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Build 82 – Patch Perfect!

We just pushed out Build 82 (r28094) to all users which includes fixes for a few recent protocol changes.  Notable changes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused Gmail actions like ‘Delete’ and ‘Archive’ to not work if you enabled their new multi-account login option
  • Fixed a bug in MySpaceIM that caused login to fail due to a protocol change
  • Fixed a bug in the Research Module that caused Java runtime errors
  • Switched to a different Hotmail login method to improve reliability
  • Rotate CitySearch local listings in with the OneRiot trending news stories (prominently labeled as ‘Featured’ when they appear)

If you run into any bugs, please use “Help > Send Bug Report” in the main menu to submit a diagnostic log or email us at bugs@digsby.com. We’ll keep pushing to make Digsby even better and greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word!

  • Thank you for alway update..Cheers : )

  • inseljohn

    Thanks for Update!
    But i "need" studivz support! ;)

  • Sip, tambah keren aja digsby

  • Dondoednah


  • Digsby

    Can you email bugs@digsby.com with more info as to why you need to reinstall every morning. Does it stop working? Do you get some error? etc.

  • Okay, just one thing I've been asking for since like... forever. You guys have any plans for Google Reader support in the near future? That would be a major feature to me, honestly.

  • Kl_ran26

    I've problem. When using Digsby, and succeed to login into Yahoo! Mail account and open it via browser, there is a conflict. It seems that we can log in using Digsby and browser at the same time

  • Can you submit a bug report with more info? Help > Submit Bug Report



  • Vincent Yanuar

    still waiting for LINUX version...........

  • My twitter doesnt seem to be authenticating

  • Is this still occurring? Can you submit a bug report regarding this? Help > Submit Bug Report

  • M_abou_bakr

    like to have many friends

  • I like the work you do, guys, but is there any chance to make a gadu-gadu protocol in the future?

  • We'll definitely be adding support for more protocols in the future.

  • Jakelauer

    I know this gets asked a lot, but is there going to be Google Talk file transfer support soon? I saw that you guys said you would support it (Jingle file transfers) in the future. Is that still the plan?

  • ahm3d

    what a wonderful software!!!

  • Thanks!

  • Swanee

    Where can I submit a suggestion? I would like the option to check a box to login as invisible. Very minimal problem but it would be a nice option to have. Thanks for the great program and keep up the good work!!

  • Click Help and suggest feature in the Digsby menu.

  • Yes

    huuhh,, update again?? make me open my deepfreeze, and restart my computer twice

  • pogle1

    How about adding ability to increase the IM users tab at the top of the window to more than 2 lines? I like having the small window on my desktop but have to scroll to see names if more than 4 or 5 chats in progress...

  • I would love if Digsby didn't make make my other devices show as busy in google talk when I am really away. Thanks for keeping up on everything else.

  • Jila Dola

    my gmail accounts won't load after installing the updates. (-_-")

  • Can you submit a bug report regarding this? Help > Submit Bug Report

  • Holma82

    Digsby is best!:)

  • Adkshrestha

    that would be just great..i m hoping for that but the one that i m using rt now its really disscusting it makes mine comp slow when ever i need to do any this else...

  • you rock guys! i've filed a bug report with gmail multiple sign in just 3 days ago and you've already pushed an update!

  • Alphian

    Love Digsby very much, most useful App for chat and social networks :)

  • Twitter API is needed, please.....

  • d50l3m

    Alright Digsby, I just watched your interview at http://mixergy.com/steve-shapi... and if you add an ad to that is opt-out I am pretty sure a lot of people will freak! I won't of course since I don't mind (most) ads much myself especially if something is otherwise free, but I'm simply suggesting that it be an opt-in scenario to reduce the potential backlash.

  • Histxlady

    Well I shut down Digsby o0n my comp and I tried 3 or 4 times to bring it back up like yall said to get the update. But it kept error-ing out on me and would not load. So I downloaded the Build 82 or so I thought. Now I look down at the .exe in my browser....I use chrome so it holds the download at the bottom....and it says digsby_setup81.exe so I am not sure I got the right one....but when I went to install it....it won't finish the green bar is all but all the way accross it's like it is installing the last thing and is stuck. Have I messed up my Digsby? Please tell me no!!!!

  • dalsr

    thanks :), but please add a way to hide all email accounts i have just like i can hide the messenger accounts i have. thank you

  • Aidin Baranlouie

    What about sending IM to a Group? :-(

  • Lee14838

    Hey ah hows about the "You are signing in too often" issues when it should be resolved coz these things so annoying everytime after signing off in yahoo messenger so odd?

  • well done really its amazing, its save time really, you all done a wonderful job,god bless you all, making easy for all. thanks.

  • Ross Nixon

    Still waiting patiently for a Linux version..........................................................................................................................................................................

  • Foxsan48

    internal web cam service like msn prehaps? if it already exists sorry for posting

  • Marc Demierre

    Hi ! Thank you for this fantastic software !
    I thought that Digsby was written in Python, so why Java errors ?

