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Build 85 – Private Alpha Release

We’re excited to release Build 85 (r28809 r28814 r28876 r28974 r28983 r29026 r29032 r29036) to ALPHA testers which includes lots of new features, bug fixes, and enhancements. As always, you can read the entire list of enhancements on our Change Log. Notable changes include:

  • Auto-Update System: We have a brand new auto-update system in Digsby. Updates are now downloaded *after* you log in rather than before. They are then applied next time you restart Digsby so downloading updates never gets in your way. You can also choose whether to automatically download new updates in “Preferences > General & Profile”. Lastly, clicking “Help > About” will check to see if your Digsby is up to date or if new updates are available for download.
  • Accounts Section: We redesigned the Accounts section in Preferences from the ground up to reflect Services you use with features that you can enable and disable for each service. This is much more intuitive than having three separate lists of IM, email, and social network accounts. For example, you don’t need to add your Gtalk and Gmail accounts or your Facebook Chat and Facebook Newsfeed accounts separately any more.
  • Email/Social Panels: The email and social network panels on the buddy list got a makeover. They now say the service name instead of the login username when you only have one of each service. If you have more than one of any service, they fall back to the login username as before. You can also rename them manually via the right click menu. Lastly, they can now be rearrange via drag and drop (although you can’t intermix email and social accounts as each one is a separate list).
  • Sorting/Grouping: We changed how grouping and sorting options work in “Preferences > Buddy List”. The new set of options is more intuitive by letting you choose the grouping mechanism first and then choosing how to sort those groups. It also allows for an extra level of sorting as a result.
  • RTL Support: We added RTL support to all of the IM window conversation themes. They determine how to align the messages based on the first character of each IM. The input box in newly created IM windows also automatically sets the RTL option based on your current keyboard setting.
  • ICQ Anti Spam: We added an option in the Privacy settings for ICQ accounts to automatically block friend requests with URLs in them. This option is ON by default and should help cut down on ICQ spam significantly.
  • Stability: We fixed several memory leaks related to account disconnects along with several of the most common crash causing bugs to improve Digsby stability and performance.

We’d like to get this build stabilized as quickly as possible so we can get it released to all users so if you run into any bugs please use “Help > Send Bug Report” in the main menu to submit a diagnostic log or email us at bugs@digsby.com. We’ll keep pushing to make Digsby even better and greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word!

If you would like to become an alpha tester and get new releases before everyone else, download this file and place it in the main program folder. Keep in mind that as an alpha tester you may get a release with a few bugs every now and then. We are looking for people who are proactive in reporting these issues so we can fix them before builds go out to all users.

Update 1 (11/5/2010 12:40pm EST): We just pushed out a small patch fixing a bug in the auto-update system which caused some 32-bit operating systems to always think that there is a new update available. The new build is 28814.

Update 2 (11/9/2010 4:30pm EST): We just pushed out a patch fixing (almost) all the bugs you’ve reported thus far.  The build should be much more solid but please let us know if there are any remaining issues.  The new build number is 28876 and changes include:

  • No more Internet Explorer!  We’ve replaced all the IE windows we use for social network oAuth login screens with WebKit windows (same rendering engine we use for the IM window and news feeds)
  • Fixed a bug that caused scroll bars to disappear on older operating systems
  • Fixed a bug with scroll speed that caused scrolling to be slow with some mice
  • Fixed a bug that caused RTL detection to not work when chatting with someone who is logged in to Gmail chat
  • Fixed a bug with link alignment on saved statuses in Preferences
  • Fixed a bug that caused the preferences window to break if you open it before accounts finish loading
  • Fixed a bug that broke the file transfer window after Digsby checks for updates
  • Fixed a bug that caused two “update is ready” popups to show in some cases
  • Fixed a bug that caused words after non-breaking spaces to disappear in the IM window
  • Fixed a bug that caused accounts to not disappear in preferences after you delete them
  • Fixed a bug that caused MSN file transfers to fail in some cases
  • Fixed a bug that caused Facebook/MySpace alert and news feed filter options to not save on exit
  • Fixed a bug that caused an erroneous error popup to show when accepting a video chat invite

Update 3 (11/17/2010 12:30pm EST): We just pushed out another patch fixing the remaining bugs reported thus for for this release.  Let us know if there are any remaining issues so we can get this pushed out to all users.  The new build number is 28974 and changes include:

