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Digsby Donates!

We’re very excited to announce that Digsby crossed another major milestone.  We now have over 2 million users managing more than 5 million accounts and exchanging over 25 million IMs each day using Digsby!  We think that’s pretty amazing.

We couldn’t have done it without you!  Every day we’re amazed at the quality feedback and passionate support you give us.   Thank you!  We want to take this opportunity to give back and show the world what 2 million Digsbies can do.  We’re excited to announce Digsby Donates!

What is Digsby Donates?

Digsby Donates is a small browser plugin that helps support Digsby development and allows us to make a donation on your behalf whenever you shop at one of over 1,800 participating merchants.

How does it work?

After installing the browser plugin, a small bar will appear for 10 seconds whenever you visit a participating merchant’s website letting you know that part of your purchase amount will be donated to charity.

Does it cost me anything?

Not a penny. Each of the participating merchants has an affiliate program that pays Digsby a portion of the purchase amount for encouraging you to complete the transaction.

Who gets the donation?

We couldn’t decide on a single charity so we picked 12 top rated charities to support.  Each month a different charity will get the donation from that month’s affiliate fees.  For example, this month’s donation will go to the American Red Cross to help victims in Haiti.

How can I help?

For more information check out the wiki.  Please help us make the world a better place by downloading Digsby Donates:

  • Daniel

    If I see one more damn "Part of your donation blah blah blah blah blah" Ok, I really don't need to see this on every new tab I open in Newegg, it blocks InvisibleHand. There needs to be a way to either turn those damn notifications off, or make them only pop up once. I won't uninstall it yet, but please update the damn thing.

  • Digsby

    Unfortunately, it does need to open each time you visit a participating merchant in a new tab. The notification is what incentivizes you to complete the purchase - without that, what is the merchant really paying us for? The alert goes away in 10 seconds and we noticed this is really an issue only with newegg because they open so many things in new tabs.

  • who do i complain to about tokbox? it shrunk and all pixels. what happened to the previous version?

  • Jeff

    Awesome I love digsby and I will be supporting this- I was wondering if you guys have a "donate" option somewhere to the Digsby organization? I'd be sure to give a few bucks to help you guys out.

    Also Please please please please enable multi chat use! I use that alot with my friends.

  • This is a smart, easy and free way to help the most needs and great causes that need our support. I congratulate Digsby for such a brilliant program and its human sensitivity.

  • czadd

    I'm OK with the idea. Once it's a firefox or chrome plugin I'll probably do it. Thanks for a great product!

  • Digsby

    It currently works for IE and Firefox.

  • cmssw

    Thanks for nice idea about donate plug in but I prefer using good search and good shop to support our cause of preference than going out to outsiders. Suggestion is adding up to people's choose on which cause they want to support and the amount indicated as display how much the donations are and where these go to.

    I had to uninstall this plugin because of your choice of causes.
    Thanks for the nice idea.


  • cara

    This is a wonderful idea. Just installed the plugin. Thanks for making a great product. I love Digsby and recommend it often!

    All the negative comments here actually make me even *more* excited to participate.

  • LEON


  • Hermann

    I have donated hoping that we will see localized versions of Digsby soon. ;)

  • Hi there The Digsby Team and fans,
    this donation add-ons sounds kinda cool, helping people in need while shopping is always a good thing.
    Of course living in New Zealand the merchants are far from home for me and the prices of USA merchants are prohibitive.
    My main question is about the way the shops that your promoting with this donation included sales.
    Do the shops/merchants possibly send tracker cookies to our computer still, thereby plugging up our future surfing to other locations with their personal popup's etc.
    it would be wise for you to check this out as I have seen computers with over 500 tracker cookies on them and it's not pretty
    in these instance they call me and all I take along it dependency walker and process explorer to shut down the worst of the trackers so that I can finally get the computer running again.
    I do know merchants want their items sold in preference to other's that compete against them but tracker cookies are the spam of aggressive merchandising. I am sure there are hundreds of people whom unwisely send their computer to a computer merchant to repair them as a cost of around $NZ120 per hour.
    not something each new Internet surfer can afford in this recession Globally.
    So in conclusion: make sure that with Digsby purchase and-on that the merchants omit cookieing their Valued clients computers before you become associated with them .. Pro-Rata.
    from your friend Robbie Kleij a.k.a. mdbobbo all over the net. changing "need to know" into "Learn and Tell"

