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Build 81 – Private Alpha Release

We just pushed out a new update to alpha testers (Build 81, r27865 r27890 r27900 27903) which includes lots of bug fixes and enhancements along with the highly coveted group chat support!  As always, you can read the entire list of enhancements on our Change Log. Notable changes include:

  • Group Chat: The long awaited group chat support is finally here! You can create or join chat rooms on AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, Google Talk, and Jabber. Just click the room list button on the top right corner of the IM window and invite others to the chat. You can also create rooms via the menu: Digsby > New Group Chat.
  • LinkedIn: We’re introducing a completely redesigned LinkedIn implementation powered by their new API. You can now do all the good stuff you already do with your other social networks like comment on posts, like/dislike items, etc.
  • MySpace Like/Dislike: We added Like + Dislike support to MySpace newsfeed items.  Since their API doesn’t currently support this capability, the link acts as a shortcut for posting a “Like!” or “Dislike!” comment on the thread.

If you experience any issues please use “Help > Send Bug Report” in the main menu to submit a diagnostic log or email us at bugs@digsby.com.

If you would like to become an alpha tester and get new releases before everyone else, download this file and place it in the main program folder. Keep in mind that as an alpha tester you may get a release with a few bugs every now and then.  We are looking for people who are proactive in reporting these issues so we can fix them before builds go out to all users.

Update 1 (8/3/2010 5:00pm EST): We pushed out a small patch fixing all the bugs reported so far.  The new build number is 27890.  Please let us know if there are any remaining issues so we can push this out to all users.  Fixes include:

  • Fixed a bug that caused MSN IM sending to fail after a conversation idles out
  • Fixed a bug that caused two group chat tabs to appear when you are invited by an AIM buddy you are already having a 1-on-1 chat with
  • Fixed a unicode bug that had numerous bad side effects
  • Fixed a small bug with Twitter Achievements
  • Alphabetize room invite dropdown based on nickname instead of username

Update 2 (8/4/2010 6:15pm EST): One more update fixing issues reported in the last 24 hours.  The release is starting to look pretty solid so we hope to push it to all users within the next day or two.  Please let us know if any bugs remain.  The new build number is 27900.  Fixes include:

  • Fixed a  bug that caused some Yahoo group chat participants to not see messages from all other participants
  • Fixed a bug that caused the room list to get really big when you maximize/restore the IM window
  • Fixed a bug that caused MSN group chats to not show the room list when you first join them
  • Google Talk group chats now show the nicknames of the participants
Update 3 (8/5/2010 11:00am EST): One final patch fixing the last two known bugs.  This build will go out to all users later today.  The new build number is 27903 and fixes include:
  • Fixed a bug that caused the input box in popup notifications to use black font on black background
  • Fixed a bug with handling errors from the Facebook servers when retrieving comments
  • Aiken85


  • Nate

    Not sure if this applies to other protocols, but I've always found it annoying that group chats timeout on Live Messenger. Is it possible to circumvent this with the Digsby implementation?

  • Digsby

    Digsby for MAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wxMichael

    When you guys push an alpha update, could you please make the Digsby Announcment popup respect either the "Disable popup notifications" option or the "Hide new conversation windows" option when running fullscreen applications?
    Digsby just crashed a game I was playing by popping up.

  • Robert

    Sweet, thanks for fixing the resize nuisance (can't call it a problem really) this quickly. :)

  • No problem

  • Oh, also: just a suggestion, but I think the multiple contacts in the chat should have different colors associated with their names. I'm in a chat right now with only 3 people total (including me). The other two people have identical length emails, so distinguishing between their messages makes following the conversation sluggish!

  • Is there any hope to add a "typing..." indicator to each person's name in the group chat? The group chat implementation is awesome, btw - but it still needs some work, I think!

  • JM

    I'm not able to connect to my LinkedIn account with the new update.

  • Latest update should bring you to Build 27890. Check via Help > About Digsby. If you're on this version, can you submit a bug report regarding this? Help > Submit Bug Report

  • Discus Melanis

    .Fixed a bug that caused MSN IM sending to fail after a conversation idles out

    u Just made my Day!! Thank U Digsby Team!!

  • Wow, group chat! Welcome to the 1990's, Digsby...

  • bface

    i just installed Trillian 5 to try it out.. it installed some software called Xobni into my Microsoft Outlook without even asking me (it DID ask me if i wanted to install the Ask toolbar which i rejected)!!! i prefer to use Digsby which still remains to be honest to me.

  • Jeff

    Release portable version alpha soon... please!

  • Gberberoglu

    I'm having problems with receiving message in MSN. I did not received many messages from multiple contats.. bug report submitted.

  • Thanks. We'll look into this.

  • Looks like something is broken in MSN.

    At random times, i get: You can't message yourself using MSN.

    But I'm not sending messages to my self >_>

  • SacredCultivator

    I get that as well.

  • Can you submit a bug report with more info? Click Help > Submit Bug Report

  • Done.

