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More Server Issues :(

It seems that this weeks server upgrade hasn’t fully solved the login issue we ran in to last week and login is failing for some users right now.  We are working to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Update (7/29/2010 11:40am EST): We are still working to fix this.  Some people are able to log in or launch in local mode while others are getting stuck so it may take a few restarts.  We apologize for the temporary inconvenience.  We’ll be up and running again as soon as possible.

Update 2 (729/2010 5:00pm EST): The good news is that the server cluster is online and everything is working fine.  During this down time most existing users have been connecting in “local mode” and Digsby will now resynchronize your preferences as it reconnects to our servers.  The bad news it that we aren’t sure why the entire cluster would crash every time we brought it online.  We’ve narrowed the cause down quite a bit but we are still working to figure out the exact cause so we can fix it before this happens again.  Thank you all for your support and we apologize for the temporary inconvenience.

Update 3 (7/30/2010 8:50am EST): We are, unfortunately, having server issues again this morning.  We’re working to fix the problem now and also investigating the underlying cause so we can put a permanent solution in place.  For existing users, Digsby will take about 15-20 seconds to try to log in and then it will launch in local mode (bringing up locally cached account and preference info).  We’ll keep you posted!

Update 4 (7/30/2010 6:30pm EST): Everything has been stable for several hours, which is a good sign! There are some stop gap measures in place which we hope will curtail the issue until a more permanent solution is implemented.

  • Ethan

    still not working for me, very frustrated.

  • Sorry about this. Does Digsby get stuck in a connecting? Does Digsby go into local mode?

  • Ethan

    Local mode after i get Failed to Connect error. btw, it's still doing it. are there any ports that need to be open for digsby?

  • Digsby

    It tries multiple ports - make sure it is on the allow list of your Firewall / Internet Security Software.

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  • Helot

    Could these server issues be causing my problem where digsby won't start for me, even after re-install?

  • Lepern

    Connection issues are cropping up again, as are double notification errors

  • Ethan

    i can login to local mode, but all my accounts are stuck on the authentication and connection failed errors.

  • Deazo

    linkedin does not connect for me either.

  • We just pushed out an update to Alpha users fixing this and it should go out to all users soon. Check out our latest blog post above for more info.

  • Someone

    still, none of my accounts are connecting in digsby...when will this be fixed...

  • Which specific accounts are not connecting for you? Can you submit a bug report regarding this? Click Help > Submit Bug Report

  • Reber Amin

    Now everything seems to be OK, Digsby working good, I really love Digsby, it's always the best, thanks for Developers...

  • Thanks. Glad to hear everything is working for you again

  • Nheister

    I still can't connect and Local Mode won't load and/or I need several restarts of Digsby for Local Mode to work.

    Can you pleae implement a "Force Local Mode" option in an upcoming version of Digsby?

  • I've restarted n restarted more times then I could count, and uninstalled and reinstalled it more then a few times. I have NEVER had this supposed "local mode" work for me. I'm seriously trying to stay with Digsby because I love it, but I'm seriously considering just staying with the alternate messenger I am forced to use because of Digsby's problems and forgetting about Digsby.

  • Sorry about this. We're looking into the problem and placing measure to make sure this doesn't happen again. Have you been able to login today?

  • Yes..I'm having some problem still now=[ , reinstalled digsby few times=[

  • Been trying for 2-3 hours and each time it says failed to connect and asks me to check the proxy/connection settings.

    thought it was a software issue, so reinstalled digsby... only after that saw this blog :(

  • SammyIAm

    Thank goodness you implemented offline mode that other time you had server problems! It's a little slow to start, but everything's working great once Digsby starts up. Thanks for you continued efforts.

  • Disappointed

    Local mode doesn't seem to work when you are using a proxy.

  • Jaykring

    Gone again this morning...back to Pidgen....

  • Ygarcia

    Agree with the above comment. Everything works for me except LinkedIn.

  • Digsby

    There was a protocol change on their end - we will get a patch out soon.

  • Oh thank god you guys fixed it! I was lost when facing the same problem everyone else was facing.

    Anyway, when are u guys gonna let us connect to Skype?

  • gothaggis

    LinkedIn isn't working for me anymore.....and when i try to login to LinkedIn via its webpage, it makes me put in captcha - wonder if its related.

  • don

    Even after logging out of gtalk, it shows me as available to all other users! :(

  • Can you submit a bug report regarding this? Help > Submit Bug Report

  • MikeW

    MIne's still stuck on Loading Skins. this is a fresh install on my new laptop. I've restarted several times.

  • Ronreynolds

    I'm a new Digsby user. Got my account set up ok and it appeared to have successfully checked for updates and then took me back to a logon screen. When I attempt to logon, I always get the "Failed to connect". This is a direct Internet connection as well. Hope Digsby gets this resolved soon.

  • Great to have you Ron. Try restarting Digsby if you get stuck. We're working through some server issues right now.

  • I am also stuck at "Authenticating..."

    I restarted around 15 times before I got fed up, installing pidgin in the meantime :)

    Good luck getting things back up!

