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Digsby Twitter Background Contest Winners!

With over 200 submissions and hundreds of fan votes, the Digsby Twitter Background contest has ended and we are excited to announce the winners!  Before we do though, we just want to say how amazed we are by the talent of our fans.  It was a very difficult decision.  There were some incredible submissions so we’re highlighting the top 10 on our Spread the Word page along with buttons and banners that you can place on your blog or website to promote Digsby.

Without further ado, here are the winners of the Digsby Twitter Background Contest:

1st place (by @letusdare2think)


2nd place (by @wemps)


3rd place (by @Jerlyn)


The winners will receive Amazon Gift Cards, Digsby T-Shirts and Digsby USB Drives!  We can’t thank you enough for your participation and hard work.  Be sure to keep a look out for more fantastic contests and check out all 10 top picks on the Digsby Spread the Word page!

  • c00ller

    @Bill T
    Agreed, please make an honest statement regarding Digsby for Mac/Linux. This is getting pretty ridiculous.

  • Hamlet


  • Bill T

    Guys, it's time to take down the "Digsby is coming soon for Mac and Linux" screen, because two years is no longer "coming soon," it is "not coming any time soon."

  • 1st place is very cool

  • ahmed1

    i love digsby

  • Ohh…great !

    I really like those Backgrounds !!

  • Ohh...great !

    I really like those Backgrounds !! :)

  • i love digsby

  • leo


  • Yes the winner is great. So long as you have the right monitor resolution. For me everything on the right side of the image disappears behind the content div.

  • Magdi Raid

    Congratulations to all winners

  • Snake

    @bubazoo Dibsby beta, build 75 (r25261)

  • rharpe

    Well done judges! You picked some REALLY nice designs!!! Congrats to the winners -- you deserve it!

  • Without question, the first place winner was correctly chosen. But congratulations to all for excellent designs, and congratulations to Digsby for a great service.

  • Marco

    Can't help. Why you did chose the first one? :o It doesn't say anything at all :( Like Sergio said, it looks like you are a mail company...

  • Rocky Torres


  • Nisha

    Very great job u all winners ve done...
    A lot Congrats to all...
    Keep it up friends....

    N Thank A Lot To Digsby..My favorite universal messanger....

  • congratz for the winner. and i wanna thank to digsby who made me enjoy in chatting

  • Mirallious Ng

    Number 1 is the deal, i love it.

  • Nnaoma Adimorah

    I marvel at the ingenuity of the respondents and winners. After a careful scrutiny of the results i am bold to say that the panel of judges did a great job. I agree fully with their choice of winners. I urge the organizers to continue coming up with such innovations in future. Well done.

  • Very nice backgrounds!

  • bloodclot

    a green layout would have looked nicer.

  • What build is

    build 25261?

    is that build 75, 74, 71, what???

    In the "about" menu, you need to add the actual build #
    instead of the 5 digit code, that way we know what build
    we have vs the one the blog shows is available, otherwise
    its a bit confusing.

  • Snake

    Is there somewhere we can look at the full submissions to the contest, not just the winning 10 ?

  • Enjoy Digdby, plz spread the word to the world !

  • Thanks to Digsby for developing such a software which enables to keep in touch with all the contacts simultaneously

  • Number one is really good. One thing I find quirky about it, however, is how big the stamps are compared to the cup of coffee. :)

  • Neil Monroe

    Great job to all the contestants...and especially to the winners! Awesome looking graphics!

  • Chris

    1,3 and 6 are my top picks :))

    Number 1 is really a cut above the rest though!

  • iRenn

    Wooo 9th place! :D
    Congrats to the winners!

  • Sergio

    Is Digsby a mail company ?...

  • wow...really nice background!!

  • Snake

    @pidginftw Digsby ONLY runs Announcements @ startup, it is VERY simple to just close the announcement window, without coming here & start swearing.

    I gather by your ID you prefer Pidgin, you know what your solution is...

  • darkan9el

    Nice design, best one won, "dare to think outside the box" and they did, think the 2nd place one could have had more to it but as a minimalistic design it's effective. Love 3rd place very Groooooovy and contemporary albeit a bit too safe.

    Shame I'm not on Twitter lol!

  • Simon Drew

    Agree with Jync and LightAce. However, congratulations to the winner!

  • KingAtRock

    wow, I had the most votes, still didn't even place in the top 10! Oh well, thanks for considering my stuff digsby. Congrats to the winners!

  • sayed

    Thanks for digsby, its easy to communicat with my family and friends, thanks a lot.

  • Congrats top 3 winners and top 10 winners. And thank you too Digsby for the amazing piece of software and this opportunity. Hoping to see some more challenges in the future. (Y)

  • Reginald Beck

    cool contest, I did take one background, but it was not one of the first three :-)

  • Reginald Beck

    cool contest, I did take one background, but it was not one of the first tree :-)

  • Guillermo Cubillán

    Excelente, programa de gran utilidad, mis sinceras felicitaciones.

  • Well, i've really enjoy to enter the contest, my design is on the top ten (number 7 like my birthday's month Yay :D) And of course, congratulations to the winners.


  • Vinoth

    top 10 are not gud selections...there were many gud designs than those...i don blame top 3...but the remaining 7...

  • Ngurah wira

    Great design for the winner!!!
    Thank you also for digsby, you make the distance between Shanghai-Jakarta so close, because i can communicate with my girlfriend anytime

  • congrats for the winner, and thanks digsby for great services..

  • @Jync agreed
    or one of the green themed ones

  • My background is not it? I'm sad: (

  • cool..
    well done guys~

  • Thanks so much Digsby :-D. This was a very fun contest I was happy to be involved :-D!

  • I think 3rd place should have won this one..

  • Vinoth

    Oh!!! None of my designs not even in top 10..:(

  • Thanks for digsby, I can communition with my family and friends, thanks a lot.

  • Mary

    Those are some really great backgrounds! Good job to all the winners!

  • These are all quite excellent!

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