  • Input box in newly created IM windows now automatically sets RTL option based on the current keyboard setting
  • Fixed a bug that caused scrollbars to not show when Windows is set to “Classic” mode
  • Fixed a bug that caused the file transfer history dialog to show that an auto-update was cancelled after a check for updates is done
  • Fixed a bug that caused the new auto-updater to break any skins added by the user by deleting the skin.yaml file
  • Fixed a bug that caused failed auto-updates to prevent Digsby from checking for updates the next time it is run
  • Fixed a bug that caused Digsby to restart so it can apply an update even if you tell it not to exit because IM windows are open
  • Fixed a bug that caused the registration screen which comes up after a fresh install to not obey proxy settings
  • Fixed a bug that caused errors in cancelling in-progress MSN file transfers
  • Fixed a bug that caused the new auto-updater to try to apply a partially downloaded update in rare cases
  • Fixed a bug that caused links in the file transfer dialog to not disappear after a cancelled file transfer
  • Fixed a bug that made it possible for more than one instance of the auto-updater to launch
  • Fixed a bug that caused HTML looking nicknames in an IM window to get rendered
  • Fixed a bug that caused the installer to try installing Digsby even if it detects Digsby running in the background
  • Fixed a bug that caused Digsby to show a permissions error on exit for a small portion of users
  • Made the single instance checker more reliable so you can’t launch multiple copies of Digsby
  • Added a “Faster!” link for manually triggered auto-updates since minimizing system resource usage isn’t as important in those cases

Update 4 (11/17/2010 5:15pm EST): Another small patch brings the build number to 28983:

  • Fixed a bug that caused Twitter to not show anything in the History view if there’s a capital letter in your Twitter username
  • Fixed a small bug with the bug reporter

Update 5 (11/19/2010 1:45pm EST): We just pushed out a small patch fixing the last known bugs in this release.  We hope to push this out to all users early next week so please let us know if you run into any bugs. The new build number is 29024 and changes include:

  • Fixed a bug that caused a scrollbar to appear in the About dialog
  • Fixed a small memory leak in MySpace newsfeed
  • Fixed a bug with how comboboxes get rendered
  • Fixed a bug that caused Facebook newsfeed to get stuck in Connecting if no Internet connection is detected
  • Fixed a bug that caused the login screen to not come to the front after an auto-update
  • Fixed a bug that caused the input box to start very large if new conversations are set to start minimized

Update 6 (11/22/2010 11:45am EST): One final patch fixing a bug which caused the file transfer window to pop up when Digsby checks for updates brings the release number to 29032. We’ll be pushing this out to all users pending any new bug reports.

Update 7 (11/22/2010 1:00pm EST): Build number updated to 29036 and is being pushed out to all users.  Thanks for you all your help testing this release!

  • Digsby rocks! The new account panel improvement in this version is great and the login doesn't seem to lag anymore. How about build1 for mac soon for when I'm working? :)

  • Redgeminipa

    I see a few people asking for info on Mac/Linux release, and they're going completely ignored by the Digsby team. Trillian for Mac is moving right along. They're on build 161 for Alpha testers so far. VoxOx appeared out of nowhere with a pretty sweet Mac beta.

    I bought my first Mac over 20 months ago. Digsby has said "coming soon" since at least then with no signs of anything ever being delivered. Put that together with users being ignored when asking about it, and I'm starting to think it's just not gonna happen. I'm losing faith in Digsby....

  • Digsby

    We hear you load and clear - definitely not ignoring the comments but there's not much value in posting the same reply over and over. We are doing our best to solidify the Windows build and push out the Mac/Linux builds ASAP.

  • Redgeminipa

    Thank you for the reply! Any chance you'll have alpha/beta testers when the time comes? I'd love to be one of them!

  • I'm no longer seeing numbers indicating new tweets on the Twitter icon in the system tray.

  • Digsby

    Did you hide the alerts count in the infobox? Bringing it back in infobox will bring it back in the tray icon.

  • I don't know where the option is to hide the alerts count. Where should I check?

  • You can edit notifications via Tools > Preferences > Notifications. Let us know if this helps!

  • I am a new user of Digsby. It's a great soft, no doubt. But the problem is, I used Yahoo messenger before. I facing problem while searching for smileys. Because the order of the smiley in Digsby are not same as Yahoo messenger. It would be fine if the smileys were in the same order as the Yahoo messenger has. And also some of the smiley signs (like :d) doesn't work in Digsby. Please fix it.