  • S.Bob

    Twitter keeps giving me updates 2-3mins after its posted, what do i do to fix it???

  • Bungleboy17

    Still waiting on Zune compatibility. *sigh*

  • YamadaKaito

    what about group chat with other protocols (cross protocol)? like conference?

  • AdrielAviles

    YES! MySpace IM Works again :D

  • Glad you're back online!



  • Vriga

    thanks a lot

  • No problem. Thank you for using Digsby!

  • Made2popular

    thanxx.... :)

  • hi

  • No problem!

  • thanks for fixing the gmail bug!

  • No problem!

  • Sher Duarte

    I have 2 msn accounts and i really aprecciate if my buddie list could be sort by accounts too. :)

  • DARKGuy

    Please fix the default font size in the chat windows! I'm getting tired of having to ctrl+wheelDown just to have my text smaller everytime a new chat window opens :(

  • Digsby should remember your settings. Can you submit a bug report regarding this?

  • Rakesh

    Guys, individual buddy notifications please!

  • Anthonycarton

    Im enjoying the use of digsby but get two buddy listg boxes when the program starts. How can I fix it so I only get the one buddy list box?

  • It sounds like there may two instances of Digsby running. Try clicking Digsby only once when opening.

  • Anthonycarton

    seems to work and thank you!

  • DMAD

    why dont you make digsby able to group chat in hotmail, i have this group i created in messenger, and i wish i could used it in digsby, if that was possible digsby would be perfect for me, since i use allot of group chat.

    If u cant create it, please explain why :D

  • We currently do support Group chat. Simply invite any of your contacts when you're in an IM conversation. There is an icon in the top-right corner of the window. Does this help?

  • DMAD

    yes i already knew that, the problem is im the only one using Digs
    so im not able to join msn group chats, and i dont even realize they are chatting, and i used to use allot of group chats.
    I just wanna know if in a near future would you make it possible, or i better forget it.

    Thanks allot for replying :D

  • Is Twitter working with the new OAuth protocol?

  • Dtmughogho

    whats so new here

  • StarryNight20

    I actually like the log system that Digsby has. It allows me to see the conversations on different days. AIM is so confusing because I can never tell when the start or end of a day is.

    Is there a way you can fix the bug where you can't see someone sign off and on again in the chat box? I can never tell when someone has signed off or if they've signed on after being disconnected.

    Is there also a function where you can add a notification for only 1 specific buddy instead of notifications in general?

  • Www Baig_afzaal77

    well done really its amazing, its save time really, you all done a wonderful job,god bless you all, making easy for all. thanks.

  • Eduardo

    Your download button takes me to download page of build 81

  • Digsby will automatically check for updates when you sign in. Brothersoft will update their page shortly. You can always install the latest version by going to http://www.install.digsby.com

  • Alwin

    That page does not load !

  • Benjamin
  • Diego

    what about the Hotmail errors. Don't show the new eMails.

  • Nihylo

    How about WLM logoff when opening Hotmail?

  • Liz

    I wish digsby would change the log situation. I hate scrolling through each day. They need an option to see them in one, many-paged pdf. Aim does it!

  • Onji

    This would be VERY helpful. Ive requested this once before myself.

  • x_Gilgamesh_x


  • Yezzir


  • CitySearch local listings sounds like ad placement, but even if it is, I don't care much. Digsby is free to use. If you can generate revenue without going overboard on ads, more power to you! If you go all MySpace-like on ads, then there may be a revolt in your userbase. Trillian and others, though inferior ti Digsby, are just a download away...

  • Vdovdo

    and what about the bug... if somebody disconnect the window icon goes grey... but when he goes again online the window icon doesn't go green again... :-(

  • Foxsan48

    or when u disconnect it shows as grey when u reconnect

  • Can you submit a bug report regarding this? Help > Submit Bug Report

  • Jaytwo_saudi

    this software is very great dude'... wow i really like this application lol'..

  • DennyHitler

    What about Facebook notification? I only get notification for message and invitation. I need an alert when someone gives me comment, wallpost etc.

  • Mr. S

    A solution would be to enable email notifications from facebook for that and have digsby monitor that email account.

  • Whooo a new Update :)

  • BoiledFrog

    where can i download it?

  • Just restart Digsby to get the latest update

  • 3adnen Exe


  • Email

    I was wondering why I was getting Java error messages. Thanks for fixing that. Keep up the great work. I like your software alot and would donate money if you want.

    Take care.

  • Yhingpot

    how about facebook? i cant access facebook chat. im in the ofis so facebook is restricted. how can i use it using digsby?

  • Ian

    You can access facebook chat even receive updates from friends and even you can update or post some comments on your wall.

  • I am able to use Facebook messenger on Digby and it works fine

  • Purianite

    You won't be able to, because Facebook chat uses Facebook servers. It's your work's restriction. You can try to configure a proxy somehow, though.

  • Prachikale


  • Alwin

    So do we have to do, a new download ? if yes will this one overwrite the current version etc. ?

    Please explain, thx ;-)

  • Digsby will check for updates and download automatically.

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