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Build 84 – Striving for Perfection!

We just pushed out Build 84 (r28550) to all users, which is a small update that includes fixes for a couple protocol issues. Changes include:

  • Fixed a bug that caused Hotmail to get stuck in “Authenticating” due to a protocol change
  • Fixed a bug that caused long tweets to fail due to an encoding issue

Please let us know if you run into any bugs by using “Help > Send Bug Report” in the main menu to submit a diagnostic log or email us at bugs@digsby.com.

  • Maydebo

    U can still improve by adding more sites like badoo, netlog ..........
    Tanx in anticipation.

  • hola yo tengo el siguente problema el Tiwitter no abre en Digsby no abre nose como se puede solucionar este problema espero que me puedan ayudar grasias.

  • Martin Young

    A mass-mail address from my contact list just got a spam message from Digsby. Needless to say, this is absolutely unacceptable and personally mortifying. When did Digsby become malware?

  • When a user adds their email account into Digsby, we ask them if they'd like to support Digsby by letting their contacts know about Digsby. Sorry you missed the option - http://imgur.com/IPU1F .

    We'll work on seeing if there's another way to present this.

  • UzeN

    It would be nice if you made it possible to connect users from different networks into one common chat

  • HI!

    I´m not able to log in to ICQ and Twitter via digsby anymore. Both "fail to connect to server".

    Is there any known issue? Is there already a solution? I tried on two different PC, one in the office via internal network & proxy and on home PC via DSL.

  • Hey, are you still having this issue? Could you submit a bug report with more info? Click Help > Submit Bug Report

  • Ddulitz

    unable to check hotmail e-mail...the butterfly icon just has the x symbol on it the popup boxes say "Hotmail error failed to connect to server"...I have the latest digsby build

  • Is this still occurring for you? Could you submit a bug report if this continues? Click Help > Submit Bug Report

  • Milinasa

    sent last night, looks like it just repaired a few minutes ago

  • mee

    As long as you people steer clear of bundling-, pushing-, or deploying grayware I'll continue to play along and endorse you :)

    opencandy is evil

  • UzeN

    remove the bug with group chat icq
    When you write in Russian
    in place of words
    привет как дела

    а мб договоримся товарищь

    my contact e-mail: uzen134@yahoo.com

  • Can you submit a bug report regarding this? We'll definitely look into this. Click Help > Submit Bug Report

  • UzeN

    Developers must now do not work with the setup for the Russian language, I have suggested to me that you tell me a quick solution to this problem

  • joe

    Hey Digsby staff, thank you for this software!

  • Thank you for using Digsby!

  • patanne

    perfection is an illusion, or fleeting in the very best case. can we finally stop allowing its pursuit to interfere with the badly needed creation of a mac version?!?

  • My Life Verse....
    But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. ~ Isaiah 40:31

  • Adiprenne

    Sign on/off , idle , etc notification are not reliable , don`t work well. maybe u do something about this.

  • Could you submit a bug report with more information? Click Help > Submit Bug Report

  • chriswyatt

    Woot! Perfection! So, if it's nearly perfect then a Linux version isn't too far off right? :)

  • Filipedanunes

    it will support offline/invisible conversations?

  • We're working on upgrading our MSN implementation now.

  • SacredCultivator

    Sorry to ask, but by chance, any news on a possible Alpha build with the new MSN Implementation?

    Since for some of my MSN Contacts, they always see me as "Offline" when I'm on pretty much 24/7, not too sure if this is due to the MSN Protocol or not.


  • Will be releasing an Alpha soon that should have this in. Will update everyone on this.

  • mbeachum

    Thank you very much for this software it is great.
    Unfortunatelly, after installing the latest update none of my accounts are working anymore. Not IM, Email or Social Networks.
    When it starts, it first says that its in "Local Mode" and then all trys to connect fail.
    My internet connection is fine and digsby is not blocked by my firewall. Any advice?

  • Are you still experiencing this problem? Are all other program connecting to the internet fine?

  • mbeachum

    Hi Erick, the problem is solved. It was actually a none-digsby related issue. Just had to disable using the system configuration for proxies. Thanks for your support and your awesome product. Keep it up!