  • groundy1102

    Since yesterday Digsby showed event invitation notification (eg. 1 new event invite) for Facebook, but there's actually none after I checked thru browser. Was there FB protocol change?

  • 3xh

    Seems to be a Facebook log-in issue this morning. Don't think related to the update but maybe a change on the FB side that needs looking at?

  • Bug report: When logged into facebook chat using digsby, digsby NEVER shows me as away. People think I'm being rude by not replying even though I'm actually away and haven't seen their ping until I get back to my computer.

  • Thanks. This release should make statuses more reliable for Facebook chat.

  • Nope! not working even after the update. also, if i have a auto-response set up for facebook (it doesnt give me an away option) the auto-response goes to all pings from all accounts. Not to mention, auto-response with status is pretty useless if you want it for when you are away. I cannot change the status every time I walk away right?

  • I'll test for the one issue I have and let you know.

  • groundy1102

    You can use "Autorespond with status message" feature for FB chat for now, at least this feature can alert your FB buddies ;)

  • the FB status is "Available" even when I'm away. And there's no way for me to put up an autorespond just for FB. Not to mention the autorespond will go (if it works) even when i'm not away.

  • wxMichael

    The last two times I've updated Digsby, It has deleted the skin.yaml file for the skin I use. This is really annoying.

  • Sorry. We fixed this in Update 3 (above), so this shouldn't happen again. Let us know if you ever happen to run into this problem again though!

  • wxMichael

    Yeah, I just saw that; feel like an idiot now :P.

  • Happens to the best of us. A lot of fixes up there :)

  • Ethan

    Thanks for the update
    I'm having a problem now when I click a URL from any notification box it tells me that I don't have a default browser but It opens the link using My default browser

  • Can you get this to happen again and submit a bug report afterwards? This will send diagnostic info on what is happening. Click Help > Submit Bug Report

  • MajorCrash

    Is there a way to add update checking by right clicking the digsby icon? I usually have the menu bar hidden, so it takes several extra clicks to update digsby.

  • Alvanosa

    Hello, I have a problem when logging in to MSN. At first it connects, authenticates but when reeling in the contactlist it says connection failed. How can I solve this or what is going wrong?

  • Alvanosa

    It is fixed now.

  • D1173470

    What happened to the scrollbars in the chat windows? They are really messed up.

  • Are you an Alpha user? Could you submit a bug report regarding this? Click Help > Submit Bug Report

  • A59561

    I'll just comment here. Before, they were native scrollbars, now, the scroll arrows are shrunk by a pixel (you can see when the bar is next to them). If you hold the white space for a large gap, when the scrollbar reaches it, half is grey, half is blue. It no longer has a snap back effect when you are dragging, but the mouse is too far away- it will scroll wherever the mouse is.
    I could go on... :P

  • Anon

    I sent a bug report, but it seems to me that this version of WebKit (it seems like it was updated) is emulating the scrollbars rather than using a native API. It also happens in the popup boxes for Facebook etc.

  • Thanks for the info! Would you mind sending a bug report about this though? This sends diagnostic info on why something may not be displaying right and what Digsby is doing. You can also attach a screenshot via this way too.

  • Scott Hudson

    when are we going to get Digsby for Mac OS X?! I like Adium, but Digsby can do so much more!

  • Radu

    Would you implement an option to show digsby on single click from tray?

  • Caleb

    I'm still using 28550, and whenever I mark new email from Gmail as Read, or try to Delete it, nothing happens. I have to actually log into Gmail now to perform these actions.

    Maybe they've changed their site again?

  • Epaka

    Just got a pretty big update download (5mb+) and I don't see anything in the change log. Shed some light?

  • Do you know if you had the latest version (28876) before the update came in?

  • Epaka

    "(11/11/10 10:14:17 AM) digsby.org We just pushed out a patch to ALPHA testers fixing all the bugs you've reported thus far in the new release. Please check out our blog for more details:


    Let us know if you run into any bugs!"

  • This was a small hiccup on our end where Alpha users were reverted back to release. Restart and you should get the latest Alpha again. :)

  • Epaka

    Yeah, I use Digsby daily for about 10 hours a day :) So, I get the updates installed pretty quickly. I even got an IM window that said it was an alpha release, similar to the one I received the other day.

