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Build 83 – Twitter Twoubles!

We just pushed out Build 83 (r28139) to all users, which is a small update that includes a few fixes for Twitter. Changes include:

  • Twitter will now correctly use the server time if your local time, date, timezone, or daylight savings preference is incorrect (previously you would get an authentication error)
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Digsby to go into a spin trying to reconnect to Twitter if their servers return an unexpected error.
  • Fixed a bug that caused HTML entities (ie: < > ‘ &) to show incorrectly in Twitter

Please let us know if you run into any bugs by using “Help > Send Bug Report” in the main menu to submit a diagnostic log or email us at bugs@digsby.com.

  • a a

    was going to install; saw this: http://lifehacker.com/53363...


  • We switched to a more user-friendly installer very shortly after the feedback. We announced the changes over a year ago to all users on our blog - http://blog.digsby.com/arch.... Lifehacker also wrote a follow-up post regarding the changes as well - http://j.mp/dW3oI.

    Hope that clears some things. Please let us know if you have any questions though.

  • outsource web design

    what about mac users how can they use this/

  • Unfortunately Digsby is not available for Mac at the moment. We're working on it now. Are you on the mailing list? We'll email you as soon as it's available - http://www.digsby.com/signu...

  • OSXSlave

    you guys are killin' me!! i remember two years ago when you said "OSX version coming soon!" what happened to that?!? I'm an iphone developer, so I have to use OSX, but nothing can come close to Digsby on it! ADIUM BLOWS. if you release Digsby for OSX, i'll buy you guys all lobster dinners.

  • LOLer

    I'm having problems, Twitter doesn't integrate at all. I'm using Pidgin Portable, and it just says "(Connecting...)". Maybe it doesn't work with the portable version? I submitted a bug.

  • thanks for the update:)

  • I know it shouldn't be asked, but I was wondering if a new Alpha version is in the works that may soon be released? As it's been well over a month sense a release (Alpha/Stable)

    Just thought to know, thanks.

  • We're finishing up the last set of blockers right now. The next Alpha should be out soon.

  • That's great to hear, can't wait.

    As long as each push contains bug fixes for the features I use, that's great news.

    Also looking forward to seeing if any new Features being added.

  • Submitted a bug report already but no response ... I haven't been able to log in to Facebook chat for several days now. Login seems to get stuck in an "Authenticating ..." loop. Anyone else having this problem?

  • It is a good software, when it leaves the Spanish version?

  • Not sure yet, but localized language support is definitely on our roadmap.

  • Matt Montag

    The pain of my existence is that Digsby file transfers don't work over Google Talk. ErickD, Mike, and the rest of the great minds at Digsby: Be the innovators that my heart cries for, be the developers who enable Direct to E-Mail Delivery by drag-and-drop. Be those saviors who rescue us from this damnation, the drought of File Transfer that has cursed the world of Instant Messaging since AOL fell out of vogue. You are the chosen ones.

  • Can you submit a bug report when you catch file transfers not working? Click Help > Submit Bug Report. We will answer your call.

    Per the "Direct to E-Mail Delivery by drag-and-drop", can you email us at features@digsby.com with what you'd like to see?

  • Sup_dude

    I'm trying to get my chat window to *not* flash when I receive a new chat message but setting "conversation_window:
    notify_flash: no" as suggested on one of the forums doesn't do the trick. I'm on a Windows 7 x64 box, should I do something different?

  • Jake Lauer

    Any chance for Google Talk file transfer in the future?

  • Moose

    When you make icq anti-spam? I very like digsby, but i can't use, becouse i recive many spam messages by icq.

  • Rishi

    Not able to create new account.. No error nothing .. just it gives the same page again . *frustrating*

  • Sorry about that. Are you still not able to create a new account? Can you email us at bugs@digsby.com so can help you out?

  • Yoni_boy02

    It seems that each time there is an update my sounds.yaml reverts to the default scheme. Is this inadvertent or deliberate? Thanks!

  • This is by design. Digsby will overwrite your sounds.yaml file after an update in case anything was corrupted or if we change a setting. We're working on a new installer to let you sign in and then alert you when there is a new update so you can make sure to backup any changes you made.

  • Glen

    i wish digsby will have twitlonger features.. so, when somebody retweet the long text it can automatically shorten into link like twitlonger or others..
    anyway... i love digsby a lot...
    its really powerful apps that help people share their world easier...

  • echoes

    great job! but, a couple of questions:
    - will MSN custom emoticons supported in future releases?
    - is there a way to assign different icon colors to "busy"? it's yellow as "away", but their meaning is quite different :)

    I'm sorry if these questions have already been answered, I did some researches but didn'tfind a solution!

    thank you.

  • -We'll definitely work on improving our MSN implementation.
    -Not entirely sure what you mean. In the status drop-down menu, when you select "Away", is the icon red for you or yellow? Yellow is idle.

  • echoes

    -I'm sorry, I use a custom skin. I mean, both away and busy have the same color (yellow), I'd like to have different one as they have a pretty different meaning. Thanks anyway!

  • I have emailed an bug report in regards to Digsby regarding MSN. Lately it will add-and-block contacts when I choose to "Authorize and Add" them. Hopefully this will get resolved soon, since that's sort of silly.

  • Thank you for submitting a bug report. We'll look into it.