  • Dear Fantastic Digsby,

    I've been an avid user of your product, I keep a copy of the portable file installed to my keychain jump drive so I can use Digsby where ever I am. You guys keep up the good work. If I can support such a great product with just my typical online shopping and at no cost to me, why would I be upset about that. You have to feed your family, and for releasing such a great product, not quite sure how you do it. I chose to opt-out of donating unused processing power, but I wouldn't mind a unobtrusive *Chrome* plugin to help you guys continue the good fight against all these haters. They are getting something awesome for free. Look at what happened to AIM, first it was free, then it was ad supported, now the ad's have quadrupled in size since 2000, and it bogs down my PC. It's still free, and people still use it. Now compare that to my good buddy Digsby. It's free, allows you to connect to way more people than just your AIM friends, customizable, has ZERO ads, completely open and honest about their goals, likes to party (at least i would expect it to), and now rather than taking all the proceeds from a plugin, even want to help out the top 12 rated charities. Even if its only 10%, how many users out there can say they donate 10% of every dollar they earn? Way to go Digsby keep it up, people who complain can STOP USING DIGSBY, we won't miss their b!tching anyways.



  • Matt

    I think it would be better if you categorized the stores and when a digsby user want to buy something will look for the related category and choose a store instead of trying stores and see which one is a Digsby affiliate .

  • Redafe

    Hi ya. I read quite a long way down and didn't see my question answered.

    1. I think it is a great idea what you are doing - supporting charity.
    2. I love that it's still going to be a free product
    3. I would love to support you guys and the idea you have come up with is brilliant - now we can and it still costs us nothing (if we buy something online the shop donates for us - fab!)

    My question is.... how do we know which stores are in this scheme? I am likely to still look for the best value for money product (I can't afford to throw money away) but if it was a toss up between two stores and one of them was a Digsby affiliate I would go with them. How do I know who is involved?

  • Digsby

    When you visit a participating merchant's website, a bar will come down at the top of the webpage notifying you.

  • Silver_Dragon

    Lets put it this way, Ill install the plug in, but only if I know I'm going to shop at a participating merchant. Can you post a list, if even a partial one? If you cant, will you tell us why?

  • kenaiman

    Most people are missing the point the commission is a standard process in most business arrangements. But they need to be careful of defining what is income for development and what is donations. I hate when organizations generate income for salaries, etc under the guise of donations. If you are going to act like it is a donation plugin then a large percentage should go to donations. Otherwise call it a commission and just say Digsby gives 5% of their rev to charity. Something like Ben and Jerry's. I would instantly stop using Digsby if 95% goes to Digsby when you market it as for Charity.

  • Exactly kenaiman

  • Tim

    Haven't read all the comments, but just from a purely personal choice perspective, I'm not a fan of browser plugins. Really it's just because it adds to the bloat and slows things down too much, or if something goes wrong can bring the browser down. That's why I use Chrome. No bloat and a fast browser.

    I commend what you're doing though. As an option, perhaps you could have some sort of affiliate link scheme also. e.g. like the UK fund raising site easyfundraising.org.uk. No browser plugin but means you just use affiliate links whilst shopping and the affiliate proceeds go to a chosen charity.

  • dontplay

    easy way to do it ....go pro two versions one payed one free works everywhere else. then you will get what ya deserve. i donate my bandwidth while in idle time....I'm a programmer and also would like something for my time ....even if its just breaking even

  • alwaro

    First: Sorry for my English, is not the better (Obviusly) I'm Spanish!!!

