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Server Issues

We’re having server issues that are preventing some people from logging in.  We are working on resolving the problems now and will update you as soon as things are back to normal.

Update (1:30pm EST): Everything is back to normal.

  • djblender

    is this down again? my client was duplicating messages so i shut it down now it wont sign in with the saved password.

  • djblender

    ok able to sign in but its still duplicating im messages and notifications of others updates

  • Nezzo69

    The registration page doesn't show the images, and doesn't process the create account request.


    Sames issue across all major browsers.

  • Hmm.. It appears to be working on our end. Try deleting your cache.

  • Amandaletta

    I too am getting stuck, sometimes on Connecting, sometimes Authenticating and sometimes Loading Skin. I was also receiving all my IMs in duplicate and triplicate. Restarting (and waiting for ever for digsby to load) did fix that problem.

  • Qstarin

    Arg ... stuck on loading skin this morning.

  • Mpaige

    Having issues, after reinstalling (latest build) because of local mode issues. now stuck on Loading Skin.

  • Jade S.

    I've been getting that loading skin error for the longest. It's getting obnoxious. Currently throwing around the idea of using aim or something else in the interim.

  • Justin

    Loading Skin.... Forever. Same issue as above. No option to send bug ticket.

  • Endepth

    Same error here. What's the deal? :(

  • DrVikTroll

    I also got the "skin" error for the first time ever. Anyone got any idea what to do?

  • Jen

    I can't create an account either, "Internal Server Error". I'm holding out for Digsby though, cause I've heard it's the best!

  • Kimlo

    Can't make an account at all. Internal Server Error, please try again later

    Also I used facebook chit chat and I couldn't authenticate on that for some reason.

    Perhaps it's a facebook thing and not digsby?

  • Preeti_dharia

    I went ahead and requested the password to be reset.
    After clicking on the password reset link, it asked me to re-enter passwords for all the accounts. The problem is that i cannot remember my AIM account password (i dont even use that account anymore) and I am unable to reset that account to get a new password. Digsby is not letting me continue until I enter password for all the accounts. How can i proceed?

  • Just submitted 2 bug reports about this: I just logged in and the found that my groups order was lost, some or all of my contact names were wiped, they were unmerged.

    Please tell me this is reversible and will come back as soon as some backend server does.

  • Can't Connect

    I can't connect. It hangs at the Authentication screen and then the Loading Skin screen, its not connecting

  • still not working for me, i'm stuck on "authenticating"

  • Stuck on Authenticating!!

  • Simkinsver

    umm... I'm having authentication errors and can't log in.... no passwords have been changed.

  • Raingame

    Unable to log in here as well.

  • beavertank

    Hm... I'm having problems getting the client to login now too. Is the problem back?

  • Mronin

    I was fine yesterday but I can't log in tonight. It hangs on authenticating. left it sit for about five minutes before it finally returned an error that my username/password were incorrect. I've quit and restarted multiple times, even re-booted the computer twice with no luck.

  • Hoang Nguyen

    Still cannot connect from Vietnam

  • ThaMizzack

    yeah I cannot connect either 9:46pm CST

  • I'm also unable to use Digsby at all, hanging on "Authenticating..." every time.

    I remembered from a past update that Digsby is supposed to have some kind of fail-safe where it skips connecting to the Digsby servers if they are down, so I tried starting Digsby while disconnected from the Internet. No go there either, as it just hangs on "Connecting...".

    I hope you guys fix this soon, because I do really like using Digsby!

  • Working again now!

  • No

    I'm unable to authenticate tonight , I was able to earlier though

  • Dogsby

    Stuck on "Authenticating" tonight.

  • Gawilyar

    I downloaded and installed Digsby. First time I log in, it hang up on Loading skin..I tried closing and re-launching, still doesnt work. any suggestions? thanks

  • I did as suggested and sent an email. I then replied to the email and have heard nothing back. My problem still has yet to resolve itself. I even changed my configuration a few times to figure out what was causing the problem. I have now uninstalled and reinstalled the program several times. Still tries to tell me that my password and username are incorrect. This is impossible.

  • Unable to create a new account: Internal Server Error, please try again later

  • Sorry about that. Are you able to create an account?

  • foo

    it's back, but all of my preferences have been wiped out. bummer.

  • Dragon

    First I'm hanging on "Authentication", now on "Loading Skin"... You sure everything's OK?

  • Try restarting Digsby and let us know if that works

  • I'm still unable to connect.

  • Are you getting any type of error?

  • Digsby doesn't get past the Loading Skin stage... help! I'm not behind any proxy or firewall, settings are perfectly right. Is your server down again?

  • Everything should be back to normal now. Are you able to login?

  • skindogz

    Still having some issues this morning. I restarted digsby 4 times after waiting at the "Loading Skin" message for a couple minutes each time before I finally walked away for 15 min and came back with it on.

  • Guest

    I still can't log in.

  • Are you able to login now?

  • Crap. i retract my retraction...

    Once i got connected, my AIM chat was duplicating every single IM coming to me (none duplicated by the other person). So i closed Digsby and restarted it, hoping to clear that up. But it did the same as my original comment: hung at "Loading Skin" and then failed back to my Digsby credentials. Seems it's only getting all the way there intermittently. Will send a bug report as soon as i can get it to load again.