  • Dennii20

    we want studivz support! =)

  • Maxx

    Does anyone know about how long until we get Digsby for Linux?

  • Unfortunately there is no ETA at the moment. Are you on the Linux mailing list? http://www.digsby.com/signu...

  • Manda

    Have you forgotten about Mac users? >[ I've been waiting for-fucking-ever for it.

  • Not at all. We have an internal Mac build but right now it's not stable enough for any type of public testing. We're making progress and it's definitely coming.

  • B Efiong

    hey! Digsby refused to complete connection for voip, wat could be the cause pls?

  • Can you submit a bug report regarding this? Help > Submit Bug Report

  • amazingly !! great !!

  • bravo&saluut for DIGSBY teamwork..
    2thumbs up from me,Jakarta=Indonesia.
    Wish u for any new success works, cheers !

  • Thanks for the update. Love digsby

  • Thanks!

  • gfsaga

    twiter funciona bien

  • KH

    Hi, this is off-topic to the entry itself but is there any way to have status changes show up in IM windows? Such as when the person you're talking to goes on away or idle...

  • Digsby

    When the buddy goes away/idle/offline/etc the IM window should be putting in a notice of that.

  • KH

    I don't seem to have that. I do get the automatic responses from people with away messages (speaking of which, is there a way to have those be sent without the double of [Auto-Response] in front of them?) but the only other status messages I get within the window are when I'm disconnected.

  • Can you submit a bug report about no change in status being shown in the IM window? Click Help > Submit Bug Report. The [Auto-Reponse] is to show it is automated and you aren't at the computer.

  • Karim-_-nasro

    hiho cv !!

  • Pacc_909

    crashes during install - never gets past first screen.

  • Sorry about that. Can you email us at bugs@digsby.com so we can help you out?

  • yosef

    Any ETA on the Mac OS build. I love digsby and i use it at work but i would love to use it at home on my MacBook Pro

  • Try using Adium. I switched from Mac to Windows and couldn't find anything close to Adium until I found Digsby. Now I love Digsby but Adium is like it's Mac twin. ^_^

  • No ETA yet, but definitely coming. Digsby was written to be cross-platform.

  • Luisralvarado2

    Gracias por los momentos no estoy presentando errores..cuando aparescan se los haré saber..saludos

  • Smainwal

    its very good software. I like it.

  • Thanks!

  • Working ;) thanks

  • Glad it's working for you!

  • Thank you! Your attention to detail is amazing.

  • Thank you for using Digsby!

  • Prasum2008

    one of the awesome job u did ever

  • Lotmayd

    hi guys, nice update but when will we get silent updates !? it's really annoying when you try to text something to someone really quick to wait for the update to download and install ..

  • Working on making upgrades more seamless right now. Thanks for feedback, it should be a lot better soon.

  • sayed

    its great.......thanks digsby

  • Anasshakeel

    its wow

  • Bharpale

    hi to all

  • Hi!

  • salmanita

    kami ucapkan terimakasih atas dukungannya yang handal. =cheers=

  • Granchicop

    aun no me funciona twitter , si alguen pudiera ayudarme , pues no entiendo mucho, gracias de antemano ;)

  • Ssalia57

    all frined hi plese add me for frineds them

  • ayhenyoung

    thank you.. ^_^

  • RandomRage

    In the next full version, can you please not require admin elevation for updates? It's annoying when I'm the only one in my household I give admin access to because I'm household IT and I don't want everyone else screwing up the computers.

  • Thanks for the feedback. We're currently working on making upgrades more seamless. You'll be able to login faster and check for updates after you login.

  • hammermill

    It seems that each time there is an update my sounds.yaml reverts to the default scheme. Is this inadvertent or deliberate? Thanks!

  • Check out this topic on our forums: http://forum.digsby.com/vie...

  • Digsby will always overwrite the preference files. You may want to back up the changes you specifically made to sounds.yaml. Digsby does this in case any of the files are corrupted or if preferences change.

  • Tony

    cool nice job, when Digsby out for Linux archs?

  • There isn't an ETA right now. We have an internal build but it's not stable enough for Alpha/public testing.

  • yosef

    What about mac os support. Any

  • h4bit

    still not working with me, is it because of my country? (Perú) or what? it keeps 'connecting' =(

  • Make sure you have the latest version( Click Help > About Digsby - Build 28139). If so, can you submit a bug report regarding this? Help > Submit Bug Report

  • Dparkin

    tw 4 lyfe

  • Yeppers33

    Thanks, you guys are AWESOME...Digsby is #1

  • Thank you for the support!

  • Thanks Digsby for the Bugfix :)
    Greetings from Germany!

  • Finalplayer

    Пожалуйста, переведите программу на русский язык.

  • hey i`m getting this bug, every time i try to move a contact from a group to another, besides it doesn`t work, i get an error message (i use a yahoo account)

  • Can you submit a bug report about this? This will send diagnostic info on what's going wrong. Click Help > Submit Bug Report

  • i`m doing this right now, hope it helps, and another thing, why don`t you add IRC support?

  • We're definitely going to add support for more protocols.

  • Dannylost

    Gracias por resolver los bugs ...


  • Letoren

    Funciona correctamente. Gracias.

  • Just got it updated, working fine. :)

  • Good to know!

  • Nice turn around time on my bug report =D

  • Thanks for submitting a bug report!

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