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Build 80 – Hotmail Hotness

We just pushed out a small update (Build 80, r27822) which compensates for a protocol change in Hotmail (Windows Live Mail) which caused login to get stuck in the “Authenticating” state. As always, you can read the entire list of enhancements on our Change Log.

If you run into any bugs please use “Help > Send Bug Report” in the main menu to submit a diagnostic log or email us at bugs@digsby.com.  We’ll keep pushing to make Digsby even better and greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word!

PS: Facebook Chat servers are having issues so login is broken until they fix the problem on their end.

Update 1 (7/28/2010 1:45pm EST): Facebook Chat servers seem to be back to normal now so login should work fine.  We are also looking into a possible LinkedIn protocol change.

  • Nosida

    anybody else getting an error when linkin your facebook to digsby where it tells you that the cookies arent enabled? I have enabled them for both my mozilla and my ie and for some reason it still wont get past that... its kinda aggravating me... my gmail did it just fine, but my fb wont....

  • Can you submit a bug report regarding this? Click Help > Submit Bug Report

  • Reiningfyre

    LOve the product, never had any issues been using for years and years now. Any word on multiuser chat like the old ICQ had? I heard it was in the next release. Just curious and itching for this feature. heeh.

  • Phynortner

    seems broken. I keep getting the reconnect for Yahoo and MSN.

  • Gomaah1

    It"s perfect in all respects . Waiting more and more , Thanks

  • Josue J H

    Linkedin is not working since some days ago!!!

  • Guest

    LinkedIn authentication not working here ...

  • I was connected, restarted, updated, and now login is taking forever and a day to connect.. round 3 at 10 minutes in.

  • Sykesy4000

    Just updated, I can't get past the "Loading Skin..." part either.

  • Mert

    i can't get past "Loading Skin"...

  • Vegas11t

    Yep stuck loading skins issue here also.

  • MG

    I'm getting stuck on the "loading skin" bit too.

  • After the update this morning I cannot get past loading skin. :(

  • I'm also having the issue where the Digsby login gets stuck at "Loading skin" after about 5 min it timed out and I could click sign in again -- still no luck.

  • Brian

    Still getting Linked In errors with authentication all morning today, 29 July 2010.

  • The_one_mhae

    where the patch please and how can i use it to fix the error someone help me-sorry my ad english

  • Neeru2004

    rediffmail is not acception

  • Ramzy200506


  • thanx :)

  • Missromister

    I still notice the issue with the file transfer for the yahoo account between Digsby client and YMSG, the transfer starts but is not completed, the transfer doesn't start at all, perhaps some investigation must be done there since with any other messenger clients I don't have this issue, I've tried YMSG, Pidgin, Trillian, Miranda, I don't wish to change the Digsby application since I like it, but this incompatibility sometimes drive me nuts, also I'm wandering if in the next releases of Digsby's the vocal and video conference will use YMSG protocol.

  • Pempamoktan

    I joined digsby but nither i could add contact nor i could make any changes

  • Digsby

    You need to add your IM/Email/Social accounts in preferences.

  • Naveen Krishna

    here's a suggestion.. i dont know if its possible to do this.. but it would be awesome if digsby could allow users to do read mails and reply, access all parts of the social networking sites without opening the web browser... and i have had problems in sending files through the digsby messenger.. it is receiving but unable to send

  • Hotmail window is frequently lost about 10 minutes after login...

  • NacaYoda

    +1 LinkedIn Auth Failure.

    ps. Thanks for a great product nonetheless. :)

  • Still no fix for Digsby causing full screen applications (games) to stutter? I hate having to close Digsby every time I want to game.

  • Topcatone

    I have same Facebook issue after the update this morning...hangs on FB login...thx

  • Stefan

    Please add support Gadu-Gadu protocol (open source lib name libgadu)

  • twitterfan

    when are you fixing the unfollow from timeline issue of twitter?

  • Crblev

    LinkedIn refusing to authenticate after patch

  • We're investigating this issue.

  • Ivar Bonsaksen

    When I try to log into LinkedIn (from their website), I get an extra captcha-step after the login step. Could this be what is causing login trouble for Digsby?

    I too get the Linked In Authentication Error in Digsby.

  • Same issue here. Can't log into LinkedIn.

  • thanx

  • Thanx

  • tr33lo

    Same as above, will not even try to update!

  • I'm not getting this update, not even after a restart. Still at 27465

  • siapplebaum

    Having issues with LinkedIn connectivity...

  • Jumma18

    yes, my facebook doesn't work too...

  • fonger

    Thanks guys for fixing it so quickly!

  • People still use hotmail? o.O

  • A4149873

    Have you used the new one?

  • The new one sucks; if it wasn't my primary email, I'd get rid of it.

  • Dark

    Yes, and it's awesome .. Getting better and better with their Live.com services

  • Worked perfectly for me, hotmail back in action.

  • Krd_010

    HELP>>> my facebook isn't connecting after updating?????

  • Johno

    I had that as well, must be serious

  • Digsby

    Their servers were down - should be back to normal now.

  • Kumar

    some issus is there wen loadin skin,,,,,facebook,linkedin,myspace

  • Farplaner

    I think there's also issues with LinkedIn?

  • Dusty Smith

    I agree... I'm getting this obtuse linkedin login error too

  • Josue J. H

    can't connect to linkedin since two days

  • ditto

  • Dave Kratter

    I restarted Digsby to get the latest update, and not only did it not try to download an update, but I also can't get past "Loading Skin..." anymore.

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