  • Adiprenne

    hotmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for non-alpha testerssssssssssss

  • 4bigbro

    Special thanks to icq anti-spam! Now my favorite messenger is perfect!

  • Thanks! Happy to help out!

  • the very first thing the new update did was to remove my installed themes. :( Great work.

  • Sorry :( Did you lose your skins? We're fixing how we handle the skins files during an update in the next release.

  • Thanx for the response, well the files&folder seems to be present in the C:/Program Files/Digsby/res/skins but i guess Digsby seems not to recognize them.Luckily i had a backup of the skins deleted the previous and copied the files again to the dir. To give a bit more info i am using Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit Edition, is it any issue with Administrative right privilege or something? Coz after the update the folder&files have a lock icon(yellow in color) on bottom left

  • The auto-updated deleted the skin.yaml files that were put in by the user. We've fixed this and it'll go out in the next update :)

  • SacredCultivator

    It's because Digsby deletes the skin.yaml file which renders it useless.

    Do hope they revert this process, as before this new Update Method, things worked fine.

  • I like that you all consistently update and make sure to improve things that need improving!...Keep up the great work.


  • The new account design is a great improvement to the old one. And the memory consumption seems much better than before.

    The new grouping/sorting mechanism is better than the old one, but I lack the possibility to have no grouping at all. Choosing "none (custom)" makes Digsby use the grouping from the IM servers. Would it be possible to make this option into two options - a "none" that really means none, and a "custom" that means to use the IM servers grouping?

  • Taohidul Hassan

    Thanks for the update....

  • Ricardo Chiappe

    The new "update style" work great. Just one problem, when downloading, start telling the seconds left:
    "47 of 51, 0s remaining"... and stopped there... I thought it frozen or something... 1 Min later started downloading of 48-51 (saying 5 sec left)... after that, all OK.
    Why that pause? Why 0 seconds left message? Was a bit confusing.

  • Ethan

    I think is the way Digsby works files , I have never been able to download anything over 3 megs files always break, stop, freeze, or get stuck who knows where, MSN and YAHOO is the only annoyance I have about Digsby everything else works as a charm , if I could add it to my phone will be completely happy

  • Giblet

    Hey,whenever I talk to someone, they get to see what I have send, But I can't see what I have typed..

  • Hmm.. Can you submit a bug report with a screenshot after this happens? Click Help > Submit Bug Report

  • rottingroom

    i noticed a bug when i disconnect from the internet while digsby is still open a window pops up with something about facebook

  • Caballero600

    Would be great to have an option to choose which email accounts are shown in the icon tray and which not. Not all of them at the same time.

  • om4eccv

    Just got the update. Still no scrollbars for me in the Twitter Timeline popup window.

    XP SP3. Nvidia Quadro NVS 320.

  • Digsby

    Can you submit a bug report with screenshot.

  • mye

    Google Reader, new skins and popup transparency, would be nice..... any thoughts on that??

  • Epaka

    Google Reader would be clutch. I totally forgot about that. Using my email client to read my RSS feeds right now...

  • Why digsby its not opensource?? many users asking for a Linux or Mac port, releasing via OS will get an army of developers ready to accomplish something in short time.

  • thanks for the great work guys :) what's next in the pipeline for features and fixes?

  • bzp

    I want to thank the developers of this program. This program is really good! Keep the good work! :)

  • Digsby

    Thank you! We'll keep pushing to make Digsby even better and we greatly appreciate any help in spreading the word!

  • Nermin83s

    I have Digsby - Build 28550 and every time when starting it is checking for update but nothing happens (nothing downloaded, nothing installed) Any help to resolve this?

  • Digsby

    We only pushed an update to alpha testers. Once this build is stable, it will go out to all users. If you are an alpha tester, make sure that the tag.yaml file is in the right folder.

  • JamesL

    I have 5 email accounts and it takes up space. Any way to hide the email accounts until there is new email? (Basically, only show email accounts that have unread email)...

  • Digsby

    There currently isn't a way to do this since showing the email account provides you with quick access to the inbox and compose windows with auto-login. We may add this option in the future.

  • Radu

    Did you fix the bug where if someone sends you multiple files, only the first one shows up ( on yahoo and maybe others) and viceversa.

    And thanks for MS intellimouse fix.

  • Digsby

    That didn't get fixed in this release but we do have a ticket for it in our system. It does seem to affect Yahoo specifically.