    Digsby is a great app but you have in the download page the option for Mac and Linux but it´s always with a big "Comming soon!!!" and this is since a lot of time!!!! Really are you developing any of these versions???

    Now, I´m a Mac user and only use Windows at work. This fact makes me to use digsby only there and I never can use it in my home

  • Digsby

    Absolutely! We wanted to get the Windows build solidified first but we're starting to work on Mac/Linux builds. The code is cross platform so we aren't developing from scratch.

  • Cool Digsby, I think this is a great idea.

    At the same time if you guys just charged a nominal fee, I would be happy to pay that as well.

    I love trying out things for free, but once I love the product, and I love Digsby, then I am happy to pay.

    Now where is my MAC version????? :-)

  • ratul_shams

    If I want to help and donate, do i hav 2 buy anything so dat iit will go 2 charity??
    how does it work??

  • Digsby

    The whole process is explained here: http://wiki.digsby.com/doku...

  • The comments for this blog could be considered a case study for how little the average user understands technology and affiliate programs. Not an insult to any particular person, just a point.

    I prefer cashback addons for myself, but I have no issue with the Digsby Donates addon. Aside from the whole profit thing (which I'm all for), it's entirely ignorant to believe that the only people that get paid from any purchase you make are the people who "stocked" the product.

    Chances are, if you're regularly buying things online, you are helping a handful of affiliates pay their bills. And you are completely unaware of the transactions between the merchants and affiliates (unless you've been actually paying attention). Be greatful that Digsby actually is telling you, making it optional, and hey, giving some of that money to charity. Regarding that, even 1% of a commission can still end up being quite a handful of money. Some companies pay affiliates in the hundreds for introducing customers that complete certain actions (such as buying a premium product).

    Not that I expect anything I say will change the minds of people who have already decided Digsby is evil. While they continue to use it.

    btw, +1 for rss reader.

  • thoughtcriminal

    In my opinion it's not about what you summarize as "how little the average user understands technology and affiliate programs", but it's all about transparency and being truly honest.
    It makes a substantial impact when you are being told that your action is going to help charities.
    What Digsby fails here is to be clear and transparent about the details how much money will be going to charities (and I don't mean exact dollars, but a rule - say %, etc.).
    I am new to Digsby so I don't know anything about it's past, but I can read from a few comments that there is some trust lost due to past Digsby's actions.
    Vague statements (I'm not saying that it's purposely) do not help but just make some even more suspicious.

  • Digsby

    The comments are referring to an unclear installation process in an older installer. More details here: http://blog.digsby.com/arch...

  • uberuser

    I think I may have found the solution to everyones problems.

    1) If you are interested in participating / donating to a different organization each month. Install the plugin!

    2) If you are interested in participating one month, but not the next due to a personal conflict with the selected Charity. Disable the plug-in for that month!.

    3) If you don't give a rip either way. Don't bother to install the plug-in!.

  • Paul

    I don't see the point. If you want to donate, donate! There's no need to get us users involved!

  • Vicki

    I adore Digsby; this is the first thing I can recall that I don't support. Lots of minor reasons, but mainly I don't want Digsby choosing my charities. You say you chose the top 12? they don't need it. What if you choose one I disagree with? I'd rather you kept the money and let me choose my own charities. For instance, I have friends over in Haiti now, and am told that the crooked government has warehoused enough of our charity to last for decades, and the people aren't getting it. I know you're trying to choose topical causes, but they often aren't the "right" ones. Stay out of the charity business and put the money on development.

