diagnostic log or email us at bugs@digsby.com.  We’ll keep pushing to make Digsby even better and greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word!

Update 1 (11/24/2010 8:30am EST): We just pushed out a small patch (r29075) to ALPHA testers which includes fixes for bugs reported in this release. It will go out to all users later today once we confirm that it’s bug free. Changes include:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Facebook login page to show a “flow error”
  • Fixed a bug that caused the registration “done” page to open in default browser
  • Fixed a bug that caused timestamps for group chat logs to be off by one month
  • Fixed a bug that made it possible to try to log in without typing a password
  • Fixed a bug that caused the auto-updater to loop if you deny it UAC permissions
  • Fixed a bug that caused scrollbars to appear for each IM in a conversation
  • Fixed a bug that caused accounts not to load at all for a small portion of people
  • Make sure that system caching doesn’t interfere with auto-updates
  • Added compatibility for upcoming Twitter API changes

Update 2 (11/24/2010 1:45pm EST): One more small patch (r29081) to ALPHA testers fixing a few bugs with the Twitter updates from this morning. This build will go live to all users later today assuming no new bugs get reported.

Update 3 (11/24/2010 4:15pm EST): We just pushed the above fixes to all users! The new release number for this build is r29086. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Help! I cant get the autoreply feature to work. When someone pings me it doesnt reply to them. what am i doing wrong? HELP- its driving me nuts!

  • Digsby

    It only happens when your status is set to Away.

  • 123

    MSN Hotmail Account ist not going. Failed to Connect. This Update is not good...

  • rezdroid

    do you have the android version

  • Aladdin Khatib

    can I add RSS feeds?

  • Digsby

    Not currently but that is functionality we are considering adding to Digsby.

  • Are you guys planning to add Skype to the list anytime soon?

  • Digsby

    We do hope to add Skype support in the future!

  • Digsby should load lists of friends from facebook, where you could appear offline/online for some of them and not just put friends to an "facebook" category. It would be a BIG plus for Digsby. However, it's already a great messenger. Keep updating it :)

  • Digsby

    That doesn't seem like it is possible via their XMPP servers, which is how we connect you to Facebook Chat. Perhaps they will add the capability in the future.

  • Don Capucino

    can digsby support yahoo secondary account, so we can choose with which yahoo account we talk to someone?

  • anyone else having issues soon as you update nothing connects? getting really annoying.

  • Chinososexy

    LiiKE iiT!!!

  • joeeeee

    i think that tumblr would be great to add to this

  • vcuauhtemoc

    so uh...any chance of a native webcam app for AIM?

  • Nuc134rB0t

    IRC *clap clap clap*
    IRC *clap clap clap*
    IRC *clap clap clap*

  • mike

    Digsby is very good. However, an update system which updates automatically, with a time consuming process, which cannot be turned off, or deferred, is a pain. I long ago unchecked the box in tools, preferences, general..... I submitted a bug report.

  • Varlan

    Gj guys! I still miss the option of making fonts odd sizes like 9,11,13 etc. :'(

  • skylarkpilot

    Nice update. But please add Google Voice notifications...that would be dope.

  • Corvas

    Okay, I love Digsby, and I love how often it gets updated and issues are fixed and new functionality comes out. But why do the sounds have to change back to default EVERY time Digsby is updated? I am really getting sick and tired of changing my sounds back to how I want them every single time an update is sent out. Can something be done about this so that the sounds don't keep getting defaulted?

  • Hey Aaron, where are you putting your custom sound files? Right now, we make sure the main Digsby program folder only has what is suppose to be there. This is to make sure none of the files are corrupted and are stopping Digsby from working. We'll likely be adding a way to customize sounds in the future.

    However, there is a thread in our forums to add custom sounds in a way that sticks. It may be what you're looking for. Let me know if this helps! http://forum.digsby.com/viewto...

  • What About Some New Skins ?!

  • Thanks for the new update. I am encountering a bug though....it isn't new with this version. At one point I was invited into a group - which I added. It appears as hi category in my buddy list. When I attempt to delete it I get the following err:
    "SSIExcepption: Error removing group from list: Error adding item (invalid id, already in list, invalid data).

  • Hey Dave, have you submitted a bug report after this happens to you? Click Help > Submit Bug Report

  • Former Digsby Fan

    You cannot have different IMAP accounts with the same username, although the mail address and the IMAP and SMTP servers are different: "That account already exists."
    I have 2 accounts with the same username and after the update I had to use POP for one of them ... just sad :(

  • Good catch! Thanks for letting us know. This will be fixed in the next release.

  • mimiko

    grats for fixing scrolling problem for my intellimouse
    i love digsby~ :D

  • Digsby

    No problem :)

  • Mariusft

    There will be any option for 'Accounts section' to disable one of the services if not used?, For example I use gmail but I don't use google talk, so it wold be better if the google talk account was hidden from the Buddy List chat menu.