  • I have to say I preferred it when Digsby just used the IM accounts groups - I notice this isn't an option in the new grouping drop down, just 'Custom' which keeps how things were.
    I guess this will suit for now as my groups have stuck from before the update, but it won't update from the msn / facebook / yahoo servers again?

  • Digsby

    "Custom" means whatever groups you create, which is the IM account groups as you described. We weren't sure if we should call it "Custom" or "None" and decided on "Custom" for now.

  • Hinz1974

    I can't get the file to download :(

  • Are you able to download now?

  • How soon do you think you will release a Mac OS and/or a Linux version?

  • The new accountmanagement looks great,
    anti-spam sounds great, hope it helps
    If digsby ever get's a friendfeed-plugin (dunno if anyone but me uses it anymore^^), it would be my perfect social-contact-platform.

  • Casey

    Digsby won't work for me after this latest update. I start, and the log-in window appears as normal. But after it finishes loading (connecting, synchronizing) and the log-in window disappears, no buddy list appears, even though it appears in the list of processes.

  • Dams

    Run it with admin rights, then it should fix the problem.

  • Digsby

    Can you email bugs@digsby.com so we can get a diagnostic log from you?

  • Not at home to test at the moment but can anyone comment on whether or not this release has fixed stuttering in fullscreen games while Digsby is running?

  • Unfortunately not in this build. We're working on a fix but we're having difficulty in reproducing this bug. Does this happen consistently for you?

    Could you help us try to narrow this down? There's a forum about this http://forum.digsby.com/vie... or can you submit a bug report the next time this happens? Click Help > Submit Bug Report

  • SacredCultivator

    Uh oh... So I just updated to latest, 28814 and it seems to have wiped my Skin. And it isn't available in the Options menu either... NOt too sure if this is a bug or not.

  • Was this a default skin or a custom skin that you had?

  • Aow777

    I just had this happen as well. I had all but the basic ones be taken off my list. It was fine until the update just a few mins ago on 11-9-10

  • bandez

    You just have to copy the skin into the folder again. had the same problem :)

  • Can you submit a bug report about this? Click Help > Submit Bug Report

  • SleightOHand

    Same. Skins folders are still in Digsby/res/skins but not showing up in Preferences. 28876

  • Anonymous

    Almost a year ago I thought I remember reading about how IRC wasn't too far off. Like the Dec of 2009 or something. Maybe even longer ago. Will it ever get added or has it been knocked so far down the to-do list it doesn't matter anymore?

  • DrPepper

    Yes, IRC would be very nice to have in Digsby!

  • Marcio Araujo

    They always say "If many users request this or that, we can add" but several people ask for skype, irc, buzz, orkut, and the only thing we see are bug fixes and protocol changes. We'll never see support for new social networks in the future. Forget it.

  • Epaka

    What's the point of having tons and tons of features if they're buggy? I'd rather have one 5" solid blade than a rusty, unusable swiss army knife.

  • Sorry but we simply have to prioritize bugs and protocol changes over features. It's a trade-off between adding more features and making Digsby stable for every single user. Otherwise people will have trouble using the features they downloaded Digsby to try. :)

  • why dont you put twitter program or something, so we can tweet via digsby ?

  • You can add your Twitter account in Digsby via Tools > Preferences > Accounts. Let us know if this helps :)

  • how if you put some program of twitter or something so we can tweet via digsby

  • Rockhoprecords

    Would be great in incorporate skype into digsby

  • Would definitely love to have Skype in Digsby but right now their API requires Skype to be open and running in order to access it. This sort of defeats the purpose, at least in my opinion. Hopefully we can tackle this problem in the future though.

  • Parrotlover77

    I completely disagree. Having it incorporated via the API allows IMing through a single UI, which is all that I really care about, personally.

    I run Miranda this way and briefly ran Trillian Astra that way. Astra was annoying so I went back to Miranda. But Miranda is ridiculously complicated and unstable. I'd love to go to Digsby, which I loved when I demoed it, but no Skype, so oh well.

  • Marcio Araujo

    They always say "If many users request this or that, we can add" but several people ask for skype, irc, buzz, orkut, and the only thing we see are bug fixes and protocol changes. We'll never see support for new social networks in the future. Forget it.

  • Amilianna

    Loving the new look and feel - was wondering if there's ever going to be a way to set your global status via your saved statuses?

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