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Better Commenting with Disqus

We moved the blog commenting system over to Disqus to provide a richer user experience.   Major differences you will see are:

  • You can now reply to comments and the replies are threaded making them more like a conversation
  • You can ‘like’ comments
  • You can comment with your Facebook, Twitter, OpenID, Yahoo, or Disqus account to tie them to your real identity
  • All the comments you make on blogs that use Disqus are available in one central place
  • Easily post your comment back to Facebook or Twitter to share it with friends
  • Cannot authenticate MSN account after the update. I use this for work and cannot communicate with coworkers outside the office.

    HELP, please ASAP?

  • Disqus seems to be a great idea whose time has come. From what I can see though I'm not sure that it will increase your comments..Disqus is great commenting plug-in ever.....

  • I like this blog and I used to Disqus for comments You can comment with your Facebook, Twitter, OpenID, Yahoo, or Disqus account to them to your real identity

  • zeizei

    Pretty good post. I just found your site and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your posts. I hope you post again soon!

  • It would be nice if you guys could finally roll out chatrooms, its really the only thing keeping me from using digsby. It's a shame because other than that I quite like the programme. c'est la vie.

  • ahmed

    i hope to see more skins for digsby (transparent)

  • Zak

    I don't understand why you guys aren't listening to your userbase. Sure, the Twitter developments are great and all, but the Mac and Linux versions are what these people want. You guys should definitely start paying more attention to these posts if you want to keep these people using Digsby.

  • Rico

    Digsby has mentioned many times already that they have plans for Linux and Mac versions, so the userbase that wants them so badly just needs to be patient. They are indeed listening to their users, and the majority of their users just so happen to be using Windows far more than other OS's. But it may very well be possible that since these other OS users are using Digsby, they must either be dual-booting into Windows from their native OS (because Digsby is such a great program that merits said measures), using a VM, or simply have multiple computers, so said minority may actually be much bigger than the developers realize. Either way, I'm sure that when it is released it will be just as great as (if not better than) the Windows version, and I look forward to its continuing development. Keep up the good work Digsby!

  • dickdekker

    The best thing that could happen to me is a IM application of my skype connections

  • dickdekker

    The best thing for me to happen is my skype contacts in a IM application

  • some dude

    how much fcking memory does this program need? old aim took like 1500kb of memory, this thing i cant get below 20,000... usually idleing around 50,000 which is WAY too much... dear god, fix this.. take out the crap that individual users arent using probably running in the background? not everyone has EVERY SINGLE SOCIAL NETWORK ON THE PLANET... and if they do, well please feel free to respond to this comment so i can flame you.

  • Digsby

    All the protocols are loaded in as modules so they don't load unless you use them. If you run AIM or WLM by themselves they will take up 50MB - 60MB, not 1.5MB. If Digsby let's you manage multiple accounts and sits arond 20MB - 50MB, that's pretty good.

  • WAY to polite to that chump.

    Dunno what version of AIM he's claiming only used 1.5MB, but even most background services that hardly ever become active use more than that. Delusional.

  • jay

    I know I'm bothering but...mac? :)

  • *phew* Great to see you guys are alive. I really think you should consider doing a Pro version (A lot would pay) and maybe this way you can focus more time on developing Digsby.

  • Guest

    Would you please provide RSS feed to the Digsby forum.

    Thank you.

  • Bill T

    Admit that you're Windows only and take the download link lies off your home page, or stop working on extra features and make a Mac and Linux client. I hate it when my friends as "oh what's that? Can I get it on my Mac?" and I check the website and click the download button, and NO. OF COURSE YOU CAN'T BUT THIS STUPID WEBSITE MADE ME CHECK ANYWAY.

    Seriously. I'm not the only one http://blog.digsby.com/arch... , last 3 replies

  • Digsby

    We wanted to get the windows version stabilized before moving on to mac/linux. It is definitely on our timeline. The link is there because it allows people to sign up for a mailing list to be notified when we launch.

  • This is much better

  • Antelmo

    That sounds great digsby, been checking blog for a long time to see a new release but nothing :(, i was startin to think that the project was dead , but is abig relief to see it's not, can't wait for the release and new features, I will like to add something that bothers me with my WLM contacts those anoyying "messenger plus" symbols and numbers, is there any way to remove those codes?, thank's and keep up the good work digsby =).

  • If you right-click on a contact you can rename them, that's what I did to all of my contacts using msg+ colors and stuff

  • Antelmo

    well, that's one solution I guess , but I still would like just to remove the code not the content, but i guess thats hard to do, but thanks for the reply.

  • Leox91

    Yeah this looks better.

    Thanks Team, you always try to enhance our experience on the web! :)

  • UncleDomino

    So what's happening with Digsby development? It's been a pretty long time since the last update.

  • Digsby

    A release should be coming out in a week or two. We've had quite a lot in the works :)

  • In regard to that, would itbe an Alpha build or a Public release? If I may ask that is.

  • Digsby

    Definitely alpha :) We always make sure to test a build before pushing it to all users. As soon as the alpha is stable it will go out to everyone.

  • that sounds great :D

  • flamesbladeflcl

    yay for updating the comment system

  • flamesbladeflcl

    yay it needed some updates to the commenting system

  • synapsos

    Thanks for implementing Disqus - Good job, Digsby!

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