  • Everything should be back to normal now. If you're not able to login to Digsby, you can always email us at bugs@digsby.com

  • Clemens

    It's still hanging on "Loading Skin" and no, restarting does not help..
    About to jump back to Pidgin, this is really annoying.

  • Everything should be fixed now, are you able to login?

  • Tuckwat

    I didn't have any problems yesterday but can't log in today... anyone else?

  • We had a server hiccup, let us know if you aren't able to login.

  • Never mind. i don't know what was hanging it up, but it finally loaded, and after some initial clunkiness getting my accounts to log in, it seems to be working again.

  • Having problems this morning. Yesterday, i had no problems while there were server issues because i was already logged in before they happened, and didn't log in from home until after the problem was fixed. This morning, Disgby authenticates me, but is stuck at "Loading Skin..."

    Any ideas?

  • Martin

    mhh.. I'm still not able to login.. stuck at "authenticating"

  • Are you able to login now?

  • A.

    After finally being able to log back in, my accounts were all there, but all my settings regarding groups and how things are displayed had reverted to the default.

  • I'm still stuck in "Loading Skin" phase. Restarting digsby is not helping. It happens with 2 different computers/ISPs. :-/

  • Andrei Moldovan

    still having problems ...

  • still can't log in. I'm stuck on loading skin for like a minute, and then it just goes back to the sign in screen

  • Protoz

    I still can't login

  • Dogsby

    Getting stuck on "Loading Skin" more often than not

  • KUBA

    I am not still abble to connect. My client always try load skin and then it shut down. Why?

  • Dan

    Are these issues back? Digsby is hanging on "Authenticating..." again this morning (21/07 06:20 GMT)

  • Joe

    still stuck on "loading skin"

  • Windie44

    Not able to log in also. Seems to hang up on loading skins. I tried closing digsby and opening a couple of times. Still no go. I will try to reboot but dont know how that can help.

  • Guest

    3 out of 5 tries tonight it froze on "Loading skin..."

  • Had it stall for a minute or two while signing in tonight (got stuck on "loading skin").

  • Noisetheorem

    still having issues on my home computer. My work computer was fine.

    I open it up, it starts to log in and takes a while to authenticate. Then it gets to loading skin, and this takes for a long time. After a while, it kicks back tot he sign in screen with no errors.

  • Steelwyrm

    I'm having problems setting up a new account. Related? The registration page is slow to load and after entering info I get a message that says internal server error...

  • ENickerson

    A little late, but I also was initially getting dual notifications for Facebook only (and I have MySpace as well) and the occasional IM was duplicated, but that wasn't consistent.

    After shutting down and killing the "digsby-app.exe" process in Task Manager after the login issues were resolved, I stopped getting the doubles.

  • I'm sad... I can't talk to any of my friends... :( Do you know how long it will be until this problem is completely fixed?

  • Everything is back up. Are you currently able to login?

  • No... I still can't... Something's still wrong D:

  • Sorry about this. Are you not able to login or are your accounts not connecting? Try restarting Digsby, if that doesn't work can you email us at bugs@digsby.com and we'll try to help you out.

  • Ethan

    Is back now , well done and thank you for your Fixing it so fast

    !hi5 to you all

  • Stncheung

    I still can't log in...it freezes during the "loading skin..." phase!

  • I am encountering the same problem, 7.20.10 8:00 AM CDT, it freezes at "Loading Skin..". Restarting Digsby has not resolved. Windows 7 Ultimate x64, Aero Theme.

  • Amber

    yep, just came back online - thanks muchly!

  • Lou

    So I don't know if this is related, however... I'm getting double notifications across all systems with Digsby. how odd. lol.

  • Hmm.. is this only for IM or social network notifications and email as well?

  • Can you submit a bug report regarding this? Via Help > Submit Bug Report

  • Chris V

    I am also having this issue as well. Double everything and hanging at Loading Skin. Tried restarting a few times but will not change anything. I submitted a bug report.

  • Lou

    Ticket submitted. :)

  • Lou

    Yeah, I'll submit one later.. But it's popping up double notifications for emails, facebook/twitter notifications, and chat messages as well.

  • Thanks, we really appreciate it. This will help us see what's going wrong and place a fix.

  • Amber

    Still having problems - when I try to log in, it hangs on "Loading Skin"...anyone else?

  • Everything is stabilizing now. Does restarting Digsby help?

  • Me

    It did for me. Thank you.

  • Uvegpohar

    but did not help form my digsby

  • BlahDuh

    No backup server for authentication? For an application with so many users, it's kind of sketchy that there's just a single point of failure =/

  • Data node got de-synced. We're looking into how we can prevent this in the future.

  • Danielle

    Whew. I thought the people I work for might have blocked the app.

  • c00ller

    Digsby has been around for years now. Where is group chat and individual buddy notifications?

  • We're wrapping up group chat right now, should be out very soon

  • KireiX

    agreed, I was wondering why I couldn't log in. I had to go back to using Meebo =(

  • Jeremy

    As of now it is back up. At least they posted their problem in the blog, as the first thing I do when a program like that is down is check the dev blog to see if it is a server-side issue.

  • Ethan

    Thank you for looking into this
    it feels weird having to use the regular applications

  • roberto

    geez....i thought it was weird that i was getting an authentication error when i haven't changed by password and have it saved on the client. had to go through the trouble of resetting my digsby password and having to provide all my email, IM, etc passwords again...sigh

  • louie rey

    I'm still having this server error. It stops in "authenticating."

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