  • I was expecting mass message capability sooner than group chat. Just selecting multiple users and sending a message to all of them. I hope you'll develop this soon

  • Antley soun

    Good job!. Per-user notification would have made it even more awesome!

  • This is another standard 1990's feature I would like to have in this day and age.

  • Great Work Guys, as a Radiostation we like we Group Chat !!
    Keep on going with the Good Work !!
    Greetings from The Starliners Radionetwork

  • Thanks a lot for Group chat...was really waiting for this...:)

  • AkujinD

    Am I missing something, or is there currently no way to specify the name of the chat room I can create?

  • Digsby

    That is correct. We started with a simple implementation and will expand on it. You can specify the room name for Jabber rooms made via the invite dialog (Digsby > New Group Chat)

  • Shadowsky

    Please don't tell us Mac and Linux versions are "coming soon" when they aren't. I've been waiting for a linux version for 2 years.

  • There is no patch? So i must download the new build, right?

    Hey, My current Digsby build 79 stop recording my chat history. what happen?

  • freibooter

    There is still no solution or even an attempt at one for the ICQ Auth-Request SPAM problem:


    Why on earth are auth-requests still focus-stealing modal windows?
    Most other clients stopped doing that and found better, less annoying ways to notify the user (prime example: Skype).
    I'm currently investigating Digsby alternatives because of this problem alone ...

  • Jeff

    I'm sure many, many people are happy about Group Chat support, but I for one do not care about that very much. I am very patiently waiting on the portable version alpha which has for months been said to be released VERY soon. Again, please release an alpha of that ASAP.

  • zacharyliu

    Might just switch back to Digsby from Pidgin now.

  • langerhans

    Hm, I never used group chat on any IM network :D
    I would switch back to Digsby if it gets IRC finally. Thats the only reason why I'm using Miranda... But if you implement it, please use a simple theme for IRC sessions ;)

  • Thanks for the group chat.
    Small gripes:
    Don't confirm it I wanted to add people.
    Stop showing the side bar if I hide it.

  • Digsby

    Can you use Help > Send Bug Report and describe what you mean in greater detail. Steps to reproduce... expected behavior... etc.

  • Okay, I click the dropdown to add somebody, and then it confirms this.
    Also, whenever I show the window, it will show the rooms list.
    I just noticed it shows everyone you have ever talked to in the list.

  • Guest

    There's still this bug that I cannot add ICQ contacts to my contact list with proper authorization. :(

  • Still no fix for Digsby causing stuttering in fullscreen games? The fullscreen check that Digsby uses is seriously flawed in this regard, I am forced to close the application before playing any games.

  • Sorry about this Dustin. Can you submit a bug report regarding this? This will send diagnostic info on what Digsby is doing. Click Help > Submit Bug Report

  • This problem has been around for a while, and I have submitted a bug report for it in the past. I will do so again, I suppose. As you can see from this thread on your forums, it has been a problem for a while with little mention from the developers as being something they are looking into or working on.


  • I also have this problem, though I never realized it was caused by Digsby. Looks like I'll also be closing it while playing games...

  • Thanks for the reply, but this is not the source of the bug for me as I have mouse shadow enabled. I also just tested with mouse shadow disabled and still have the problem.

  • Digsby

    It's a bug in windows and we haven't found a way around it. If you set the windows mouse shadow setting as described in the forum, it avoids the bug.

  • the way i used to do group chat on aim was select multiple people on the buddy list and then right-click to send invites to a chat.

    will this be implemented in the future? i found it way easier. thanks :)

  • bawachhe

    So what's next?

  • Skype I hope :)

  • Dale

    please say Mac and Linux....

  • They won't reply to that one. LOL

  • whyxhello

    the world!

  • Digsby

    muahahahaha ;)

  • Peter Schott

    Is there any way to pull in new people to an existing IM session? I see that we can start a new Group Chat, but don't see how we can pull in others to an existing chat if it wasn't started as a group chat.

  • In the IM window, right-click and select "Show Room List". There is a drop-down menu where you can invite your buddy. Let us know if this helps!

  • Peter Schott

    One other thought - it would be nice if the contacts were grouped in the dropdown. All it shows is a bunch of screen names - no idea which one is which. It's kind of hard to filter out the list if you're not quite sure what you're seeking. It's definitely a step in the right direction, but may still warrant some refinement. At the very least it means that Digsby can now be a viable option for my IM client again. :)

  • Peter Schott

    That makes sense, though it only shows up in the top portion of the IM window. Doesn't show up if you right-click the message area. That's probably why I was confused.

  • Looking forward to the Mac beta.


  • Go Digsby!
    Digsby ftw!!

  • Thanks!

  • ^_^

  • Hmm, I was kinda hoping "group chat" support would include IRC...

  • bawachhe

    I was hoping for that as well, but I imagine it's not quite as simple as that. I'm sure that's another feature we'll have soon..

  • Dave

    I truly hope IRC is the next thing on the to do list.

  • whyxhello

    wow, group chat! exciting! thank you!

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