  • March is Humane Society? Sweet! I'm gonna go shop my ass off! Rock on Digsby! :)

  • jagat

    digsby,i am your number one fan!!
    if others dont see this,DIGSBY IS FREE!!why dont you give back in return to digsby...
    (i dont do online shopping,so sorry cant help you guys)

  • Freetards

    Are the various 1800 merchants aware that they'll be paying a commission to digsby even though digsby isn't driving the customer to them?

    i.e. the customer is already there, but happens to have this installed, so your affiliate cookie over-writes any other affiliate who may have convinced the shopper to go to the merchant's site (actually drove the sale, which is why merchants have affiliate programs)? The merchant ends up paying a commission on a customer they may have attracted themselves anyway...

    This is an ingenious way to cash in on traffic you didn't drive to the merchant, but doesn't help them much, unless of course they've opted in implicitly to allowing Digsby to claim the referral commission they didn't refer?

  • Digsby

    If you arrive at a site with another affiliate code, Digsby Donates will not replace it. If you arrive at the site without an affiliate code, a bar appears which notifies you that you are at a participating merchant. Since people installed this to support Digsby, they have a higher probability of completing the transaction at that particular merchant. The fact that we are encouraging or incentivizing the transaction is why the merchant pays us an affiliate fee. We were able to tie the consumer's purchase at the merchant with an existing affinity (helping Digsby + helping charity) so in reality that's the most targeted ad a merchant can show a potential customer. Make sense?

  • I think it's a great Idea.

  • scopefragger

    +1 guys, Iveinstalled and dont mind using it. Hopefully for you guys its part of one of the shops im about to buy the adobiew suite off xD, that should be a nice donation !

  • Ford

    I did a quick search of the page and my question didn't seem to be addressed, which is this: will this plug-in overwrite other websites' affiliate links?

  • Digsby

    Absolutely not. More details in a comment below to a post by "Freetards"

  • Digsby Sux

    I refuse to put any kind of spyware, malware, virus infected toolbar on my pc.

  • Digsby

    1) It's not a toolbar. You should read the blog post. 2) It's not malware, spyware, or virus infected. No need to spread lies. 3) Using a name like "Digsby Sux" gives away your intent to just post something defamatory in nature instead of a constructive comment.

  • your idea sounds good in theory. you are trying to make the idea of cookie stuffing legal and charitable. lets see how it goes. and to mention it, i do purchase online, but most if not all transactions, happens through a sandboxed exvironment where toolbars and plugins remain ignorant. you guys could actually think of better ideas since,
    1. not everyone will be happy to allow someone track purchases. Digsby is not evil, but it wont take long for fake digsby plugins to surface. you might not record anything, but people might claim you did. This is a shady area and might bring bad name for your wonderful product which i use until this minute.
    2. as the server load increases, this act of affliate code stuffing might reduce the speed of the transactions and might fail for somone with a pitiable connection.
    3.i dunno if https issues are taken into account / affliate policies allow this practise.

    anyway, i am a diehard fan of digsby and i wish all the good luck for your success

  • bnicc

    when will there be a mac version out? been waiting

  • Lennart

    Damn, should've said that two days ago. I just placed a £100 order on Amazon :(

  • Epaka

    You guys are awesome. I don't understand what people are bitching about. I've used Digsby for over a year and I've had nothing but good experiences. Once this plugin has Chrome support, I'm in. I don't care if 100% of the proceeds go to paying for Digsby development. Can't wait for Mac support so I can get rid of Adium!

  • Kyle

    Very nice idea, Digsby. I don't get why people are causing a big fuss over a free, OPTIONAL download. If you don't want to download it, then don't. You don't have to bash Digsby for doing something that donates money to charities.
    Also, if you are going to stop using Digsby for something as little as an optional toolbar, then go. Use Windows Live which is chock full of ads.
    All-in-all, I'm proud to be a Digsby user. Keep up the good work, guys.

  • kennethdetamore

    Personally, I have found that I absolutely love digsby. I have been using it for a while now and I have officially found that this is way better than any other networking, IM, email, and status program. This program is an extreme asset to me. Way to go digsby and thank you for creating something obviously useful for the people.

  • zack

    Hopefully mac/linux version are coming soon. It's said they've been coming soon for the best year.