  • ahmed

    my e.mail is blocked in hotmail,i know id and passward but not open

  • Are you getting any type of error? Could you submit a bug report with more info? Click Help > Submit Bug Report

  • Marjone Jones25

    I like ....

  • Tanzeelahmadsheikh

    my yahoo id is not accessing.

  • Is this still occurring for you? What type of error are you getting?

  • I love digsby. Do all the geniuses work there?

  • Guest

    Please delete this post. I fiddled with the settings and the bug disappeared.

  • Merph

    I'm not sure if you're aware of this issue, but often while chatting with people via Facebook chat, it tells me they've logged off when they haven't... even when it shows that they're currently typing!

    Keep up the great work. I love digsby.

  • Rhonda Anderson

    i think digsby should add a button on there where you can do videochat with each of the messengers like Yahoo, Msn, aol, gmail, etc. that would be nice to have.

  • We currently do support video chat via TokBox. If you right-click in an IM window and click on "Show Actions Bar", you should see a webcam icon with the word "Video" next to it. Does this help?

  • Hey Digsby ppl! :)

    1st, thank you for great chat/mail/social network client! I love it!

    2nd, how come I can RT some longer tweets on Twitter web page, but in Digsby I must shorten the text because of RT <username> prefix? Is there some kind of RT function in Twitter API?

  • Thanks! We currently don't support native retweets but that is something we'll be adding in the future.

  • Frederico F

    Thank you very much Digsby!!!!!!

  • mameluk

    wena ctm!! =)

  • Rsrajan7

    Thank you, Digsby Team, for the useful upgradation.
    I especially like your new 'ting' alert audio signal, It is far sweeter than the harsh, old "Captain. you have got mail".

  • Happy to help out!

  • Jollywombat

    Having many issues with File transfers with both gtalk and AIM lately. Gtalk never works period for its transfers, AIM is spotty at best, able to send someone to an AIM user typically, but receive is 30% at best it seems, sits on connecting on my end, other end (real aim client) states it is waiting for me to accept the transfer. Like Digsby overall, but without file transfer abilities and such, hard to make this my real program for IM communications.

  • Could you send a bug report regarding AIM transfers? Click Help > Submit Bug Report. We'll look into it.

  • Darkwolf80s

    Could you pretty please fix Digsby file sending to other MSN users? Whenever I am trying to send a file to a friend that uses MSN messenger on my send it is saying "Sending..." while my friend does not see any window sign of a file being received. Even if they received the sending bar does not move. Has this issue been brought up before?

  • Working on this. Are you behind a proxy by chance?

  • Abdussalampv

    No Gtalk File Transfer = No Pefection.

    In order to revolutionize chat, Digsby must create a working file transfer solution for Gtalk.

    Trillian, IChat, Meebo. Many have attempted and many have Failed the Challenge. Some more miserably than others.

    Whoever can bridge this gaping abyss of connectivity in the age of Twitter Tweets, Facebook Like,

  • Geoff

    Digsby is awesome! You guys are the best!

  • Thank you for your support!

  • I'm very new to the whole social networking and IM world. I have a problem where I will be signed into Digsby and my accounts will be connected, but no contacts will show up in my Digsby window (online or offline). Any recommendations?

  • What IM service are you connecting with?

  • I'm actually connecting through Facebook, my AOL is stuck on Authentication Error

  • Did this just start happening? Can you try re-adding the account? If this continues, could you submit a bug report with more info and we'll see how we can help you out. Click Help > Submit Bug Report

  • AH! That is why some tweets would fail!

  • No problem. Glad you're able to tweet again! :)

  • with this new version... msn it doesnt connect at all..

  • Build 28550? Check via Help > About Digsby. If you have this version and MSN still isn't connecting, can you submit a bug report with more info? Click Help > Submit Bug Report

  • i just tryed again and it work... i dont know, maybe it was problem with my work connection...

    thanks anyway...
    just keep te good work! :D

  • darkguy

    Cool, but what about the portable version or custom MSN emoticons? :/...

  • Portable version is coming. We wanted it to include a few upcoming features before we released it.

  • Awesome, so now Digsby is just 2 things away from my "perfect client of all times"! =)
    1) bug that cause long gtalk messages just dissapear on a halfway to its destination everytime.
    2) no busy status for gtalk

    I truly hope someday I'll be happy with these things done.

