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Build 79 – Private Alpha Release

To kick off the summer, we just pushed an update to alpha testers (Build 79, r27316 r27320 r27332 r27338 r27405) which includes a several significant changes along with some lingering bug fixes and enhancements.  As always, you can read the entire list of enhancements on our Change Log. Notable changes include:

  • Spell Check: We expanded spell check to support over 50 languages instead of just English. The next phase of this project will include translating the actual Digsby client into different languages.
  • Facebook Chat: Our Facebook Chat implementation will now connect to a new set of Facebook XMPP servers that should be much more stable than the HTTP servers we currently connect to. These servers also report your entire buddy list instead of just online buddies.
  • Facebook Login: We switched Facebook Newsfeed and Facebook Chat login over to OAuth 2.0, which is a much more streamlined method for requesting permissions that Facebook announced at their last F8 conference.
  • Twitter Achievements: We added achievements to Twitter (previously only on Facebook and MySpace). You will be asked if you would like to enable or disable this functionality and you can turn it on/off by editing your Twitter account in Preferences.
  • Gtalk disconnect: We fixed a major bug in Google Talk that caused it to constantly disconnect if you have an iTeleport user on your buddy list.

If you experience any issues please use “Help > Send Bug Report” in the main menu to submit a diagnostic log or email us at bugs@digsby.com.

If you would like to become an alpha tester and get new releases before everyone else, download this file and place it in the main program folder. Keep in mind that as an alpha tester you may get a release with a few bugs every now and then.  We are looking for people who are proactive in reporting these issues so we can fix them before builds go out to all users.

Update 1 (6/2/2010 4:30pm EST): We just pushed out a small patch fixing a Hotmail bug bringing the build number to 27320.

Update 2 (6/2/2010 6:00pm EST): One more patch fixing a loop in the auto-update sequence and typos in a few spell check language names. The new build number is 27332.

Update 4 (6/3/2010 4:00pm EST): The fix for Gtalk disconnects didn’t fix the issue.  This patch should do the trick.  The new build number is 27338.

Update 5 (6/10/2010 1:15pm EST): We pushed out a patch fixing the remaining known issues with this alpha.  Please let us know if there are any other bugs so we can push this release live to all users.  The new build number is 27405.  Changes include:

  • Fixed a bug that caused some Yahoo Mail accounts to fail to log in due to a protocol change on their end
  • Ignore Facebook invite alerts that are erroneous by checking to see if the event actually exists
  • Twitter now authenticates using xAuth
  • Fixed a bug with Facebook Chat that caused all buddies to appear offline if you try logging in as invisible
  • Fixed a bug that caused Facebook Chat to get stuck in “Connecting…” instead of failing if your network connection dies while logged in
  • Fixed a bug that caused Facebook Chat to fail to connect if the first port attempted failed but the second one worked
  • If the Facebook Chat servers can’t be reached, go to a “Failed to Connect” state instead of popping up the login page
  • If windows does not PATH set, fall back to a default so Digsby can launch
  • Minor Yahoo Protocol upgrades
  • novelyn

    have a nice day!

  • Jaygee02

    Not a fan of the new build - sure facebook support is better, but sending links to people in gmail is now way way harder - instead of finding their name out of 15, I have to wade through over 300. Not much point having all my offline facebook contacts show up - wish I could hide them.

  • KoJoT1234

    Will there be a gadu-gadu protocol support added ever?

  • Digsby

    We will definitely be adding more protocols in the future.

  • Darkelf_00101

    Thanks for the updates guys... how are we going with skype?
    I see lots of debate on group chat but you havent touched on your progress with skype lately...

  • Digsby

    That's a really tough protocol to reverse engineer but we do hope to add Skype support in the future.

  • Luca

    Will you ever add facebook notification? :)

  • Digsby

    You do get alerts but they are not identical to the notifications you see on the website (ie: someone commented on your post)

  • Luca

    Yeah, I know. My question was for fb notification, like someone commented on your status or photos, or... :)

  • Silvery Corgan

    When will you start talking about a linux version? I've been waiting for almost 1.5 years for it.

  • Joar Robles

    I love this program but I feel sad about not being able to use it, my OS is Linux and there is even a version for linux, I have it now, thanks for everything ... Original language: Spanish - translated by google wave

  • Can u add a notification for tweets like other twitter client have.

  • Can you explain a little more? Pop-up notifications or notifications for something?

  • ClarkCast360

    Oh, to be able to have an Android Mobile Client. That would not only make my Summer but I would let it carry over to the Fall. ;-)

  • User1122

    Thanks for the updates is there anything in the works to fix not getting voice/video request ? EX user on regular MSN/Yahoo account send an invite I don't get the invite but the user get "I have declined the invite" ?

  • For now, you must initiate the video/audio call. We're working on upgrading our implementation

  • synapsos

    Digsby still ignores Unicode characters in URLs, which breaks the links! Example: http://✪df.ws/fja Please fix that!
    [bug report already submitted]

  • logitek256

    Can one delete direct messages from the Twitter feed?

  • Steve

    I have not read all the comments but is this new build going to allow facebook chat to log in when the account security option is turned on?