  • Tintop

    I think the concern over the percentage to charity vs. Digsby stems from this: "...we thought it was a good idea to donate part of the revenue to charity to get broader participation among our userbase...". It's noble that you want to make a difference via these charities. However, since you are garnering participation with the charitable donations, I don't think it's unreasonable for those who are moved by that effort to want to know how much is going to the charities vs. Digsby development. I think Digsby is a great product and you deserve compensation for your efforts, but a bit of transparency on this isn't an unreasonable request.

  • lye

    Guys, "free" is not a acronym, it doesn't have to be capitalized.

  • Abie

    Hey Digsby guys...am a regular user of your app....me waiting for a linux version to use it from my off...when will it be available....

  • Hmmm...

    So when's the Amiga OS4 port coming out? :)

  • cordoor

    Nice idea guys! Love your product! Thanks for everything you do for us users!

  • sl4ppy

    Gimme a version that for $5 has no extra crap in it, an installer not loaded with toolbars and other garbage, and I will **gladly** pay it.

    $5 is far more than you'd ever receive from me through a charity donation affiliate thing.

  • Anon

    Wow. Imagine how many more features could be added if Digsby didn't have to defend every announcement they made.

  • Anon2

    Seriously. So many trolls on the announcements here it's not even funny. I guess it's 'hip' to dis a product that tries to offer a good, free service, but then tries to make a little bit of money off it. Way to go. Keep fighting the system.

  • I love the idea.
    If I'd be using twitter et co. for work related purposes I would gladly pay for a premium version. When I'll have this for Chrome, I'll take it into account for my online purchases.

    For those who don't understand affiliate support:
    A.com & B.com sell the same products at the same price.
    A.com is a digsby affiliate.
    You choose A.com because of that.
    Because A.com sells one products more that B.com, more profit, thus they can support some organisations.

    Maybe with some actual financial support, all the things we keep wishing from digsby(linux/mac support, conference option, feed reader, etc) would come to pass faster.
    I'd really want the ability to program messages to be sent at a certain time. I use hootsuite for that but I'm not really keen on it. That would be just brilliant and I hope it is somewhere on the digby dev list.

    The entire charity issue is secondary. I don't know how many of the people questioning digsby regularly give to charity, whatever the reasons. So, even if digsby gives 1% it is still +1% , one pack of extra meds or one bottle of watter.
    I assume the amount given to charity will be proportional to how much they make, so go on, get installing. I really don't think they'd hog all the money if this turns out to be really profitable, after all, if they were in it just for the money there are better/faster ways to get it.
    So, thank you digsby team for a clean, simple, efficient, free product.

  • ritzieri

    Once the press gets a hold of this, they're gonna shred you guys.

    RIP Digsby, I loved our time together and I'll miss you dearly

  • Digsby

    Don't see why that would happen.

  • diesirae

    I would like clarity on which "humane society" is being supported by March's donations. The Humane Society of the United States is a political lobbying organization that DOES NOT provide any substantial support for local humane societies. They share a common name that has been so misleading that at least one local humane society shelter has changed their name just to not be associated. In 2008 they had an operating budget of pushing $100 million, and donated less than one half of one percent to groups doing hands-on sheltering work for dogs and cats. http://humanewatch.org/

    I really don't think that HSUS needs any donations, and if this is truly the group that digsby intends to support - shame on you for not doing your homework.

  • I'm really confused by all the complaining. Digsby hands down you are the BEST by far for Multi-Platform Messaging Software. I don't plan on donating but if this software cost $$$ i'd drop money in a second to buy it. On a side note since Digsby is responding to some of the post, do you guys know if you ever plan on adding Blasting/Group Messaging to Digsby? I've got Tons of my friends on Digsby now and we used to use Yahoo Group Blasting Feature. Its the only thing for "me" that it lacks. Digsby thank you very much for such a great piece of software. Kudos!