  • Finalplayer

    Please make a translation program for Russian language.

  • Definitely in our roadplan to have localized language versions.

  • Mildiou

    The download link for Windows is always .83 build, not .84.
    I hope it will be soon replaced.

  • It will. Digsby automatically checks for any updates once you login. So you should always have the latest version.

  • Fawad

    Nope, msn still not conntecting :-(

    But I am hopeful its gonna get fixed soon :-)

  • Make sure you have the latest version. Build 28550. Check via Help > About Digsby. If so, can you submit a bug report regarding this? Click Help > Submit Bug Report

  • Yotip

    Thanks for this!

  • Thank you for using Digsby!

  • CobraG

    This program is very good.

  • Thank you! We'll keep pushing to make Digsby even better!

  • BuzzyBee

    It's not much better until it's available for Mac/Linux. I wish Digsby would take other platforms seriously. :(

  • Sebastian Onofrei

    Hi... I have a question

    When do you think that the versions for *NIX and MAC will be available? I'm really interested about this because i use the win version at work and home i have a NIX machine... though I would love to use on both the same app.

    Thanks and congrats for the nice work you've done here :)

  • Thanks Sebastian. Unfortuantely there's no ETA right now. We have an internal build but it's not quite stable enough for Alpha or public testing. We wish it was out yesterday but we're definitely working on it.

  • Maxwell Peters

    You've been saying that for months!

  • BuzzyBee

    No, they been saying that for well over a year!!!

  • We're making progress while still working on improving the Windows build. We don't want it to fall behind.

  • Goffochoco

    MSN was working until the update occured. Now it is stuck in the authentication process. Build 28550.

    I'm sending a bug report about it.

  • Thank you. We'll take a look. Let us know if you still aren't able to login.

  • Metskass

    I have to tell, that sending files is VERY problematic - mostly all files are stuck in middle of sending and it takes very long time to get them through. But the worst is, that friend can ask for ten times - did you get it - but I still don´t see even that, that he/she at all wants to send me something... I´ll see that about 10 minutes after friend uploads file for sending to me.

  • We'll work on improving this. What IM protocol are you having difficulty transferring files with? Could you submit a bug report the next time you see this? Click Help > Submit Bug Report

  • Nathan

    Facebook seems to be very sketchy apparently it shows me going on and offline on the facebook page

  • F4farrukh4u

    i hv not any problem...tq

  • Edited personal information out.

  • Gerhard Louwrens

    Please try and make a add-on in which one can also import Skype

  • We definitely want Skype. However right now the Skype API requires Skype to be open in order to use. Working on tackling this problem though!

  • Hitimana_f

    till now my hotmail still close what am i gonna do?

  • Hotmail still doesn't connect for you? Could you submit a bug report with more info? Click Help > Submit Bug Report

  • Lol


  • Magical Kenyan

    Just want to thank Digsby for their good work.Peace out.

  • Thank you! We really do appreciate it.

  • Bineshkannichira

    please fix gmail , gmail not connected

  • How long has this been happening? Are you getting any type of error when trying to add GMail?

  • Matt Montag

    No Gtalk File Transfer = No Pefection.

    In order to revolutionize chat, Digsby must create a working file transfer solution for Gtalk.

    Trillian, IChat, Meebo. Many have attempted and many have Failed the Challenge. Some more miserably than others.

    Whoever can bridge this gaping abyss of connectivity in the age of Twitter Tweets, Facebook Like, Link Sharing, and Youtubes, will claim the Cup of Innovation.

    Digsby Must Innovate.

    In the age when Google has abandoned their own Desktop chat client in favor of developing in-browser video chat, We the Young and Intelligent are in dire straits indeed.

    Those who know how to take a screen-shot are Crying out for the ability to share images through their chat programs.

    Those who know we can drag and drop a file attachment into Gmail in a browser window know acutely that Something Is Wrong With Chat.

    Digsby Must Fix Chat.

  • It's complex for GTalk. You can't transfer files in GTalk when using it through GMail and only a small portion of users use the standalone Google Talk client. Will work on getting that up though :)

  • Saiful Kushtia

    web cam not support...

  • What type of error are you getting when trying to use the webcam?

  • Rossifummi

    Please increase twitter time line or atlease allow to manually increasing the no. of twits in timeline.

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