  • Kadir

    Well when I connect on Facebook chat my Digsby slows down to hell! I have more than 4,000 friends on facebook. Why does it happen?

  • Wes

    "I have more than 4,000 friends on facebook."

    I've never met this many people.

  • Not entirely sure. Can you submit a bug report after you connect to FBChat? This will allow us to see diagnostic info with that's going on. Help > Submit Bug Report

  • andy

    who cares, make a mac version

  • You are commenting

  • really nice sharing thanks

  • Hilion

    Working fine, also with portable!

    Win7 x64

  • DigitalCarGuy

    how about a webcam feature?

  • We currently use Tokbox when you click on the Video icon. Are you able to see it? We're working on native video/audio chat

  • Wes

    Tokbox is pretty terrible, a native video chat would be excellent. I put this behind importance of group chat, though.

    It's certainly more important than "achievements" and other silly things though.

  • TK

    I like the new facebook plugin despite of one bug I noticed.
    Idle FB contacts appear as "offline" instead of being "away".

  • starfx6464

    One big feature for me that I miss from some other chat apps is the ability to send an IM to multiple people ("broadcasting" basically). This is especially useful in an office environment when I want to send a message to a group of people. Is this on the ol' to-do list or not really something that's on the radar?

  • It's in the idea bucket list, but it's not something we've set on implementing.

  • digsbyiscrap

    im making an active effort now to tell everyone i know that digsby sucks. still no mac/linux version.

    and digsby replys with "no eta"

    this is a bunch of crap.

  • Wes

    Achievements in a chat messaging program make no sense to me. So far, I've only seen people groan about it on Facebook whenever somebody "earns" one.

  • I believe this is more of a promotion feature than a really requested by users one.

  • Wes

    I agree, and I can't say I'm very fond of this "feature".

  • Dave Kratter

    Hotmail and MSN authentication is broken in the last couple builds, including 27338.

  • Can you submit a bug report with more info?

  • Great new features list :)
    When digsby will be released for mac, I am sure it can really compete with adium!

  • Thank you guys for making it possible to select spellchecker language, however, I was just thinking if you could also add the spell checker to twitter and facebook, since as far as I can see it works only for IM conversation window. What d'you think about that?

  • Johannes

    feature request: can digsby log the maybe last 3 statusmessages of the contact if there is a change?
    when a icq contact is availible and type an status message and after that the contact changes his status to away and the status message is clear, noone know the last status. but the status is visible on http://www.icq.com/people/x...

    that would be really nice.

  • Cody

    Excellent progress re: facebook chat! Please don't forget buddy pounce (per contact alerts), since it's among the top 3 requests.... It should be really easy to implement.

  • Rickin

    No buddy pounce :(.
    I wish you had at least given a due date, even if its 10 years from now, so that I can stop waiting for it. Please, please digsby, at least reply to the comment. :|

  • Tank

    Also, using multiple gmail accounts, changing status to invisible makes only one account as invisible, and not all the accoutns.

  • Could be a server hiccup but make sure you aren't logged into a different client that may have a different status.

  • tushar

    Is buddy pounce on your todo list? Just let us know please.. We won't but you thereafter.

  • Tank

    Are you digsby/from digsby? :) Anyway, no. Its always reproducible, and no, I have no other client open. I check myonline presence from another account, and it shows me as using only digsby.

  • Yes :) Can you submit a bug report with more info? Help > Submit Bug Report

  • Well the group chat has already been mentioned above and will supposedly come out upon next release, so now, I would like to see the option of being able to choose where your chat logs are saved to; I share a PC account with others so I want to be able to save the logs with my stuff.

  • mushuchan

    Good job, Digsby staff!

    Aside from that, I'm having trouble logging on to any of my messaging accounts. Is something amiss?

  • Digsby

    Sounds like a firewall or internet security software on your end is blocking Digsby from accessing the Internet.

  • I love what has been done to Facebook Chat. The only thing I wish now is a way to suppress the notifications on a per-group basis I like appearing online to everyone in Facebook chat just in case someone I don't normally talk to wants to IM me, but I only really care to talk to the people in list I made.

  • John

    Amazing job! It'd be great if we could send im while invisible (msn)...
    Is that in your plans?

  • Digsby

    Definitely on the to do list.

  • I love Digsby on my PC, when can I put it on my Mac?

  • Digsby

    No ETA yet unfortunately.

  • Freibooter

    The spell-checker is still massively frustrating for people that enjoy communication in more than one language.

    Please give us a much easier way to switch between languages directly within the chat window!
    Preferable safe this setting on a per-contact-basis since it is likely that conversations with certain contacts are mostly in a single language.

    The way it is right now I might as well stick to English spell-checking only or turn it off completely since it's just annoying for every other language.

  • seanet

    fb news feed improvments are good. reminds me of the old way before the issues.

    No one is showing up on facebook chat when if i log in on the website i see people. could be a proxy issue ill check stuff out tonight

  • Digsby

    It may be a temporary issue with their servers. Please submit a bug report with screenshot if it does not resolve itself.