  • jb

    This is a free plugin that To anyone complaining about "what percentage goes toward charity", there's a really good 'charity' out there called "instant messengers for the masses." It provides free instant messengers to all those who might otherwise have to suffer with separate programs for MSN, Yahoo, Aol, Gmail, etc...

    You'll be happy to know that if you use this service you'll be helping support this cause and improve it in ways we haven't imagined yet.

    And in case some people missed the subtlety... I'm talking about Digsby itself. This, as was said before, is free software. If you download it, use it, etc. then what's wrong with donating to Digsby? If it makes you feel better, assume that Digsby is your charity and be happy with it. You're not paying a cent more than you normally would to support software you're using, and you'll get an even better product in the future!

    Digsby supported you just by your running the program. Every IM you send out or receive through Digsby is proof of this. Every new feature and every update is further support by Digsby and Crew. They could have easily said "100% goes to Digsby", but no, they're giving a part to charity. If it's 1% or 90% it's still money the charity gets AT NO COST TO YOU.

  • John

    Great idea being able to donate.. However I see that the donations only go to disease help, (except maybe the red cross) and they are also mostly american organiziations, witch probably give much money to its leadership (red cross for example). I propose donating also to effective thirdworld organizations, that rather invest in education, small loans etc. that have proven to be effective. Also donations to science research would be great, for example solar och fusion/nuclear technology. Digsby is great!

  • Cam

    Digsby is cool, with few features it would be insane!!! :)

    like * transparency (at least for popup)
    * RSS support (google reader will do)

  • Jacob

    Every time Digsby updates it turns the Research Module back on. Have you checked your options lately? I can't imagine what's involved with this Digsby Donates module...

  • Digsby

    That definitely should not happen and we aren't getting other reports like this. After login, check the preference and submit a bug report using the Help menu with a screenshot of it turned on.

  • Buys lots of books

    Ok, I downloaded this, thinking I could put it to good use. But Amazon.com is not one of your 1,800 merchants? I now the download is working because I went to the Banana Republic website (shown in your screen-shot) and it appeared. Also popped up at Home Depot. But no Amazon? They are one of the largest retailers on the web. I noticed Wal-Mart and Target don't make the cut either, but Macy's did. Are you only going with high-end merchants?

  • A voice

    Only online merchants who accept the offer will do it. They may have gone to Amazon, and Amazon may have refused.

  • fabisx

    cuando va a estar en español????????????????
    cuando va a estar en español????????????????
    cuando va a estar en español????????????????
    cuando va a estar en español????????????????

  • Katie

    I love this. I commend you for figuring out a clever way to make a little extra cash to supplement your development costs while also donating a portion of your proceeds to charities in need (excellent incentive for customers to participate). You guys are a real smart, stand-up company. Well done.

  • sayed

    Very Cool Guys, Good Job,i love using digsby

  • danacKY

    Someone may have asked this already but when is the mobile version coming? ie: iphone App

  • Digsby

    We're focusing on mac/linux releases first.

  • Laughing_Goblin

    Any kind of timeline about Mac/Linux? We're chomping at the bit for any news.

  • stiphy

    I love Digsby but am very careful as to what I load on my machine as it is used for software development. Anything that changes my environment, especially in regards to my browser, I am suspicious of.

    That said, I would pay for Digsby without hesitation if the cost was reasonable. You guys really should consider offering a "pro" version or something at some point to give people the opportunity to buy a little bit extra and generate revenue. I would much prefer this then the constant wierdness of some plug-in that you are asking us to install...just charge me and everyone else a little bit of money!

  • mike

    sounds great, is there a way to donate directly to digsby development?

  • I think this is great; I wont be using it, because I hardly ever make online purchases, but helping Digsby stay awesome is definitely worth a two minute download task and then have an unobtrusive banner alert appear when buying something. Hurrah for Digsby!

    If you have time could you add Skype functionality, please?