  • Is there any chance of having a portable version of Digsby?

  • It was ready for release but was held back because we decided to redo the auto-update system and that has a large effect on the portable version. Once we make sure everything is stable with it, we'll be releasing it.

  • Thank you so much for the great news. I really look forward to the portable version so that I can use it on the GO. Thanks.

  • santosh

    just log in to http://ibullsantosh.blogspot.c... nice job digsby :-)

  • Guest

    Mac OSX Version?

  • Alain

    thx for the update. but i can't wait for the linux version to come out. any possible date?

  • Unfortunately there's no ETA at the moment.

  • Nadeemjaipur

    Please include QQ messenger as well....plz plz

  • Adding QQ would be great. I use that daily and would love to use it in Digsby too.

  • Digsby Lover

    Thank you! You have greatly helped me a lot :)

  • Always happy to help! :)

  • chan

    can you update the msn version so that it could show the contact list from ym as well?

  • Lauren

    I love Digsby so much I want to marry it.

  • Paulindomedia

    thanks good job

  • I have a problem with Digsby... When I alt+tab into the app from another Window, the font changes and sometimes random characters appear (like chinese symbols or those square things []). Is there a solution for this? I tried googling it but I couldn't come up with anything

  • Could you submit a bug report with a screenshot regarding this? This way we can see what's going wrong.

  • Dana

    When an ICQ account wants to add me, there's just a number. Is there any chance of implementing a username to it or a link to ICQ profile? Also, on the privacy visible/blocked lists for ICQ, there are only numbers, would it be possible to have the usernames there too?

  • Pretty Good Stuff !!!

    I think you should consider adding send / receive IM when disconected users like MSN if it might.

    Thanks for this soft.

  • Pretty Good.

    I think you should consider adding the capability of sending/receiving IM to not connected users in MSN

  • You can send an IM via to a screen name via Digsby > Send IM or press Ctrl + N while the Buddy list is in focus. Does this help?

  • Linuxneo

    excellent work

  • Hh

    I have 512 ram and still facing memory leaks problem....

  • How much memory is Digsby using? Could you submit a bug report the next time you think Digsby might be leaking memory? Click Help > Submit Bug Report

  • Jemson Sentillas

    Thanks, nice software. good job

  • Thanks!

  • oh very very useful update...
    thank you specialy for RTL support and mail accounts section.

  • seems like digsby twitter doesnt work well if we use digsby in multiple computers.
    i use differnt computers for home and office. everytime i switch to different computer i need to reread the tweets to mark them as read. hope this gets fixed in the upcoming releases.

    till now you guys have done a superb job. thanks.

  • Saarth Jauhari

    would also like an anti spam for yahoo messenger
    i keep getting messages like
    (18:47:12) commensurablema Hey theevillorddeadman

    1 9hFEaMALEkhereniandjwgettingnnu.deqtonymyewebcamlnlooook@www.imonlinearticles.info/?jgxdipj xfhxdpx cesfvme wmmhk
    on Yahoo Messenger

  • Prem

    facebook cant load....:-(

  • Nwolisag

    Started using digsby as an aside. But now I am a big fan. Not just a fan, I got everyone in my office to use digsby.
    I love the update. Smart.

  • Thanks for the support! We appreciate it!

  • Merophe

    lately i get a strange error so to speak.. digsby shows i'm idel even if i am not, people tell me i've been idel for more than 2-3 hours but i use digsby all that time :/ any ideea from other users?
    p.s i love you guys anyway, i was really impressive when one of my requests and of other users was answered to (yim smileys) digsby forever, keep it lite :D

  • Thanks! Can you submit a bug report the next time you catch Digsby keeping you idle? Click Help > Submit Bug Report.

  • When I deny digsby access to facebook chat, it keeps asking me to login to facebook every time I start it - checking the 'keep me logged in' doesn't do anything. So it seems it's either facebook chat/login every time or disable facebook altogether - chose the last option

  • Is this still happening for you?

  • Eric

    At this date, I can state that it is impossible to authenticate to Facebook (period) without allowing access to facebook chat.

  • Digsby

    When the login window comes up, sign in and click "Allow" on the permissions page. Digsby checks permissions on startup so if you don't click "Allow" on the permissions page, you will get the permissions request again when you restart Digsby. With the new merged accounts window, Facebook Newsfeed is no longer separate from Facebook Chat so all permissions are requested on startup since there is only one Facebook login screen now. It will only use the permissions needed depending on what functionality you enable (ie: post on wall is only used if you enable the newsfeed functionality so you can update your Facebook status from Digsby) but all permissions are requested at the same time since there is only one Facebook login window now.

  • Andrews Emma

    Ever since you updated I keep getting authentication error messages in my AOL/AIM, mail.com accounts. Also I can not send mail from those accounts when I finally get it going.
    What to do ?