  • Barbara

    I still cannot connect, sometimes I can connect locally, sometimes its stuck at "loading skins"

  • Scott

    Never had a problem before. I've been logged in for the last week. I just had "Digsby Setup" come up out of the blue and my contacts were gone, so I closed digsby. On re-opening digsby, it downloaded an update and proceded to get stuck at Authenticating. Came here, saw the issue, so I closed it, opened it - same deal three or four times. Finally it logged in in local mode and still no contacts.

    Is this the same thing, or something different? Should I be able to get in not in "local mode"?

  • Sorry about this. Can you submit a bug report regarding this? Help > Submit Bug Report. We'll see if we can help you out.

  • Sully666

    Finally got mine to log in in "Local Mode"

  • Katie

    Mine was fine logging in all last week and this week up to today. I'm currently stuck at "Connecting..."

  • i still having Linkedin logon problem for 2-3 days now.. what to do ??

  • Carrichano

    I've using digsby for a few months now, LOVE it. I'm getting stuck on "Loading Skins..." as well. is there an estimated time for resolution? Thank you!!!

  • It may take a few restarts.

  • Michel Duarte

    my problem is just in linkedin, others are OK

  • Divory

    Still hanging on loading skins. Did not have problem before this morning.

  • If you reinstall the application it seems to connect.

  • Took three tries but it eventually worked.

  • Crizo

    I thought there was an "offline" option in a past update just for times like this?

  • Msb333

    Hanging on "Loading skin" for me. Tried restarting a couple of times, still hanging. Good luck fixing this. Thanks for all you do Digsby.

  • It may take a few restarts for you to login.

  • Jeff

    I thought you altered Digsby months ago so that if there is a problem connecting to your servers it isn't a big deal because you keep a local copy of pertinent stuff so that one can go ahead and connect to the various services (IM servers, Twitter, email, etc)?

  • Once I get in (after some delay), FB chats are duplicated. For every chat someone sends, I get two of the same line. Same for checking email accounts.

  • DeathToSpam

    Still busted for me.

  • Ashu2k6k

    Ye Digsby is back...

  • Ashutosh

    Loading Skin............
    Come on please come back...

  • Carlos

    not back for me :(

  • Still broken for me, stuck on "Loading Skin..."

  • i got connected after several tries (woo!) but now for almost every notice Digsby sends, i see 4 popup balloons. Waiting patiently, though. :)

  • Something may not have synced. Try restarting Digsby if this continues.

  • Asakin

    Restarting doesn't work. I keep getting 4 popups for each event (new mail, status change etc) and when someone opens a chat window with me, I get each message 4 times as well

  • lamb

    Got back into Digsby about 30 or so minutes ago.

  • Good to hear. Thanks

  • araygardner

    Back up.

  • kNight

    I can get in, but every time I try to solve the problem, it gets worse. It started with getting two messages per IM, then three, now four. I'm hoping this is related, so if nothing else, it's getting worked on.

  • Digsby

    It is related - restarting Digsby after we get the servers up will fix this.

  • kNight

    Thanks for the quick response time to the problem. You guys are champs, and this is the reason I rock Digsby.

  • Digsby

    Thank you - the support is greatly appreciated!

  • Odd, I've never had a problem before. I'm getting this issue myself, though. After a few tries, I finally got in, but every IM I received was duplicated and Digsby kept sending back my status message on every IM. I restarted Digsby and am stuck at Loading Skin again.

  • wordtokyle

    i am experiencing the same problem

  • Like Aaron, I did not have any problems last week either, or 3 hours ago even. Now, I'm stuck on Authenticating or Loading Skin like the rest.

    Best of luck. I may celebrate the peace and quiet by locking my door and unplugging my phone as well.

    UPDATE: Woot, I'm back online! Thanks Digsby!

  • Glad to hear you're back online.

  • OfficialCAWsWS

    I didn't have problems previously either, first time I had this problem was this morning. It was getting stuck on loading skin earlier but now its getting stuck on authenticating.

  • It may take a few restarts.

  • Charlie

    i'll meebo for now. hurry up and get back online!

  • cyfree

    glad I am not the only one :)

  • boyersnet

    Same problem here with the hanging on loading skins.

  • OfficialCAWsWS

    Thanks for letting us know, I'm having this issue can't login to Digsby app at all. Good luck hope its fixed soon :-)

  • Aha! That would explain it :) please don't make me install all the messengers separately! lol

  • Lafauce

    Come Back Digsby!

  • lafauce


  • I didn't have problems last week but I'm now unable to log in past the authenticating screen. I'll check back tomorrow.

  • Dave

    Just fyi, the login is stalling at "Loading skins." Thanks for a really great app, and even better consideration for its users.

  • Superiorsound79

    bummer. any idea how long?

  • Enzer

    I'm glad I don't really have anyone to talk to this early in the morning, if it's not fixed by noon I'll just use xfire until you have it sorted. I wish you good luck in getting the server up and running to its full capacity again.

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