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MSN Servers Down

We’re getting reports of users not being able to log in to their MSN accounts.  This is happening in Digsby and in Windows Live Messenger so it looks like their servers are down.  We’ll keep an eye on this and let you know when it looks like service has been restored.

Update 1 (2/16/2010 1:25pm EST): Service appears to have been restored by the folks at Microsoft.

  • ashily

    Thanks for sharing information with us.. Your post is amazing..

  • i think it is working now properly.do the problem is solved or it is near about to come.

  • Cm

    Please... Digsby in spanish!!!

  • david

    anyone who can't log in.
    exit digsby and enter again, 4 me it's work :)

  • Bill

    GMAIL FTW!!!

  • Chris Howard

    Seems to be working for me now for the past hour. Thanks for the updates. This is one of the reasons I recommend Digsby to all my friends and customers.

  • Nathan

    I still cannot log in with Digsby, but I can use MSN with Pidgin and Miranda.

  • digsby user

    thank you very much for the notification!!!!
    where else could I get this information???
    thanks a lot!

  • Jonathan

    I am able to log in now (both hotmail and live messenger) . Looks like Microsoft may have resolved the problem. Fingers crossed.

  • romskii

    For me it is also ICQ again, weather ICQ 7, Digsby, IM+ or ICQ2go...many servers getting down in this weeks, also EA Servers.

  • Shahed

    thanks for the notification!

  • Jonathan

    That would explain why I can't sign into either hotmail or messenger. :) Thanks for the notification message Digsby!

  • consc198

    I am able to login to my MSN Accounts from Digsby OK from here so their servers don't look to be down (at least maybe not all of their servers are down)

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