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Advice for College Students

RIT recently opened its brand new Center for Student Innovation, a 24/7 facility where students can come together to turn ideas into innovative products and solutions.

Digsby started as a class project at RIT.  It was taken from idea to reality by a team of RIT grads so our CEO was asked to give the keynote address at the grand opening.

The video below offers some good advice for college students:

  • ahmed1

    Yeah, the sound def should have been better. We’re a tech school, that kinda problem doesn’t normally happen.

  • havens1515

    Yeah, the sound def should have been better. We're a tech school, that kinda problem doesn't normally happen.

    Good speech though, I agree that your education is more to teach how to learn than anything else, and also that joining clubs, organizations, and teams are a HUGE part of the college experience. (even though I'm not into fraternities, I do know a lot of Greek students though.) I'm on the cheerleading team (which most people don't even know exists at RIT) and it has made my experience here so much better.

  • Andrew Noll

    Man, who the hell do they have on the sound at RIT? learn to use an EQ! The feedback makes it difficult to listen to :P

  • Oscar Rosas

    very, and i mean very inspirational... two thumbs up

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