  • Are you still getting this error? Can you submit a bug report regarding this? Click Help > Submit Bug Report

  • Amir

    Lot's of major improvements.Thanks guys!!

  • Noah Jefferson

    I'd love to be alerted when certain people log-in, like my wife. I have no complaints about the program, though. It works great, and I rely on it every day. Thank you so much.

  • Kumargs10

    I am not able to send the files from digsby pls help me

  • What IM protocol is this happening with?

  • IRC Guys, please.

  • Rodolfo

    You already have the best IM+Social network client, and I'd really like it to become perfect!
    I think Digsby lacks a simple feature: somethink like the WLM Stared Contacts, where you can Star a contact and it will appear in the top of your list whenever it's online. (A simple way to do it, so, if one week i have too talk to someone oftem i Star it, and after i just remove its star)
    I also sugest some options to it:
    1-) Have a diferent notification option to stared contacts (so I can ajust popups and sounds for login and messages)
    2-)Have the option to show the contact group name after the contact's name)

    Thanks for this software already,

  • Dennis Capulong

    clicking the Like (Facebook) button generates an "Error adding like.
    100: Invalid parameter" error...

  • unhuman

    Can we get support for Hotmail now that you can set it to require HTTPS?

  • Kb5rir1

    Great Job Guys!!! I'm so Pleased with these Updates I have increased My idle Time, CPU and Memory Resources for your Research Program to 50% respectfully..

    Thanks again and keep up the Good Work.
    Sincerely: James

  • Happy to help! :)

  • Gwythinn

    Many thanks for the timely bug fixes!

  • Don't know if this has been asked already, but is there any chance of a blackberry client ever? I love digsby, and would love it on my bb

  • Possibly. Right now we're focused on bringing Digsby to Mac/Linux first.

  • YOU ROCK!! Is it possible to add google buzz support? I use it pretty often and i'd really appreciate if you integrate it like twitter. And can't wait linux version.

  • Raj4everonline

    waiting for digsby in MOBILE version

  • mz.Gray

    i love it

  • Miro

    Facebook Chat isnt working or it works really really bad - message delays. Unusable! Sorry guy, not happy. :-(

  • Digsby

    Their servers are having issues so unfortunately there's not much we can do. This will resolve itself once they fix the problem on their end.

  • I have same issue, delay is almost 8 minutes between message was sent from Digsby and is receive in Facebook chat on web.

    I'm glad, that it is a problem of Facebook crew and Digsby and its users are just victims of this.

  • Miro

    Ok. Thanks for comment and care. I really appreciate that. Is the problem somehow related to the start of Myspace e-mail?
    Been with disby almost 2 years and you done nice job, boys. Will be there Skype conection in future in Digsby?

    All best
    Miro, Slovakia

  • Any idea when the Mac version of Digsby is coming?

  • Marcio Araujo

    Very good update! Really! But you forgot to say that now Disgby have support to LCS, Sametime and Pingbox IMs. Good work!

    I hope you can do something about Skype obstacle and support it too.
    Maybe, a addon system to other people add more social network support. It will be great for sure!

  • Hockeyman

    Why the false hope for a Mac and Linux client? I know tons of people getting on your mailing list, with no sense of where this is even going? Are you in Alpha? Pre Alpha? If its not being developed yet, take down the page. Sorry for sounding upset, but it's frustrating to see the best software out there not being offered to Mac.

  • Digsby was written to be cross-platform and it is definitely coming. We have a Mac build but it's not stable enough to be usable for an extended period of time. It's being developed while we also work on features and fix bugs for Windows. We really do wish it was out yesterday but we don't have unlimited resources.

  • Great!, looks better and the new sort options are great.
    Also, the download after is also a very good idea.

    Any developer should have to have in mind that most of the applications start looking for updates as soon as the internet connection is available. This means, when you start you computer, every application uses the internet connection at the same time. This is not a good idea.

  • mox

    very nice folks!

  • Nilesh Ashar

    I like this update, especially the Preferences. Wish - Can you please bottom align the pop up feed update box, so that the 'previous' and 'next' arrows remain in same position - as of now one has to look back and forth, between the feed and the changed arrows' position, to click.

  • Rawr-kyro

    Well i'm probably not suppose to say this here, but could you add Chattango to your list of login services for Digsby? It's pretty big on alot of websites that allow free talk within websites.

  • tez

    Still no Jabber conference rooms? Jesus.

  • Digsby

    There is group chat support for all protocols including Jabber. Just click the room list button on the right side of the Actions Bar which appears at the top of the IM window to invite people to a group chat. When others invite you, you'll get a popup asking you whether you want to join the group chat.

  • awesome :) can you bring in qq as an IM service yet?

  • Yeah QQ would be a great addition, already been waiting for ages :)

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