  • Brian Kristensen

    I ha the same problem, yesterday and today.
    It works before I updated

  • Digsby

    Submit a bug report with screenshot using the Help menu so we can take a look at the log,

  • seanet

    its been about 6 hours and still the same so bug report sent. Tried without login into proxy and that did not make a difference.

  • Rick

    Linux support please.

  • zach382

    I'm having a problem with Facebook Authentication. It won't let me add facebook chat and facebook newsfeed. Only one. When I add one and go through the login process of clicking "allow" and then I try to add the other one it gives me a password attempt error. I'm gonna try adding facebook as a jabber account for a quick fix but I wish that it would work the other way.

  • Digsby

    Strange - try restarting and then adding the other one. Please submit a bug report with screenshot of the error you are seeing first though.

  • zach382

    It finally just started working. Thanks for replying though!

  • Zac

    thank you so much for fixing facebook chat.... <3

  • imran

    Sie i have a problem connecting to Yahoo chat server in this version .... Even connection via http cannot be established ..... i am using proxy server

  • Ahhh, don't know if you guys just resolved or what, but i finally got past the update loop. If it wasn't on your side, i killed Digsby as soon as the "Downloading Updates" message appeared, then restarted. Next login, it connected.

    Either way, *WHEW*

  • Windows XP does not prompt for permission to update. i'm stuck in update loop hell. http://bit.ly/ctTpbg

  • the only way to STOP the loop is to:
    Remove/Rename "Digsby Updater.exe" in C:\Program Files\Digsby\lib then start digsby then put back/rename "Digsby Updater.exe" in the lib folder

    Thanks Joel for figuring this out!

  • Thanks for that.

  • Questioning Fred

    Bug(?): If a Facebook group has the same name as a Digsby Buddy List group, the two are automatically combined (which makes it really hard to tell whether you're talking to someone on AIM or someone on Facebook)

  • zac

    This is a good thing. Love it.

  • Digsby

    This is by design - Digsby has always combined groups with the same name.

  • Questioning Fred

    Any way to condense the facebook buddy lists back to one group instead of separating them out?

  • Digsby

    You can set Digsby to sort and group by IM Service in Preferences > Buddy List. We show the groups that their servers report when sorting/grouping isn't set so it behaves like other IM services now.

  • Questioning Fred

    Doing so removes all other groupings (such as "family" "college" etc), leaving me with just "AIM" "Facebook" "ICQ" etc

  • When will the hungarian language added for spell checking ? There is spell checking for language like Maori,Macedonian. Thanks

  • Mahmoud M. Abdel-Fattah

    I just upgraded, and then the following loop start :
    1- Update Successful
    2- Loading
    3- Checking
    4- Checking for updates
    5- Digsby Updater.exe runs
    6- Digsby restart (then goto 1)

  • Select no, then start Digsby again

  • Mahmoud M. Abdel-Fattah

    Ok, it works now :)
    Thanks a lot.

  • Eurisykeila

    hola te escribo ara k me agas el fabol y me exs plike como se ase un digsby bueno respondeme ami msn eurisykeila@hotmail.com

  • Where is this NO option cause I don't see it.

    All I get is a sign-in button.

    Once you click that you go through the loop above.

  • the only way to STOP the loop is to:
    Remove/Rename "Digsby Updater.exe" in C:\Program Files\Digsby\lib then start digsby then put back/rename "Digsby Updater.exe" in the lib folder

  • no permission dialog box has ever popped up for updating digsby since the very first time I installed it over a year ago. there is no reason to have it pop up every time digsby wants to update.

  • Does Windows ask you to give Digsby Updater permission when you are updating?

  • Joel

    Just updated to get that Hotmail fix patch. Now When I try to sign on, it won't even login. It keeps going back to the prompt for my login and password. It says Update Successful.

  • After you approve the update the first time, select no and start Digsby

  • Joel

    There is no prompt to select "No".

    I had to temporarily remove the "Digsby Updater.exe" file somewhere else. Then restart and log into Digsby. I was able to login after that. Finally I moved the "Digsby Updater.exe" back to its original location in the lib folder.

  • yup that is the only way to stop the loop

  • eidylon

    Now that it shows ALL your FB contacts (which is cool) it really needs an improved way of managing your contacts; specifically, being able to arrange them in groups better, dragging and dropping multiple contacts at a time... not that the contact list should be changed, but there should be a new window where you can manage all your contacts better.

  • No speel check for ROmanian?:(

  • Parnic

    Currently stuck in a loop of restarting Digsby after grabbing Update 1 for the Hotmail issue. Goes to "Checking for Updates..." to "Digsby needs to restart..." to "Update Successful" over and over.

  • After the first prompt, Click No and then start Digsby again

  • We need better video chat support. Routing it through whatever it is it's currently done with lags my friend's computer BADLY (he uses MSN), and yet using MSN-to-MSN for us to talk works perfectly.

  • djstretchnyc

    what about twitlonger???? can you add that in?

  • SkuddStevens

    Still have my fingers crossed that we'll get IRC support before 2011. :)

  • That would be awesome!

    So is this in the works Digsby?

  • Hotmail failing to connect. bug report sent

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