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Build 78 – Private Alpha Release

We just pushed a small update to alpha testers (Build 78, r27076 r27087) which primarily includes fixes for bugs introduced in the last major release.  As always, you can read the entire list of enhancements on our Change Log.

If you would like to become an alpha tester and get new releases before everyone else, download this file and place it in the main program folder. Keep in mind that as an alpha tester you may get a release with a few bugs every now and then.  We are looking for people who are proactive in reporting these issues so we can fix them before builds go out to all users.

If you experience any issues please use “Help > Send Bug Report” in the main menu to submit a diagnostic log or email us at bugs@digsby.com.

Update: We just pushed out a patch fixing a login issue with Twitter that was caused by a small protocol change on their end.  Please let us know if the fix works and if there are any new bugs in the alpha release so we can push this out to all users.  Click Help > About to make sure you have r27087 when testing Twitter.

  • Digsby

    Update went live to all users - thanks for the help testing!

  • Hasimir

    the twitter fix seems to work fine ^_^

  • Fix seems to work. Posting and reading without errors.

  • Twitter works now.

  • cjyohe

    Twitter fix worked.

  • Twitter is working again!

  • Zeke

    Twitter works for me on 27087 and Windows Server 2k8

  • Hakimy

    is this twitter fix just for the alpha users? cus I didn't receive this patch and I'm on the stable channel.

  • Digsby

    If you restart, you will get it now. We wanted to test it first.

  • Digsby

    Once alpha testers confirm that everything is stable it will go out to all users (< 1 hour)

  • ulie_ca

    YAY Twitter is now working!

  • newportironman

    Patch worked both twitter accounts logged on after multiple failures all morning. thanks.

  • Twitter is working for me now with 27087 and Windows XP.

  • P--

    New Twitter fix seems to have worked for me. Logged in without issue.

  • flip

    Logging into twitter works for me now

  • rjshirts

    Fix worked for me.

  • n3rdw0p

    New update fixed twitter

  • It is Twitter or digsby fail? I cannot connect today to my Twitter accounts from Digsby, and don't know why... Any ideas?

  • Steve

    Any plans to allow the Facebook Chat via XMPP (Jabber) feature that was announced some time ago? I understand that Digsby wants us to contact Facebook to allow ports other than 5222, but that port is working well even from my office... it would be nice to have as an alternative option for people that want to use the feature now.

  • Digsby

    They are working on adding 443 support now. You can just add Facebook as a Jabber account in Digsby for now.

  • I moved to Digsby from Pidgin very recently. Overall I like Disby a lot better than Pidgin. However I do miss the following 3 features.
    i) IRC
    ii) GTalk group chat.
    iii) A fun plugin, Psychic mode: "Causes conversation windows to appear as other users begin to message you."

  • D@rik

    Make your skin with a design like yahoo.
    And would not prevent make applications like yahoo tabbed browser.


  • C

    Can I suggest adding the option to _not_ show the status in the Widget? and also remove the connect messages ("X is online!") which are in a bright red...? And maybe have Digsby reply to Yahoo Pingbox too; it only receives the messages now.
    And maybe more testing with files transfers, especially from a Yahoo messenger to digsby, as they still fail randomly (build 27050)...


  • Did twitter api changed recently? An hour ago I couldn't send tweet from digsby while from web I could flawlessly and now (after restart) digsby can't connect to twitter with 'authentication error'. (From web I can log in with the same user/pwd). Also I'm sure I did not use up my hourly limit on twitter.

  • David J Rust

    I'm getting the same problem, here.

  • albanograncha

    I like Digsby very much, but of course is possible go better!

  • adrianvlasa

    install modeule for flickr, dedviantart, pop3 mail etc ...

  • Digsby

    POP3 already there. Preferences > Accounts > Add Email Account

  • sandoval

    hey..the only thing that makes me not to use digsby is this: I don't have the option to choose my status,before loging in (Sign in as invisible,for example).

  • Digsby

    If you don't set your IM accounts to auto-login then you can set your status in Digsby before logging in to the IM accounts. (If you hold shift while Digsby is logging in, that will short circuit auto-login that one time)

  • Mani

    need some updates in Digsby
    1) include orkut in Digsby
    2)showing gmail buzz updates
    3)when we r offline and send some mssgs 2 a contact, they need 2 go to the contact when we come online immediately...

  • Working fine for me so far.



  • Antelmo

    Im getting this message when i try to authenticate my Facebook account what's wrong Digsby ?

    The Facebook Connect cross-domain receiver URL (http://apps.facebook.com/di... must be in the same domain or be in a subdomain of an application's base domain (digsby.com). You can configure the base domain in the application's settings.

  • Digsby

    Sounds like a server issue on their end. Hopefully it resolves itself.

  • ashish

    I know this is a very stupid suggestion, and you guys are probably smart enough to already know it, but I would request that from now on you make changes in digsby so as to keep in platoform independent. I don't see what's holding you back from making this app closed source, yet platform independent. wxwidgets is cross-platform, and so is aspell. Infact wxwidgets is also available on Windows Mobile. I can understand that a lot of things are Windows, and some even Windows 7 specific, but this shouldn't be a problem, IMHO.
    I understand that you might not be able to elaborate for the reasons for the software being proprietary, but a little idea would at least help us understand and would tell us what to expect in future.

