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Scheduled Server Upgrades

We will be doing scheduled server upgrades this Tuesday from 12:00am EST through 6:00am EST. There may be sporadic periods during which account registration will be unavailable and there may very brief periods where login is unavailable. We will keep updating this blog post as we run through the procedure tomorrow night.

Update 1 (7/27/2010 1:40am EST): The coffee is flowing and we are going! The upgrade is in progress right now. User registration and account password resetting is currently disabled.

Update 2 (7/27/2010 5:45am EST): We finished upgrading the database servers. We are now migrating all the login servers to the new database. User registration and account password resetting is still disabled. Login is currently unaffected.

Update 3 (7/27/2010 6:15am EST): We are starting the final phase of the upgrade. Login may be slow or unavailable for the next 20-ish minutes.

Update 4 (7/27/2010 6:50am EST): Everything is coming back online now. Login may be a bit slow for the next few minutes as everyone reconnects but we should be all set unless unexpected issues arise. User registration and password resetting are also back to normal. Thanks for your patience!

  • ghd

    i don't know about anyone else, but i can't log in to facebook (although i could log into the facebook social network...weird) i've tried repeatedly and it just tells me it can't connect and willl try again in x minutes.

  • Wasn't Digsby supposed to have some redundancy system where if login with digsby account to digsby server failed, it would still work jus bypassing that logging into the messenger accounts (msn/yahoo/etc) without having to login to the failing digsby account? Get what I'm saying, Digsby would still work even when digsby servers down, wasn't it supposed to have something like that, well if it does, its not working, I couldn't log in for daysss and honestly started using something else cause I needed something that worked. Would very much like to come back to Digsby but am wondering how soon this same problem will happen again.

  • Xiqiaoshangmao2


  • Me :)

    Anyone know if there's a problem with getting connected to Facebook? I keep getting a "Failed connection" message and it keeps trying to reconnect. I deleted it then re added it and then rebooted but it's still not working. :(

  • pinkmorphine

    i don't know about anyone else, but i can't log in to facebook (although i could log into the facebook social network...weird) i've tried repeatedly and it just tells me it can't connect and willl try again in x minutes.

  • I'm so frustrated I may not use this program again. Why is it that I STILL CAN'T LOG IN?! I've had an account for over six months now. What is the problem?! This is absolutely ridiculous. How many times am I going to have to uninstall and reinstall digsby?

  • Write Your Own Code or STFU

    wow, your an idiot. Do you understand where this program came from? go d/l aim and leave the rest of us alone. wiki digsby and find out how huge this corporation is, pshtt...

  • onewretchedfuck

    hey, im not getting anything to happen. login, and it just acts as if it is loading... never saying can't connect. i think its been loading for nearly an hour. not bitchin just wondering if this is to be expected, seems like all no one else is having issues anymore with it?

  • Reber Amin

    Yeah, Great thanks for Developing Team, finally I could register successfully, Digsby always is the best, life is nice with Digsby...

  • when will we finally get groupchat?

  • Digsby

    It will go out to alpha users within the next several days and then to all users once we make sure it is bug free!

  • When will we finally get group chat?

  • Me :)

    It said from 12am-6am, I still can't register either and I'm a noob ;)

  • Digsby

    It's taking a bit longer :) We've been up all night but we are in the final stretch!

  • Me :)

    Okie Dokie, Thanks, at least you guys.gals reply back & let people know what's going on...pretty freakin cool ;)

  • Reber Amin

    I couldn't register till this minute, please tell us when it'll be fixed completely and we can register successfully?

  • user

    i can't register either.

  • Guest7

    First time here at Digsby and I haven't been able to register since this afternoon. It was Monday today on the U.S. coast, not Tuesday and I see your service says you'll be down only on Tuesday. Do your servers reside in Europe?

  • Does this have anything to do with the fact that I STILL can't log in? It's been more than five days now. I was told to wait until Monday. It's Monday now. How come I still can't?

  • Still down?! I have been trying to register all day now...

  • Still down...

  • Gromkaktus

    are the service working now ? i have taken login error ..

  • Phigam

    hard to believe registration is down this long during business hours....

  • I was not able to register since afternoon. Please assist

  • We're currently upgrading our servers so registration is temporarily not available.

  • Please drop me an email adrian@adriancjy.com when is possible for me to registration.. thanks erick

  • just recently found you guys and was interested in signing up, it's a shame that registration is down now...

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