  • Patrick

    Just to let you know...The Red Cross is not applying any more of their donations toward Haiti relief, even if you are donating specifically for Haitian relief. The Red Cross set a cap for Haitian relief donations. All donations are now being applied to the Disaster Relief Fund instead.

  • jpod09

    I think the best way to describe this, and help people really understand it is as follows.

    Every once in a while a restaurant in your community will allow a "charity night," where a local charity will ask that they donate, say 30% of the price of the meal if you mention the organization name. Yes, the restaurant still makes its money, but then it still gets to feel good about helping someone out at the same time. And since I'm sure most of you wouldn't gripe about that situation, why gripe about this?
    I would love to help, but alas, I have chrome, and I'm too lacking on funds to bother buying stuff online.

  • Waiter

    I'm sorry but you're missing the hole point of why people object. The percentage (1-5% in this case) doesn't go to charity but to Digsby and to its development. Digsby then pays "a part" of that to charity.

  • Digsby

    You're missing the point of the example. The restaurant in the example makes money. The restaurant is Digsby. Everyone gets how this works.

  • Waiter

    How would Digsby be the restaurant?

    The restaurant is the merchants selling the products and giving away a percentage of the price to charity. Or in our case to Digsby, being a middle hand that doesn't exist in the first example.

  • doesn't work with my browser (Chromium)

  • Mathew

    Seriously. I love using Digsby. It being free is a bonus.
    I am a programmer myself, I know how much work one needs to put in just to make something work. Users would never understand. You guys are doing a great job. Digsby GOGOGO!!

  • fuzzyhotdog

    DIGSBY is the BEST !!!

  • cc_zero

    Don't know if this has been asked before but will there be German or at least internationally operating online shops on the list of participating merchants?

  • Digsby

    There are some but most are US merchant sites.

  • Stefan 93

    There aren't only American charities...
    I see that their Red Cross gives money to Haiti, but that is rare, of course...

  • blondlaw11



  • blondlaw11



  • Vitor Gatti

    Does this plugin work on Linux Firefox?

    What are the sites that support this plugin?

    I'm Brazilian and the only two sites I buy stuff internationally are play-asia.com and dealextreme.com

    Also: Linux version, please! I was with hope that those two announcements would have something to do with Linux and Mac support... :P

  • Digsbyfan

    i hope someday u guys support my OS ubuntu and i can use digsby. i miss mediamonkey n digsby after i divorced MS. and those who r whinning, stop using digsby and stop whinning. digsby rocksss

  • Digsby for Mac?

  • Vishal Laul

    i would install it but it is not for chrome and i dont shop online :), but a nice step ahead.

  • Waiter

    I don't understand how this works.

    WHY would any merchant pay 1-5 % of the purchase ammount o Dibsby?? Well, definately not because Digsby promises to pay an unspecified part of the money to charity. Then they could just as well pay the whole part themselves straight to a charity organisation.

    What is Digsby offering the merchants that is worth 1-5 % of their selling prices?

  • Digsby

    Look up how affiliate programs work. They give us commission for generating more purchases and we donate part of that to charity.

  • Mr. S

    Some merchants (e.g. Amazon) have an affiliate program where sites (or Digsby in this case) get rewarded for the linking customers to the merchant that wind up in successful purchases. What the plugin does is it automatically tells the site (probably through a URL parameter) that you got sent to the site by Digbsy.

  • alisea

    no problem, Im going to support u and charity :) I like it. u do great job, we should donate u also.

  • So that means that only PART of the WebShopSites profit goes to donation (in percent they decides),, and only PART of that goes to your Digsby development (in percent you decides)..

    So that's basically just FEW percent of all..

    And this means that all those sites your plugin supports,, are actually going to donate YOUR project??
    You have some kind of contract with all those 1,800??

    If that's so,, this is really big and serious program,, are there similiar programs on the web?? I don't web-shop too much,, so i never heard of anything like this..

    sorry on my eng (grammar),, cheers,, azzaman77..

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