    On a related note, it would really be awesome if you could implement a very basic form of "alert me when" for individual contacts, that would just notify me when the status for that contact changes. I don't have enough knowledge of disassembling python modules, otherwise I might have come up with a bare bones solution myself ;), I am just looking for the most basic solution that just notifies status change, and not the advanced one like pidgin et al, though you can consider that for future.
    I really think that if you would keep us updated with the technical aspects, we would appreciate that.

  • Digsby

    Not stupid at all. That is correct, wxWidgets (our gui library) is platform independent. So is aSpell (our spell checker) and so is Python (the language we develop in). The entire source runs on all operating systems but each one has different bugs so we just wanted to make the windows build solid before releasing for other operating systems so we don't spread ourselves thin.

  • johjeff

    At the very least, couldn't you make it work well with WINE? I periodically try to install under WINE, and it installs and comes up to the login screen. But after attempting to login, it dies.

  • Tigu

    i'ts possible to run portable Digsby with wine without any trouble.

  • Dingu

    I don't think that supporting it with Wine makes any sense. Please be patient, they are coming up with other platforms soon.

  • cnaathan

    consider skype

  • cnaathan

    skype and group or conference chat is to be added...... this makes better...

  • onevipin

    We cant control click on different users and send a broadcast only to them.

  • bdswapan

    Disby is a battercatting software. I like it.

  • Digsby


  • clown_pwns

    My friends and I are now proud supporters of Digsby and we are getting everyone we can to change their MSN etc over to Digsby.

    However the only thing holding a lot of people back is the fact that there is no multiple conversations.

    Please update this asap.


  • Digsby

    100% correct - we know it is a blocker for many users and are working on this now.

  • gailalison

    can you put "ding" function to ym chats? that wud be very eppreciated.tnx!

  • BestDigsbyUsahnumber4

    The build wasn't bad, It just needs MORE tools like... a self removal tool like Miranda has for the yahoo protocol. It needs a thing that shows you who's buddylist you're on for both yahoo and MSN. would be really neat if Digsby could come up with a self removal tool for MSN but that yahoo one has to be standard.

  • Ulie


    Love Digsby, couln't live without it!!

    Would really LOVE a Digsby for Blackberry...

  • Fixed the MySpace login issues I was having. Looking forward to Alpha Testing!

  • Has loaded it... Problems any are not present...
    thanks :)

  • net2man

    the world is up-side down

  • Digsby

    I guess that depends on whether you are right side up :)

  • sayed60

    yes its great to do it let us to communicate our friends in skybe

  • auff

    why cant we communicate while we are offline? and there is no nudge.. digs lacks these.. if you can implement them this program will just be perfect..

  • Dingu

    Nudge is a little intrusive, though it would be nice to have, depends on people's needs.

  • Anthony

    where is the main program folder located where we have to place the file at

  • Digsby

    C:\Program Files\Digsby or C:\Program Files (x86)\Digsby

  • hokeyplyr48

    I wish you'd fix the issue with sending an SMS to a contact. Everytime I try to send one I get this error:
    SnacError: ((4, 'ICBM'),(4, 'Recipient is not logged in'), (None, None))

    It is extremely frustrating

  • Rizkon

    great... like this

  • chikon

    The only thing that i wud suggest plzz put orkut in ur list.....like facebook...or twitter.......wud be glad if u can do so.......and another that was appreciated was that it really works good in slow network as well...........and when this application is running in computer ram cpu usage remain same as when we are using any other application no xtra usage of ram.......

  • Dingu

    Orkut, seriously !!! ? Orkut?? Who uses it today?? Its so untidy. Sheesh!! If digsby even mentions the word orkut, I shall stop using im forever in my life. Btw, I don't think orkut is advanced enough to export "craps" in the form of an API.

  • Dingu

    I stay in India, and I know pretty well what kind of people use orkut. Grow up, please!! I had an orkut account myself, but using orkut is like using Windows 95 when you have the awesomeness of Windows 7.

  • Digsby

    It's still pretty popuplar in south america.

  • chikon

    ya i dnt know dingu where do u stay but not only in south america but in india orkut is very popular.....and India is the 2nd largest population in the whole world and i think all most all people in India above 18yrs old have an orkut account so u can imagine how popular it is....

  • Digsby

    south america and india :)

  • Behrouz

    Ok so, Digsby build 77 and 76 don't even run on my comp anymore. How can I get this alpha release without having Digsby run and update itself?

  • Digsby
  • Pauljason

    some needs to come out with digsby for mac like yesterday

  • Digsby

    /agree :)

  • valzero

    what is mac? you mean linux?

  • Dingu

    Mac is an OS, but you won't know because linux users don't understand what an OS is. Not your fault, good things don't come free.

  • cjreed

    I agree the module for skype needs to be installed

  • Digsby

    /agree :)

  • What is missing?
    Please Install the module to communicate with users of skype.

  • okie thats gr8 work i will do it. :)

  • mailman_rom

    it has 2 disadvantages: 1. you can't send a message to a group or to all groups and 2. you can't go invisible to a group only to all.

  • Dingu

    I don't think you can go invisible selectively in yahoo/msn/gtalk. Its only in facebook I suppose.

  • Digsby

    In Yahoo, you can right click a buddy and use stealth settings to go invisible to one person.

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